"Ironic isn't it Johnathan?" Doom asked Johnny Storm. They were fighting each other in Times Square, a large crowd several feet away from them. The newscasters weren't even getting close. Doom had been trying to destroy Times Square for a reason only known to him. Johnny, who had been shopping at the time, flamed on and rushed at Doom, not thinking of his safety, but the citizens.

Doom watched Johnny's body as Doom used his sorcerer powers on him. Doom enclosed Johnny in a film of unknown liquid. Johnny struggled to breath, his fire abilities failing him. As Johnny started to suffocate to death, he heard a shrill woman's voice scream his name. He saw Ben, Reed, and Sue running towards him in their uniforms. Sue had Johnny's uniform in her hand, because Johnny's street clothes were burnt horribly from Johnny flaming on. Ben and Reed subdued Doom while Sue put a force field around Johnny, but under the liquid that was keeping him captive. Sue then made the force field bubble expand, dispersing the impenetrable "water." Johnny caught a glimpse of Ben and Reed fighting Doom before Johnny blacked out.