Welcome to the world: a Batman the animated series fanfic

By Princesspopular6417

Disclaimer: I don't own Batman the animated series. I don't own most of the characters in this fanfic either. I only own my 2 oc's, Carrie, Bruce's wife and their new baby daughter, Angelina/Angie. Otherwise all rights go to Dc comics and Warner brothers animation.

Summary: Bruce Wayne and his wife, Carrie (My Oc) welcome a beautiful baby daughter (my other oc) into the world. Dick becomes a big brother. Cute little drab. Please read and review but no hating on my oc's please! Thank you. Oneshot.


Gotham Hosptial

August 28th

2 PM

Bruce Wayne and his wife, Carrie were now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Bruce was sitting in the chair next to Carrie's bed. Carrie cradled their baby girl, whom was wrapped in a pink baby blanket in her arms. Their daughter had Light skin, Blonde hair like her mother and Blue eyes like her father.

"What should we name her?" Bruce asked his wife.

Carrie looked at the baby. "I think She looks like a Angelina and we could call her, Angie." Carrie replied.

Carrie smiled at the baby. "Hello there, Angelina." She told the baby.

Carrie handed the baby to Bruce.

Bruce cradled the baby in his arms. He looked at her with loving eyes.

"You're right, Carrie . She does look like an Angelina." Bruce agreed.

"Hello, little Angie, I'm your daddy." Bruce told his daughter in a soft, soothing voice.

He rocked her gently. Then he handed her back to Carrie.


Later Dick Grayson came to see the adorable new child. Bruce saw him enter the room and motioned for him to come see the new baby.

"Dick, Come see your new little sister." Bruce told him, softly so he wouldn't wake the baby.

Dick came closer and saw the baby.

"Awwww! she's so cute!" He exclaimed.

He then reached out his finger and began to tickle the baby.

"Coochie Coochie Coo!" he said

The baby responded with a giggle.

"What's her name?" Dick asked

"Angelina Rose Wayne." Carrie replied.

"That's a beautiful name!" Dick complimented

"Would you like to hold her?" Carrie asked.

"Sure." Dick said, kindly

So, Carrie handed the baby over to Dick

Dick cradled the baby in his arms.

"Dick, you have to support her head a little." Carrie told him.

Then she showed him how to support the head.

After Dick was done holding the baby, he handed her back to Carrie.

And with that it became a family moment.

The end.


Author's note: In this story, I introduced 2 new Orignal characters, Carrie (Bruce's wife) and

Baby Angelina(Bruce's daughter). How did You like those characters? please comment kindly and let me know.