Harry and Marcia

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Harry and Marcia

Hogwarts – 24 November 1994, TWT First Task

Harry left the tent to face the Hungarian Horntail he had chosen. When he first saw it he thought, damn she's huge. Then and idea crossed his mind, dragon reptile, snake reptile, I wonder if she understands Parseltongue. Harry placed his wand at his throat and said Sonorous.

My dear lady dragon do you understand me?

The dragon looked Harry in the eyes and said, Yes green eyes I do. What do you want, why are you bothering me, and my clutch of eggs?

Lady dragon, we are stuck in a tournament for the amusement of those in the stands except the girl with the bushy hair. She is my friend and perhaps one day will be my lady. In your clutch, there is a golden metal egg that does not belong. I am supposed to fight you and retrieve the egg. If I do that one of us may damage the other eggs, and I do not wish that to happen so I tried to talk to you and explain.

The dragon backed up and looked at the clutch. When she saw the golden egg, she carefully picked it up and threw it past Harry. Harry picked it up and crossed the time line. He sat it down then turned around and went back towards the dragon.

Thank you lady dragon, is there anything I can do for you?

I am hungry and haven't eaten in two days green eyes.

The name is Harry may I approach you? I'll free you so you may go hunting. There are Acromantula in the forest.

Harry I am called Marcia. Acromantulas are rare but very tasty if you would like to fly you could guide me to them. You may ask your lady to join us.

I love flying, unfortunately my Hermione does not, but I will ask her.

"Hermione please come here slowly." Hermione had left the stands when Harry started for the line with the egg, so she walked slowly toward him.

Harry told Hermione and Marcia, "Hermione this is Marcia. Marcia this is Hermione.Marcia would like us to fly with her and point out the Acromantulas I told her you didn't like to fly, but that I would ask."

Hermione saw two opportunities, one to be with Harry hanging on for dear life, and the other to fly on dragon something that hadn't been done in hundreds of years. She showed her Gryffindor courage by saying, "I'll fly with you two."

Marcia, Hermione agrees to fly with us. I'll release your chains.

I will lower my head so you may climb up on my neck. Harry I understand your language but do not speak it. So you may say left, right, up, or down, and I will understand."

Harry released the bindings and Marcia lowered her head. Harry climbed up first, and then gave Hermione a hand. Charlie Weasley was entering the arena with his team just in time to see the dragon take two huge steps and head for him and then extended its great wings. Charlie flattened himself out on the ground hoping and praying he didn't get burnt to ashes. He felt the air as the wings flapped and the dragon passed over him. Charlie rolled over and watched it gained altitude.

"Was that Harry and Hermione on the dragons' neck?" Charlie asked himself, knowing his Mum would go spare if anything happened to the boy she had chosen for Ginny.

On Marcia's neck, Hermione was hanging on to Harry as if trying to press herself into his body. "Hermione, are your eyes open?"

"No Harry."

A confident Harry told Hermione, "Marcia just told me her magic wouldn't let us fall off unless we were to force her to fly us. She also says she can talk to us in our heads. She doesn't really have vocal cords and can only speak parsel out loud. She asks whether you will allow her to speak in your head, she is very intelligent."

With a shaky voice, Hermione replied, "I would love to speak with her. And Harry, thank you for asking me to do this with you. I opened my eyes, and this is quite a view."

"Hermione its Marcia, don't be afraid you cannot fall. You do know Harry loves you don't you?"

"I don't think so Marcia, except maybe like a sister or good friend. Can Harry hear us?"

"No, this is between us girls. And you're wrong, he thinks you think of him as a brother and that you love Ron."

"Oh Marcia, he couldn't be more wrong. I don't even like Ron. I only tolerate the arse because he is Harry's best friend. May I ask how you know this?"

"Hermione if you were me would you let anyone you just met ride you, or would you check them out?"

"Marcia I would darn sure check them out and get to know them first."

"That's why I checked out Harry and looked through his memories to see what I was dealing with. This is the most honorable young man I've had the pleasure to meet. Hermione you know he's shy so you may have to let him know how you feel about him. Now you may want to close your eyes and hang on to Harry. I'm going to dive and roast some spiders, and then have a feast."

The great dragon banked, folded its wings, and fell like a boulder over the Acromantula colony. She extended her wings again and shot fire into the colony roasting eight or nine of the largest spiders. She made a smooth landing and told her riders to relax she may be awhile.

Arena Stands

"Dumbledore what just happened?" Minister Fudge asked.

Dumbledore tried hard not to laugh, "Cornelius I believe you saw what I did. It seems young Harry talked the dragon out of the egg and asked her for a ride for him and Miss Granger."

Fudge sputtered, "Well do something, we can't have a dragon roaming free around this school the press will crucify me."

Dumbledore didn't hesitate in showing his displeasure by replying, "Cornelius, feel free to go and restrain the dragon. As for me, I'm going to sit and watch what develops. With young Harry, one never knows. But Cornelius you may want to remember it took eight trained handlers to move her into the arena and she was chained then. She's free now, how many will it take to get her back into the pen if she doesn't want to go. I told you that I was against having dragons at the school, but you wouldn't listen. I see this as the Ministry's problem so the Ministry can take care of it. I suggested to you and Crouch we should call this a draw and redraw with just three champions, but no you wanted Mr. Potter involved. Well Cornelius you got what you wanted so now you get to live with it."

Dumbledore heard a voice he recognized, "Excuse me Professor Dumbledore but would you care to make a comment for the Daily Prophet?"

Albus chuckled in his mind and answered. "Ah, Miss Skeeter, I see you're now using as dicta quill instead of your usual quick notes quill why?"

Rita Skeeter frowned but admitted, "Well sir it seems the Daily Prophet was reminded by the Potter account manager just who owns most of the paper. The editor said if we wish to continue employment, we must write the truth. There will be a full retraction of the stories about Mr. Potter in tomorrow's edition along with the story of the first task. We waited until then because with the interest in the tournament it is expected to reach the largest number of people."

Dumbledore smiled and asked, "Very well Rita, how much did you hear of my conversation with the Minister?"

"All of it sir," Rita replied.

Dumbledore jumped on the chance to get a bit of truth published. "Well you may add that this was supposed to be a broom race but the Minister chose to bring dragons into Hogwarts and expose the school population especially the champions to danger. Mr. Diggory was severely burned and Miss Delacour just barely escaped the same type injury. In addition, Mr. Krum's action destroyed several precious eggs. I suspect the Romanians will take this to the ICW and demand compensation from the Ministry. So our population should expect a tax increase to pay for the Minister mistake unless he can get his good friend and advisor Lucius to make a bribe…errr…contribution. I find it interesting how an inner circle Death Eater has so much influence with our Minister. But alas I've strayed from the point."

"What do think is happening with the dragon and Mr. Potter and Miss Granger?"

Dumbledore confessed, "Rita, I suspect since the dragons haven't been fed in two days Mr. Potter is showing her where to find food she considers a delicacy. It seems young Harry decided that as a reptile the dragon may understand parsel and made friends with her. My only problem is what to do if she decides to stay near her new friend. If I remember correctly, dragons are extremely loyal. If she does, who is going to tell her no and take the chance of being roasted? Rita, I may be old but I'm not senile. Check out our school motto about waking sleeping dragons not even Merlin would do that in his prime. I certainly will not challenge her."

Rita gleefully said, "Thank you Professor Dumbledore."

Dumbledore replied with a smile that met his eyes, "You're quite welcome Rita, and I must add it's a pleasure to talk with you now that you seem to have awakened to the fact the truth will come out. And Rita it is always better to be found the one to tell the truth than the one caught in a lie."

Fudge sputtered and huffed, "Miss Skeeter you will not print that, or you'll find yourself in Azkaban."

Rita didn't back down instead she asked, "Threatening the press now Minister. I smell another headline would you like to add more to that sir? Exactly what is your relationship with Lucius Malfoy? Is it true you are having an affair with your undersecretary? Maybe there are three headlines here."

Forbidden Forest


"Yes Hermione." Harry said turning his body around to face her.

Hermione hesitantly asked, "How do you feel about me?"

Harry dropped his head while replying. "Hermione you know I like you, and you're my best friend. I like you a lot Hermione, but I know that you like Ron different from how you like me."

Hermione huffed and stated. "Well that's true since I don't like Ron at all, and only tolerate him because you think he's your friend. However, what kind of friend is he when he turns his back on when you need him the most?"

Harry perked up saying, "Shit, you mean I've been putting up with that asshole because I thought you liked him, and you've been doing the same because you thought I liked him?"

Hermione giggled and smiled, "Language Harry, but it seems you're right, and we've both been too stupid to talk about our feelings and not wanting to hurt the other one."

Harry's eyes dropped as he told her, "Hermione when you were petrified I told you my life story not expecting you could hear me or remember it. But, the truth is I was raised in a house that never has shown love, and I don't know what love is. What I do know is when I'm away from you during holidays, I'm miserable and miss you something awful. I stiffen up when you hug me and don't return it for two reasons one is because that is a way to get smacked at the Dursleys. And the other is I didn't want to upset Ron. He finds enough reasons to be jealous as it is, and since I thought you liked him as a boyfriend I didn't want to interfere with that."

Hermione replied, "Shit Harry I should have thought about what you said while I was petrified. Harry you probably kept me sane. Your voice was what made me want to come back. I couldn't feel it when you kissed me, but I knew you did, and I wanted more."

Harry sat up straight and asked, "Language Hermione, would you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes, yes, a thousand times yes." She said as they leaned forward and kissed on the lips. If a dragon could smile, Marcia smiled. She had just about eaten her fill, and it was time to show some humans why it was stupid to mess with a dragon.

"Harry I'm almost finished so you may want to turn back around. We'll fly some more. I want to stretch my wings."

Harry told Hermione what Marcia said and turned around as she finished the last large roasted spider.

Damn I wish Marcia could stay. I really like her. She's a good friend. Harrythought.

Unknown to Harry, Marcia had already decided to remain close to the only human who understood her and treated her with respect. She felt this young man would need her help in the future. She established a link with him and his mate, so she would always know where he was and how he was. What these humans didn't know is that she could freeze them with a certain look similar to the reflection of a basilisk's eyes. She didn't petrify and could release them with a thought. She took off into the sky since she really loved flying like Harry did.

They flew over the forest and saw centaurs that waved, next was a herd of unicorns, and other beasts. She flew over the castle twice remembering what she saw. Then she flew over the lake, and her stomach rumbled. She had gorged herself and needed relief, so she headed for the arena stands. She started defecating just before the stands and was it really runny as she passed from one end of the stands to the other. It was purely accidental that she missed anyone. Dumbledore saw what was happening and put up a shield, but it was only partially successful. At least, he didn't get a face full as the Minister and Miss Umbridge did.

Sirius was watching from about 150 yards away as Padfoot. When suddenly the dragon turned and headed for him. He froze as the beasts' mouth opened and scooped him up without slowing down. Harry and Hermione were laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes. Neither was worried about what anyone would think, since they would be trying to clean dragon dung from their faces and clothes. Marcia took Sirius to a valley near the cave he was staying in and landed then gently sat him down.

"Sirius change forms Marcia won't hurt you." Harry stated.

A flustered Sirius asked, "Pup what the bloody hell is going on?"

Harry laughed, "Sirius this is Marcia. Marcia, meet Sirius Black my godfather." He then turned serous saying, "Sirius, she wants to know if you will allow her to communicate with you through your mind."

Without hesitation, Sirius replied, "Well why not it seems you're doing it."

"Sirius its Marcia, I mean no harm to you, Harry, or Hermione. In fact, I've decided to stay and help protect him and his mate."

"His mate?"

"He calls it girlfriend but I think it's more than that."

"It's about damn time he pulled his head out."

"We need to go. I have him send you some decent food. He might as well learn to use Dobby."

Sirius looked at and advised, "Pup Marcia says you need to go, have Dobby bring me something to eat please. If he could scrounge up something better for me to wear, I'd appreciate that. And I hear congratulations are in order it's about time."

Harry smiled replying, "Shit, I forgot about Dobby with this damn tournament. We can contact you through Marcia. We'll tell you about us later."

Marcia took off and told the pair she was staying at Hogwarts and asked Harry to inform the Headmaster that the students would be safe if they left her alone. And to add she would go where she wanted when she wanted to.

The Landing at the Arena

On the trip back, Marcia told Harry his magic seemed suppressed, and he should check with the Goblins as they may be able to help him. She added their healers were the best in the world for humans or dragons. She opened her wings and glided to a landing in front of the stands.

"Professor Dumbledore would you join us please sir." Harry asked trying not to laugh at those trying to clean dragon shit from their clothes.

"Potter I know this was your idea, detention for a month with me," Snape yelled.

Marcia looked at Snape and froze him then invaded his mind. "You will leave my youngling alone, or I will roast you and eat you as a snack. Now I will release you, and you will apologize. Human no one tells a dragon what to do. I did that on my own to show you the same respect you show us. Do you understand me human?"


"Apologize now and live. If you invade my youngling mind again you will find me waiting, and I'll fry your brain. Do you understand that?"


Snape looked at Marcia then Harry and stated, "Mr. Potter. I apologize. I was informed of my error, there will be no detention"

Harry looked at Hermione then shrugged, "Thank you Professor, I accept your apology Marcia does pretty much what she wants to and has a mind of her own. She feels that wizards disrespect her, and she shows does same in return. I wonder how many other magical creatures do that."

"Fifty points to Gryffindor for your thinking Mr. Potter." Snape said.

Harry looked at McGonagall and thought she was going to faint.

Dumbledore arrived and Harry said, "Headmaster, meet Marcia, Marcia this is our Headmaster, Professor Dumbledore. Sir if you ask politely she may allow you to communicate between your minds. The only other way is Parseltongue."

"Marcia may we communicate as Harry says?"

"Of course. I asked Harry to tell you that I would be staying here with him whom I consider my youngling. Just so you know, I told the one I froze to leave my youngling alone, or I will roast him for a snack, and to stay out of Harry's mind as I now protect it. Please inform your students that they are safe if they leave me alone. I will also help protect your school."

"Very well, would you mind communicating with Hagrid? He's our gamekeeper? He loves dragons, and would be delighted to get to know you, and he is a friend of Harry's."

"I will do this and I already know of Hagrid, I do question his sense of responsibility and bringing certain creatures near young students, and I wonder why you allow this."

"Alas I must admit I've been so wrapped up in this tournament and fighting the Minister to keep the champions and students safe I've not kept an eye on Hagrid. However, I will talk to him after dinner this evening."

"Thank you, I believe you to be a good man but with too many responsibilities to do each of the three jobs as they need to be done. You are but one-man Albus Dumbledore, and you are not a God."

"You sure know how to make an old man humble."

"Perhaps one learns something even at the young age of 568 years."

Harry introduced Hagrid next and after talking to Marcia, he decided the Blast-ended Skrewts were not something to be around fourth-year students. He offered to make Marcia a nest, but she said she would do that. Hagrid knew Marcia would thin out the Acromantula colony but realized it had to be done. That had been another mistake on his part bringing a female in order to be with Aragog wasn't the best of ideas and the colony was getting too large to handle.

The crowd watched all of this and Rita's dicta quill was writing at a tremendous pace as she described what was happening around her. She had just stepped from the women's loo in the Quidditch lockers in time to see Marcia make her run on the stands. She watched as Harry, Hermione dismounted Marcia then went to face her, and Harry scratched Marcia's chin as Hermione patted the dragon's cheek. She made sure she had a picture of that scene. Little did she know she was about to watch the shit hit the fan.

Harry removed his arm from around Hermione's waist as Ron approached. "Mate, that was bloody brilliant. Maybe you are right someone entered you in this tournament to get you hurt or killed."

Harry was in no mood for one Ronald Weasley. "Mate? Not hardly. Friend, not even close since that is over, acquaintance, yes unfortunately that's true. It only took you almost four weeks to figure out I've been telling the truth since Halloween? Hell Draco is a better friend than you Ronald Weasley at least he comes at me from the front, and I know how he stands. You, however, sit in the common room and snipe making shitty remarks to Dean, Seamus, and anyone else that will listen. I have two words for you Ronald, and they are FUCK OFF. Now get the hell away from me, or I'll ask Marcia to make a snack out of you. You don't know what it means to be a friend. You're jealous, you eat like a pig, and you only want me for the fame that I didn't earn. You only want Hermione for help with your homework. Oh and it seems your mission is to lower me to your standard which is just above a squib. Well Ronald Weasley those days are past. Get your ragged ass out of my life and stay away from me. Hermione and I have learned some real good hexes I'm hoping to try on Malfoy but I just put you above him on my target list. Go away Ronald I want nothing more to do with you."

Ron's face turned red and he started to yell, "Hermione it's your fault, you turned my best mate…"


"Don't speak to me in that tone of voice Ronald Weasley I said nothing to Harry except to answer his questions. You and your bloody, Harry gets everything jealousy got you where you are now. Mess with me and I'll use a shrinking charm on your boy bits, or perhaps the castration curse." Every male in hearing distance, including Harry crossed their legs and covered their bits as she continued.

"According to Hogwarts: A History after our third year we can ask to be resorted or placed in the house of our choice. Personally, I'm leaning toward Hufflepuff. They're loyal and hardworking, and their Head of House visits the common room at least weekly. In four years, I've seen our Head of House in our common room once, and that was to take Harry's broom after last Christmas because I told her it may be from Sirius Black and could be hexed. Ravenclaw would be a good choice except Professor Flitwick never visits and doesn't realize one of his students has been bullied for over two years. Apparently, either he isn't very observant or thinks it's normal for an 11-year-old girl to wear two shoes of the same foot and different colors and styles. So Ravenclaw is out. Shall I mention the reasons to reject the house of bigots? I don't think so, who would listen anyway? Harry I think we should look into other schools. We know Hogwarts isn't the only one. Durmstrang is out for me since they only accept purebloods, but with a Death Eater for a Headmaster, I wouldn't go there if I was paid to. Surely, the United States has schools, and we speak the language." Hermione was on a roll so Harry shut up and watched. Marcia smiled internally wanting to fry the lot of those who had wronged her youngling.

"Let's see our reasons for leaving vs. those for staying. First year the Headmaster brings an object into the school that is sure to attract Voldemort or his Death Eaters. Then he allows Voldemort to teach defense for most of the year. The object is so well protected three first years make it passed the protections. We get some useless points and the whole thing gets swept under the carpet, but we learn Moldyshorts isn't truly dead and is trying to return. Then there's our wonderful second year here. Lucy Malfoy places a dark object in a student's book and it makes it into the school where a large basilisk is released from the Chamber of Secrets. A cat is petrified and everything continues like nothing is wrong except Harry gets blamed and thought to be the heir of Slytherin. This school is full of portraits that move between frames, yet not one reports the fact a basilisk is roaming the school corridors to the Headmaster. Of course the ghosts also see nothing either. Nope it takes three second year students to save the school's ass again. Good job, sorry no points this time, no awards after a not quite 13 year old kills a fucking basilisk in this safest place in the world. Harry has anyone mentioned the minor fact that the carcass belongs to you by right of conquest?"

"No Hermione they haven't, one more thing to check on, I have it on the list." Harry replied with a frown.

"Thanks love. Now comes our third year and lo and behold the Minister in his great wisdom puts over a hundred dementors around a school full of children who haven't a snowballs chance in hell of defending themselves against one let alone that fucking many. But Harry, they're here to protect you from your godfather who is the first to have escaped Azkaban. The mere fact they appear to be targeting you and not defending you goes unnoticed by the outstanding Hogwarts staff. Then comes the killer point, Sirius Black is innocent the real one who betrayed the Potters is Peter Pettigrew. But the Minister in his infinite wisdom won't listen and won't question us under Veritaserum, or watch pensive memories. Then there is the fact Sirius Black as a godfather would have died instantly if he betrayed Harry. Betraying the Potters location to Voldemort and putting Harry at risk certainly is a betrayal. Pull your heads out of your asses and check out the oath a godfather or godmother must make to be accepted for the position. As the Chief Warlock, Dumbledore had to know that, and so did Couch Sr., Malfoy, Snape, and how many others. The Ministry needed a scrape goat, and along comes Sirius. Question; why was it Hagrid that picked up Harry when his godfather was there already Headmaster?" Hermione glared at Dumbledore wanting an answer.

"Harry needed protection Sirius couldn't provide." Dumbledore replied calmly.

"Oh then who could?" Hermione asked not willing to let it go or be pushed aside.

Dumbledore answered smugly, "A blood relation of either James or Lily."

Hermione folded her arms across her chest and glared. "Yes, well you know that Sirius and James are blood brothers don't you?"

Dumbledore's shock was visible to all, "Oh cripes I actually forgot that with all that was going on at the time. But Miss Granger you're correct."

Hermione wasn't satisfied or willing to back off. "Yes but it's a bit late since my boyfriend has suffered 13 years of hell because you forgot, and another man spent 12 years in Azkaban because everyone conveniently forgot about a common oath all godparents take. But please answer me this, why wasn't Harry taken to Gringotts to have his parents wills read at age eleven?"

Dumbledore almost whispered, "Err that's not something to be discussed in public Miss Granger."

Hermione huffed replying, "I'll take that to mean you're hiding something else from us. You're very good at that, it must come with age and experience. I'm sure Harry's account manager and his solicitor will be interested in your answer so I won't push for it now. Headmaster I think you need to check on your friend Professor Moody he seems to be frozen."

Albus was in deep dragon dung and knew it, Rita had been through three dicta quills and reaching for her fourth while being glad she had thought to bring four Muggle reporter notebooks. Harry and Marcia were enjoying the show as Marcia fed Hermione information through the link. Hermione was still on a roll and wasn't about to stop now. Madam Bones was standing off to the side listening and growing more livid by the second.

Madam Bones stepped over to Rita and whispered, "I want copies of your notes, someone is going down and I'll give you the story and an interview."

Rita smiled replying, "Done Madam Bones thank you. I think we're watching Fudge and others being taken down by a 15-year-old Muggle born witch."

Madam Bones added, "I agree we're seeing history being made Rita."

The crowd watched as Professor Moody transitioned into someone else.

"Barty Couch Jr., Kingsley, arrest that man. Dumbledore what the hell is this, a fucking convention for Death Eaters. Let's see there is Snape, Karkaroff, Couch Jr., who else is here?" Madam Bones asked as 20 more Aurors showed themselves. They started asking to see everyone's forearm.

"Marcia says it would be quicker to use the protean detection charm because the arm is not the only place a mark is placed. A red glow indicates the protean charm is present." Harry yelled.

Harry and Hermione were not surprised to find Fudge and Umbridge among the Death Eaters. Apparently, one of the Aurors set off a silent alarm because more arrived. In the chaos, Harry and Hermione slipped off and out the gate to Hogsmeade. They used the public floo in the post office to go to the Leaky Cauldron. For the first-time, Harry walked out of the floo instead of stopping and getting thrown on his ass. They went to the back of the pub and through the wall to Gringotts. Fortunately, the bank was nearly empty.

At the first open teller, Harry said, "Teller Sharpclaw, I'm Harry Potter and would like to meet with my account manager if he has the time. Otherwise, I will wait until he is free to see me. I apologize for not making an appointment, but something came up recently."

"Do you have your key Mr. Potter?"

Harry frowned and replied, "No sir, I forgot to get it back from Mrs. Weasley."

"Then young sir I'll need a drop of blood on this parchment to verify your identity. There are penalties for false statements made to gain access to or information about an account that is not yours."

"I understand Teller Sharpclaw." Harry said and offered the index finger of his left hand.

The teller pierced the finger with a gold needle, and a drop of blood fell upon the parchment. Harry's finger healed and parchment glowed.

"Mr. Potter you are who you say. I'll advise Chief Ragnok you are here sir. Please take a seat in that waiting room." Sharpclaw said and pointed at a door. Harry and Hermione went through the door and found a comfortable seating area as well as tea, juice, and snacks.

A Goblin guard entered and told them Chief Ragnok would see them now and to follow him. They were led down a long hall, to the doors at the end. The doors swung open. Harry and Hermione were told to enter and found themselves in the presence of a very impressive Goblin.

"Mr. Potter welcome to my office, I am Ragnok Chief of the Goblin Nation. I expected you three years ago, but we shall discuss that later. How may I be of service?"

Harry bowed and replied, "I just found out that I should have been here on or shortly after my eleventh birthday and came as soon as I could sneak away from school Chief Ragnok."

Ragnok frowned and stated, "I see. First we need to take care of the reading of your parents' wills. Then we can decide what to do next."

Ragnok pulled a file from his desk and began reading the will of James Charlus Potter.


It was near chaos as the Aurors Portkeyed 23 Death Eaters to the Department of Mysteries holding cells. Snape was among them, and Albus was saying they were making a mistake.

Amelia Bones had had enough and shouted, "Quiet damn it. We will have order, or I'll arrest the lot of you and sort you out when I get around to it. Shacklebolt, send out an order rescinding the kiss for Black. Based on what Miss Granger said he couldn't be guilty, and why the hell did none of us think of that? It's embarrassing when a 15-year-old tells us to pull our heads out of our asses, and she's right. Where are Mr. Potter and Miss Granger?"

"Madam Bones I think I saw them leave for Hogsmeade Ma'am," Percy Weasleys said trying to get Potter in trouble for embarrassing his brother.

Meanwhile at Riddle Manor outside of Little Hangleton, Voldemort was in a thither. "Wormtail something has happened at Hogwarts. You will go there and find out what it is, then return and report to me. Do not fail me Wormtail."

"Yes my Lord. However, I'll need a wand to apparate. It will take days in my rat form to get there."

"Take my wand, you poor excuse for a wizard, you have less than six hours to get there and back before I need my next feeding."

"Yes My Lord."

Peter Pettigrew took the wand and ran outside of then apparated to a valley not far from Hogsmeade. Sirius had stepped out of the cave to relieve himself as he heard the sound of apparation. He drew his wand, and saw Peter Pettigrew change forms and hit him with a stunner. He had the rat and another wand. Sirius decided to take Pettigrew to Hogwarts and force him to transform in front of a bunch of people. He changed to Padfoot, and grabbed Wormtail and ran towards the gate.

Sirius entered the school grounds and headed for the crowd. He worked his way to the center just as things were calming down.

Sirius heard, "Hey Ron is that Scabbers in that big dog's mouth?"

"No it's Peter Pettigrew in Sirius Black's mouth." Ron shouted back at Neville.

Wands were quickly pointed at the dog holding the rat.

"Mr. Black if what they say is true please transform, and tell me what the hell is going on, I'm Amelia Bones Director of the DLME."

Sirius decided to take the chance, and dropped Peter and transformed.

Sirius said, "Madam Bones that is Peter Pettigrew, please force his transformation. I found him trying to sneak in here and was concerned that he is after my godson Harry Potter."

Amelia Bones transfigured a rock into a large cage with chicken wire outside of the steel bars and threw the stunned rat inside. Then she and Shaklebolt forced the transformation and there stood Peter Pettigrew. She stunned Peter again. It just wasn't his day.

"Mr. Black will you willingly answer questions under Veritaserum, and I promise the only questions asked will be about your case?"

"I would be delighted to do that Madam Bones."

Amelia removed a vial from her robes, and administered three drops and waited one minute. She asked only relevant questions and found out exactly what happened.

A pissed Amelia Bones stated, "Shack, please take that thing to the Department of Mysteries holding cells for animagus. Damn this gets more bizarre every minute it's no wonder Harry and Hermione are thinking of leaving the United Kingdom and going to school elsewhere. Dumbledore, you best come up with a new Potions Professor, because Snape is done as a Professor, whether he goes to Azkaban or not. As far as I'm concerned, the man is a traitor having done more damage than Voldemort. With his lack of teaching potions except to Slytherins, we have a critical pool of Aurors and healers. Your positions of Headmaster and Chief Warlock are in a tenuous position. Now where the hell is Harry Potter and Hermione Granger?"

Sirius yelled, "What, you've managed to lose my godson old man?"

Dumbledore sighed this day surely couldn't get any worse he thought. POP!

"Mr. Sirius sir, Harry Potter sir be telling Dobby to be telling Doggyman, Harry Potter sir and his Miss Grangey is being wiff Chief Ragnok at Gringotts. Harry sir says youse is to being telling Dobby what youse is wanting to eats, and Dobby is to be bringing it for Doggyman."

Sirius smiled at the hyper elf as he replied, "Thank you Dobby can you take me to him please?"

"Dobby be asking Harry Potter sir and being coming back Mr. Doggyman." POP.


"Mr. Doggyman, Harry Potter sir, and Chief Ragnok be saying to bring doggyman, and bees coming back to bank Doggyman sir." Dobby grabbed Sirius by the wrist and disappeared with a pop.

Dumbledore saw the look on Amelia Bones face and knew his day indeed had gotten worse. Things were coming out that he didn't want anyone but himself to know. And he swore that damn dragon was smiling at him as if he was to be her next snack.


Sirius and Dobby appeared in a small room just off Ragnok's outer office, and Sirius was escorted into Ragnok's office. He was hit by a raven-haired missile who hung on for dear life.

Placing both hands on Harry's shoulders and looking him in the eyes Sirius told them, "Hey pup, I caught the rat, and Madam Bones questioned me under Veritaserum, she called off the kiss and signed a pardon, so I'm free. What's going on here?"

Harry sighed but answered, "Well other than Mum and Dad leaving you and Mooney ₲250000 and me the rest, a whole bunch of things. Ragnok has me set up to see a healer shortly to see if they can do anything for years of malnutrition and abuse. He has ordered some other checks. Marcia is a wonder, she's been keeping Hermione and me aware of what's going on at Hogwarts. After hearing Madam Bones free you, I suggested you get a health check also then sent Dobby to you. As soon as Ragnok informed me that I was emancipated, and am Lord Potter, I brought Hermione and her family under the protection of the House of Potter, which makes me her magical guardian. I thought it funny that I'm ten months younger and her guardian. However, she doesn't seem to think it's funny."

Sirius barked a laugh and asked, "Hermione I know this isn't a proper question to ask a lady but how old are you?"

Hermione frowned but answered, "I was fifteen last September 19th, why?"

Sirius turned serious and replied, "That's the age for you to be forced into a betrothal contract with a pureblood wizard. With no protection from an Ancient and Most Noble House and no one but Dumbledore for your guardian you would be forced into accepting the offer. Mr. Malfoy or Mr. Weasley comes to mind or perhaps Crabbe and/or Goyle, smart move Harry. Ragnok, I would advise taking it to the next step and making a formal betrothal contract. I could negotiate with her father since I'm still your guardian even though you're emancipated Harry."

Hermione huffed, "The more I find out about the wizard world the sicker I find it."

Sirius answered back, "Think the 1750s to early 1800s, Hermione and you'd be close."

A fire flared and they heard, "Amelia Bones to Chief Ragnok."

"Go ahead Amy."

Amelia briefed them saying, "Ragnok, we just finished interrogating Peter Pettigrew and found out the location of Voldemort. According to the rat, he is weak and wandless if Sirius is there he took Voldemort's wand from Pettigrew while capturing him. We need Harry Potter to come with us, and we can trap him until he can be killed."

"It's Harry, Madam Bones tell us where to meet and Sirius, and I will be there."

"So will I Amy."

"Harry James Potter if you think you're going without me, you best think again."

"Yes Hermione dear."

"Smart move, pup."

"Whoever is apparating needs to concentrate on the Riddle personal cemetery since it's outside the wards and about 400 yards from the manor."

"Amelia I'll bring 12 guards and four curse breakers. We will overlay his wards with ours, and then take his down. Is thirty minutes soon enough?"

"Make it an hour Ragnok, and we will see you there."

"Madam Bones we'll have a rather large guest, Marcia says she is coming also."

"Well I would rather she didn't, but I'll warn my people Mr. Potter."

"Good because there is no way I'm telling her no."

Since they had an hour, Ragnok sent them to the Goblin time chamber, and told the healers that they had 30 minutes of outside time. At one month in the chamber being equal to six outside minutes the healers were certain they could get Harry and Sirius healthy by then. Hermione refused to leave Harry, which turned out to be a good thing when they found his scar was a horcrux. Between a potions regimen and some old Goblin magic, they got Harry's body to the shape it should be. The next thing was to remove Voldemort's soul piece from Harry's scar.

Not knowing of his mind connection with Marcia the healers and curse breakers thought this would be a lot worse than it turned out. With Hermione, holding Harry like his life depended on the contact they started. When Marcia determined what they were trying, she used the mind shields to force Voldemort out. Everyone saw the green misty spirit scream and explode above Harry's forehead. All Harry cared about was the fact he felt Hermione's breasts against his back, and he liked the feeling. The removal of the bindings, three of them, was painful. Then it was learning how to control his new power. He didn't ask who had bound his magic. He knew one was his father's when he was a year old. Another was Dumbledore's doing before leaving Harry with the Dursleys, and the last was Dumbledore when Harry was five.

With four in-chamber months left. The Goblins started teaching Harry and Hermione wandless magic, including fading. Fading was the Goblin equivalent of apparation except it was silent and had no adverse feeling. It was also more advanced in that there was no distance limitation, and you could fade to a person or near them. They also learned some hand to hand fighting.

Harry picked up wandless magic before Hermione then helped her.

Harry gently told her, "Hermione, forget everything you know about magic. All right now close your eyes, and take four deep breaths and calm yourself. Picture what you want done and push your magic out of your body in this case picture the stick floating above the table and let your magic do it. Don't try to force it or think like you do with a wand."

He watched as the stick lifted from the table.

"Now don't lose concentration and open your eyes."

She opened her eyes and Harry said, "See you did it, now remember what that felt like. You were controlling your magic and there was no silly wand waving necessary."

She saw as Harry's stick leapt from the table and bumped into hers then it shot away. She used her magic to chase his stick with hers. Suddenly, as she was catching her stick up with his, he did a loop and his stick came from behind and tapped hers again.

Harry hugged her saying, "Hermione, don't get down on yourself. You're against an experienced seeker and reader of tactics. I've flown these moves in practice or a game. Now don't forget to remember the feeling and practice Hermione. Wands are needed for fine work where wandless is more useful for wide-area work."

Her curiosity coming through she asked, "Harry you're a good student and teacher. Why don't you show this in class?"

Harry ducked his but responded, "And make Ron even more surly and jealous? I just didn't need it, and after being beaten for doing better than Dudley, I learned to dumb down and got used to it. Besides, I became friends with the smartest witch of this and any other age. I was smart enough to ask that witch to be my girlfriend and lucky as hell when she said yes."

That got Harry snogged until his toes curled. From that point, it was practice, kiss, practice, kiss, and repeat. Sirius joined them with three days left in the chamber. He looked healthy, and the sunken hollow look was gone. He had shaved, and his hair was trimmed and worn in a short ponytail.

Harry asked, "Sirius, did you know the Potters are heirs of Gryffindor?"

Sirius nodded, "Yes but James only held that title a few weeks, so I forgot until you just mentioned it."

Harry drew in a deep breath saying, "Well Ragnok hit me between the eyes with this next news. I'm also the heir of Slytherin by conquest and blood. The Peverell brothers' father married into the Slytherin line adding to the blood of that line they already carried. Tom Riddle was a more direct heir since the Gaunts were more directly descended from Slytherin. But I killed him in 1981, that wouldn't normally make me the heir, but since he came after me it does. The sorting hat wanted to put me in Slytherin, but I met Malfoy and told it Gryffindor. Hermione found out she's the heir of Hufflepuff, and we suspect Luna Lovegood is the heir of Ravenclaw. If this is true, we own Hogwarts and control the wards. There are a lot of things Hermione, and I can do, but with Luna included, there is a lot more the three of us can do."

Sirius nodded indicating he understood and asked, "Alright what do you need me to do?"

Harry smiled and requested, "Teach us to handle the pureblood bullshit. Marcia has told us what she knows, and it's quite a lot. One thing we have to do is get the truth from Dumbledore. If worse comes to worst, I'll invade his mind and take it. He has done it to me often enough that I have no problem doing that, I just would rather not. I'm starting to believe he's getting senile, or he's so far out of touch it isn't even funny anymore."

Patting Harry on the shoulder Sirius responded, "All right, I'll do what I can. While you're in school, I'll look over our properties and see what is in the best shape. I'll take some pictures and put a description of the surrounding area with them. One thing's for sure I'll kill the Dursleys before you go back there."

Harry sniggered, "Marcia may do that for you. She already threatened Dumbledore with doing that. What are you going to do about your cousins?"

Sirius frowned asking, "Cousins?"

"Andromeda Tonks, Narcissa Malfoy, and Bellatrix LeStrange. Right now, Draco has a good claim as being the heir of Black should something happen to you." Harry reminded Sirius.

Sirius stated in no uncertain terms, "Bullshit, you're my heir, and it's all legal and proper. However, I'll annul Narcissa's marriage and throw her out of the family, then do the same with Trixie. I'll reinstate Andy and her daughter at the same time. Harry, Hermione as heir to Hufflepuff is a pureblood by law. That said, I still think a betrothal contract is the safest way to protect both of you. The magic of the contract, keeps compulsion charms, love or lust potions from affecting you both. Be advised Molly Weasley was known as the Potion Princess in school. Supposedly, she used a mild love potion to attract Arthur. However, Bill was born 7½ months after they were married. Most babies a month and a half early don't weigh eight pounds."

Harry showed his serious face stating, "Well, I wouldn't put anything passed Percy, the twins, Ronald, or Ginny. Tell me something Padfoot, who did the Marauders target for pranks?"

"We pranked either the Professors or the entire student body, including us or Death Eaters in training. The only exception to that was Snape, and only because he hated James and went after your Dad when his back was turned. Snape and Lily were friends before starting Hogwarts, and remained friends until he called her a mudblood whore. We found out in seventh year she liked James but kept refusing him so as not to hurt Snape's feelings. Once he called her that, the kid gloves came off, and she joined us as a marauder, we named Lily Flower. She pretty much kept in the background but planned some of our greatest pranks. Hell, she hexed McGonagall so that Minnie appeared nude to girls. Of course, the girls told the boys and James, and I caught hell for that and a month's detention with Filtch. After graduation, she told Minnie, who hexed her. Minnie's robes would disappear at random times for two minutes then go back to normal."

"Eeww that is not a vision I wanted." Hermione said with a shudder.

"Me either Hermione," Harry replied and shuddered also.

Hermione looked at Sirius saying, "Sirius, talk to my Dad about the betrothal if Harry wants us to do that. You'll need to be patient and explain everything to him and Mum. Don't forget you'll be talking about his little kitten that he sees as being seven or eight and not fifteen. He'll probably go into the father has to protect his daughter from the bad boyfriend who's not good enough for his kitten mode."

"I agree and the sooner the better. I'd rather not have to kill a Weasley yet," Harry said.

They spent the rest of that day and the next two learning pureblood ways. Harry and Hermione weren't happy about a lot of what they learned but there were some things which either made sense, or at least they saw a reason for.

Gringotts back to real time

When they arrived in Ragnok's office, he showed Harry a box of vault keys.

A smiling Ragnok told Harry, "Harry these are the keys to the Death Eaters vaults, and here is a letter of authorization for the heir of Slytherin to remove any objects from the vaults. If we can't stop him from returning, we can make his financial backing go away. I need Lord Slytherin's authorization to remove the items from the current vaults and place them in a larger vault. It also gives me the right to seize their property."

Harry smiled back and replied, "Alright on two conditions, first any Goblin made items other than a relic of the founders is returned to the maker or his family. The other condition is to remove any dark items. If curses can be removed please do so, if not destroy the item."

Ragnok nodded, "I see that as eminently fair Lord Slytherin and agree. Now I believe it's time for us to meet with Director Bones, think of a spot ten yards east of her location and let your magic do the rest."

Harry took Sirius by the forearm and faded to a spot ten yards east of Madam Bones, with Hermione and Ragnok beside him.

After they arrived, one of the curse breakers whispered something in gobbledygook to Ragnok. Ragnok nodded, and they walked toward the old mansion. The lead curse breaker held up his hand, and the warders put up several wards that kept what was inside them in, but let no one else in. Then the curse breakers and warders began taking the wards down which took over an hour and made a hell of a lot of noise. Once the last ward was down, the static electricity in the air dissipated the walked toward the manor, and Marcia arrived.

"Youngling what you seek is upstairs alone and afraid. Be careful with it, as it is as dark as anything I have ever seen."

"Thank you Marcia, I'll pass what you said to the others."

"Hold a minute, I received some information you all need to hear. Marcia, my dragon friend…" Harry said.

Harry then asked, "Madam Bones is there any reason to keep him alive. Keep in mind if we kill him outright his sprit will flee as it did in 1981, and 1992, I need to encase him. But the case must be totally sealed allowing no air in or out. Marcia suggests sealing him in a case and sending the case through the veil and let whatever is there sort it out."

After thinking it over Amelia replied, "The only problem I see is the proof that he is gone Harry."

Harry nodded saying, "I believe he will willingly tell us who he is Madam Bones. However, I'll defer to you and your experience."

After a few seconds of thinking over their options Madam Bones replied. "Alright Harry if I nod my head encase him, if I shake it we'll do something else. Oh, one other thing, Marcia says she'll roast and snack on anyone who gets wand happy and screws up. Voldemort is wandless and weak but still a powerful wizard but keep your wands pointed away from him, unless he makes a wrong move. If his sprit escapes, he can possess you, and we could have a full-blown fight on our hands."

Marcia was right and led Harry straight to Voldemort.

Harry smirked, "Hello Tom looking pitiful and ugly. You need some style Tommy boy."

What looked like a large fetus replied in anger, "You dare to talk to me, Lord Voldemort, in that manner. I'll kill you after making you suffer boy. You cannot kill me Harry Potter. I have gone further toward immortality than anyone before. You may destroy this body but not the spirit. I, Lord Voldemort will rise again and take my place as emperor of the world. You will bow before me and shake in fear at my name Harry Potter. Luck not skill defeated me before but never again."

Madam Bones nodded and Harry encased Moldyshorts in a thick glass case, then melted the edges together and conjured a large tub and added water. Harry forced the case into the water and he, Hermione, Sirius, Madam Bones, and Kinglsey Shacklebolt looked for bubbles and water leaking into it or air bubbles from the case. Harry, Hermione, and Ragnok faded the case to Madam Bones' office. When she arrived, it was with the Head Unspeakable Croaker. They floated the case behind Croaker, and he led them to the veil room where Harry sent the case through the veil. The result was chaos.

Meanwhile, a team of Goblin curse breakers was at a shack near Riddle manor where one had detected dark magic. They faced many wards most of which were lethal. As they made plans how to best attack the wards, the wards fell, and they heard a scream, and watched a sprit rise from the shack's floor and explode.

"Shit, a soul container," the team leader said.

"What Lord Potter encased must have been the primary soul piece, and it is now gone," another replied.

"Well let's check what the container was, it will belong to Lord Potter if he wants it."

Inside the shack, they found pieces of a box and a gold ring with a stone they didn't recognize. After checking the ring and declaring it free from curses, the team leader put it in a pouch, and the team went back to Gringotts.

Cause for Mourning and Celebration

At the Ministry, several wizards died screaming. In the Department of Mysteries holding cells, all Death Eaters died the same way. Croaker's secretary came running into the veil room and reported the deaths to Croaker. Croaker sent a patronus to Azkaban telling them to check on marked Death Eater prisoners.

"It appears with the passing of Voldemort's spirit the lives of his Death Eaters were forfeited." Croaker announced.

"Is it possible he tied their magic to his through at protean charm carried in the dark mark?" Harry asked.

"Harry, if I may call you that, you're asking if Voldemort may have used the mark to tie their magic to him. So that he could draw on their power through a protean charm tied to him. Hmmm. I would think it could be done through dark or ritual magic. Due to the timing, I tend to agree with your assessment young man. If it's correct, then the bodies will all show signs even if the mark disappeared."

Another unspeakable, entered and said, "Chief, Rockwood was a marked Death Eater."

"Any signs to tell us what killed him?"

"He has no magic and his core is gone like it was never there."

"Check the rest of the dead please. Pass a copy of the report to Amy."


Minerva McGonagall knocked on the Headmaster's door and came in out of breath.

"Albus we had five students scream and drop dead. Their remains have been moved to the hospital wing."

Dumbledore knew this marked the end of his tenure as Headmaster of Hogwarts.

"Let's see what Poppy has to say Minerva. Of all the things to happen, this is not expected. Who was it Minerva?"

"From Slytherin house it was Misters Vaisey, Derrick, and Bole also Mr. Bradley from Ravenclaw, and Mr. Wesley from Hufflepuff. Albus they all grabbed their left arm and screamed. They all carried the dark mark as Death Eaters. What does this mean Albus?" A shook up McGonagall asked.

Dumbledore shook his head and sighed. "I'm not sure but I would like to believe Voldemort is truly dead and his death caused his marked Death Eaters to die with him. I would be like Tom to tie their magic to his so he could draw from their magic to add to his power. Has Amelia Bones been notified?"

"Yes Albus with Susan in the common room when Mr. Wesley died I thought it best to notify her office."

"Good, that is exactly what should have been done Minerva."

As they entered the hospital wing Poppy Pomfrey came out of a private room shaking her head.

"Oh Albus, I have five dead young men here. They apparently died from losing their magic. They no longer even have a magical core. Albus each of them are marked as Death Eaters. How? Surely that monster hasn't returned."

"I don't think he has, at least not fully but Severus and Igor Karkaroff said their marks were getting darker so he must have some form and a wand. Or he had a wand until Sirius Black captured Peter Pettigrew recently. It's not impossible that Barty Junior, and Peter may have enticed them to be marked and spy within the school. I suppose while the Aurors were checking for the protean charm they didn't think of checking students because Voldemort isn't back."

"Well at the time I would have been shocked if they had, but in hind sight it would have been a good thing to do."

"Poppy it's amazing how hindsight gives us perfect vision and shows us our mistakes." Dumbledore said.

Kingsley Shacklebolt arrived in the hospital wing and asked, "How many here Albus?"

"Five King, where else and how many?"

"The Ministry, including the Department of Mysteries and Azkaban, that we know of so far has dead. We don't have a total yet, but it will exceed fifty. They all screamed and died, and none checked so far has magic or a core."

"Perhaps we'll know more tomorrow. I suppose you want to take the young men's remains with you."

"Yes, Amy has been appointed temporary Minister, as you know, and she thinks it's for the best."

A team of mind healers and counselor arrived and conferred with Madam Pomfrey then went to all four common rooms.

Harry, Hermione, and Sirius stopped by Gringotts before heading to Hogwarts.

"Harry my curse breakers found something that belongs to you. It is Slytherin's ring. They detected dark magic near the manor and while we were at the Ministry, I asked them to check it out. Apparently it was heavily warded and vicious wards at that, while planning how to take them down the wards fell, and they heard a scream and saw a spirit explode. The ring was a horcrux this must have been what Voldemort was talking about when he said he was immortal. What he didn't know is that when the primary spirit dies the others die also its one of the things that makes a horcrux a foolish thing to do."

"Ragnok if I understand what you mean, then Voldemort is truly gone and cannot come back."

"Exactly Harry."

"Hermione love that means we may have a normal year."

"Harry James Potter it's nice you have a dream like that, but nothing about you is normal, and I wouldn't have you any other way."

"Shit I can hear it now, here is Harry Potter the boy who conquered. Sirius can we go get drunk?"

"No, sorry pup but no, I heard one of the Aurors say she's the one that threatened the red head with the castration charm. No I can go gets drunk, but you can't."


"Harry James Potter, don't even think about it."

"Yes dear."

Sirius winked at Ragnok. The three held hands and Harry faded them straight to the Great Hall and was surprised where they were.


"Harry what were you thinking?"

"Dinner in the Great Hall love and we didn't apparate so don't say we can't apparate in or out of Hogwarts. Hello all, sorry for the disturbance."

Dumbledore sputtered, "Mr. Potter would you mind explaining where you have been and how you just appeared in the Great Hall."

"Well Sir, Marcia suggested I get checked by the Goblin….veil and…..died….here."

"Oh yes then I found out a curious thing did you know I'm Godric Gryffindor's heir? Yep got the ring and everything it's Lord Gryffindor if you please. Whoops then there seems to be a thing where if the heir of Slytherin, Tom Marvolo Riddle, comes to kill you and you kill him and have a lesser claim as the heir of Slytherin you become the true heir by right of conquest. I didn't know that, did you sir? Yep, got the ring and everything. Seems like I own half of this place. Oh, guess what, Hermione is not a Muggle born. Nope she's a pureblood and the heir of Hufflepuff, together we own three fourths of the school, control wards and everything. The funny part is that the school board is now advisory only, isn't that nice sir."

"Harry well I guess its Lord Gryffindor…"

"Well sir there is this other thing did you know my Dad was Lord Potter but never formally got the title or ring seem he was in hiding so actually it's Lord Potter-Gryffindor-Slytherin and the heir of Lord Black."

"Bullshit Potter I'm the heir of Black."

"Wrong Draco no-name your parents marriage was annulled and you and your mother thrown out of the family and you two can get out of my manor. If you were Draco Malfoy you would still owe me nearly ₲20 million. So sit down and shut up while you're ahead. I know as much about the old ways or more than you do. With no name you are less than a muggle born. Parkinson, Crabbe, Goyle you'll find your manors gone all given to the heir of Slytherin by your fathers. Great thing being a Death Eater, since they all died when Tommy boy went through the veil. They allowed their magic to be tied to his through that mark they wore so proudly. Well that mark allowed Moldyshorts to draw their magic trying to save his own ass, and he lost and so did they. Unfortunately, for you they took you down with them. Every Knut you had is mine, every house is mine, and guess where it's going. I'm giving it all to the victims of the last war including wizards, and Muggles. I don't want a Knut of it. Although Sirius and I talked about making Malfoy manor a brothel for wizards and Muggles, I may level it and make it a Muggle playground."

"Sorry sir the ferret with no name pisses me off. Pull that wand ferret and it will be the last thing you ever do in this life." Harry said in a voice that had turned cold. "Accio Malfoy's wand, Colin would you do me a favor and take this wand to the Headmaster please?"

Collin Creevey did as Harry asked.

"Hermione where was I?"

"Well I think you said everything except let's eat."

"Great idea my Lady."

Harry and Hermione went to the Ravenclaw table and set across from Luna. Harry put up a silencing charm and said, "Luna we want you to get and heir test, we think you're the Ravenclaw heir. If you are we three control this nuthouse."

"Will stubby Boardman be coming with us? I always wanted to meet him he's your godfather you know."

Harry cancelled the charm and yelled, "Hey Sirius come answer a question please."

Sirius came and sat down next to Luna and Harry put the charm back up.

"Sirius why didn't you tell us you're Stubby Boardman?"

"Damn it, Harry don't start that shit again."

"All right, Luna says she'll come with us if you do and you give her a Stubby Boardman autograph."

"Luna I'll do it, but please call me Sirius or Padfoot."

"All right Stubby if that's what you want. Daddy sure likes your music but I think Elvis was better."

"Luna, I agree Elvis was the best ever." Harry said.

"Hey pup I sang your ass to sleep many a night when you were in nappies."

"Yeh, and I killed Voldemort the first time by hitting him with dirty nappies in the face."

"Well there were times you smelled bad enough so that was possible."

"Enough, Luna and I are trying to eat. Luna do you know how to do the castration curse?"

"No Hermione but I would like to learn."

"Alright all ready we got it."

Harry took down the charm as Dumbledore rose to speak.

"I have two announcements. First as Lord Potter said all marked Death Eaters are dead including Professors Snape and Karkaroff as a result the Tri-Wizard Tournament is cancelled. Because of this and the death of Tom Marvolo Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort, school is cancelled until January 7. We lost five young men from our school because they made a poor choice. Yet one of our own made a choice to fight the evil that was known as Voldemort. In the past, Lord Potter had defeated Voldemort three times, earlier today he did for the fourth and last time. This world owes Lord Harry James Potter more than it could ever repay him. So with pride as one who knows this young man I raise my glass in a toast to Harry Potter and ask that you all to do the same. Once this is done, I ask that you all respect his privacy, it is the thing he values most, well maybe second most. To Harry," Dumbledore raised his glass and winked at Harry.

Harry winked back there were many questions he would ask the old man, but they could wait. He would hear Dumbledore out before making a decision. Harry felt there would be heated discussions between the two. But Harry knew there was also a lot he could learn from the man, including mistakes to avoid in the future.

Hand in hand, Harry and Hermione left the Great Hall and went to Hagrid's to see Marcia.

"Harry you did it."

"No Marcia we did it. What now?"

"Harry now I go home, until you need me again. I'll be but a call away, and we can always talk. When you want to fly with me just ask and I'll come."

"I'll miss you."

"No Harry we are together youngling take Luna under your wing she belongs with you and Hermione and you two will soon realize that.

"Marcia you're such a kidder."

"Believe what you will, but we shall see who is correct. As the Hawaiians say aloha, it always means hello but never goodbye more like see you later."

They watched the great dragon disappear.

"You heard?"

"Yes of course."


"Stranger things have happened to Harry Potter."

To be continued.