Jeeves and the cat.

Chapter one-

There's a little visitor to the household. And Jeeves doesn't like her. This isn't a slash story, but my other fic for Jeeves and Wooster "Moonlight" is :D please read this, review, and if you have the time, check out my other stories!

Any ooc is unintentional, I've tried hard to keep it in league with the programme.

"Look Jeeves!" Bertie Wooster called, brandishing a small ginger feline at him, "I found her at the local shelter! Isn't she beautiful?"

Jeeves nodded. Of all animals, cats, especially kittens, were the most tolerable. Unlike dogs, they could be easily house-broken, and they didn't usually moult as much as other hairy pets. They were also independent, and smart enough to look after themselves if the situation demanded it.

"I'm going to call her Lola!" Bertie smiled, rubbing noses with the kitten. It mewed and pawed his face lovingly.

Jeeves returned his gaze to the cup of tea he was making, "Very good sir. Shall I pour her some milk?"

"That would be lovely." Bertie smiled, placing the kitten on the floor and wandering into the other room, where his piano, and his muse, awaited him.

The kitten mewed at him, as if she had understood perfectly the word "Milk".

"Hello Lola. Would you like some milk then?" Jeeves cooed, to which the kitten rubbed herself against his left leg, tail wrapping around his knees.

Jeeves placed the saucer onto the ground delicately, careful not to spill it on the floor or his new gloves. The kitten leapt onto it immediately.

Smiling at his new found friend, Jeeves rolled up his sleeves and lowered himself to the floor, where he tried to stroke her , but she hissed and scratched at him.

"Oh!" he exclaimed, recoiling.

Lola began to drink her milk again, haughtily. Jeeves straightened his collar and straightened, glowering at the animal as Bertie began to play the piano. Both jeeves and Lola stood to attention at the beauty of the music. Jeeves smiled smugly at her, "I should bring Mr Wooster his tea."

The kitten hissed. Jeeves smirked.

"Tea, sir?"

"Ah. Thank you Jeeves." Bertie stopped playing to take a sip from the cup, "Mmm lovely thank you."

"No need to thank me twice, sir." Jeeves smiled fondly as Bertie returned his attention to the music and began to play.

"How's lola settling in?" he asked as his fingers danced across the keyboard.

"She's a little fierce sir."

"Fierce? Really?" Bertie stopped playing and went into the kitchen. Jeeves followed quietly.

"Where are you kitty?" Lola emerged from where she had been skulking under the table and bounded into his arms, purring like there was no tomorrow.

Jeeves narrowed his eyes at her.

"Jeeves what on earth were you talking about? She's as docile as… well as a kitten!"

Jeeves forced a smile on his face, "My apologies, sir."

Oh. The games, Lola, were about to begin.

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