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"Mommy! Daddy!"

Roy's eyes shot open at the sound of his daughter's screams. As much as he loved Reagan, he really didn't want to get up. Riza rolled over and touched his shoulder.

"Your daughter wants you," she muttered.

Roy yawned, "She's your daughter right now."

"I got up last time. It's your turn. "

Roy opened his mouth to retort, when he thought he heard the sound of a gun cocking. Even though it was probably just his paranoia, he let out a sigh. "I'm getting up right now."

"Good. Rea probably just had a nightmare."

"Mommy!" Reagan screamed again. "Daddy!"

"Daddy's on his way!" Riza called.

Roy sat up and rolled his neck, immediately feeling the tension in his shoulders caused by an investigation. There was a criminal posing as an alchemist killing innocent women. He got out of bed and put on his robe.

Reagan's voice grew louder, "I want mommy!"

"Seriously?" Roy took off his robe and rubbed his neck. "Why didn't she say that sooner? I could have stayed in bed."

"Mommy's coming!" called Riza. She caught a glimpse of her husband's chest in the moonlight and smiled.

Roy got back into bed, "What?"

"Oh, nothing," Riza gave him a deep kiss. "I'll go calm her down and when I get back, I'll see what I can do about that tension in your neck."

"Oh, really?"

"Mm-hmm. Just because Reagan woke us up, doesn't mean we shouldn't make good use of that time. After all, it's only midnight."

Roy raised an eyebrow, "Damn Riza, what's gotten into you?"

She gave a smirk and left the room. Riza headed down the hallway and into her daughter's room.


She found Reagan sitting upright on her bed with a lamp on. She noticed the fear in her eyes and sighed when she saw tears spill down her round cheeks. Riza sat down on Reagan's bed.

"Shh, stop crying. It's okay, mommy's here. "

Reagan rubbed her eyes, "It was scary mommy…"

Riza grabbed a hairbrush from the nightstand and patted a spot in front of her. Reagan moved to the spot and held Mr. Pookie close to her.

"It's okay. You're safe."

Undoing the braid she had styled earlier that night, Riza slowly brushed her daughter's hair. As she ran the brush through Reagan's long black hair, she reminded herself that she was in desperate need of a haircut. Reagan's shoulders relaxed after a few moments and she began to sniffle.

"Now, Reagan," began Riza, "would you like to tell me what your nightmare was about?"

Reagan shook her head, pulling Mr. Pookie closer into her body. Riza glanced at the bear in her daughter's chokehold. The poor thing had suffered damage through the years. Mr. Pookie was missing an eye, his right ear had stitching to reconnect it to his head, and there were a few colored patches on his brown fur to cover up spots where he'd ripped open. Reagan was now three years old, and she still rarely went anywhere without him. Whenever Riza, Roy, Jean, Hughes, or anyone tried to take Mr. Pookie away, she would start screaming or crying and wouldn't stop until they gave him back. Washing him was an ordeal.

Riza continued to brush her hair, "You know you can tell me anything, right Reagan?"

She nodded.

"What was your nightmare about?"

"Monsers," whispered Reagan. "Hurring me."

"Monsters were hurting you?" Riza questioned.

Reagan nodded. Her pronunciation problem with 'T's was becoming more evident.

"Monsters aren't going to get you."

"Uh-huh!" Reagan frowned. "Yes, 'hey are! 'hey came and hur' me and you and mommy-"

"Shush, now." Riza stopped brushing her hair and hugged her. "It's okay. I'm here, and daddy's in the other room. We're not going to let anything happen to you. I'll do everything humanly possible to protect you. You know why?"


"Because I love you, and that's what I do for people I love."

Reagan looked down at her bear. She furrowed her brow and raised her pinky, "Promise?"

"I promise," Riza linked her pinky with her daughter's. "I will never let anything happen to you."

She kissed her daughter's forehead and continued to brush her hair. Reagan yawned. Her eyes began to droop. She was getting tired again. Riza leaned back against the headboard, braided her hair again, and placed her hairbrush on her nightstand.

"Are you ready to go back to sleep?" Riza asked hopefully.

Reagan snuggled next to her. "Mommy, can you 'ell me a s'ory?"

"A story? Sure," Riza agreed. "Once upon a time, there was a pretty blonde princess. She wasn't like other princesses, she was a fighter."

"Did she figh' in battles?"

"Sometimes. She was strong but kind, and she was really good with weapons."

"Was she brave?"

Riza nodded, "Yes. She was very brave. The princess went on lots of journeys and had lots of battles. But the princess had a secret."

"What kinda secwet?" asked Reagan.

"She had a secret passed down from her father about a special type of magic. Many people sought this secret but it was her job to keep it safe. Her father had an apprentice who learned all of his own magic from her father."

"Did he want the magic secwet?"

"He did. And do you know what the princess did?"


"She gave it to him."

"But it was a secwet!"

"Well, she knew the apprentice could be trusted. So, it was okay for her to share it with him. One day, the apprentice disappeared and left the princess alone. The princess wasn't happy. She left the kingdom and went looking for the apprentice. And after searching for him she finally found him."

Reagan fought to stay awake but was quickly losing. "Where was he?"

"He was in a battle," Riza answered. "But they both made it out of the battle. And then they went on to be together for a long time."

"Did they live happy ever af'er?"

Riza smiled, "Yes. They lived happily ever after."

"….Married?" mumbled Reagan.

"Mm-hmm." Riza slipped out of bed and turned the lamp off. She tucked the blankets around her daughter and kissed her forehead. "Goodnight sweetheart."

As she crept out of the room, Reagan asked one last question. "….Babies?"

"Yes, but only one. A little girl."

Reagan's breathing became deep and even when Riza left her daughter's room. She headed back to her the room she shared with her husband to find him sitting on the bed waiting for her. Riza smiled at the sight of her husband in his blue boxer briefs and shut the door behind her.

"Is she asleep?" Roy asked.

Riza nodded, walking towards him. "She's fast asleep."

"Mm, good. You still in the mood?"

She untied her robe, revealing the red negligee she'd worn to bed earlier. "What do you think?"

Roy bit his lower lip and motioned for her to come closer with his index finger. Riza obliged, placing one knee on either side of his waist. Roy braced her back with his left arm while Riza took his lips with hers.

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