Logan looked up from his inspection of a questionable looking donut into the pleading eyes and pouted mouth of a teenage girl, holding a paperback novel tightly within her gloved grasp.

"No," he said gruffly before looking down again, smirking slightly as she stamped her foot and whined, "Logaaaan."

He sighed, threw the donut back onto the tray of day old pastries, and asked, "What do you want?"

"A book,"

"What book?"

Marie hesitated and held the book closer to her body while Logan gave her a look.

"It's a stupid romance novel, isn't it," he groaned, gently but firmly tugging it out of her death grip. He looked at the cover and snorted loudly while Marie slowly turned crimson. A big busty woman held by a hulking man with long flowing hair, the typical cover of what Logan considered to be "trash" and teenage girls considered "romantic."

"Look, I am very aware how stupid those books are. But I am bored driving all damn day with you as a freaking conversationalist, and lemme tell ya, I can only handle so many grunts from you before I beg to be left in some random backwards town just for kicks," she said very fast in her sassy southern attitude, still blushing but gaining some confidence back as he just looked at her with one eyebrow raised.

"And, also, this stupid store only has this, a book about farming corn, and a playboy magazine," she explained as she ripped the book out of his hand and resumed her puppy dog expression, pleading for him to buy it.

Logan sighed again and gave a non committal grunt, then picked up his basket and proceeded towards the bored looking cashier who was looking at this exchange like a mildly amusing television show. Marie, still unsure of his behaviorisms after only a week of being his travel companion, slowly trailed behind with the book still in her grasp.

The cashier began to ring up the items slowly, looking back and forth to Logan and Marie, clearly trying to figure out their relationship. As he rang up the last item, Logan turned toward the cautious girl in back of him and said, "Well kid, do you want it or not?"

Marie gave him a huge smile and hurriedly put the book down on the counter, which elicited an annoyed look from the cashier and a slight groan from Logan when it rang up as $7.99.

"Damn expensive trash," Logan muttered, but resignedly pulled out his wallet to pay.