I'd had a few days to think about what had happened at the record label. Turning down one of the biggest record labels isn't always easy and I still wondered what I would have been doing if we had accepted the offer. Just then I was interrupted by my phone, I looked at it to see Tom calling me.

"Hello" I answered

"Hi, Look I don't have time to explain or talk just bring your guitar and get to my house NOW!" Tom replied, before hanging up.

I didn't even get to ask what guitar but something warned me I should take my nicest ones.

Not too sure what guitar to bring I put my favourite and nicest acoustic guitar and my only electric one into the car and got my mum to drive me. I couldn't wait till this time next year when I would be able to drive myself.

I arrived at Tom's the same time as Alex. We knocked on the door together anxious to find out what the big deal had been about. We walked into Tom's lounge to find three people sitting on his couch I recognised one but not the others. I sat down and Sam and his dad came to join us Sam sat next to me but his dad joined the other man on the couch.

"Okay will someone please just explain what is going on?" I broke the silence

One of the men stood up "Hi I'm called Neil I'm tour manager for Biffy Clyro one of the greatest English rock bands. I'm here to see whether you're up to scratch to tour with Biffy Clyro this summer as their support. I know it's a bit last minute but the band we did want to play pulled out last minute"

This came as a shock to the whole band, the four men on the couch didn't look shocked at all. The two mystery men looked at each other. I still didn't understand why Sam's dad was there.

Another one of the men stood up "I'm Louis, I'm a producer. I heard about your run in with the record company and how upset they were. That got me thinking you guys must be amazing so I decided that I want to make a record with you guys. I just have to hear your sound and then we can get to work. After your tour that is."

The last man I didn't know stood up "Hi I'm Blake and I'm your guyes new manger, I will mange you as well as tour so you will not require a tour manger."

He sat down giving the shortest speech of all the men. Than Sam's dad got up out of all the men he was who I was most curious of. "As all of you guys know I'm Derek Sam's dad. I'm here to make sure that you guys aren't short changed. And because I want to make sure that like Sam says you can rally make a good long and profitable career out of this."

We all looked at each other a bi shocked. So many opportunities had just jumped out at us. We slowly made our way to a cleared out space and stared setting up. When we finished playing all the men left and said they would contact Blake with news. Blake congratulated us but said he had to go it was his mums birthday I raced home excited to tell my family about the day I'd had. I still was due back at school in 3 months; maybe my choice to sign up for further education was wrong.