Eccerpt from the Journal of Dr. Jean Grey

June 14th 2015

I am I bit worried. Rogue has always been a wonderful student. Ever since she came here she had been a hard and determined worker and has always been respectful towards me and the other teachers here, if not a bit shy.

She gets along well enough with the students as well. But ever since the incident at Ellis Island in New York she has been rather…distant from them. As if they are more of a nuicance than friends.

At first I thought she was simply upset. After all she went through a rather traumatic ordeal. But after a few days, her anti social behavior went from broody, to just plain aggressive.

Today I asked her why she did not complete the homework I assigned her. Her reply was crass and completely unlike her.

If that were the only thing I would be worried, but afterwords, while I was pairing the students up for the lab, she ignored the assignment and spent the entire class leering and glancing at me.

I did not think much of it until on her way out she gave me a small smirk, and I could practically see her undressing me with her eyes.

I wonder what's got her acting so strangely.

Recording from the counseling office. June 16th 2015

"Marie, Jean has asked me to speak to you about a few things regarding your behavior in class.""And how is that any of your business?"

"She doesn't exactly appreciate you copping feels whenever you get the chance, Marie. And she is my fiancé. I would say that's my business."

"Worried she might like it?"

-feint growl-



"But I am worried about the way you act around her."

"What are you going to do about it? Infect me with your pink eye?"

-screech of chair against the floor-

"I could do that."

-small crash and ruffling of clothes, followed by a grunt-

"Stay the fuck outa my face, bub."

-another grunt, footsteps, and the slamming of a door-

"…what the fuck?"

Intercepted phonecall june 17th 2021

"No Marie. I'm not coming back to finish helping you study." -sigh- "that was completely uncalled for and I'll be talking to the Professor about it."

"Cummon, you know I'm better than anything that ass hole can offer."

-long pause-


"Please don't call me that, Marie."

"You liked it."

"NO I DI-…" - a growl and a huffy exhale - "…Marie, I am engaged and your teacher and at least 10 years older than you."

"You say that like it matters."


"Call me Rogue. You sounded sexy when you said it."

"I'm hanging up."

"Fine. I give it ten minutes before you're back in here with me."

"that is NOT going to happen, Ro- Marie."

"Sure its not."

"Marie I swear to god I am going to-"

"Save it for the bedroom Darlin."