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I looked around during gym class while we played our game of basketball. I didn't see the vampyre until it was to late. The trackers pale white finger pointed directly at me and a flash of light hit me hard. I must have been out awhile because I woke up in the nurses office to the screams of my mother and the principal.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Masen your daughter is no longer welcomed here.."

"That is absurd! She can't go to that damn school I wont allow it."

Another voice entered the conversation one I didn't recognize but I knew it was a man.

"Ma'am I assure you your daughter would be plenty save at our school. She will be around many others of her kind..." He was cut off by my mother

"You don't know the difference between yourself and her! Your f**king kind ruined my daughter!"

I could tell by the way the man replied that he was holding back hissing at her.

"Mrs. Masen, If you would please trust me as High Priest of the Oklahoma City House of Night. That your daughter Kristen would be save in our care.

"What daughter..." she snapped "You killed her"

Her words hit me like a ton off bricks. My own mother didn't want me let alone want a vampyre in the family. I knew I had to go to the House of Night as soon as possible.

My mother walked into the nurses office as I pretend to wake up and smiled at her but she looked at me in discussed. I then knew how my mother felt about me.

"Mmmom whats wrong?"

She just shook her head and left. I caught a glimpse of a tall man standing in the office talking to the principal. As he looked over to me I looked away ashamed to be basicly abandoned by my family. A voice broke me from my thoughts.


I turned around in a flash to see Mary standing there in her gym wear. The black haired indian girl looked as if she had been crying over a loss of a family member. I went to hug her and she flinched, scared.

"Mary I'm fine. I'm not dead so please stop crying.."

"The hell you are Kristen..." Mary had cussed for the first time "You a f**king vamprye fledgling."

Her words hit me hard aswell I was about to lose it. I had just lost my mom, Now my best friend. The man talking to the principal stood behind Mary waiting to talk to me. When Mary turned around to leave she ran smack dab into his chest. It would have been funny to see her scream. But she shuttered and left.

"Kristen Masen, I am Derek High Priest of the Oklahoma City House of Night..." I listened to his words nervously "I would like to extend to you the invitation to leave at once with me."

It seemed like forever before I finally accepted his invitation. Thus my journey began to the House of Night.