Chapter 6: McDonald's

Annabeth's POV

So, the great powerful, evil, dark lord and his death eaters were on their way to McDonald's, on a bus! Voldemort was yelling at the bus driver to hit everybody on the cross walk and to go faster. Bellatrix was barking at an angry Chihuahua, and Luscious was looking at the bus seat in disgust.

Finally our stop came and Bellatrix, Voldemort, and I linked arms and jumped off. Wormtail and the rest walked off with the relief of the driver.

"We are here." I said pointing to the giant McDonald's. I saw a man with dark, dark, sunglasses walk in. I recognized this man. I had seen him before. That man was Ares.

"Um. Hold on I have to make a phone call." I said. They all started whining and I told them to knock it off, they were making a scene. I must've looked like a mother, which was ironic because I was the youngest one there. I quickly dialed Percy's number.

"Hello? Percy?" I said in a nervous whisper to the phone. I heard Percy's voice on the other end.

"Hey, Annabeth. We are right behind you. Luckily, they are too stupid to notice us on the bus." He laughed into the phone. I wasn't about to mention that I hadn't seen them either.

"Percy this is an emergency. Ares is here." I said. The laughter on the other end stopped.

"Are you sure?" He asked. I could hear the seriousness in his voice.

"Yes, positive. It was him, he looked like he was ready to do battle." I said to the other end.

"Ok, act natural, he probably senses us already, but remember who you're with. They are wizards after all." I looked over at the group of death eaters. Voldemort was in a very heated argument with a five year old over who can eat the most bugs in a whole minute, Bellatrix was beating that kid's mom to the ground for gods know what reason, and Wormtail was looking into the window desperately. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, sure." I said. I hung up and began to walk inside with a lot of cheering from behind me. I stopped short just before the door.

"Look. You need to not draw as much attention to yourself as you already do. No screaming, hitting, kicking, spitting, crying, maiming, or killing, of ANY kind!" I said rounding on them. There was an audible aww and we went inside. We got a lot of stares from both customers and employees. I looked around for Ares and saw him walk into the men's room.

"Uh, can I take your order?" Asked a very nervous looking cashier. I looked at the group.

"Uh, just 20 nuggets." I said impatiently. Just then, Ares walked out of the bathroom. I frantically grabbed the nuggets and threw some money at him.

"Thanks!" I said quickly. I ran behind the wall separating the fast food place and the kids section. There was currently a birthday party going on. The mother of the now ten year old Lauren came over.

"Hi, I'm Laura. Lauren's mom. Are you the entertainment?" She asked with her dazzling supper-model smile.

"Um, yes! I am! What kind of entertainment were you looking for?" I asked, just going along with it.

"Well, all kinds! You see, Lauren gets bored from certain things quickly." She said sheepishly. Just then a girl who looked just like Laura but younger and more like a diva showed up.

"MOM! WHERE IS THIS FREAKING ENTERTAINMENT! GOD! THIS PARTY SUCKS!" She yelled at our faces. Even Bellatrix looked impressed.

"Lauren, sweetie, this is the entertainment." She said gesturing to us. Lauren looked at us in disgust.

"What do they do?" She asked clearly unsatisfied.

"Everything, just give us a minute." I said. I walked over to Voldemort and the death eaters devouring the chicken nuggets.

"Ok, your first thing to make you even stronger is make this girl smile. Use something fun, THAT DOES NOT BREAK ANY OF THE RULES I SET AT THE BEGINNING!" I added looking at Bellatrix and Voldemort. They booed again.

We walked back over. Voldemort talked in snake language for the kids, I didn't know what it was called, parsel tongue? Luckily only a few garden snakes showed up. Bellatrix taught the kids the fine art of torture, and Luscious taught them how to care for your hair. So basically, the kids were unamused. So Lauren came over to me, obviously bored.

"So what do you do?" She asked. I was staring around and looked at her.

"I… uh…" I stumbled. I looked up and saw Ares walking over smiling.

"Um, I do battle scenes, so don't get in the way." I said drawing the sword.

"Gotcha, demigod." He said evilly.

I swung at him as he drew his sword too. We swung at each other as the kids and parents gathered around curiously. Most of the kids were absorbed. The death eaters and Voldemort watched in awe as Ares and I fought it out.

Ares slashed at me and cut my arm. The people must've thought that it was an act because they just smiled and watched. Ares tripped me and hit the sword out of my hand.

I grabbed my knife and stopped his sword from slicing my throat. I crawled away and got up behind a table. I saw Percy, Grover, Harry, Hermione, and Ron running in from the parking lot.

Ares smiled as he saw where I was looking.

"They'll be too late." He said. I was panicking slightly but I had to wait until Percy got in.

Ares tried to knock me down again but I was much more skilled with my knife than my sword. He saw it was pointless to keep up like this if he wanted to beat Percy to me, so instead, he turned and took a slice at Lauren.

I jumped in front of her and felt a piercing pain in my stomach area. I felt myself bleeding. There was screaming and running and a lot of confusion.

I tried to get up to get to Percy, but Ares came over and smacked my face. I was blacking out, but before I did I saw Percy charge Ares with Ron and Grover. Harry and Hermione came over to me. Then I blacked out.