Edward pulled up outside Bella's house, an excited Alice in the passenger seat beside him.

"Thanks cousin dear! Or do I need to start calling you teacher dear?" She asked him teasingly.

But Edward threw her a look that answered her joke within itself.

His gaze soon travelled to the left and he saw Bella running down her porch steps to the car as Alice stepped out, leaving the door open.

Bella waved at him shyly.

"Hey Bells." Edward replied, waving back.

"Okay enough, let's go inside, it's freaking freezing!" Alice screeched, to which both Bella and Edward rolled their eyes.

"Do you wanna come in and get a coffee? Alice's right, it is cold." Bella offered.

Say no! Say no! The voice in his head warned him.

But as he started into her hopeful eyes, he couldn't help but agree.

He'd walk straight through hell if she asked him to, and he knew it.

"Sure, I'd love to. Thanks."

He got out and locked the car before following the girls inside, trying desperately hard not to look at how good Bella's ass looked in those black skinny jeans.

Stop it! You're her teacher!

Who cares? She's hot!


Edward shook his head ferociously, trying to end the mental argument that was going on between his good side and his not so good side. Although at this moment in time, he wasn't sure which was which.

Bella took the now cold mug off him as he sat on the green coloured couch in her living room.

Their hands grazed slightly, but they both shrugged it off. Trying not to get caught up.

"Thanks." Edward replied, there was a barrier around his voice, he was sounding more and more like Mr Cullen and just Edward.

And this didn't go undetected by Bella, who smiled limply at him, before heading into the kitchen.

"Well I better get going. Got to be up early in the morning." Edward said, pushing himself up off the couch.

Bella walked back into the room at this moment in time.

"I'll see you out, Ali you coming too?" Bella said.

Alice grew that mischievous look that only Alice could have before saying, "No, I need to use the bathroom. Bye Edward!" She yelled before running up the stairs.

Bella and Edward both blushed and became nervous as they headed out the door.

Edward held the door open for her but he stood at an awkward angle so Bella kinda had to duck under his arm to get out and they both laughed awkwardly.

Of course Bella made it to the bottom of the steps before she tripped over a rock. As she prepared for the concrete impact, she felt a pair of strong arms wrap round her and hold her upright.

Edward turned her round so that she faced him.

"You okay?" He asked, worry flooding his voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks." Bella replied, breathlessly. And she nearly stopped breathing altogether when she realised how close they were.

His chest expanded, pushing against hers with his sigh of relief.

Neither of them moved, just stood and stared at each other.

Bella gulped, before snapping back into reality and pulled away.

Edward suddenly felt cold without her against him, but he knew she had done the right thing and he hated himself for letting himself let go of his control.

They walked towards his car, not letting too much space grow between them.

"See you later, Edward." Bella said, timidly. Still in shock from before.

"See you tomorrow Bells. Thanks for the coffee. And don't fall if I'm not there to catch you." Edward replied, winking at the end. He couldn't help it, she brought out a carefree side to him that he knew he should try to restrain.

"I won't." Bella replied. But they both knew there was more to their words than the literal sense.

Edward waved before driving off.

He was only a street away and he missed her.

Missed her so much his heart actually hurt.

And it was at that point, he knew he wouldn't last long.

He was going to give in.

He was going to have Bella.