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Dance of the Seven Veils.

Chapter One

Severus looked at her dumbfounded.

"What the hell did you do? Or should I say who did you do? You were supposed to be searching the Manor not spreading your legs."

"Always a charmer Snape. The spreading my legs was a bonus, we potentially have new allies."

They were away from the Castle standing at the front gate but she didn't want to take a chance, "Let's go inside and discuss this."

They walked up to the Headmaster's office and were joined by McGonigall. The Headmaster poured them all tea as they sat down. Hermione told them her story leaving out the details of her experience with the Black sisters and quite a bit about the party. She told them she spent time with Bellatrix without going into what happened.

"Bellatrix and I talked and came to an understanding..." Severus cut her off with his laughter earning a dirty look from Hermione. The Headmaster raised his hand to silence the guffawing Potion's Master.

"With all due respect the reason you are here with us instead of...being with the Order at Grimmauld Place is that you are far more mature and less impulsive than Harry and Ronald. We are all aware of what occurs at the Malfoy Halloween Ball and you do look as though you have indulged a bit."

Hermione began to sip her tea buying time while trying to figure out if the Headmaster was really saying what she thought he was saying. McGonigall took her free hand and answered her question.

"Hermione, what Albus is so delicately trying to say is that unlike your two friends you act your age and understand that this isn't a game but a war...and..."

"After everything they have seen the two are still school boys in men's bodies"

"Enough Severus...as I was saying...Hermione, frankly you smell of booze and sex..."

Hermione promptly covered the dour Potions Master in tea as she choked at Minerva's comment. He scourgified himself while glaring at her. Minerva continued on ignoring him.

"Hermione, I am a woman of sixty plus years...this is my second war and I have fought at the front lines of both. Do you real think me some sheltered school marm. I am well aware of what both smell like and you my dear look freshly shagged. We are adults fighting a war and you will see and hear worse in the coming months and years. Whatever is said will be kept in this room but if you want to sit and keep counsel with us you will need to lose your shyness quick. If you can't talk about it you shouldn't be doing it and perhaps you should be with the boys at Grimmauld Place being...watched over."


"Enough Severus!"

"You are right Minerva, I just...last night was unique for me." Since the semester began she had found counsel and friendship with the three professors sitting with her. She knew enough about each to know that they not judge her actions.

"Well skip the details but why don't you tell us the story from the beginning and don't try and shelter us. We have all attended that party at some point in our lives. You aren't going to shock us."

"Don't leave out the details"

Three heads turned to glare at Severus Snape.

"What? How could I not want to hear the details of Hermione and Bellatrix coming to an understanding."

Hermione sighed, "and Narcissa"

Severus actually groaned a little, "Why did I give up my status with the Malfoys to save you Albus?"

Hermione couldn't help laughing at Severus. If his students only knew how bad their Potion Master really behaved. Hermione launched into her story leaving out the what occurred once she was in bed with the two sisters but covering everything else including Pius hitting on her.

"Ms. Granger, it sounds like you had quite and evening. I understand the allure of someone like Bellatrix but it is a dangerous proposition. I speak from experience when I say that just because there seems to be a connection doesn't mean it's true or a good idea. I am concerned about trusting someone as dark as Bellatrix Lestrange. I made this mistake at your age and it did not end well"

"I know Headmaster... Grindelwald sir." He was surprised by her response and she smiled at him kindly and continued. "you aren't the only ones who can read between the lines. Your friendship is famous. I made the leap. I don't know if this is the same but I don't believe this is a ruse. They knew who I was from the moment I entered the Manor. Turning me over to the Dark Lord would have potentially put them in his good graces again. We...we were in Draco's room and it didn't look like it had been slept in for a while. Whatever is going on they want out. I understand the backlash but they may be the key to the war. Why would she tell me so much? Scrimagouer? The spy? Without going onto detail...Narcissa and Bellatrix were not trying to woo me into a ruse. I have no question that I saw their real personalities."

"That dirty? I will grade your papers for a month and cover your patrols for a look in a pensive."

Minerva slapped Severus' arm, "Albus, remind me again why we let him near the children."

"Because Minerva, Horace almost blew the dungeons apart in his small mishap last year and I couldn't find another qualified Potion's Master"

Severus crossed his arms showing his displeasure at that. He wanted to stay Defense against Dark Arts professor but he was forced to take Potions back. Dumbledore had the professors rotating coverage of the DADA class as no one else was willing to teach it due to the curse.

"Hermione, as you pointed out, I had my problems with Gellert and I am not the only one here who has danced with darkness. Even if we can reform Bellatrix and she is pardoned have you thought about all of your friends' reactions? She killed Molly's brothers and Percy. She tortured the Longbottoms and she killed Sirius. You will probably find yourself very lonely and quite possibly in danger. You certainly will end up at odds with most if not all your friends."

"I am aware of that and I dread the day I have to tell them but frankly sir this is about the war. I have no idea what will happen with Bellatrix and I but if anything were to develop I will have to deal with it. Right now it doesn't need to be disclosed and who knows if there is a relationship to talk about. She knew about the Horcruxes which means it's one of the upper ranks or D.A. members that is the leak. Harry shouldn't have run his mouth about the Horcruxes but we did stem the bleeding quick enough to limit the people with knowledge. The only D.A. members that know are Luna, Neville and Ginny. Otherwise the knowledge is limited to the Weasleys and the upper ranks which is maybe 15 or so people. Whoever the spy is, it's someone close. Plus I am used to Harry and Ron's tempers. I have had this problem before. They wouldn't talk to me for weeks when they found out I had been spending time with Pansy Parkinson. They are never going to truly accept my choices. I think they see me with Ron which is what he wants and I think Harry wants in a way. The perfect happy family. I have desires that I need to quench somewhere and better I find my darkness in the bedroom than in magic. Things have been strained lately due to my refusal to discuss the meetings we have here. It has already begun to drive a rift between my friends and I, this may just be hastening the inevitable. Harry is angry that you still withhold information from him especially after the death of Sirius which he holds Severus personally responsible for. You knowing about the raid and Draco's Death Eater status and leaving Harry in the dark didn't help. I believe he wants to lead and he resents being cooped up at headquarters. He and Ron are impatient and I am frequently the recipient of their frustrations due to my secret keeping."

"Boy wonder would like to lead his army of children against the Death Eaters. He hasn't learned yet even after all the deaths. They decided to run their mouths about the Horcruxes and we had to run around binding everyone to secret keeping oaths to keep it from ending up in the bloody Prophet. They are the reason the Dark Lord knows about the Horcruxes. Let's not forget their ridiculous raid on Borgin and Burkes where they almost got Neville killed. There was no indication that there was a Horcrux there and yet they still went without telling anyone. If those two imbeciles give you up as a friend you will be better for it."

"And of course I will always have Severus as a friend. I am one of the few people who can tolerate him, how can he throw that away? Seriously sir, whatever is going on with Bellatrix isn't to the point yet I need to worry about telling my friends."

Minerva smiled into her tea. Hermione was right. She was smart enough and thick skinned enough to put up with Severus and he did consider her a friend. They unfortunately were both right about the rest too. Harry and Ron were essentially being babysat. It was only through blind dumb luck they had happened upon the Horcrux at Grimmauld Place and they were a liability unsupervised. Harry had grown even more reckless after the death of Sirius and he was likely to bring about his own demise. His attack on Draco two years before had almost killed the boy and he spent his seventh year picking fights with the Slytherins at every chance. He ended up disclosing the information on the Horcruxes to numerous people in his quest to find them. He was frustrated by the lack of progress and decided to push things along. They had been permanently assigned to Grimmauld Place to keep them out of trouble. The constraints placed on both Ron and Harry had frustrated them to no end and they didn't like that Hermione was now being included in the highest level Order meetings while they were still kept in the dark. This frustration was what led to the disclosure of the Horcruxes to so many members of the Order. Once they were assigned to Grimmauld Place they revealed their mission to find the dark item to several Weasleys, some of the D.A. members and Remus and Tonks. The only way to do damage control was to hold an Order meeting and swear everyone to an oath. They now had the benefit of multiple people searching for the items but they also had a security concern. The security concern was clearly well founded. Harry and Ron didn't understand why they couldn't share the information with the Order and D.A. It would never occur to them that their friends could be turned.

They just weren't ready for the realities of war whereas Hermione understood the tough decisions that had to be made and the difficult and sometimes morally ambiguous tasks that they would be called on to perform. If they had known that Hermione was being sent to a sex party they would have become extremely upset with both her and the Order. They would have either tried to stop her or worse gone themselves and have blown her cover. Minerva had lived through the first war and knew what their job would be. The Order members essentially a hybrid between spies and a guerrilla force and the tactics they used mirrored both. There were no formal armies and glorious battlefields. They were all embedded at different places using their positions to leverage for the light. Hermione's logical mind suited her well to the Order. She was not surprised at Hermione's attraction to the darkness, she too had danced with the devil in her life and she understood those desires. She just wanted to make sure Hermione wasn't harmed in the process.

Elves brought breakfast in and the four chatted amicably over their morning meal. Breakfast was interrupted by a patronus from Kingsley giving them the news they were expecting. The Minister was dead and Kingsley had been named interim Minister. Albus told him to come by when he could break they needed to have a meeting. It was decided that Kingsley would meet with them that evening.

Hermione went to her rooms, showered, and caught up on some sleep. She had transfigured her dress into robes before leaving for her rooms and the students paid her little mind. She didn't wake till evening, groaning as she stretched. She was still sore from the night before but she didn't want to take any potions or cast a spell. The ache between her legs reminded her how well she had been fucked and she liked walking around with that feeling. She headed to dinner lost in thoughts of the night before and enjoying the way her body felt. The innocent students and professors other than her fellow order members had no idea the innocent bookworm Hermione Granger had any desires. Every time she shifted at dinner she would get a small pang and think about having Bella riding her face while Narcissa pumped in and out of her. She could feel a prodding in her mind and she kicked Snape under the table.

"You were thinking about it weren't you?"

"Do you always have to be like this?"

"No. You have known me for almost eight years now. Usually I am just snarky and mean, consider yourself lucky to know the 'fun' me."

Hermione laughed at her dark companion. The man was certainly one of a kind. He was angry, sarcastic and hated most of the student body and several members of the staff. He was brilliant and couldn't tolerate stupidity and the weaker students often found themselves victim to his wrath. Neville Longbottom still stuttered in his presence. All of these things were known to the student body and public at large. The fact that Snape was a complete rake was a rather well kept secret. The man was completely incorrigible and for some reason brooding and mysterious worked with the ladies. He had started flirting with Hermione once she came of age but gave up once he caught her snogging Katie Bell in the hallway one night. He vacillated between treating her like a comrade in arms and being a complete pig and she had gotten used to both. Hermione knew he occasionally 'tutored' some of the older Slytherins. Prior to his exposure it helped him keep his cover and now he would glean information for the Order from his dalliances so both the Headmaster and Minerva looked the other way as long as he kept it to those students who were of age and connected to the Death Eaters. She knew she should feel some sort of moral outrage but frankly the girls wanted it, were old enough and the Order got a ton of intel from it. Death Eaters had a habit of bragging around their children way too much. They had saved the Creevey's from a raid due to pillow talk Severus had with Yaxley's daughter who was now a seventh year. She had gotten all O's in potions so far despite her complete ineptitude in the classroom. Apparently she was skilled in other subjects, loved to talk about her important father and dumb as a box of rocks to boot. Sleeping with the blood traitor was her idea of teenage rebellion and she was very rebellious. She was a gold mine for information.

"No tutoring today professor?"

"Actually I spent the afternoon helping a student prepare for the oral exam portion of the N.E.W.T.s. My work as a professor is never done but teaching is my passion and my Saturday is a small price to pay for the betterment of my students. We worked very hard and even mastered a few new skills today"

"From what I heard about your student she is known to be well versed in the subject"

"That is very true but even the most learned student can glean new information when studying under a master in their field. So when are we expecting to hear from your new friends?"

"Severus, Shhhhhhhh this isn't the place to discuss this."

He pointed at the students who were ignoring them, "neither they nor the illustrious staff around us can hear our conversation nor would know what to do with it. So when do you go on a second date?"

"I don't know, we will discuss this later at the meeting."

After dinner they headed back to Dumbledore's office to meet with Kingsley. They were joined by Molly, Bill and Fleur. Albus started the meeting by making everyone take a secret keeper oath to prevent them from sharing the information. He knew what he was about to reveal would go over badly and he needed to keep them from sharing the information with anyone else especially Harry and Ron. He then brought them up to date leaving out how Hermione had become so friendly with the Black sisters. It was a good thing he had left out Hermione's tête à tête with Bellatrix as Molly was already turning several shades of red and she looked ready to blow. Hermione sat back and watched Dumbledore truly perform magic.

"That bitch killed my brothers…my son! You are going to let her get away with it….worse you want to reward her! You will let her and her vile sister walk away to live grand lives in their mansions while my brothers and son spend their time under tombstones? Have you lost your mind old man?"

"Molly I understand your anger. I know what Bellatrix has done. She is one of the worst offenders of the war but she may also be the greatest hero of it. She is offering us more than information; she is offering us the keys to our victory. They can save dozens if not hundreds of lives. They may be the difference between us winning or losing. They possess one of the Horcruxes and have access to destroy another. We don't have the ability to get to either. She could literally be responsible for winning the war for us. Your other sons, your daughter and your husband are among the lives she might save. Your brothers and son sacrificed themselves for the light, for the greater good, for family and for love. Don't let their sacrifice be in vain. "

Molly started crying at the mention of his family. Everyone knew what her boggart was from their time cleaning out Grimmauld Place. The broken and battered bodies of her family still haunted her. The ploy worked well and Molly merely nodded her acquiescence while she sat sobbing in her chair. Minerva passed her a handkerchief and wrapped an arm around her while Bill and Fleur tried to soothe the distraught woman. Fifteen-love Dumbledore.

"Headmaster is zis absolutely nezessary? There iz no other way that to make a deal with zis…woman?"

"Fleur, we might have to break into Gringotts to retrieve one of the Horcruxes that Bellatrix has"

The veela blooded French girl paled at breaking into her employer knowing the danger and that if they did have to pull a heist she and Bill would be required to at least plan it if not actually perform the task. Thirty- love Dumbledore.

"And if we don't get them? What happens?" Bill had watched Percy die at his wedding and was as angry as Molly if not more.

"You know the only way we can defeat Voldemort is by destroying the horcruxes first. Without taking the offer we potentially never defeat Voldemort. Plus we have a spy in our midst we must find. That spy is a danger to us all especially your family. We don't even know for sure that the cup is in Gringotts, that is just our best guess. It could also be in Malfoy Manor but I doubt that Bellatrix would keep something so precious there in light of the current climate. We could live in a world with Tom loose for years before we discover the whereabouts of both horcruxes. The fate of the war lies in their hands and therefore our ability to forgive Mr. Weasley." Forty – love.

"Well if we don't know where it is, how do we know that she actually has it? How do we know this isn't lies? And if it is the truth, how am I supposed to pardon the most hated woman in the wizarding world?" Forty- Fifteen.

"Kingsley, Bellatrix and Narcissa would never even have come forward with this deal if they couldn't deliver. To fail to do so would seal their fate. We dealt with Severus' defection and we can deal with putting the proper spin on the Malfoys and Bellatrix. You as a harbinger of justice and light made them see their ways and helped win the war." Game, set, match.

The next few hours were spent dealing with the logistics of the deal and calming Molly repeatedly. It was close to midnight when they finally wrapped up. The others left leaving the four professors mulling over the situation. The floo had barely closed behind their guests when Severus started laughing.

"You are deceptive and manipulative old bastard Albus. The fate of her family? Really laying it on thick weren't you?"

"I did what I needed to do Severus. Molly would only accept this if I put it in those terms."

Hermione rolled her eyes, "Molly would cook the Dark Lord a seven course meal if it would help her precious Ronnikens or any of the other children. That really was a low blow sir. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for it and approve but there may be backlash when she finds out that her family will still have to fight this war even after the deal."

"And that is why I made her take the vow."

"You are a bloody genius. Manipulative and rather scary but brilliant."

"I believe the same has been said before about you Hermione."

"Touché Headmaster"

"I imagine that Bellatrix or Naricssa will be contacted you in the next few days. We will need a binding contract so we will draw it up and have you carry it with you. I will give you the binding power for the Order for the purposes of this contract. Think of it as the magical equivalent of a power of attorney. You will bind us all so please don't change the terms."

"Of course Headmaster, just keep the contract away from Severus and I am sure we will be fine."


The contract was drafted and Hermione took possession waiting to hear from either Bellatrix or Narcissa. The week progressed quietly and Hermione fell back into a rhythm at school. The students were on their worst behavior around Halloween and there were quite a few tricks still being played. She had to remove a rain forest complete with waterfall from the Hufflepuff common room, administer multiple antidotes for Fever Fudges and various Weasley products and remove three different students from the walls who were green and naked. The Noct Leprachanus spell was another Weasley special and always made an appearance around Halloween and St. Patrick's Day. Adding to the rambunctiousness of the students was the upcoming Hogsmeade weekend and Hermione was one of the many professors chaperoning the trip. Since most of the school went on the trips, most of the staff was required as chaperones. Chaperone was really a bit of loose term since they generally all gathered in the Three Broomsticks and got snockered while the students lay siege to the small wizarding hamlet.

Saturday was cold and rainy and Hermione buttoned up her cloak kicking herself for agreeing to work today. It was the perfect day to curl up next to a fire and read a good book and a lousy day to watch a bunch of squirrelly sugar high kids. She figured she would skip Tomes and Scrolls and just head over to the Three Broomsticks. Rosmerta's stew would certainly go a long way to warming her up. She walked the path to the village and almost missed the sign with the students all running around and screaming. There was plain black mask hanging from a post in front of the shrieking shack. She let the gaggle of students pass by and once the coast was clear she disillusioned herself and headed to the shack. The place was still dirty and dusty and she coughed a little at entry.

"Not to your liking? I thought you were friends with the Weasleys. This is actually an improvement from the Burrow, is it not?"

She looked across the room and saw the very beautiful Narcissa Malfoy sitting in a chair next to the fire. She must have run some cleaning spells because the area where she sat was spotless and the chair looked brand new.

"I wasn't expecting…."

"Me? Bella, Draco and Lucius are essentially under house arrest. Our owls are monitored and I am allowed out from time to time to make proper appearances and keep up the illusion that we are more than prisoners in our own home. Considering the ….close watch that the Dark Lord keeps on Draco he allows me some unescorted trips. He presumes I will do what is necessary to keep my son safe and I am. This deal is what is necessary to keep Draco safe. Bella is working herself into a position to be able to leave again….but it will probably be a few more weeks."

"Where was Draco? His room looked unused. What is going on?"

"The Dark Lord marked Draco and tasked him with killing Albus Dumbledore in his sixth year. This you know, but did you know I went to Severus and asked him for help? He refused saying he couldn't thwart our Lord's will. I had assumed it to be cowardice at the time but of course now I realize it was because he was a spy. Our relationship with him, my request, Draco's failure and Lucius' failure at the Ministry has put us in poor standing with the Dark Lord. He tried to kill us after the failed raid and Severus' deception being brought to light but Bella begged him for our lives. She finally convinced him that the only way he could continue to have access to the Manor and our vaults was while we were still breathing. She would be rightful heir upon our deaths and she refused to accept the estate. There are no Malfoys left so everything would go to Bella. Due to long standing laws regarding family holdings our estate would go to the next Black in line not Rudolphus who would only get a small share of the estate. Andromeda would inherit Malfoy Manor, Black Manor and all of the holdings of both families. Her gambit saved our lives but placed her in the same situation as we are in. Rudolphus only ever cared about social standing and happily beat her to a pulp upon the Dark Lord's orders but she refused to break. She saved our lives and slowly over the last year we have regained some freedoms within the Manor. We started out in the dungeons ignored and sporadically being tortured. We earned our freedom and some luxuries back but there was a price. Draco has not slept in his bed because he shares the Dark Lord's quarters now and will be until we are free."

Hermione couldn't imagine having to fuck Voldemort, "oh god! Is he…?"

"Draco is handling the situation the best he can and he is holding up fine. The Dark Lord has found Draco's company enjoyable and in exchange we have better living conditions but we are still prisoners. If the Dark Lord were to tire of Draco's companionship we would all find ourselves back in the dungeons. Stop fretting girl, Draco chose this path, knows what he is doing and we are not particularly shy about such things."

Hermione grinned and pulled off her cloak, "so I have noticed"

Her soaked shirt was skin tight and it earned her a lascivious look from Narcissa, "So you were to provide me terms Ms. Granger, was our offer accepted?"

"Ms. Granger? So formal."

"If you would like me to call you mudblood whore instead I will be happy to, I just wanted to keep this part of our meeting professional."

Hermione's body heated up. Such a dirty word and it sounded so good when it came off Black lips. She pulled out the contract and handed it to Narcissa purposefully not responding to her comment. Her reaction did not go unnoticed and Narcissa gave her a knowing smirk. Hermione looked around for a chair while Narcissa began to read the contract. She saw one in the far corner covered in cobwebs and dust and she moved to bring it over.

"If I wanted you to have a chair I would have arranged for one to be here. Come here mudblood. Don't balk at me, you desire my sister and she will call you worse….plus we both know you like it."

Hermione walked over to her tentatively not really knowing what to do. She knew she started this but she wasn't sure about finishing it.

"Are you worried about my sister? I know she told you no one touches your cunt without her permission but don't worry, I have her permission to do with you as I like. I don't have much time so let's make this all about me. On your knees mudblood."

Hermione had a pretty good idea where this was going and she was incredibly turned on by it. She knelt before Narcissa and moaned as she ran a hand through her hair. Narcissa turned back to the contract and continued to read as she stroked Hermione's hair. Narcissa was treating her like a pet and Hermione loved it. Narcissa's skirt had ridden up Hermione leaned forward and began kissing her thighs. Narcissa merely looked up and smiled, spread her legs a little and went back to reading. Hermione's kisses began to trail upwards and she ran her tongue along the inside of each thigh. Narcissa hadn't spread herself wide enough to give Hermione full access and she nuzzled her nose against her pelvis as she dipped her tongue trying to reach her panty clad clit.

"Not yet….tease me more mudblood"

"Fuck! You drive me crazy" Hermione went back to lavishing attention to her thighs running her hands up and down her legs while nibbling on ever inch hoping to arouse Narcissa to the point she would no longer deny her. Narcissa barely looked up from the contract. She knew the witch loved it. She could feel her quivering ever so slightly and smell her scent. The sisters liked their games and Hermione appreciated it but she was horny and low on patience. She decided two could play power games. She sensually ran her hand up the outside of Narcissa's right leg and hooked her finger under the thin material of her panties before the older witch realized what she was doing. She stood quickly and tore the material with one yank freeing her prize. Narcissa went for her wand but Hermione pinned her hands using gravity to help her keep the struggling woman in her chair. She leaned in placing a knee between Narcissa's legs forcing them further apart and adding friction to her torture. She pushed against Narcissa and whispered into her ear.

"Spread your legs and read your contract. I expect you to sign before you come so I hope you are a quick reader"

Hermione pulled her body forward and spread her legs awkwardly hooking one over the arm of the chair so she could have full unimpeded access.

"Hot and wet. You really aren't the icy bitch everyone thinks you are. I like that you are flexible…wider. I want to see all of you."

She got back on her knees and began to trail kisses up Narcissa's inner thigh again. Narcissa shifted as she reached her apex trying to push herself closer to Hermione's mouth. Hermione began by planting the lightest of kisses on her before tentatively licking at her folds. Narcissa's hand was shaking as she tried to read the contract and her free hand had weaved itself back into Hermione's hair. Narcissa whimpered as Hermione gently spread her apart and began to lick her, making sure to catch her clit with each stroke of her tongue. She kept her pace slow wanting to drag Narcissa's pleasure out and get her contract read and signed. She entered her with one finger which served more to tease than satisfy the older witch who had made it through three quarters of the contract and was desperately trying to finish.

"Fuck mudblood….more!" Hermione moaned against her clit adding to Narcissa's pleasure and then added another finger picking up her pace.

Narcissa conjured a quill and signed the contract but refused to hand it over.

"I signed…now you make me come."

Hermione took her clit in her mouth sucking hard against the nub and curled her fingers to hit Narcissa's g-spot. Hermione was thankful the contract was magical because Narcissa had crumbled it in her hand as she clenched from the pleasure. She wrapped her leg over Hermione's shoulder pulling her closer as she edged towards her climax.

"Oh Merlin! You dirty little slut. You are so good… you fuck so good. I am going to tell Bella she is going to have to share you on a regular basis…I can't get enough of that skilled tongue of yours. FUCK!"

Narcissa's head dropped back as she howled, her nails drawing blood from Hermione's scalp as they dug in during her climax. Hermione ignored the pain and kept going, trying to wrench every drop of pleasure out of the haughty witch. She loved making her lose control. Narcissa loosened her grip as she slowly came down and Hermione gently kissed her drenched center one more time before coming up and capturing her lips.

"You taste so fucking good Narcissa. Taste how good your pussy is." She took control of Narcissa's mouth swirling her tongue so Narcissa could fully experience the taste. "I could eat your delicious cunt for hours and never tire of it."

"You dirty little girl. I wonder what the world would do if they knew the sweet little Hermione Granger was a filthy slut who loves being used by Death Eaters."

Hermione loved it and straddled Narcissa in the chair "I wonder what the world would think if they knew pureblood icon Narcissa Black Malfoy loved being fucked by mudblooded Order members. We could put that on the society page of the Prophet. Narcissa Malfoy, seen in the latest Madam Malkin's fashions, loves having her pussy licked by none other than Harry Potter's brainy friend."

"Do I get to take pictures of you to go with the article?" She dropped the contract to the floor and began to rub against Hermione's jeans, "I need to be back soon but I want to hear you come."

Hermione began to grind against her hand allowing herself to be dry fucked. The pressure felt good and she pushed hard against Narcissa needing release.

"Come for me Hermione. Show me how dirty you are."

Hermione was aroused from going down on her and this put her over the edge. She came hard, bucking and riding Naricssa's hand throughout her orgasm. She collapsed against the older witch and felt Narcissa shift her to get up. She turned and sat in the chair looking up in shock.

"That's all I get?"

"I told you we were going to make it all about me and that I didn't have much time but don't worry, you will be properly fucked in the future."

"How do I contact you?"

"You don't, we will contact you. Make sure you are not seen. We told you the Dark Lord has a spy in your upper ranks. That spy isn't the only one in the Order. We know he has several spies in the Order, one of which we have seen and is in the upper ranks, and he has dozens throughout Hogwarts and the Ministry."

She leaned down and kissed Hermione goodbye. Hermione groaned as she apparated away, still incredibly horny. She unbuttoned her fly and stroked herself to a second orgasm before she pulled out her wand and cleaned herself up. Once she looked presentable she pocketed the contract and headed down to Hogsmeade.