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WARNING: This story contains DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, if this is a "trigger" for you, you need to be aware that the subject matter is heavily dosed in this fic. HOWEVER, the actual physical violence will be MINIMAL and I will ALWAYS warn you beforehand.

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DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT STEPHENIE MEYER. I just enjoy a broken Edward.


I hate having to find ways to cover the bruises.

This time, I'm not sure how to cover the bruise you left on me.

A hand print is clearly visible across my cheek.

I can't call in sick again this week, but there is no reasonable explanation for the mark you left on me. Especially when all I asked was if she had any laundry that needed to be done.

She flew into a rage and screamed at me for being so weak as to want to take care of her laundry. I thought that's what nice boyfriends did for their girlfriends.

She punched my chest and smacked my head.

She slapped me across the face then demanded that I fuck her.

I wasn't even hard. How could I be hard when she just assaulted me?

I thought that I loved her, but this morning I realized love shouldn't hurt. Not this much. Not this way.

But, I can't leave her because she's made sure I have nowhere to go. She's destroyed my relationship with my parents; my sister has to sneak phone calls to me at work once a week just to check on me. My friends have all given up on me.

I am alone.

I'm lucky she allows me to work. But someone has to support her habits after my parents cut me off financially once I told them that I wouldn't leave her. That was back when I still thought that she loved me, before I realized this is who she really is. I would take it all back now if I could.

I have no idea where to turn or how I can get out of this mess. But, I have to because there's nothing left for me to endure, except death.

Someone, please rescue me.

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