My Kingdom

This Story was created in 2004 on an Emmerdale online forum

Disclaimer: Please note: the Characters of the King Family are the Copyright of ITV's Emmerdale, the title is my own creation

Chapter 3

Next morning Tom went downstairs for breakfast. He hadn't slept a wink for thinking about his argument with Charity the previous evening. He wondered what would be said between them at work, if at all she showed up. He walked into the kitchen, where Jimmy, Sadie, Matthew and Carl were already sat eating.

'Morning Dad!' Sadie said and immediately got up to give him a 'good morning' kiss on the cheek and a hug to accompany it.

'Morning Dad'! The boys followed her lead.

Sadie wanted to show him support, but secretly was glad that Charity had shown her self up and that now the relationship was hopefully over and the scheming gold digger was out of their lives for good.

'Morning love!' he replied returning the kiss and hug.

'How are you feeling?' She asked, feigning concern.

'Oh a bit numb!' He answered, sitting down.

'Well at least we – you know now, she showed her true colours last night!' Sadie told him, emphasising the 'you'

Tom never answered, as he started to get his own breakfast.

'We will all muck in today, in case she doesn't come in!' Matt told him.

'Yeah, we will be fine!' Jimmy put in his 'ten penneth'

'What makes you think she won't show? Tom asked Matthew, both puzzled and niggled at the suggestion

'Just in case she doesn't, that's all!' Matthew replied, thinking quickly on his feet.

'I'm sure she will, one thing Charity doesn't do and that's hide away after trouble!' Tom told them.

'Of course not', Sadie quickly jumped in, 'All we are saying is, that we will all muck in as a family!'

Over at Dale View Cottage, Charity was mulling over the previous evenings events. Chas was sat with her.

'So what are you going to do?' Chas asked her.

Charity just stared into thin air and shook her head.

'I've no idea' She confessed. 'All over a flaming figurehead!

Chas grinned.

'Well kid, you have to admit it was a classic, thinking it was you he was referring to, when it was the bust thingy!'

'Well, I only blew my top, cos he had been staring at me all evening!' Charity said.

'Well, the way I see it, you have two options, you either tell him to stick his job, and forget the money and lifestyle, or go back and worm your way back into his good books and from what you've told me about last night, and what he warned you about showing him up, you may have to do a fair bit of grovelling, and can you do that?' Chas told her.

Charity suddenly looked at her.

'Yeah, I could, but I'm not going to. I reckon he will be expecting me to turn up for work, cos he knows I won't hide away from trouble, but I am going to take my time, to make him think about what has happened, and what he could lose!'

Chas looked confused.

'But what happens if he decides it's not worth it, the hassle, and doesn't care whether you turn in or not, and you lose all that money and lifestyle?'

Charity smiled deviously.

'Trust me Chas, he won't want to lose me, he wants me, I've told you before, there's something there, he'll come running to me, when I don't turn in, you just see if he doesn't!' Charity told her.

'I only hope you know what you are doing!' Chas said.

Charity patted her arm as she got up.

'Trust me, I do!' She said, her eyes gleaming with triumphant.

Chas grinned at her cousin, she was always amazed at how much front and bottle Charity had.

'Where are you going now?' She asked her as Charity went upstairs.

'Go for a long soak, and wait for that knock on the door!' Came her cheerful reply.

Chas watched after, grinning and shaking her head at her cousin's bottle and determination. Knowing Charity they way she did, her cousin would indeed have Tom knocking at the door apologising and asking her to go back to both him and the job. She didn't know how she managed to pull off such a trick, but she certainly did it.

Over at Holdgate Farm, it became apparent at 9.30am, that Charity indeed would not be embracing them with her presence. Tom was constantly clock watching and checking his own watch to what seemed every 5 mins, much to the annoyance of the others, although they kept it quiet.

'Everything alright Dad?' Jimmy asked, not realising what was on his father's mind.

'Mm,?' Tom said, jolting out of his own little world when Jimmy had spoke. He had been thinking about Charity and wondered where she was. 'Yes, I'm fine!'

Matthew and Sadie just looked up, Matthew declined to comment on the obvious lack of Charity's presence, though Sadie very tactfully mentioned it.

'My goodness, look at the time, oh, I'm sorry Dad, Charity is late, maybe she isn't coming in after all!' She said feigning surprise as she looked at her watch, realising Charity still hadn't graced them with her presence.

Tom just looked sad at that, giving Sadie a twinge of guilt at mentioning something that was obviously up most in Tom's mind, but she had to make him see what a no good money grabbing tart Charity really was. He would get over it in time.

'Oh, well' he said, 'There's maybe a very good reason for her being late!' He suddenly said, brightening up and looking at them.

'Dad, there's always the phone!' Jimmy pointed out in his usual 'less' tactful way.

Tom's face immediately dropped as quick as it had brightened.

'Look, there's the meeting in Hotten with that client to sort, then why don't we go for a family meal out?' Matthew suggested.

'What an excellent idea Matthew' Sadie immediately agreed 'Dad, what do you think?'

Tom thought.

'Yeah, why not, you lot go and sort out this client and then come and pick me up later, I'm going to relax here a bit first! He told them.

For a quick moment, Sadie panicked. Was he actually going to see Charity? Tom had thought about it, and then thought about letting the air cool down some between them. Charity needed a lot of space to herself at times, and this was probably one of them.

'Well, I'll stay too, the boys can pick us both up later!' Sadie announced.

Tom just looked at her, he had a feeling she was 'babysitting' him.

'If that's what you want!' He said and got up and went through to the house.

After the boys had gone to the meeting, Sadie sat with Tom in the lounge.

'It'll be nice to have dinner out!' She commented.

'Mm!' Tom answered from behind his paper.

Suddenly the phone rang. Tom's head shot straight up, Sadie just looked at it.

'I'll get it!' He said and got up.

He picked up the receiver.

'Hello?' He listened, and Sadie intently watched his face for any sign that it could be Charity. Her heart thumped and it seemed an eternity before he made any movement. He walked over to Sadie.

'It's for you' He told her, 'It's the stables!' and handed the phone to her.

Sadie sighed. It was only the stables after all that. She took the phone.

'Hello, Sadie King? Well can't you deal with it? She asked annoyed after listening.

'Go and sort the problem out, Sadie, there's no need to baby-sit me, I'm fine, I'm just going to rest till the boys come back' Tom interrupted.

'Ok, I'll be there in 5 mins!'' She told them and put the phone back, annoyed at having to go out and leave Tom on his own.

'I won't be long Dad!' She assured him.

'Don't worry love, I'm not going anywhere, I'm staying right here and relaxing!' He told her.

After she had gone, Tom decided to stop moping round. Charity would calm down first then come and see him, he was sure. He went outside to wash the car and keep himself busy. He was that busy, he didn't see the two legs walking towards him, with the accompanying eyes that had watched everyone else leave, so they knew Tom was now on his own.

'Mr King?' A voice asked.

Tom looked up to see a pretty young brunette with beautiful brown eyes to match. She was very well dressed. She reminded him of someone, but couldn't think who.

'Yes love?' Tom answered.

'Mr Tom King?' She asked to make sure.

'Yes love, do I know you?' He asked puzzled, at why a beautiful young woman was stood in front of him, seemingly knowing him, but him not sure of who she was or who she reminded him of.

'No, but you will in a minute,' She told him, ' I'm your daughter!'

Tom just stared, not believing what he heard, not sure of what he heard. Then he realised why she looked so familiar, and who she reminded him of.

'Cathy!' He gasped.

What does Tom's daughter's arrival mean for Tom and the rest of the King family, and for Charity? Who is Cathy and what will this mean for Charity?

Find out more in the next chapter!