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Dance of the Seven Veils.

Chapter 13

The galleons began to warm in everyone's pockets. The message read: Little Stempington. 8 PM.

Everyone geared up for the evening with the main force of the attack meeting at Grimmauld Place. There were three groups attacking tonight. The recon and preparation units which would meet with the primary attack force, the primary attack force and the secondary units.

The recon and prep unit consisted of George, Fred, Ron, Draco, Alicia, Angelina, Severus, Neville, Filius and Minerva. The rest of the primary unit were Dumbledore who would be leading, Hermione, Ernie, Cormac, the remaining Weasley clan, the Malfoys, Bellatrix, Remus, Tonks, Cormac, Hannah, Justin, and Hagrid.

The secondary units comprised of the remaining Order members, the Aurors and the sympathizers.

Hermione was looking at her watch. It was three o'clock. The recon and prep unit should be back by now and she was worried. Hopefully they successfully set up for the evening. George and Fred popped in first followed by the others.

"How did it go?" She asked the twins.


"…everything is set up for tonight.'

"The place is crawling with Death Eaters at least fifty to a hundred" Alicia added.

"I hope we have enough fire power"

Two voices sang out, "We have enough fire power"

She absolutely adored those twins.


"So why are we staying down here hiding in a bunker? I want to be on the front line. I want to pay back those bastards."

"Patience Harry. We will go up to the battle once I receive the signal from Mulciber. The rest of the inner circle will stay down here with us until the time is right. The report is they expect to be battling around one hundred of my men. Between the snatchers, the Death Eaters, the vampires, werewolves, Dementors and giants there will be almost one thousand men on the field. They will be overwhelmed and destroyed. Once their forces are thinned out we will go to the battlefield and finish the job."

Voldemort had no intention of going out there until there was nothing left of the Order and he had every intention of leaving Harry behind. He spent years creating Horcruxes to become immortal and he had no intention of dying tonight. His last remaining Horcrux was going to be coddled and protected whether he liked it or not. The Order were going to be out-numbered and unprepared for what was coming and they were going to die horribly. He smiled at the thought.


"How long do we have?" Bella whispered in her ear. They were all nervously pacing about the study.

"Another few hours."

"More than enough time. Come upstairs with me." Bella took her hand and led her up to their rooms. Crooks saw the witches enter and gave up his spot on Hermione's pillow for them.

"If we make it through this I am teaching that cat to stay in his own bed."

"No you won't Bella, I have seen you pampering him all curled up in bed. You adore him and you know it."

"Well he does seem to know when I need alone time with you." She motioned to the kneazle that was now sneaking out the door to find and elf to torment. "Come here!"

She pulled Hermione close wrapping her arms around her and burying her face in her hair.

"I can't lose you Hermione. You are my only tether to real world. Please stay here."

"You know I won't….I can't. I need to be there."

"I know, it's part of the reason I love you so much. You know if I lose you….it might be best for everyone if I go with you. You keep my….impulses in check."

Hermione pulled her down enjoying the feel of her lover's body on top of her.

"Baby. If I don't make it you need to go. You can't stay here. You know that. Kingsley will put you to work cleaning up the Death Eaters and the sympathizers but it will only be so long before you end up on the wrong side of the Ministry again. Go. Make a new life somewhere else."

"I can't do it without you. I am a killer Hermione. You give me the ability to control it and focus it but I need the blood, the battle. Without you I want to be on the wrong side of the Ministry."

Her kiss didn't match their conversation. It was slow and sweet. A promise filled with love after words filled with death.

"I love you my twisted little psychopath."

Bella answered with her lips, nibbling on her jaw and moving to her neck. Her pace was slow and her touch sensual. She divesto'd their clothing and let her thigh rest between the apex of Hermione's legs enjoy the warmth and wetness she felt there. Hermione shifted her leg between Bella's allowing the woman to enjoy the feeling as well.

Hermione grabbed her ass digging her nails in and shifted causing friction between them. Bellatrix gasped and began to grind against her young lover. She pulled her head back by her hair and began to attack her neck kissing and biting as she increased her rhythm against her witch.

"Fuck. You feel so good Bella. I need you to make it today. I need you to live for me. Kill every man and woman there if you have to but we are walking away from this."

"I will paint the walls red to keep you my sweet little mudblood."

"Fuck. I love you."

Bella increased her pace enjoying the feel as Hermione's nails dug into her skin she could feel a warm stickiness on her back and ass and knew the girl had drawn blood. She groaned knowing her mudblood needed her so badly. She loved this witch and she would do whatever it took to win. She ground hard into her lover who was now panting with need. She was close. She reached her hand to Hermione's nipple pulling her ring hard. Hermione screamed as the orgasm hit her. Once she recovered her wits about her she pulled Bella up motioning for her to move. Bella understood what she wanted.

She straddled Hermione's face holding herself several inches above Hermione's mouth.

"Our first time….dirty little slut. Look at me."

She spread herself so Hermione could see how wet her cunt was.

"That's yours baby. Always yours. Taste."

She lowered herself down allowing Hermione a few swipes of her tongue before pulling away. Hermione tried to follow her but Bella had a firm grasp of her hair.

"That's all for you, only yours."

She lowered herself again allowing Hermione to explore her freely. She moaned as she felt her witch's tongue enter her. She reached a hand back slapping at her now pierced breast as she rode her lover. Everything was the same but different. Bella had staked her claim to Hermione the first time but she didn't realize it would be for so much more than a fun little fuck. She gently toyed with her own nipple enjoying the feel of the ring.

She had no idea that first night would lead to this but she was happy for the first time in her life. She had a license to kill from the Minister himself and a witch to kill for. No one would ever get in the way of this. Ever.

She shifted as she felt the finger against her tight asshole. Hermione pushed in hard drawing a scream from Bella.

"That's so good baby. I see why you like when I do you rough there. More."

Hermione added another finger and began to pound her. Bella was bucking and grinding against her face as she met each thrust. Hermione captured her clit in her mouth and was covered in juices as Bella exploded. Bella kept riding her barely slowing down as she twitched from the waves of the orgasm.

She placed her hand on Hermione's keeping her inside but stilling her pace. She turned so she could reciprocate and once she was situated Hermione began to thrust in and out of her again. She began lick Hermione's clit as she thrust her fingers into her lover. She pushed in hard matching Hermione's pace trying to bruise her lover. She wanted her to feel the ache like last time. Hermione said she spent the day enjoying the ache of the fucking she was giving. Bella wanted Hermione to feel her love all through the battle.

Hermione was close. She pushed further into Bella she wanted her lover to come with her. She needed them to be together…to come together. She sucked hard on Bella bringing her over. Seconds later she followed. She pulled Bella up to her lips, enjoying the taste of her on her lover's lips.

"I love you my dirty mudblood."

"I love you my sweet psychopath."


She looked at her watch. It was 7:57. She nodded at Fred and George who apparated out and the apparated back in a minute later.

"Our little surprise…."

"…will go off as planned."

Everyone involved in the raid was given a time activated port key. The main forces were given small amulets and the secondary forces rings. At 8:00 pm the port keys activated and all hell broke loose.


"What the fuck are those things?" Mulciber was screaming at the Snatchers. The rest of the inner circle were ensconced in the bunker protecting the Dark Lord. He had been granted the opportunity to lead the defense against the Order. A true honor and if he succeeded it would move him to the highest position in the Dark Lord's ranks. The rockets kept shooting out from the bushes about 50 meters from the ancient castle. Fortunately there were muggle repelling and confundus charms all over the property. A gigantic castle complete with moat in the middle of battle is hard to miss in the average suburban neighborhood. The castle was located a few kilometers away from the housing development and surrounded by a small set of woods.

"We will take care of this." Greyback motion for his pack to follow and they transformed sprinting across the field towards the bushes. The pack made it across the draw bridge and about half way there when the field turned to swamp. Mulciber watched as the wolves tried to pull themselves out of the quicksand to no avail. The sound of hundreds wolves howling and whining as they sank to their deaths filled the air.

Four rockets shot up casting a solarium blast and they lost most of their vampires.

"What the fuck is going on? Get on your brooms and get at them you idiots!"

The Death Eaters and Snatchers took to the sky trying to fight off the barrage of fire being launched from the surrounding forest. They were under siege from all sides. The few who landed were blasted into pieces by some sort of explosion. For twenty minutes they remained steadily under fire. Mulciber was tired of this. He called back the Death Eaters.


Walls of fire erupted from the roof and windows of the fortress setting the entire forest ablaze. The tactic had its desired effect and the entire forest line began to explode. Whoever was within 10 meters would be incinerated. The heat and blow back from explosion reached the castle and Mulciber ducked behind the parapet to avoid the heat. There was no way the Order forces survived the blast. He signaled to the Dark Lord that it would be safe to leave the bunker.


"Stop pacing Potter. You are driving me crazy."

"Stuff it Carrow. I hate sitting here while others get to fight." Around twenty of them sat in the apparition proof, port key proof, spell proof shelter that acted as the safe room for the Dark Lord. They had been down there waiting for it to be safe enough to join the battle.

"Our time will come soon Harry. Once the majority of the attack force is whittled down we will be able to kill Albus. We will kill them all."

"What about…."

"The little Weasley girl? If you capture her alive you can do with her as you please. Torture her, rape her, give her a pony…as long as you keep her out of the way she is yours."

"Thank you my Lord." Harry smiled lasciviously. He was going to teach Ginny a lesson. She wasn't the only one that was going to learn one. Orders had been given to try and capture Hermione. The Dark Lord was going to have her finish what she started. She was going to be guest of honor at the Dark Lord's next revel and every Death Eater, Snatcher, werewolf and vampire was going to get a piece of her. His cock hardened at the thought.

"Mulciber has given the signal. The majority of the Order forces have been destroyed. Let's go."

He lead them out of the maze of corridors to the apparition point. In an hour's time the Order would be no more.


Mulciber got up on his broom and circled the fires that were burning looking for survivors. He didn't see a one. The Dark Lord would be pleased.

As he got closer he realized he had a problem. Not only were there no survivors …there were no bodies. He looked back at the castle trying to signal to the troops. Many were gathered on the draw bridges crossing the moat and some were still holding guard positions. He tried to scream but the concussion of the explosion silenced any sound he could make. He was knocked off his broom and his wand fell away. The last thing he could see as he fell into the fires below was the multiple explosions from inside and around the castle tearing through the land and the troops.

He looked down at the fire below and hoped it was the fall that killed him.


They had almost made it to the apparition point when the spells started flying at them. Voldemort screamed in anger and launched an Avada at Dumbledore who blocked it with a boulder. The two began to duel as the fight broke out around them. Harry heard screams from behind him and looked to see the Order had trapped them. They had set the exact same trap as his failed raid on the Manor capturing the Death Eaters between them and creating a wall of death on both sides. He felt blood on his face and turned to see Nott fall to Severus' Sectumsempra. Alecto charged Severus.

"You sullied my daughters you bastard!"

Severus laughed deflecting her spells and sending a few of his own back, "I assure you Alecto, your daughters were whores well before I even thought about fucking them. You always wanted them to succeed. You should be happy…I have awarded them both O's in cocksucking."

She screamed and tried to use Dolohov's curse but Severus used a protego to block the spell sending it back to her. She fell to the floor looking peaceful for the first time in her life.

Harry went to attack him but was blocked by Amycus who wanted to avenge his sister. He pushed Harry out of his way to get to Severus. Harry was knocked to the floor and rolled to see Ron and Hermione running at him blocking spells and pushing people out of the way as the cut through the battle.

"Fuck! I knew it was too easy. He said he had spies. He said he would know."

Hermione rolled her eyes, "Honestly Harry after Tonks, Remus, Seamus and Savage did you really think we trusted anyone except the inner most ranks. That's why there aren't more of us. Everyone was told Little Stempington but the port keys were keyed elsewhere. Fred and George put enough magic and gun powder together at that castle in Little Stempington that it is probably nothing but a giant crater right now. Voldemort's forces are dead Harry."


"There were three potential locations for headquarters. Little Stempington, Middleford and Midsomer. We knew you would set the trap. Voldemort took the port to test it for verituserum which it was of course heavily spiked with. If he had actually emptied the contents of the bottle completely he would have found the transmitter we put in it. I had to find a way to work around the wards at Hogwarts to be able to show my class a movie. Voldemort is a pure blood fanatic surrounded by pure blood fanatics. They don't use muggle technology so they don't ward for it. Muggle magic Harry. GPS."

"Well where are the others?"

"You mean all the Aurors and sympathizers that were loaded up with potential spies. Who knew who was aligned with which side? We just relocated them for the evening. Their port keys were set for Middleford."

"You always try to be the clever one Hermione."

"No Harry I always AM the clever one…stupify!"


"What the hell is this Ash?"

"No bloody idea. Maybe one of those renaissance fairs? Scribs go ask the guy in the purple robes."

"I am not asking them anything. They all look a bit touchy and what's with all the sticks they are carrying. If there are no bodies this isn't our problem."

They looked around at the gathering of hundreds men and women who were dressed rather bizarrely and looking confused. There was a large buffet and bar set up along with a small quartet and as far as Inspector Ashurst could see the only violation might be a permit issue.

"Oooh is that lobster?"

"Scribbs we don't have time to hit the buffet."

"I think I see a carving station."

"Ok maybe one plate."


Harry was being backed up by Ron and Hermione. Rowle tried to hex Hermione from behind but Bella blocked his hex and eviscerated him with her knife. She hadn't moved more than a meter or two away from her lover and she, Draco, Luna and Neville were acting as a guard to Ron and Hermione. The Death Eaters knew to try and protect Harry but they couldn't get through the four of them to get at Hermione and Ron. Bella saw two Death Eaters cast hexes and Hermione at the same time. She knew she couldn't shield her from both. She cast a protego deflecting one and jumped in front of the other. She felt a burn to her chest and blacked out.

Harry kept shooting stupify after stupify. He was concentrating so hard on their attack he missed Narcissa kicking out her leg and tripping him. Ron and Hermione pounced on him and poured the vial of silver liquid down his throat. He began to shake as the memories took over.

He saw them all. Hermione and Ron watching over him on his many trips to the infirmary, their concern fifth year, his time talking with Luna, Neville looking to him as an inspiration, Dumbledore's fatherly love and Minerva's protection. He felt Molly Weasley's love and concern and saw flashes of her knitting his sweaters and scarves. He saw Arthur taking on the Ministry for him time and again. He finally saw Ginny. Her hero worship and then crush, he felt and saw as it changed to love. Love for him. Even after he tried to attack her she still loved him. Even after he betrayed them they still were trying to save him. He felt the love from the memories flow into his heart and he fought for control again. He screamed as he pushed the Horcrux down and took control again.

Voldemort heard the scream and turned. He saw Harry shaking and saw who was standing over him. Hermione was lying next to him whispering in his ear as he fought Voldemort's hold. He had enough of that bitch.

"Avada Kedavra!"

It was as if time slowed down. Bellatrix had woken and saw him cast the spell but she couldn't get to her feet. Dumbledore tried to scream at Hermione to warn her but it was too late. Harry had come to and saw the curse heading towards Hermione. A second before the spell hit Harry rolled over covering her and taking the full brunt of the curse.


Bellatrix pushed up. The boy was dead, "Avada Kedavra!"

The green light shot from her wand hitting Voldemort square in the chest killing him instantly. The few remaining Death Eaters surrendered as Voldemort's body hit the ground. Their Lord was dead. It was all over.

"Harry please Harry, come back to us please. No. No." Hermione and Ron tried to heal him and Dumbledore soon joined them. He checked Harry thoroughly.

"I am sorry Hermione…Ron. He won't be coming back."

Two strong arms wrapped around Hermione as she fell into Bellatrix's arms sobbing at the loss of her friend. They tended to the wounded and mourned the dead while Kingsley called the Aurors to deal with the surviving Death Eaters.

"Take me home. I need you to take care of me."

Bella took her hand and led her out of the bunker, "Always."


Harry was given a proper funeral and the Wizarding world mourned for the famous boy who gave his life to save them. Harry was the only casualty they took that day but it was a hard loss for the magical community. No one including most of the Order ever learned about Harry's darkness or his being a Horcrux. The story was that he was undercover infiltrating Voldemort's lair and he gave the true location of where Voldemort was headquartered. Since the Death Eaters that were still alive never knew Harry was a Horcrux they couldn't refute the claim he was merely acting. The transmitter was removed from the scene before the Ministry investigators appeared. The Order might want to use that trick again and there was no reason to reveal it when wizards weren't warding for it.

Ron and Ginny were hugging as they cried at his wake and even Draco looked hurt by the loss.

"It's over." Hermione put her hand on Ron's shoulder.

Ron looked up at her, "I never thought it would end like this."

"I am going to miss him Ron…I…He was my family."

Ron wiped the tears from his eye as he pulled her in for a hug.

"Hermione, we will mourn now but remember this. He never became the man he wanted to be when he lived but at least he died as that person. He died a hero and a good man. He died as the man his parents would be proud of."

She saw Bella and Narcissa watching her from up on a hill. Everyone involved in the raid, the Malfoys included, were hailed as heroes. The secondary forces would have been miffed by the subterfuge had there not been a carving station and open bar but the deception was considered brilliant. The crater in Little Stempingford was explained away as a gas leak and apparently the town had quite the history of "gas leaks" so the muggles were none the wiser.

Bellatrix had received an Order of Merlin award along with the rest of them for "distinguished service to the Ministry" which was a nice way of saying killing lots of bad people. Kingsley had kept his word. Bellatrix was made an Unspeakable and she was the one who would do the acts that all governments do that are truly unspeakable.

Hermione was happy that it kept her darker impulses satisfied. Hermione knew Bellatrix Black was a lot of things, brilliant, powerful, kinky, bloodthirsty, and madly in love with her but she also knew the one thing her wife wasn't...reformed.