Bella Swan watched the sun go down and shine its final rays of light before disappearing completely at the

horizon. Her bedroom fell dark almost instantly and she sighed as the realisation that summer had officially

ended hit her. She'd had such a fun-filled couple of months with her family and best friends Alice and Rosalie.

Tomorrow was the beginning of senior year, which should have had her excited but she was dreading it. She

hated the thought of having to leave her peers, the people she grew up with, at the end of the academic year.

She shook her head, trying to rid her mind of the thoughts that had already caused so many sleepless nights

before crawling into bed. The feeling of her duvet keeping her freezing cold body warm was definitely the kind of

comfort that she needed right now. She took one last look at the twilight sky before closing her eyes and drifted

off to a land she hadn't visited in a while. One where she could be at absolute peace.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The loud and irritating shriek of her alarm clock had Bella jumping out of her dreamless

slumber. She lazily reached over to her bedside table to turn the stupid thing off. She trudged her way into the

bathroom and quickly showered, brushed her teeth and pulled a comb through her soaking wet, tangled hair.

Once her hair was dried, she walked over to her wardrobe and unlike the rest of her friends would be doing this

morning, lifted the first things to fall out at her. She pulled the dark denim jeans on, matched them with a dark

purple, short sleeved blouse over the top of them before throwing on her navy sneakers.

She was barely down the stairs when she heard the car horn going like crazy outside. Alice, she thought, rolling

her eyes at her too punctual, impatient best friend. She grabbed her book bag and her jacket before heading out

the door, not even checking the clock. She knew that she was early but if she knew the time she would probably

end up in some form of argument with Alice and that was just something she did not need today.

"You know, I thought the great part of being a senior was getting to slack a little not working your butt off to be

a kiss-ass." Bella said sarcastically as she jumped into the passenger seat of Alice's yellow and black sports car.

Alice rolled her eyes at her friends snide remark but didn't answer. "What has you in such a hurry to get to

school then?" Bella asked, truly curious now to what could be so important that she would leave this early. "I

wanna see my cousin before he starts his first day." She said, a smile tugging at her lips. Bella was completely

confused now. "Your cousin is starting school here? What year is he in?" Bella asked, still confused and a little bit

hurt that she hadn't been told of this before. Alice oncw again rolled her eyes. "He's not in any year Bells. He's

our new English teacher." Bella's face went from shock to relief in almost an instant. She had always hated Mr.

Parker as a teacher and what made this better was that it was her best friends cousin. Bella knew she had met

all of Alice's cousins which honestly made her feel quite awkward that she was going to know her teacher

personally, but anything was better that Mr. Parker. "So which cousin is this?" She asked curiously. Alice seemed

to find this question entertaining as the smile that was just a tug earlier turned into a full scale grin. "Oh, you

know the really boring, ugly one. I think you met him at my summer barbeque." Alice looked up to watch her

friend's reaction to what she was going to say next. "He goes by the name, Edward Cullen."

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