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Ch. 13 – After

The first thing that I become completely aware of is a burning sensation in my stomach. With a low moan, I move my hand over to my stomach to see if pressure would help anything. It doesn't but the fact that there is no longer a gaping hole in my stomach shocks me so much that I bolt upright.

That is a mistake that I regret immediately as the burning sensation strengthens significantly. I hiss loudly through clenched teeth. My eyes are wide open but I only see black space around me except for a small circle of brightness right in front of me. My hands let go of the thin blanket and for the first time I look at my surroundings.

But I don't get too far into my search because the first thing I see is Simon sitting in a chair beside my bed. I try to scamper back into my bed to get away from him because I know that he will inevitably have questions, some of which that I don't want to answer.

Simon looks up when he hears the bed shifting and raises his hands in an 'I surrender' motion. I halt in my movements but don't relax again. Holding my breath, I wait for the inevitably question and don't wait long.

"Why didn't you tell us sooner Chloe?" He asks in a disappointed tone.

As I take in a breath to answer him, I smell fresh blood and can feel my vampire face start to show. I clamp down on the urges before they can completely show and turn towards his side of the bed where on the bedside table is a large water bottle full of blood.

I lunge for it without a second thought and my main focus turns towards unscrewing the cap and then gulping down the bottle. On a panting breath I say, "How long have I been out?"

He answers immediately, "Almost five days." He pauses so that the information can sink in before continuing, "You haven't answered my first question."

"I didn't want you guys to get hurt." I say after a beat of silence.

"What do you mean," he says, confused at my words.

I close my eyes and let my head softly fall back against the bed, "If I had told you guys who I was in the first place, then you would have been understandably mad but would have wanted to join the war. If I had died, like I almost did, then you would have to mourn again. Unfortunately you guys almost had to do that again.

"But if I lived through the war, like I have, then my other enemies would find out about your relationship with me and use you against me. You would always be in danger, so I decided to keep it a secret and then after the war I would just hide away again and you wouldn't know any different about 'Chloe' being alive." I stop and hold my breath waiting for him to explode at me.

It never comes through and I open my eyes again to see that my eye sight is almost normal again. When Simon speaks again, his voice is still soft and low. "There's more to it than that, isn't there?" Simon accuses me.

I nod my head in acknowledgement and laugh softly on an exhale, "I thought that everyone would hate me for leaving without much of an explanation," I pause and look right at him as I say, "And I don't want you guys to think that I'm a blood thirsty monster."

"You could never be a monster in our eyes," A deep, rough voice asks in the silence after my words.

With a gasp, I turn my head all the way to the left to see where the voice came from. Resting against the far wall of my bland hospital room is Derek, his arms crossed over his black t-shirt covered chest. Tori is sitting against the wall with her knees brought up to her chin, her eyes wide in shock and wonder. Next to her is Kit who is looking at me appalled and I narrow my eyes in confusion. Why would they be shocked? Did they not expect me to live? The thought is like a knife to the stomach and I can't help but flinch. I move my eyes over them and one thing that I notice is that the door is nowhere near them; it's on Simon's side of the room.

As the pieces click in my head, my eyes widen and I feel like putting my head in my hands in embarrassment. I should've known that there was more than one person in the room, I should've.

I shake my head back and forth as my eyes fill with tears, "How can you say that when you personally saw what happens when I'm near spilt blood?" I shout at Derek.

"Because you fought it off," He growls back at me.

I snort rather loudly and roll my eyes and before I even register it, Derek has my face between his hands and is making me look into his eyes.

"You listen to me closely," his eyes flash with emotions as he pauses to emphasize his seriousness. "No monster would fight off their basic urges or would they do their damn best to keep their friends safe and out of harm's way."

You are just a little different than we used to know you but you are still the same Chloe. You still love movies and can talk for hours about them right?" He pauses for me to nod my head slowly. "And you will do anything to keep your friends safe which has just been confirmed."

I sigh and nod my head at his logic. Derek was always the logical one who got everyone to see his way and sometimes that sucked but other times, it really did help. I just need to figure out which one is the one happening now. He pulls back slowly and then takes a step back to stand a few feet away from me. Suddenly the distance between us seems extraordinary and much too painful for just being friends with each other.

The silence descends upon us as we all are lost in our own heads. I know that they will want to know what exactly happened and I can't keep it from them. They'll have to ask for it first though.

And speak of the devil and he shall appear that quote has never been more accurate because Kit raises his head to lock eyes with me. "Can you tell us exactly what happened and when it started? I have a theory that it either started the night we defeated the Edison Group or slightly after it but I can't figure out which."

"It was the night that we defeated the Dr. Davidoff." I say and everyone's' eyebrows rise slightly in disbelief.

"It truly was, after I spoke with Derek I went inside the hotel only to have a phone call. Drake, my second in command, was on the other line said that I would die in a week if I didn't get to New York City before then. He told me that I would become a vampire and that I couldn't tell my friends anything."

Tori comes over to my bed and sits in the chair on the other side of Simon. "That's why you looked so spooked the next morning, I just assumed it was because you acknowledged that you killed Davidoff.

I shake my head at that, "Nope, it wasn't that. And over the next few days I was making plans on how to get to New York City and subtly telling each of you what you meant to me." I smile softly and meet Derek's eyes. "Of course someone thought that something was up and tried to figure out what I was doing but didn't until the night that I left."

I turn to Kit now, "Derek tried to get me to stay that night while he went to read the letter that I had left but I quickly ran away and stayed down wind so that Derek couldn't as easily follow my scent. I got to New York City later and when I met Drake he turned me into a vampire."

I tell them about the last three years but make sure to gloss over some of the more disturbing facts like the fact that I can raise a whole lot more dead people than before. They seem to take all of the information in pretty well but that would also be because they are all used to having a ton of information dumped on them at once. Derek hasn't spoken since he got in my face but hasn't moved his eyes from mine either.

Tori speaks up, "So, I guess you're going back home to your community then."

"That's the plan," I say.

"Or you could come and live with us again."

If I was previously moving then you could tell that I've frozen in spot but since I'm sitting down still you can't really tell the difference. I never thought that the gang would voluntarily want me to come back and stay with them. I was always under the impression that they would hate me forever when I told them who I really was and that they wouldn't want anything to do with me at all.

I blink before saying, "Um… are you sure?"

Simon pipes up, "What do you mean 'are you sure'?"

I roll my eyes at him, "Exactly that. Are you guys sure that you want a liar living with you and someone you might be killed for just because you are associated with them?"

"Of course," Simon says happily, "Thos are the best people to hang out with." He then pokes me gently in the arm and I reach out to shove his shoulder playfully.

Laughing I say, "Okay, I'll come live with you guys again but I have to keep in contact with my lieutenant."

My mood sours as I think of Drake and his deception to both me and my cause. I haven't had much time to digest the fact that he has betrayed me but I have accepted it rather quickly. I know that there is nothing that I can do to change the fact and all that I can do is do make sure that he pays for what he has done.

"What happened to Drake?" I ask to everyone in the room.

Derek uncrosses his arms, "After you were taken from the building to be transferred to this hospital, the other vampires took Drake back to your community to be questioned about why you knocked him out. He made many wild comments about you while you were out but no one believed him. When it became obvious that he wasn't going to tell the truth, we got Jarrod to spell him to tell the truth. Drake did spill the truth and your council of vampires is waiting for word from you on what to do with him."

It's quite once again as I sit in thought. Finally when I come to my conclusion a twisted smile graces my face, "Pass me a phone, would you?"

Three Days Later

I'm sitting in Kit's safe house in Florida enjoying the décor and waiting for them to come home from shopping. Of course they don't know that I'm here, they think that I won't be here for another week but I wanted to surprise them.

The very first day that I woke up in the hospital I was told that when I was battling St. Cloud, the spell he used on me slowed down my healing to that of a human and that they had to surgically remove the bullets before I bled out. I almost did bleed out on that floor but help did come fast enough to save my life. The doctors took out the bullets from my shoulder, stomach and thigh but only after dealing with the huge hole that was my stomach. I still don't know how they do it and do not want to find out, ever.

That same day, I called the vampire council and we all worked out a punishment for Drake. He is now locked up in our most advanced prison system and it seemed a little too much at first but once the vampire council explained to me that all betrayers are imprisoned then I felt better.

Immediately after that phone call I called up Quinn, my third in command, who I asked if he wanted to be the leader of the community. I explained to him that I would still do my job but just have any documents sent to me personally. Quinn would just keep the peace and order in the community while I wasn't there.

I know that Quinn will do a good job at this because he has never lead me a stray with anything. The only reason that he was third in command was because I trusted Drake more than Quinn.

Then I convinced the gang to go to a new safe house because I would meet up with them. It was quite obvious that they didn't want to go after just finding out who I am but they did as I asked without much complaint. These last two days have been of packing more of my things and shipping them here and just finalizing the plans for the community and where I will pick up any important documents. We don't want them to get taken by the wrong people, now do we?

When everyone walks in the door, just saying that they are surprised would be an understatement. They will happy and very relieved so it is quite obvious that they thought that they'd never see me again. But I couldn't do that to them again.

As everyone goes in their separate ways I call out to Derek, "You wanna take a walk with me?"

"Sure," he says and we leave the house to walk around the block.

As we reach half-way into our walk I stop suddenly and Derek has to take several steps back since he kept walking while I stopped. "Yes?" He says expectantly.

"You know, we never did talk about our kiss the night that I killed Davidoff or where it would lead us."

Derek looks slightly confused at the topic but doesn't voice it. "Well of course not, when I did talk to you we fought and then you got that phone call."

I roll my eyes at him, "Well duh."

His eyes narrow at me in irritation, "Then why did you bring it up?"

I smile up at him and gather the quickly fading courage, "Because I really liked it and want to do it again."

He stands there shocked, eyes wide and mouth slightly open. I take this as the perfect opportunity and pull his lips down to meet mine. I kiss him firmly but his lips don't respond under mine for the longest moment in my life and just as I'm about to pull away, his hands move from lying lips at his sides. One wraps around m back to pull me closer to him and the other brushes my fair away from my face and then cups my cheek gently.

When he pulls away, he leans his forehead against mine and we are both breathing heavily. "Does that mean that you want to go out with me for supper on Saturday night?"

I laugh heartily and nod my head in response. "Of course." Then he leans down to capture my lips with his once again and everything finally seems to be going good.

Even though there may be many bumps in the road before you get to where you want to be, that's life. Life throws changes at you suddenly and without so much of a 'good luck' but you living through it makes this existence more exciting. I lost hope sometimes during these last few years but there was always the hope that I would see the gang again and that they'd accept me for who I am.

I never imagined that it would end like this but looking back at my life; this ending seems to be the best that I can think of.

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