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Merlin had found Morgana. His hand was out, his lips about to form the killing words.

And then someone knocked him out.

When he woke up, he was in a cell next to Morgana.

"They arrested us." she said, her mouth looking like it wanted to smirk.

"For what?" Merlin asked, backing away.

"Magic." she said, "And don't worry, I'm hardly going to hurt you. You're my only escape plan."

"Do you know where we are?" Merlin asked.

"Some kingdom called Colchis. Damned Queen arrested me."

"Lovely. Is she planning on executing us?" Merlin asked.

"But of course!" Morgana said, smirking, "What else would she do?"

"Something more convenient, like torture?"

"Hardly. We need an escape plan."

"You distract and take out the guards, and I'll run for my life."

"You hadn't noticed yet?" Morgana asked, raising an arm. There was a cuff on it, and the chain was leading to Merlin's arm. "I tried breaking it, it won't come off with magic."

"Brilliant. Just brilliant." Merlin sighed.

"He left days ago, he should be back!" Arthur yelled, "You have to know where he went!"

"No, Sire, I'm afraid I don't." Gaius said.

"Maybe he ran away." Agravaine said.

Arthur put up a hand.

"Do you remember the last time you suggested someone had run away, Uncle?" he asked. Agravaine lowered his head. "And besides, why would Merlin run away?"

"Maybe he has magic…" Agravaine said.

"No, of course not. I'm beginning to worry about your true intentions, Uncle."

"No need for that, I'm completely loyal to you." Agravaine said, laughing.

"Just shut up." Arthur said.

Agravaine narrowed his eyes, and left to see Morgana.

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