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Morgana was sulking. She was very mad that the first plan hadn't worked, and her wrist was getting sore because Merlin was pacing.

"Sit down." she ordered him, with the authority that she was used to having.

He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Stop, you're reminding me of Gaius." Morgana said, more powerfully.

Merlin just rolled his eyes.

A guard came up and informed them that they would be executed the next day.

Morgana looked expectantly at Merlin, who laughed.

"Here's what we do." he said, then began explaining the plan, "I knock them out..."

"Yes, that worked so well."

"Shut up. You knock them out, then. Someone knocks them out, and we just run for our lives, knocking out anyone who crosses our path."

"Where will we go?"

"I…hadn't thought of that."

Morgana sarcastically clapped.

Agravaine was now worried.

Morgana was not in her self-proclaimed 'hovel', nor at the Isle of the Blessed.

Agravaine was searching the hovel for the fifteenth time, when he found a note.

Aggie, it read, making Agravaine sigh with impatience, I'm off to Colchis. See you!

That woman, Agravaine thought.

"I don't like this plan." Merlin said apprehensively.

"You didn't have anything better," Morgana said, "and it will work. Only a tiny bit of pain involved."

"Fine," Merlin said, then he yelled, "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!" at one of the guards.

Morgana facepalmed impatiently, then changed her voice to Merlin's.

"I could kick your ass in milliseconds!" she said.

Merlin looked around, surprised.

"Like hell you could," the guard said, "Scrawny thing like you."

"I…didn't say that." Merlin said, looking angrily at Morgana.

She continued to hurl insults at the guards in Merlin's voice, until they unlocked the cell, pulled him out, and unlocked his handcuffs.

"I hate you." Merlin said.

Morgana smiled innocently, unlocking the door behind the guards, and followed them as they dragged Merlin away.

They were free. Well, after the guards had tortured Merlin a bit. But who cared about Merlin?

Morgana beamed with happiness.

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