Teresa Lisbon stared up at the hospital ceiling. Her mind was groggy, a result of the painkillers the nurses had injected through her IV tubes. She was feeling more relaxed than she had in a long time, ever since before Patrick Jane joined the CBI team.

"I can't believe that we both got shot," she mentioned out loud.

Across the room, Grace Van Pelt nodded. "Weird that we ended up in the same room."

"I thought I was going to get a private room."

"Mmmmm." Grace closed her eyes. The red-head seemed to be remarkably calm as well. "I'm bored."

"Me, too." Lisbon sighed. She tried to sit up but that sent a bolt of pain shooting through her. With a gasp she fell back. "I hate this!"

"Quit whining, I got shot, too!"

"Yes, but you only got shot in the shoulder. And don't tell me to quit whining, I'm your superior!" Lisbon turned to glare at Van Pelt.

"Sorry. Although I was shot six inches from my heart, and you were shot seven."

"It's an abdominal injury."

"Mine's fresher."

Lisbon had to laugh. Van Pelt smiled in a very Jane-like way. Both women leaned back in their narrow hospital beds. "We're seriously arguing about who is wounded worse?" Van Pelt murmured. "We really are bored, aren't we?"

Lisbon nodded. "There isn't a lot of other things we can talk about, though, is there?"

"Because you're my superior and it's unprofessional to talk about things that actually have any sort of feeling behind them."

"That had better be the morphine talking," Lisbon warned.

Van Pelt shrugged and winced. "Maybe, partly. Does it ever bother you, though? We're the only women on the team, but we can't even be besties."

Lisbon snorted. "Besties?"

Van Pelt groaned in self-disgust. "I watch waaay too much of the Big Bang Theory."

"You like that show?"

"I like to imagine Sheldon vs Jane."

Lisbon frowned for a moment. She didn't see much of the Big Bang Theory, but of what she had seen of Sheldon Cooper, him meeting Patrick Jane would be either very funny or very heartbreaking. "That would be interesting, I guess."

"Boss, can I ask you a personal question?"

"How personal?"

"Personal enough not to be appropriate on the job, but not too personal that I can't blame it on the morphine," Van Pelt replied. She pushed a button that brought her bed into a sitting position. She looked over at Lisbon for an answer, but decided that silence would have to be an affirmative. "Are you attracted to Patrick Jane?"

Lisbon was so surprised that she forgot how to breath for an instant. That led to coughing, which hurt like crazy. "What?" she gasped. "Me and him?"

Van Pelt shrugged.

"What made you think of that?"

"Well, the other night I had a dream that the two of you announced to the team that you had secretly gotten married. It was really sweet and romantic, actually. He was grinning like he always does, but he actually meant it. We were all congratulating you and smiling and laughing." Van Pelt fell into a memory stupor. "And then Cho killed Jane in a fit of jealous rage."

Lisbon laughed out loud. "Really? Well, I had a dream that you announced that you were secretly pregnant with Risgby's baby, and Cho killed him in a fit of jealous rage."

Van Pelt laughed. She shook her head from the irony of the situation. "Wow. We need to find Cho a girl."

"Yes, we do!" Lisbon adjusted her bed as well. "The problem is, I don't really know many women besides you. And most of them are murder suspects. Gosh, my life is lame."

"No, not lame," Van Pelt reassured her. "You're just dedicated to your job. Same here. I don't know many people off the job. Can I confess something?"

"Sure," Lisbon said, deciding that their conversation was already so personal it didn't matter if they started swapping diaries. All right, maybe not that personal, but the morphine was making it hard to think objectively.

"When I first met Patrick Jane, I thought he was hot."

Lisbon was surprised to feel jealously rise up. "When you first met him, right? But not now?"

"Ha! I knew it!" Van Pelt cried, and winced. She put her hand to her shoulder. "I knew it. You like the psychic."

"He's not psychic."

"Sure he is, he just doesn't want to admit it. If he were truly just really observant, he'd have gotten it through his thick blond head that you like him. You think he's hot, don't you?"

Lisbon blushed. "He has a great smile."

"Yeah, he does, doesn't he?" Van Pelt mused. "Not that he's my type."

"Wayne's more your type? Is it the ruggedly handsome, overly loyal qualities that drew you to him? He's never gotten over you."

It was Van Pelt's turn to blush. "I don't want to jeopardize his career. I considered quitting, you know, so that we could stay together."

"He wouldn't want that. You're a vital part of the team, Van Pelt."

Van Pelt laughed. "Yeah, I look things up and play decoy for Jane. Real vital."

"But you're good at it."

"I'm good at holding my real feelings in."

Lisbon proper herself up on her elbow. She stared over at Van Pelt incredulously. "You're still in love with him! Grace, you were going to get married to that other guy!"

Van Pelt was shocked by the use of her first name. "Well, I- You were dating somebody else even though you're clearly in love with Jane!"

"I am not in love with Jane!"

"Who's in love with me?"

The two women started in surprise and looked over to see Patrick Jane standing in the doorway. He was holding two potted roses, one white the other red. The ear-to-ear grin on his face made both Lisbon and Van Pelt feel like he had listened to the whole conversation. They looked at each other briefly before turning back to Jane.

"I thought I'd stop by and see how you're doing," he said, meandering over to the windowsill to set the plants down. He pulled a chair between the two beds. His grin widened as he took in the blushing Lisbon and Van Pelt's horrified amusement. "So who's in love with me?"

Van Pelt and Lisbon exchanged exasperated glanced. Darn this morphine!