Author: Another snippet. Medivh has been with me lately, and I think I'm beginning to coax him into considering a longer story. We'll see how the Master Mage reacts to me cornering him for such a long span of time :P

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~Magic's Lover~

There were times, as when Medivh watched Khadgar's mind furiously work over the latest chess game they had started, that Medivh wondered what it would have been like to grow up. To go through puberty, to have crushes over girls as they became women, to have acne and growth spurts and hear his voice break. However, he had fallen into a coma as a fourteen-year-old and had awoken in his mid-thirties. What most people would consider the prime of his life had passed as he slept, and upon waking he was so much more and less than what he had been when his powers had burst forth in him.


Medivh looked at his apprentice after moving a bishop. "Khadgar, did you have a lover when you were in Dalaran?"

Khadgar stared at him, bewildered. "Pardon?"

Medivh quirked an eyebrow. "Did I stutter?"

"No, master," Khadgar said quickly and moved a pawn. "It's just an odd question."

"And one you believe to be irrelevant."

Khadgar's lips quirked in what threatened a smile. "Have you ever had a lover, master?"

Medivh took Khadgar's pawn. "It's no use, trying to be evasive."

Khadgar hummed and moved a knight. "Why do you care? It isn't as if that would affect my abilities as your apprentice."

"Memories are potent things, Young Trust," Medivh answered. "A wavering focus can have significant consequenses."

"Even if I did, it's not as if you risk having someone banging down Karazhan's door," Khadgar said dryly.

Medivh snickered and moved a castle before he sat back and regarded the youth before him. "I believe I know the answer anyway."

Khadgar gave Medivh a wary look as the master mage watched him. "I doubt you're privy to all the secrets in the world."

Medivh shook his head condescendingly. "Magic, my boy, magic. She's been your lover since you first tasted her." Medivh smiled faintly. "Although she can be a fairly fickle mistress."

Khadgar shook his head in disbelief and amusement. "Knowledge for knowledge's sake. Power for power's sake. Magic for magic's sake. Perhaps that is enough. Perhaps it will always be enough," he said and moved his king. "Check."

"And if it is not?"

"I'll deal with that when it arises."

"One must always plan for eventualities," Medivh chided as he moved his queen. "Checkmate, Young Trust."

As Medivh set up the chess board again, Kahdgar muttering darkly to himself about how Medivh must have cheated somehow, he had to strain to keep a wistful smile off his face.

"Do you want a lover besides magic, master?"

Medivh blinked and looked up from placing a white pawn back on Khadgar's side of the board. His vision briefly swam as Karazhan projected the image of a woman standing slightly behind Khadgar, and he frowned slightly.

"I do not need anything beside my magic," he heard himself say as the vision vanished. "Except perhaps an apprentice or two to keep my library in order."

Medivh fingered the black king before setting it back in its place.

"As you say, master," Khadgar replied.

Medivh pushed away from the table and stood. "I'll see you at dinner."

As he left the library he brushed past a vision of the half-orc, half-dranei who would be an 'ambassador' to him from the orcs and, if what he saw himself initiating was correct, the mother of his child.

Even intimacy is planned, he thought without bitterness. My child for the future of this world. Khadgar for its present. And me…ah, well. I will unravel it all for others to patch back as best they can.