"I came out here under the lure of a fight, Kakarrot."

"Aw, relax, Vegeta. We'll fight later." Goku chuckled at the other visibly tense Saiyan.

After all the two had been through while fighting Majin Buu, it only seemed natural they both form some kind of friendship. Though Goku wanted more than anything to have a civil and somewhat happy friendship with the prince, he couldn't deny the frequent tension between them.

"And what, pray tell, do you suggest we do in the meantime?" Vegeta asked, arms crossed tightly over his chest.

Goku placed a fist under his chin, looking up toward the sky as if lost in thought. The vast, empty field they stood in was perfect for a sparring match—but Goku had worked tediously to get Vegeta out here.

"Well," Goku drawled, "I guess we could start with something friends do."

"Don't be ridiculous, Kakarrot! We are not friends. In fact, I would consider you the farthest thing from a friend."

"Aw, don't be that way, Vegeta. Oh, I've got it! Whenever I spend time with Krillin or Yamcha we always—"


"But Vegeta, I didn't even finish—"

"The stupid grin on your face is enough to deter me. I already disapprove."

Goku scowled at him for a moment but was quickly back on track. "How about a race, then?"

Vegeta scoffed. "That sounds more appropriate for two Saiyan warriors."

Having succeeded in his mission to entertain Vegeta, Goku laughed giddily, his hands rubbing together in excitement. "On you mark, get set, go!"

Vegeta watched the other Saiyan take off with a shocked grunt before quickly blasting off behind him. It was clear to the prince that neither met the speed they were capable of, but when the two were even the real race began.

"Where are we even racing to?" Vegeta asked, focused completely on staying in front of Goku.

"Around the world and back."

Vegeta laughed, powered up to an appropriate strength that wouldn't immediately incinerate the ground below him, and took off ahead of his competitor. After gaining a sizable distance from the other Saiyan, Vegeta veered off the straight path they had been traveling in and swerved around the mountainous terrain.

Nearly half way around the globe, Goku caught up to the prince, laughing as they both tried to best the other in distance. It was hardly a notable race, considering the amount of energy they both had to restrict, but every once in a while, Vegeta would look over and grin smugly. Anyone else might take the smile as blind arrogance, but Goku could tell, just feel the friendly competition that bonded them.

As the short race—that had in reality only lasted three or four minutes—ended, they slowed from their flight and dropped to the ground.

"Well, that wasn't nearly entertaining enough."

"You know, just because my feet touched the ground first doesn't mean you have to be a sore loser, Vegeta."

"What are you talking about, Kakarrot? I'm hardly the loser in this race, I was ahead of you for nearly half the distance!"

"Only because I let you," Goku laughed loudly as Vegeta rambled on about 'good sportsmanship' and the various reasons regarding his win.

"Now that you've served to increase my blood pressure, what other marvelous ideas do you have?"

"Hmm, when I'm with Krillin—hey, don't give me that look! Anyway, sometimes we talk about our wives."

"That's ridiculous! The last thing I want to do is talk about—"

"Eighteen doesn't really know how to cook—because she's an Android and all. I couldn't imagine what it would be like if Chi Chi couldn't cook." His mouth watered just thinking about the breakfast she'd prepared that morning. "My favorite food would have to be… um, well, I can't really decide!"

Vegeta grumbled under his breath but didn't contribute to the conversation. Since he didn't yell or insult him, Goku decided to carry on with the topic.

"For Goten's birthday Chi Chi made a three course meal with all kinds of meat and sauces. I don't understand how she turns the animals we get into really, really good meals, but I'm always amazed."

Goku stopped talking when his stomach rumbled loudly, Vegeta's following soon thereafter.

"Now look what you're done," Vegeta growled. "I'm going to find something good to hunt."

"Great idea! I'll come with!"

"I'd rather you not."

The two Saiyan's found themselves crouched in a wooded area spying on a small fox. It was cleaning itself, unceremoniously lying out in the sun and enjoying the warm summer day. Every now and then its head would pop up, feeling eyes watching it, but not seeing anything.

Goku watched the small creature with an expression of guilt. "Are you sure you want to kill it? That thing's too small to feed us."

"Meat is meat. And I'm only hunting for one person."

"Aw, come on Vegeta. Wouldn't you rather get a huge fish?" Goku's stomach rumbled again and the fox looked up.

Vegeta made a sound of disgust. "No, I most definitely would not prefer a fish."

Goku looked over at the prince and cocked an eyebrow. "Wow, I didn't think you were a picky eater. Why no fish?"

"The reason in unimportant! I'm going to kill and eat this fox and you can sit back and watch."

"Oh, I get it!" Goku exclaimed. This time the fox heard and skittered away.

"Kakarrot, you idiot! Go chase that fox and bring me the body!"

"I bet Bulma burned some fish and made you eat it! Chi Chi used to burn food all the time when we first got married. This one time she cooked a duck until it was completely black—"

"Fine, if it'll shut you up, we'll fish." Vegeta stood from his crouch and stomped away to the lake that was two miles from their location. Goku followed happily.

Along the way, Goku snapped off two strong branches and tore some metal from a fence for the line. Bending the line at the end, he stuck a couple earth worms on and passed one to Vegeta.

The Saiyan looked at the stick and wire for a second before glaring at his companion. "What is this?"

Goku blinked at him. "It's a fishing rod." Vegeta's gaze didn't waver. "You, uh, throw it in the water, like this—" the wire bent forward and plopped down into the water, "—and wait for the fish to bite."

Vegeta dropped the stick on the ground and instead waded until he was knee deep in the water. After a few seconds of concentration, he snagged a decent sized fish from the water.

"My way is much more effective," he said smugly.

"Well, maybe, but you're missing out on all the fun."

"I could care less about fun. I'm hungry and want to eat this fish." As he finished, the prince pointed a finger toward the discarded stick and blasted it until a small fire started. "This method is quite progressive."

As Vegeta began roasting his fish, Goku rolled his pant legs up and waded into the water. Sometimes a man just had to eat.

Two hours later, and only after nearly all the fish in the lake had been devoured, the two Saiyans laid back on the grass just in time to watch the sun set.

"What an utter waste of a day," Vegeta said tiredly.

Goku yawned. "I had a pretty great time," he said, rubbing his full belly.

"I would attack you, but all that fish has made me sluggish."

"I guess we'll just have to save it for another day, then."

Vegeta grunted, but it didn't sound all that bad.