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Toshiko's POV

"Kim? Do you know if we are looking after Satoshi today?"

"Yeah, well… I am, you have gotta get to your squad early remember?"

"Ahhh yeah! See you later!"

"Bye Tosh!"

I stepped out the house and began to wander through the Sereitei towards the Squad 12 barracks ready to start my first day. Kimiko had been given the day off to prepare for a sake party in the evening so that all the recruits could get to know each other. Me however, no rest for the wicked and I had a lot of research to do on the current hollow situation since there were still unusual hollow patterns since the winter war years ago.

"Ahhh yes, young Hitsugaya. Good to see you are early as I requested, this is a good first impression that you are having on me however you still have much to prove to me!"

"Yes sir! What do you want me to do first?"

"Well this may seem a bit soon but I would like you to go with my more experienced recruits to the world of the living to collect more data on the hollows. First however I would much like to see the abilities that your zampakto possesses. It would be of great interest to me, I will have Nemu take you to our training grounds and there you can show me your skills. I will meet you there in a moment. NEMU, COME HERE AND ESCORT THE YOUNG ONE!"

"Yes master Mayuri! Come along Hitsugaya!"

"You know you can call me by my first name… Toshiko?"

"If you insist."

Nemu showed me to the squad 12 training grounds and directed me to the centre of the fields then walking away towards the edge. I grabbed the handle of my zampakto. Even though Kurotsuchi was my Taicho I still didn't completely trust him, or this situation for that matter. I looked around the grounds; it seemed suspiciously quiet for my liking. I grabbed the handle of my blade and turned to look at Nemu who was still staring directly at me, I gave her a confused look before feeling the ground shake and a hollow roar above me. I turned quickly and drew my sword, flash stepping away from the Menos. Once I was safely away, I then turned to strike. I flew forward and held my sword above my head before bringing it down over the hollows head making it roar out in pain and evaporate. I turned back to Nemu who now had the Taicho standing next to her looking at me with a smirk; he then raised his hand and with a click of his fingers out came the roars of at least thirty more menos. I turned to see their mouths open and red started to build up near the entrance of their mouths; I jumped high in the air in an attempt to avoid the blasts of the cero. The result? Could have been better, if I had jumped later none of the cero would have got to me as they wouldn't have had time to change their aim however I had a few to dodge. I took out my sword once again and started to take down the hollows, however more and more seemed to appear as I battled through them all and slicing them individually. I flew to the safety of a nearby tree to think, I saw a large hole in the distance where all the hollows were coming from and had a reasonably good idea.

"Hadō 33, Sōkatsui"

I blasted a nearby building to cover the hole where the hollows were coming through, it may have not been a good solution but it would work for a while. I then set about defeating the hollows in front of me. There had to be at least fifty now, I looked at them all and sighed I held my sword out ahead of me.

"Pounce Yukihyou!"

I watched as white flakes covered my sword and seemed to form a layer around it making the blade pure white whilst the handle stayed the usual silver and blue. I smiled looking at the hollows; they didn't stand a chance now. I moved my sword from side to side with a quick flick making an arch of ice fly out the end of the sword and cut anything in its path. I continued to do this until the cat on the blade started to glow a bright blue colour before holding the sword out in front of me making a leopard run out the tip and shred the remaining hollows with its claws. I began to tire as all the hollows seemed to disappear and the cat that had come out the end of my sword started to fade away. The hole where all the hollows came from began to close and everything returned to the state it was in before, no-one would have been able to tell there was a battle even the wall that I had knocked down had been restored. I heard clapping behind me and turned around to see my Taicho looking at me with amused eyes whilst clapping slowly.

"How interesting and very impressive, it seems like the offspring's zampakto is similar to the abilities of both the parents, how strange that both parent's abilities that are so different can even unite to make one power is beyond even my understanding! Well, you have impressed me so far child but I have yet to see your abilities in the lab."

"I think that will be enough for today, Mayuri!"

"Head Captain?"

The head captain came down to the training grounds and looked me up and down as I bowed with respect.

"Well, young Hitsugaya I don't believe that I have had the pleasure yet. You may stand!"

I stood up with a sharp motion and looked at the head captain, he had even more battle scars than I thought and up close the scars look even more vicious than they did from a distance. He once again looked me up and down.

"Well, you most definitely look like your parents don't you girl? I will be expecting great things from you. The daughter of a Taicho and a third seat with the abilities of a lieutenant, I suppose you have heard that a lot but the truth is we don't really know how this works. However as long as you try you can always get stronger without question."

"Yes, I will try. Thank you sir"

"Good. Mayuri this girl has had enough training today; you can use the data you obtained from that last fight to help us figure out how the zampakto abilities work."

"Yes head Taicho; you are dismissed for today young one. Work tomorrow starts at normal time. See you then!"

"Hai, thank you Taicho!"

I walked back into the house to see my sister sitting on the sofa with Satoshi in her lap, she looked over and smiled as I walked and fell on the couch. I felt my eyes start to shut as soon as I was lay down.

"You tired already? How was your first day?"

"It was tiring; I had to use my shikai!"

"Ahhh, well it would be tiring. You haven't practiced much with it yet!"

"Yes but my Taicho wanted to see my abilities before getting me into the lab, something about they wanted to see how the offspring of two shinigami abilities worked or something!"

"Well, go to bed if you want. There is still hours before dinner if you wanna rest up and I will keep an eye on our brother!"

"That would be great thanks Kim!"

"It's fine; he's not that much trouble."

I walked into the bedroom and collapsed on my bed, after that I think I was so tired I blacked out.

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