HP and Marcia, Volume 3

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Parseltongue thoughts or mind speak [Foreign language]

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£1 = 1 British Pound Sterling, $1 = 1 U.S. Dollar, ₲1 = £10 = $15.00

Temperature is in degrees Fahrenheit.

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HP and Marcia, Volume 3

Last chapter: Everything was going good but Harry knew the night wasn't over yet. After dinner and more talk and getting to know each other as well as deciding to go to Black Isle for five days. It came time to go to bed and that's when the shit hit the fan.

Potter Manor December 15, 10:00 p.m.

Dobby showed the adults the suites he suggested for them, telling they could choose another if they liked. After looking and deciding to keep the rooms, Dobby suggested they came back to the family room. No one had paid any attention to the portrait above the fireplace that was watching them.

"Come Luna, it's time for bed," Xeno said.

"You also Hermione," Dan added.

"Ahem," a voice stated, "The ladies will join their husband in the Master Suite!"

"What!" both fathers yelled as heads swung around looking where the voice came from.

"Up here, above the fireplace mantle. I am Lord Arthur Charlus Potter. I placed several wards on this house. In addition, my wife, Victoria, and I added intelligence to the manor. Victoria and I swore that we would never be so angry with the other that we wouldn't sleep together. To insure our vow was kept, the only place either the Lord or Lady may sleep is in the Master suite. The wards and the house itself ensure this."

"You're saying that my 15 year old daughter must sleep with her 14 year old husband?" an angry Dan Granger asked.

"Your daughter is 17 Mr. Granger, and a married woman. You will find that all copies of her records have been updated to reflect this. These young people are legally married in both worlds. In the mundane world, Lord Potter is an Earl of six Earldoms and his ladies are Countesses of three Scottish counties each. Since one or more Earldoms are in Scotland, they are considered adults at the age of 16 in the mundane world. In the wizard world they are considered adults at age 14 if they are the last of their line." the portrait replied.

The still angry Dan turned to Emma and said, "We can leave this madhouse and take Hermione with us."

"No father, you can leave, but I'll stay with my husband." Hermione stated in a tone that brooked no argument.

"Mr. Granger if you leave under these circumstances you and your wife will never be allowed on any Potter property."

"Daddy, don't tear this family apart because you see me as I left you this morning instead of as I am now."

A furious Emma added, "Daniel Granger if you go, you go alone. My daughter needs me so I'm staying. I may not understand or like all that's happened. But, Hermione needs our support not our turning our backs on her."

"Xeno have you heard of this happening before?" Dan humbly asked.

"The wards, yes Dan more often than not, the aging that occurred, never. But the Founder's heirs have never been united before. Magic is several things including beautiful, ugly, wonderful, terrifying, strange, and several other things. Marriage contracts can go unfulfilled for centuries, some are made for political alliances, others for monetary gain, and the more common are to keep the family name and lines continuing."

"Dan, my houses have the same wards. Most Ancient and Most Noble Houses have them or something similar. Xeno is correct about magic and marriage contracts. Remember, your world once used them as well and some mundanes still may arrange marriages. Our problem is as Arthur Potter said, we are looking at the youngsters as 14 and 15 and not 16 and 17. None of us knows what Hogwarts passed to them. I suspect that they have knowledge far beyond most wizards. Then factor in Marcia and their ability to communicate with a being that's several hundred years old. To be honest I cannot imagine the shock and angst you and Emma are going through, having been around magic my entire life." Sirius added,

"Thanks you two, I appreciate your candor. Hermione just don't make your mother and me grandparents for awhile please." Dan said sadly. He may have accepted Sirius and Xeno's words but didn't have to be happy about it.

Emma wasn't happy about it either but took the girls to the patio and gave them the 'talk'. While Sirius and Xeno gave Harry the same talk. The red-faced teens went to the master suite. The next morning it would have taken a mundane undertaker over a week to remove the smile from the teens faces had they passed away during the night.

Remus arrived during breakfast and was shocked to smell that not only had Dan and Emma had sex but Harry, Hermione, and Luna had as well. Deciding discretion was the better part of valor he kept quiet for now.

"Mooney did Pomona hire you?"

"Yes Harry, she's a hell of a lot different than Albus was."

"We agree, she's more interested in her students' safety than the 'greater good', whatever the hell that is." Harry replied with a lot of anger in his voice.

"Harry aren't you being a bit hard on Dumbledore, the Ministry forced him to do some things?" Remus asked cautiously.

"Remus, are you sure you want to go there? School year '91-'92 he brings the sorcerer's stone into the school to attract the dark lord or his followers. Then hires the man possessed by Moldyshorts to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts after setting traps three first years got around to protect the stone. The '92-'93 school year he allows a horcrux to posses a student that frees a basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets. Fortunately, no one was killed and the horcrux was destroyed.

Hogwarts warned him both years and the 'greatest wizard since Merlin' did nothing but test me. The '93-'94 school year you know what happened then since you were there. Then this school year there's the tournament as another test for me. I passed again and he failed. Remus I know you're grateful to him for allowing you to attend Hogwarts. That was probably one of his finer moments and I'm glad he did that. But 20 years or so later he wasn't the same man that gave you a break." A bitter Harry stated firmly.

"You're right Harry, but it's still difficult for me to understand how he could take a wrong turn in his life like that. I can't help but think that by throwing him out of Hogwarts you've lost a powerful ally."

"Remus we don't need allies that we can't trust. Now to answer your earlier unspoken question the ladies and I are married. So the pheromones coming from us are a natural reaction to our wedding night." Harry said smiling at the shocked looked on Remus' face.

Dan asked Sirius what Harry was referring to and then turned red at the answer. Sirius guffawed and told Dan married people having sex was a normal thing in the wizard world and he had thought the mundanes were the same in that respect.

"They are Padfoot," Remus said, smiling at Dan and Emma while tapping his nose, making the couple blush.

"Padfoot where is Black Isle?" Harry asked in a neutral tone.

"It's a small island about 70 miles west of French Polynesia, Harry. Why?"

"What do you mean why? I thought we were going there," His voice rising.

"Oh, you still want to go after seeing this manor. Sorry, pup I figured you'd want to get used to this place." Sirius answered contritely.

"Hermione, Luna, and I decided we will make this our home base. But I've never been anywhere other than England and Scotland and haven't seen much of either. The ladies have both traveled quite a lot but thanks to Dumbassadork I never got the chance." Harry said as he relaxed. The fact that Hermione and Luna were rubbing his back helped settle him down."What's the island like?"

"The Tahitians and French call it Maiao Harry, but they only see about half of it. It has beautiful white beaches and the scenery is awesome. On our side, we have a small fresh water lake that we can fish or swim in if we get tired of the salt water. We also have various types of fruit trees, a small flock of sheep, smaller herd of cattle, plenty of chickens, and a few domestic pigs. There are no dangerous beasts including venomous snakes.

The outer wards keep out flies and mosquitoes but allow in other insects so the snakes and lizards can feed. The manor and our beach wards keep all insects out. The beach wards keep all predatory fish over a foot long away and extend out 300 meters. The best thing to do there is relax, it's not really meant for more than a short vacation to wind down." Sirius said dreamily letting everyone know he really enjoyed that place.

"How do we get there Padfoot?" Harry asked.

"I used a portkey to take me and Buckbeak." Sirius answered with a shudder.

"Sirius Black, that's half way around the bloody world. How long were you sick?" Hermione shouted. "Mum and Dad cannot take that kind of abuse magic may protect us but not them, and apparation is out."

"Dumplin we can fade them," said a soothing Harry, "Sirius bring the location to the front of your mind so I can see it and nothing else. I'll pass it to Hermione and Luna. What do we need to take with us besides clothes?"

"Obviously swimming suits and light weight clothes, how long do you plan on staying Harry?"

"No more than five days."

"If it's only the eight of us we don't need anything else otherwise we need to take sugar, salt, and a full spice rack. Of course, we could take hot dogs, hamburger, cheese, onions, and other condiments for beach cookouts. The manor has a full kitchen with double oven."

"Since I've never been to anything like this, maybe it's best if Hermione, Luna, Dan, Emma, and Xeno make up a list for Dobby to pick up." Harry said getting excited about going somewhere new.

"Harry how are we going to take all the stuff with us?" Dan asked.

"Magic!" Harry replied and winked at Hermione, then added, "we'll put it in an expanded trunk under stasis, then shrink the trunk to match box size and add a feather-light charm."

Dan sat back, opening and closing his mouth. After shaking his head, he asked, "You can do that?"

"Yes, all the charms should be taught no later than November of our first year." Luna answered her disgust showing. "Daddy taught me those charms when I was ten, and I used his wand to do them."

"Way to go, Pumpkin," Harry said hugging Luna.

"Pumpkin and Dumplin?" Sirius sniggered.

"Shut it Mutt unless you want three dragons on your ass." Hermione stated forcefully while glaring at her father and Sirius.

They spent the rest of the day shopping in London and Diagon Alley, while Dobby got their food ready and visited Winky. When they returned it was very apparent that Dobby was sad.

"Dobby's what's wrong?"

"Lady Mione, Winky is dying? She not being happy at Hoggywarty, and no family being wanting her." The small elf replied with tears streaming down his face.

"Bullshit, this one does," Hermione said and faded followed by Luna.

Harry said with a smile, "We just added another to our family Dobby, Winky will be fine. How many elves do we need to run this place and the other properties?"

Dobby' ears drooped, "Is Master not happy wiff Dobby's work?"

"Dobby this manor is too large for one elf and there are 14 more properties around the world that needs proper care. I'm more than happy with your work, you'll be our head elf, but you will not work yourself to death. Elves get sick like everyone else and we need another elf to take care of them since your magic is different from ours."

"Dobby not being worthy of such fine master."

"I'm not your master Dobby, I'm your friend and friends take care of each other." Harry said kneeling down and hugging the small elf.

Hermione and Luna returned with a frightened and sickly looking Winky. Harry immediately asked if she wanted bound to House Potter. After she said she would be honored, Harry bound her and they watched the exchange of magic. Winky now stood tall and smiled she had family again. Dan and Emma were the only ones shocked by the sudden change.

Winky was surprised when Harry told her that in the House of Potter she could accept clothes without being freed unless he or the ladies made a formal declaration of freeing an elf. He added that would not happen unless the elf requested it. Even then, they could keep working for the House of Potter if they wished but would be required to give an oath of secrecy. No one was surprised when Winky hugged Dobby except Dobby. The humans lost it at the surprised look and blush on Dobby's face.

They spent five days on Black Isle relaxing in the sun and playing in the surf. A tanned group returned to Potter Manor on 22 December. They found the manor fully decorated for Christmas.


"Yes Lord Harry"

"Did you and Winky do all of this?"

The elf dropped his head and said, "Yes sir."

"Thank you, it's beautiful but how and when did you mange this?"

"Lord Harry sir is no bees understanding that elves magic is tied to masters. Master Harry and his Ladies is being very powerful so they elves is more powerful than others. Winky and Dobby not being needing much sleeping so we popped here at night and being decorating sir."

"Didn't that tire you out?" Hermione asked concerned for their health.

"No Lady Mione, elf magic not draining like wizards if elf has powerful masters. Other elf maybe be tired few minutes but not long for long pop. Elf not tired popping anywhere here or to Afens (Athens), only tired maybe two minutes here to Singpore unless taking wizard, then five minutes."

Since they had taken a shopping trip to Singapore, their shopping was finished. Harry had spent over ₲160,000 buying presents and updating the electronics in the house. That included new notebook computers for everyone plus three in the library. These were self-updating and were as expensive as the large screen TVs.

Dobby showed them where the new equipment was, saying the old items were given to an orphanage with the funds to get them updated. Harry and Hermione spent three hours updating and installing the new electronics. Then everyone went ice-skating on the closest pond. There were liberal usages of cushioning charms by the wizards except Hermione. [See Note 1 at the chapters end]

Hogwarts 28 December, 08:00 Staff Meeting etc.

Harry, Hermione, Luna, Sirius, and Remus arrived in the Great Hall at 07:45 on 28 December to greet the full Hogwarts staff.

"I'll try to keep this short, but we'll reconvene on 4 January to discuss staffing and filling the positions that are unfilled." Pomona stated at 08:00.

"Was Ragnok any help Headmaster?"

"Yes Harry, I've sent out letters to 30 candidates to fill not only the empty slots but also for backup for our current professors. Would you like a copy of their qualifications?"

"No Ma'am. Hiring and firing is not our responsibility," was his cheeky come back. He said it with a lopsided grin.

"I take it you've been spending enough time to become Marauders." Pomona replied shaking her head.

"Not really Ma'am, the Marauders are old duffers long past their time and we're the new generation. One of the old men declared a prank war against us." Luna stated then giggled looking Sirius in the eyes.

Remus hung his head and said, "Mutt you didn't drag me into this I hope."

"Mooney you know no one pranks a marauder without retaliation. Marauder honor demands a prank war against the offenders."

"Tell him the rules Mutt," Harry said with an evil grin.

"We get the Weasleys twins and the trio gets one unnamed other. The staff and other students are off limits. When they lose, they buy the family and the four of us dinner anywhere in the world we want to eat."

"Wrong! When you lose, you buy the family and us dinner in Singapore," Hermione said gleefully and added, "seafood at Long Beach restaurant sounds pretty good to us so save your money."

"Don't forget Hermione, when they lose our fourth remains unnamed," Luna interjected giving Remus an evil grin.

"Can we get back to the staff meeting please?" Pomona asked frowning at the five.

"We thought you should know about the prank war and that no students or staff will be involved unless they start something. If that happens then anyone is fair game," Hermione replied.

"The other thing you should know is that each year Dumbledork stated there would be no magic in the halls. However, that was not enforced. This year it will be enforced, Hogwarts will detect the magic and stop any offensive magic. Any magic cast meant to do harm to another will be stopped and the offending wand shattered. The individual will be frozen in place, expelled, and Aurors will be called in." Harry stated firmly.

"That will make the school safer but won't set well with some students," Professor Flitwick said.

"Most students that it would affect will not be returning Professor," Hermione replied, "and the others will be weeded out during the coming term."

Harry, Hermione, and Luna went to the owner's wing where they split up looking for the Hogwarts charter and the owner's responsibilities.

Harry, Hermione

Yes Luna

Come to the Ravenclaw suite please

Harry and Hermione joined a delightful Luna.

"Look at this, Marcia was wrong we only need to spend two weeks a year here." Luna stated showing them an old parchment.

Original Owner's Agreement in the year 972 Anno Domini

We four; Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin, do hereby agree and affirm that the following agreement is placed upon our heirs and us as a binding magical contract.

Once we retire, we must spend 14 consecutive days in the castle. If four of our heirs are present at the same time, they must do the same.

If only three remain, they must spend 28 consecutive days in the castle.

If only two remain, they must spend 56 consecutive days in the castle.

If only one remains, he or she must spend 112 consecutive days in the castle.

If there is no recognized heir, the Headmaster and Deputy must reside in the castle a minimum of nine months per year.

The parchment was signed and sealed by all four founders.

"I think we should plan on spending the first two weeks of the school year here then pop in at other times at least for a few hours." A surprised Harry said.

"I think that's a good plan unless one of us is in the last trimester of pregnancy," Hermione replied with Luna agreeing.

"Pre, preg, pregnancy?" a red faced Harry stuttered.

"Surely you know how that happens, Harry." Luna said with a giggle.

"But, but, but, we took the potions and did the charms," Harry replied his face taking on a Weasley red.

"Harry you may be too powerful for the potions and charm, even in combination. I thought you wanted children." Hermione said watching Harry shudder.

"Hermione you know I do, but not at our age. I'd like to wait at least a couple of years." He replied settling down a bit.

"Luna and I talked and we want them a year apart, beginning when we reach 20 based on our time outside of the chamber."

"I can agree with that, I'm sure you already have a schedule," Harry replied cheekily.

"We do have a schedule, and if you're a good lad we won't be in the last trimester together and deny you of sex for several months. That can change if you get cheeky with us." Luna said forcefully.

"Yes dears I'll be good I promise," he said sadly.

They all three broke up laughing then spent the day breaking in the founders beds in the proper manner. They used the hot tub, Jacuzzi combination and relaxed a bit before going back to Potter Manor. The only stop they made was to Pomona's office asking her to put the castle in battle mode if she and Minerva left together. The remainder of the holiday was spent checking out the various properties and staffing them. Once Dobby and Winky put out the word the House of Potter needed elves staffing was no problem.

Their favorite became Potter Isle half way between St. Vincent and Barbados. From there it was short jumps to the other islands, South America, the U.S., and Central America. They were surprised to find a large magical shopping area on Barbados although they did most of their shopping in the U.S.

It cost Harry ₲900 for them to take their NEWTs between January 3rd and 7th but they thought it was worth the effort and cost. They did lose the battle about not publishing their true scores. Between them they had with distinction or honors in every subject tested. The last two days were spent taking masters exams, which left them needing only to write their papers (thesis) for the selected subjects. They were informed this must be completed within five years or they would need to retest a subject they wanted masters in.

They left Paris with Masteries of Charms, Defense, Potions, and Transfiguration. Harry had additional Masteries in Finance and International Law. Hermione had additional Masteries in Mundane Studies, Intelligent Magical Beings, and Herbology. Luna had the four core Masteries plus Masteries in Care of Magical Creatures, Legendary Creatures, Journalism, Astronomy and Astrology. They all were certified in Battle First Aid and Healing.

"I wish Snape was around to read the announcement of our Masteries in Potions." Harry stated.

Luna shrugged and said, "His loss."

Hermione couldn't make up her mind to frown or giggle, so she did both, then said, "You two are awful. You shouldn't pick on the dead." They heard her mumble 'git' under her breath.

Welcome Back to Hogwarts

A subdued group of students arrived in the Great Hall shortly after 15:00, 17 January 1995. The train left the station at 09:00 and a hot lunch was served aboard from 11:00 until noon. It didn't take a mathematician to figure out that at least one-third of the students were gone.

At 13:30 the engineer announced, "We are approximately ninety minutes from Hogsmeade station. All students will take the carriages to the school. I have been asked to advise you that there have been several changes to staff and the school. One change you will notice first is the new school guardians. I suggest you remember the school motto 'never wake a sleeping dragon'."

The first surprise was Hagrid. His hair and beard were short. He had on new robes, and didn't carry an umbrella. The second surprise was even bigger. There were twelve dragons six to a side, which formed a lane from the gate to the school. There were four more circling the school boundary about 300 feet in the air, they recognized Marcia as one of them. In addition to her size, she carried three riders, a man and two women. The students quietly entered the Great Hall and took seats at their house tables. They noticed Harry setting in the center of a new table with Hermione on his right and Luna on his left. This table was high enough so they could see over the heads of the staff.

Pomona stood and the hall went quiet. "Welcome to the new Hogwarts you are here for an initial orientation. Dinner will be served from 17:00 to 18:00. As you can see, there have been several staff changes." A parchment appeared in front of everyone in the Great Hall.

Subject/Position, Professor/Staff,

Headmaster/Herbology, Sprout, Pomona

Deputy Headmaster/Transfiguration, McGonagall, Minerva

Ancient Runes, Babbling, Bathsheda, Hufflepuff Head of House

Ancient Runes, Connors, Carol

Ancient Runes, Daniels, Matthew

Astronomy/Astrology, Sinistra, Aurora

Astronomy/Astrology, Weaver, Robert

Astronomy/Astrology, Weaver, Michelle

Arithmancy, Vector, Septima, Slytherin Head of House

Arithmancy, Connors, Thomas

Arithmancy, Daniels, Beth

Charms, Flitwick, Filius, Ravenclaw Head of House

Charms, Moody, Jessup, Slytherin Head of House

Charms, Jones, Hestia, Slytherin Head of House


Care of Magical Creatures, Grubbly-Plank, Wilhelmina

Care of Magical Creatures, Weasley, Charlie

Care of Magical Creatures, Weasley, Vivienne

COMC assistant and Grounds Keeper, Hagrid, Rubeus

Defense Against the Dark Arts, Black, Sirius, Gryffindor Head of House

Defense Against the Dark Arts, Lupin, Remus, Gryffindor Head of House

Defense Against the Dark Arts, Tonks, Dora, Hufflepuff Head of House


Flying/Quidditch Referee/Physical Ed, Hooch, Rolanda

Flying/Quidditch Referee/Physical Ed, Lynch, Aidan

Flying/Quidditch Referee/Physical Ed, Morgan, Gwendolyn

Herbology, Morgan, Nate

Herbology, Jackson, Andrew, Hufflepuff Head of House

Herbology, Albert, Carolyn

History of Magic, Binns, Jason

History of Magic, Binns-Bagshot, Nellie

History of Magic, Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Mundane Studies, Granger, Daniel

Mundane Studies, Granger, Emma

Mundane Studies, James, Jessie

Potions, Tonks, Andromeda, Gryffindor Head of House

Potions, Abbott, Terrance

Potions, Tompkins, Janet

Potions, Yokum, Daisy


Transfiguration, Moody, Janet

Transfiguration, Spencer, Gerald, Ravenclaw Head of House

Transfiguration, Tucker, Dianna


Staff Healer, Pomfrey, Poppy

Staff Healer, James, Frank

Staff Healer, Dolan, Albert

Staff Healer, Hardy, Marie

Staff Healer, Jackson, Janet

Librarian, Pince, Irma

Librarian, Evanrude, Howard

Librarian, Evanrude, Marcy

Apparition, Once per week by staff,

Pomona read the parchment and each professor or staff stood as their name was read.

"Notice that each house has three Heads of House and at least one is male or female. Wednesday evenings are set aside for house meetings and normal office hours are posted on Common Room bulletin boards. All hospital wing staff is a fully qualified healer, and Madam Poppy Pomfrey is the head healer. Those of you 16 years old, or will turn 16 by 1 November may take Apparation if you have written permission from your parents or guardian. We will now take a 20 minute break please be in your seats by 16:00."

After 15 minutes students returned to their seats and Pomona waited until 16:00 to speak.

"At this time the new owners have a few words to say to you," Pomona stated as Harry stood with Hermione and Luna.

"My lovely wives chose me to speak, so Ladies feel free to interrupt me if I screw up or forget something. First, I should introduce my Ladies and me. On my right is Lady Hermione Potter-Hufflepuff-Granger the Countess of Northlund in our world and her Grace the Duchess of Northlund in the mundane world. On my left is Lady Luna Potter-Ravenclaw-Lovegood the Countess of Northlund in our world and her Grace the Duchess of Northlund in the mundane world. I am Lord Harry Potter-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Emrys the Earl of Northlund in our world and His Grace the Duke of Northlund in the mundane world.

Northlund extends from south of Perth to the northernmost Shetland and covers twelve mundane counties. In the magical world, it is an independent nation and the British Ministry has no rights here whatsoever. In the mundane world we have agreed to let things stay as they are and keep our ancestors allegiance to the crown. Northlund has a standing army of over 500 men and women 80% of which are magical. This army is lead by a retired Royal Marine Commando Brigadier Sir Jonathan Longbottom. He is one mean man with a chest full of medals three of which are above the Order of Merlin First Class.

Miss Greengrass I suggest you and the other of your ilk pay attention to this next part. At any instant in time there will be between 50 and 100 of the NAs in this castle providing security. Everyone of our army is either retired SAS or Commandos or former members of those units. These are highly trained combat veterans that will not hesitate to maim or kill if attacked or disobeyed. Having watched them train, I doubt that one in 15 Aurors or hit wizards would stand a chance against them. Major Burns how many of your personnel are in the Great Hall, sir?"

"Twenty-two excluding myself Your Grace," a voice that couldn't be located said.

"This is only our secondary line of defense and security. Hogwarts battle mode for ten minutes please."

"Yes My Lord" was heard as the Great Hall and castle sealed and the ward changed to Battle Mode.

Everyone but the owners and staff were frozen in place. They couldn't move for ten minutes.

"Hogwarts wards now have the capability to do this on an individual basis. There will be no hexing outside of class or the dueling club's arena. Bullying will not be tolerated but will lead to expulsion and a stint in Northlund's prison which is Azkaban by the way. I'm sure you saw the sixteen dragons as you entered Hogwarts. Marcia collected tem from Romania, Mongolia, China, and Australia. She didn't tell me how she acquired them and I know better than to ask. This is a school not a playground for bullies or terrorists. I'll turn this over to my wives to explain the fun parts."

Hermione told them that unless they had detention they could go to Hogsmeade every weekend from 08:00 to 16:30. She explained the five new common rooms that were open to all houses and the theme of each common room. Luna told them about planned trips to the mundane world, dances twice monthly, and the student clubs. Hermione told them about the new swimming pool, what indoor sports were available, as well as how they were monitored. The ladies turned it back to Harry.

"One last thing about security and I'll shut up. Every spell that is cast inside the school wards is logged by the caster, date, time, spell, and if it was absorbed by Hogwarts or not. Each of you was invited back this term. You and your guardian signed a statement saying you, your parents, or your guardian understood and agreed to the rules. Hogwarts what was the last spell cast?"

"You cast a color changing charm on Lord Black changing his pubic hair grey at 16:26, my Lord."

"Was it successful?"

"Of course it was, my Lord."

Sirius growled at Harry.

"Headmaster I do believe we owners have made our point and relinquish the floor."

Harry James Potter, why did you do that to Sirius?

Prank war Hermione, I also got the twins and Remus but it doesn't kick in until they agree to join the old men. When they do agree every body hair on the four of them turns sliver.

That's why you only asked for the last spell.

Yes Luna, I wasn't about to ask for the last four. In the morning, their robes will show them only wearing bikini bottoms that match their silver hair.

How are we going to do that Harry, we can't get into their bedrooms.

"Too true Hermione but our unknown partner can. She was quite agreeable to do the task.

When Pomona finished speaking the food appeared and Harry, Hermione, and Luna disappeared. They ate in their suite cooked by Winky and served by Dobby. At 17:40, Rowena's portrait told them Sirius, Remus, and the red headed twins asked for entry, which Harry granted.

Sirius said with a smirk, "The twins are in but have a few questions Harry."

"Fred, George, ask away," Harry replied with an evil grin."

"How serious were you about the no hexing in the halls?" George asked.

"The security team will do exactly what I said and possibly more. If someone goes to Azkaban the parents must convince the Minister to negotiate with the Mundane Interior Secretary to request a meeting with a foreign government. Then we agree on a time and place at our convenience. At the meeting, we provide our documentation along with a copy of the signed agreement. This part should go quickly, only should take two to three months on average so we're told.

Then the real negations begin your Ministry postures, and mine counters while Hermione, Luna and I spend time in the sun somewhere. Once the politicians reach an agreement we're asked to review it at our convenience. For every day, your Ministry drags its feet we drag ours five. Depending on the sentence it's usually faster to serve it without appealing it. Because once you start the appeal process you remain where you are until it's finished."

"Then how the hell are we supposed to prank you?" Fred steamed.

"Prior planning prevents piss poor performance and wandless magic is a wonderful thing when used properly in class and the Great Hall." Luna said in her dreamy voice.

"Brother of mine this doesn't seem fair." Fred told George.

"Did you two willingly agree to join a prank war between the old timers and you and against my ladies and me plus and unknown?"

"Well of course, it gives us a chance to learn from the best," George confidently answered with a smirk.

"Then we humbly suggest you look up sympathy. You'll find it the dictionary between shit and syphilis but a lot closer to syphilis. Because guys you're in deep shit and way over your heads. These two old timers' days are the past and the new generation has arrived. You should have asked how many masteries they have between them and run a comparison. Our side has at least 21 and I believe your side has zero and the war started when you two agreed. I'd wish you good luck but wouldn't mean it so I won't bother. Good evening men, we'll see you tomorrow."

The four guests left hearing Harry, Hermione, and Luna laughing loudly.

"Padfoot when did Harry get so evil?" George asked.

"Look it isn't over until it's over we still have a chance to get them, right Mooney?"

"Yes but it's a damn slim one. My wandless casting is worse than yours and Padfoot yours sucks." Remus replies looking to Fred and George.

"Hey we haven't even tried it," Fred replied wondering where the hell Harry learned so fast.

"Let's go to the library and get books on wandless magic," Remus said feeling it was a waste of time.

When they got to the library, they found every book on wandless magic checked out by Harry, Hermione, and Luna for the next month. The former Aurors had to turn theirs in and couldn't make a copy. Sirius went to Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley only to find out the books on wandless magic had been bought out yesterday by a strange house elf.

When he told Remus what he found out Remus asked, "Why am I not surprised? You didn't think this through Padfoot."

"Mooney, Marauder honor was at stake, the little shit dunked me in ice water," A deject Sirius replied.

"That's a fucking family matter Padfoot not a Marauder matter. Then you let a youngster half your age sucker you into a prank war wherein he holds all the high cards. Add to that it appears he knows how to stack the deck and probably every prank we pulled at school. Then you let him get by with an unknown player. How fucking smart was that fuck up Padfoot? Know the enemy is basic tactics remember?" The tone of voice told Sirius that Remus was not pleased as much as or more so than the words.

"They're as limited as we are Mooney," Sirius stated but his tone suggested he knew otherwise.

"Oh yes, except the three of them know wandless magic and the fourth we don't have a hint of how powerful they are. It could be from Minerva down to a first year, shit it could be Marcia or worse." Remus was now almost furious and Sirius turned white.

"Do you want to give it up without trying?" Sirius replied meekly then added, "Remus surely he wouldn't use the castle against us."

"Why not Padfoot? We would if we could. However, I don't think the castle would go along with pranking."

"Good night Mooney it's almost 23:00, and we have student meetings the next day and a half."

"Night Paddy."

Fred and George followed Sirius and Remus into the Great Hall then split off to the Gryffindor Table as Sirius and Remus continued to the staff table. Harry, Hermione, and Luna sat at the Owners Table smiling. The giggles and laughter started as soon as the twins split from the older wizards.

"Nice hot pink boxers Fred it goes well with your silver hair. Did you, George, and the Professors color coordinate this morning?"

"Katie I don't wear boxers and my briefs are white. But how the hell can you see anything? I have jeans and robes on over my underwear."

"Hey Katie those aren't boxers they look like bikini bottoms or thongs." Cedric Diggory stated with a laugh.

"Headmaster, please tell me that you can see I'm wearing my robes," Remus said in a pleading voice.

"Nice knickers Professor Black, goes well with the silver hair," Luna said with a giggle.

"You three did this to us," Sirius shouted.

"Professor McGonagall doesn't he sound like Professor Snape used to. Were they great friends or roommates?"

"No Lord Potter they were not friends or roommates but Professor Black does sound just like Severus Snape I must admit."

"Yes I remember how Professor Snape made accusations without proof and wouldn't apologize when proven wrong. Reminded me of Rita Skeeter quite a bit," Hermione added then giggled.

Three days later when the trio entered defense Remus smiled and said, "Take a seat up front you three."

"You must be joking Professor we have Masters in this subject we're just checking the new room unless you'd like to duel against one of us we'll just observe a bit." Harry replied with a smile.

"Surely you were told we all have 0s with distinction or honors or Masters in all the ICW subjects." Luna added and giggled.

"Come on you two Mooney seems rather grumpy, maybe Padfoot wants us to visit his class." Harry said taking the others hands.

The trio spent their days harassing their pranking enemies and flying Marcia. The Marauders and twins hair and underwear changed colors every day. The worst was orange and red that changed every five minutes between their hair and underwear. On Wednesday, the twins tried to surrender after a dark cloud hung over the foursome all day until curfew, then soaked them with ice water on Tuesday. At breakfast on Friday, the Marauders plus two surrendered in front of the students and staff. The Great Hall ceiling stated 'the Marauders plus twins are wussies the Founders Heirs win dinner in Singapore'. Following that was the fourth on the Founders Heirs side was…AND STILL IS UNKNOWN!'

The twins caught the threesome and said together, "That wasn't fair we never had a chance."

"I wonder how many others have said that or thought it over the past six years guys. Surely you two aren't like Ron who can dish it out but can't take it when it happens to you." Harry said in a voice that would chill a volcano and walked away with his ladies.

"I do believe the Weasleys don't have a chance of making up with the Potters, Gred."

"I think you're right Forge and I don't think we can put all the blame on Ronald any longer."

The dejected brothers went to their dorm and wrote the rest of the family telling them their opinion. The only hexing incident was Blaze Zabini trying a stunner on Daphne Greengrass when she told him to fuck off. He didn't think that was a proper way to say no to a date to Hogsmeade. The stunner was stopped by Hogwarts. Zabini was expelled and sentenced to 90 days in Azkaban since Daphne had her back to him.

He and his mother decided to appeal. The appeal process took 18 months, and it was denied. Blaze was released for time served but had to be home schooled if he wanted NEWTs, as no school would accept anyone who spent a year or more in prison. The swiftness of the action and penalty deterred any other thoughts of breaking the no hex rules or bullying at Hogwarts. The other schools in the United Kingdom followed the Hogwarts get-tough policy.

The 1995-96 school year brought modernization to Hogwarts. Modern projectors with animation in Charms, Transfiguration, and Defense were the first steps. The Wizard Traditions and Laws class was added as a requirement for first and second years. The next year brought those teaching aides to the other classes and big screen TVs to the common rooms as well as a theater setting to the Great Hall on Friday through Sunday nights.

On 1 July 1999, James Sirius Potter and Daniel Remus Gryffindor-Potter came into the world screaming at 03:22 and 03:25. 10 November 1999 brought the world Charles Michael Ravenclaw-Potter and Lily Luna Potter. 15 August 2000 brought Adam Salazar Slytherin-Potter and Gregory Jason Hufflepuff-Potter into the lives of their loving family. 10 December 2000 brought the world Lawrence Xeno Lovegood-Potter and Adrian John Potter. 22 November 2001 brought the proud parents Emily Jean Potter and Jason Daniel Granger-Potter. 2 March 2002 was greeted by Terrance Lewis Potter-Lovegood at 00:00:30. The Harry James Potter, Hermione Jean Granger, and Luna Marie Lovegood baby-making machine went dormant at that point in time.

Politically Potter-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff-Emrys, Black-Jones, and Longbottom-Bones-Abbott joined as a voting block and changed the wizard world in Great Britain for the better by dragging it into the 21st century. It helped that Harry James Potter's killing of Voldemort and his Death Eaters gained their seats on the Wizengamot by right of conquest. Of course buying seats before the laws changed was a good political move as well.

Harry was heard to remark how old Lucy Malfoy would have been so proud of him. In July of 2015, Hermione assumed the Headmaster position at Hogwarts with Luna as her Deputy. Harry assumed the Chief Warlock position in 2011, and swore in Neville Longbottom as the youngest Minister in 2022. They both advised King William V and would wipe out terrorist groups and strike fear in those that survived. On 19 September 2182 Harry, Hermione, and Luna passed away within minutes of each other. The Potter line as well as the lines of Granger, Lovegood and the founders all had multiple male and female heirs. In 2258 Ragnok told his successor that his only job was to continue to see the Potter fortune continue to grow.

End of Series

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