Luke! STOP!

I couldn't believe how hard it was for me to believe I'd never kiss Allie again. I really wanted to...Allie didn't want me to kiss her though so why should I care? I can get any girl I want...even though the only one I want is Allie. I am so tired of trying to hide how much I love her. It hurts inside. I sat down on the pool table when Alex came in. "Yo bro, why so glum?" asked Alex. I sighed. "Allie asked me not to kiss her ever again." I told him. He nodded like he understood. "Well, she does have Luke to worry about- I mean, image how he'd act towards her if he found out. He'd kill you." said Alex. I nodded. I turned to my brother. " can I make Allie fall in-love with me?" I asked him. He thought for a moment before gluing an evil grin onto his face and saying... "Don't worry bro...I got a plan." I jumped off the pool table and followed him into his room. He shut and locked the door.
"You need to make her jealous." said Alex. Nat started to protest but Alex held up his hand. "Come on Alex! I don't even want to look at another girl. How am I supposed to pretend to care about someone when I love someone else?" asked Nat. Alex held up his hand again. "Don't worry about it. We will let the girl in on the plan. All you have to do is pretend its Allie your kissing and not some stranger. Leave it to me to find you someone." said Alex. Nat nodded and Alex ran out his door. Nat felt tired from the day's excitement so he crawled into his bed without bothering to change and fell asleep...

I need to find the perfect girl to make Allie jealous. Thought Alex. But who? Who could possible even be a fraction as pretty as Allie. The next day I walked into my mom's room. "Mom?" I asked. She sat up on the bed and said "What?" I sat next to her. "Can I go for a walk before we go to Aquatica. Nat said he'd come with me." I told her. She nodded and lay back on her pillow. I went into Nat's room and woke him up. "Come on dude, get changed. It's the lucky day Nat Wolff, were going to find you a fake girlfriend." said Alex. Nat groaned, got dressed, brushed his teeth, and after grabbing some food and water, put on his shoes and started to walk down the street. They were running to get some distance before they came to a park. I was painting so I put my hands on my knees and said "Do you- puff- see any- puff- good actresses?" Nat shook his head. They walked for a little bit before running into a girl. She had blond hair and green eyes. She had this cold feeling around her and she was dressed like a stupid rich girl. "You got mud on my new shoes!" she cried. She looked at Nat and put a hand on her hip. "OMG your Nat Wolff!" she cried and flung her arms around him. "I'd do anything for you Nat Wolff! I have lots of money and we can be rich together!" she yelled. Alex peeled her off Nat who was standing there with a look of horror. "Let me speak to my brother for a moment please. Stay right there." said Alex who turned his brother around and whispered, "Come on Nat, she's perfect! Kinda pretty, nice faces (ha ha), spoiled rich, mean. I bet she'll make Allie SUPER jealous!" he said. Nat nodded and turned to the girl. "What's your name?" he asked. "Megan." she said putting a hand on his arm and giggling like he said something funny. "Where are your parents?" Nat asked Megan. "There at the mansion. They are letting me stay out whenever I want and letting me sleep where ever I feel like." answered Megan. Nat smiled. "How would you like to be my girlfriend?" he asked. As if, thought Alex.

I hate Alex for sticking me with Megan.

Megan cried "Totally!" and tackled me into a huge bear hug. I put my arms around her but only Alex saw how much I hated it. "Okay," said Alex saving me, "let's go to the house so you can meet the rest of the band." I got up and she grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear "You are to do as I say and nothing else, now let's kiss." I turned to Alex and whispered to him what she said. He gulped and said "You have to man sorry. I'll run ahead and tell them you're coming." He ran off. "Good I'm glad he's gone. Follow me." said Megan who led me by the hand behind a bush. She sat on the ground and ordered me to kiss her. I sat on the ground and she took my hands and put them behind her back and forced me to kiss her. It felt horrible. She must have felt me letting go because she...held my hand. I sighed and she kept kissing me. I hated it. If only this were Allie. I got up. "Did I SAY you could leave?" said Megan. I shook my head and helped her up. I hate this chick. "I have to go to my house my mom get ready for a water park were going to." I said. She nodded and forced me to hold her hand. "Well- I'm coming. No way am I letting you go alone with all those girls. Your my boyfriend and you will do with I say," said Megan. I'm gonna kill Alex for forcing me to do this. We walked back with her telling me a list of rules. I only herd one because I wasn't listing but I immediately thought of Allie. She told me I wasn't allowed to go near another girl. As if. I hate her why should I stay near Megan. We FINALLY came to my house when my mother opened the door for Megan taking her away from me. Thank god, and took her into the living room. Everyone was sitting on the couches and looked excited, except for Allie who looked like she would burst to tears any second. Alex looked at her then at me. Oops. I thought. Allie avoided my eyes as my mom said, "Okay Band...Alex has just informed me that this girl- Megan- is Nat's new girlfriend. My mom looked at me warningly and said, "I would like you to be nice to her because she is Nat' girlfriend and I want him to feel good about her." said my mom. I DON'T EVEN LIKE HER! I wanted to scream. Not even a little. Everyone cleared out muttering about "stupid girl, or, my personal favorite, "What about Allie?" I sat down on the couch once everyone else left and Allie didn't move. I was on the couch across from her and she didn't even look at me. Damn it. Megan came over and cuddled herself into me putting my arm around her. I wanted to run from her. Allie looked at her and for a moment, I thought she was going to slap Megan but instead, with a final look at me, she ran down the hall, leaving me alone with the devil.

Allies P.O.V:

I couldn't believe it! I slammed my door so hard the picture fell of it. He has a GIRLFRIEND? I thought we might finally- whatever. As long as he's happy. I have to worry about living with them now to get away from Luke. If that girl Megan thinks she can just come in here after eight years- nevermind... it's not like we were together I just thought, once I moved in with Nat...we would be. I knew his talent and good looks wouldn't wait for me forever. I am almost two years older- but I never expected him to just forget like we never even kissed. I mean, it was yesterday! I need to change before I go to Aquatica with Nat and that cow- so I hoped of the bed and got into the shower- with silent tears pouring down my face. I threw on some clothes- a bathing suit to- and went downstairs to find Nat and his STUPID girlfriend making out.

Nat's P.O.V:

Allie came down just as Megan forced me to kiss her. I tried to pull away to find Allie but she held me there forcing my hands to stay where I was. I was relieved when my mom called "Time to go!" and I could run into the car and sit next to Alex and sadly- Megan.
"Dude, I hate her! She makes me mad! Please just let me break up with her!" I whispered. Alex shook his head. "I know man, everyone hates her- but it's working! Look at Allie!" said Alex. I glanced at Allie who was glaring at Megan who had forced my arm around her. Yuck! The only girl I want to do this stuff with is sitting less than a foot away from me.
When we got there- Megan forced me to hold her hand. We walked around for a bit and went on a few rides then went to a little shop called "Water toys!" I left Megan outside with my mom discussing some stupid nail salon and went inside. Allie was standing next to a rack of cool water floats. I put my hands in my pockets and walked behind her. "Cool toys huh?" I asked her. She nodded. "May I burrow ten dollars? I left my money at home but I promise I'll pay you back-" she started. I cut her off, "No, don't worry about it. I'll pay for whatever you want." I said. She smiled. She handed me a little pair of goggles. I nodded looking at them and noticing that they were very- very pink. I also picked up a cute little water-proof dog that had a t-shirt that said "I love Aquatica!" I paid for it all then I hid the dog behind my back along with a little necklace that said "Allie" and handed her the float. When we walked out, I took her aside and gave her the necklace and dog. She held them in her hands then looked up at me. "What's this for?" she asked. I shrugged. "Just because," I said and took the necklace and put it around her neck. She smiled at me just as Megan came over and took my arm and put it around her waist. She gave Allie a look of pure hatred. "Oh...who are you again?" she asked. Allie looked at me and I just stared at her. " I play Rosalina…" she said. Megan gasped. "You! You play Nat' interest. It wasn't like that in real life was it?" demanded Megan. Allie shook her head and walked away with one final glance at me. I shook my head, "I only kissed her once in real life." I said. Megan exploded, "Well that won't happen again! Now follow me!" she yelled. I looked at my mom who nodded as Megan pulled me into a cluster of trees. I tried my hardest to get away but she thought I was just being funny. She wouldn't stop and then I saw the one face I did not want to see at the moment. Allie walked in. "Nat?" she asked. She walked in and took in the sight in front of her. Megan kissing me, she kept kissing me and I just stood there like an idiot. Finally, after ten minutes, she let me go. After that, she ran her finger down my chest and force, held my hand. I almost ran right out but she held me firmly in her grip. "Aw, I love you boyfriend." She said when I finally kissed her so she would let me go. We walked out, and I fixed my hair. I hate her! And I'm going to kill Alex for making me do this. I knew it was a stupid idea. Megan forced me to hold her hand. I almost forgot I had to pretend to be her boyfriend when I saw Allie sitting next to Alex who was going pale. Allie was telling him what she saw. Alex walked over to me and pulled me away from Megan. "Look man- Whatever Allie told you she saw, Megan forced me to do it. I hate you for making me do this Alex!" I said. Alex shook his head. "Dude, Allie told me what happened and she said she thinks you were being forced to do it so I wouldn't worry if I were you. But I think you can break up with Megan now that Allie doesn't feel jealous- just sorry," Alex told me. I sighed relieved. "Thanks man...I feel better knowing that...Can I do it now?" I asked. Alex shook his head. "You don't want the press on our tails...I'll complain to mom that I want to go back to the house for the day because I don't feel good and you can break up with her there," said Alex. I nodded and watched Alex persuaded my mom to take all of us home. I sighed. Would we ever get a full two hours at a park? My Mom shuffled us in the car (I asked to sit next to Alex and far away from Allie and Megan who were forced to sit together. When we got home, I waited in the car for everyone to get out and walk into the house, before dashing to the door and blocking the door from Megan to prevent her from entering. She walked up and laughed. "Move Nat...NOW" she screamed when I wouldn't move. I shook my head. "You're a rude, spoiled, rich girl and I don't want you in my house. Go home. Now." I told her. She stepped back. "Seriously? MOVE!" she said. "I'm in-love with someone else!" I screamed and I opened the door and before she could follow, I slammed it and locked her out, then I looked at her walk away giving me a very rude gesture with her hand. I turned around and came face-to-face with Allie. "Nat...Did you just break up with her?" asked Allie. I nodded. "Can I talk to you in my room?" asked Allie. I nodded again and followed her into the room. I thought he heard the closet door close quickly but it must have just been the wind... I sat on her bed and Allie passed across her room. "Nat...can you tell me what the hell just happened?" yelled Allie. Nat sighed. "What you saw in the woods-" he started but Allie cut him off. "We are too young to be doing that stuff! I can't believe you would do that Nat!" she screamed. I slammed the door in the face of David and Cooper who were trying to watch them fight. "I know! Come on Allie you know I'm not that type of guy! She made me do it...did you not see her?" I yelled sitting back on the bed. Allie rolled her eyes, "Yes, and by the way, thanks a lot for that mental picture. Super. Just what I wanted to remember at the moment," said Allie sarcastically. I sighed. "What did you call be in here for then?" I asked. She sighed and sat next to me on the bed. "I just...didn't want to see you hurt. Why did you break up with Megan anyway?" asked Allie. I straightened up. "Because of what she forced me to do- I'm too young for that stuff just yet and I couldn't handle it. I thought she was different." I said. Allie nodded. "I'm sorry for yelling at you Nat." said Allie. I nodded and pulled her into a hug. Then, the closet burst open with a horrible "SLAM!" and Luke grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. I crumpled to the floor and Allie screamed "Luke STOP!" Luke turned to her and pushed her onto the bed. He took out his cell phone and showed her a video on YouTube titled- "Nat Wolff and Allie DiMeco- KISS!" and it was a video of what happened in the tunnel of love. "What is this!" yelled Luke. Allie gasped. Oh no. "How did you get here!" asked Allie. Luke smiled an evil, twisted smile. "Do you think I could let you run around kissing guys in Florida without me there to keep you under control! I got on a plane and saw your stupid bands poster on a post saying where you would be staying. Then, I came in through Nat's little twerp brothers open window!"
"We were forced to do that Luke! They wouldn't let us leave," said Allie. Luke smiled evilly and as I tried to get up- Luke punched me and I fell back down. Allie let out a little scream. Luke grabbed her and stood her up mashing his mouth to hers. I stood up and saw the scene before me. Allie was trying to fight him off but he pushed her onto the bed, climbed on top of him, and started to kiss her again. She tried to kick him but he held her legs out of the way. I regained his balance and ripped Luke off Allie who screamed and put a pillow in-front of her. I punched him in the face rapidity and kicked him a few times before calling for my dad, who threw him out by his hair and threw him out of the house. I held Allie who was sobbing into the pillow and I looked in a mirror at my now blackened left eye.