A.N-Okay, first KH story. I hope I'm not too off-base here. I am dedicating this story to my friend, Jessica. I know she'll love it.

Characters: Roxas, Axel, Sora, Kairi
Pairings: Homo/Hetero-Roxas/Axel, Sora/Kairi, Roxas/Kairi
Warning: Swearing, Suggestive Terms, Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Crudness: Read At Your Own Risk
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story

There was nothing Roxas liked better than Axel's lips on his.

They were smooth and sweet, with just a hint of heat to it that made the experience so good. Roxas had learned that, whenever Axel was in the mood, he would touch his lips three times and look at him. Roxas was always happy when Axel did that, because it aroused him. It was best to also be in the mood when Axel was, because the pyro Nobody could get quite violent when he was suppressed.

"Hey, Roxas?" Axel's voice in his ear, taking his lovely lips off Roxas' mouth. Roxas groaned, wanting them back. "What?"

"You know what would be fun?"


"No. Well, yes, that would be great-but not what I'm talking about." Axel stepped backwards, his gloved hands leaving Roxas' back. Roxas knew he was serious about this if he didn't want to be distracted.

"What do you mean?" This was intriquing Roxas. What devious idea could be going through his lover's head right now?

"Well, you're still connected with Sora, right? You can send him thoughts?" Roxas nodded, knowing that Axel could see him, even though their current make-out spot was a dark closet. Saix wouldn't find them here; he would think to look in their rooms. Of course, the other members of Organization 13 could tell the Nobody where they were, but most of the other members thought it was amusing, waiting to see what would happen if and when they got caught.

Roxas didn't really think about Sora much: it just made him emotionally mixed up. Sometimes he was angry at Sora for absorbing him again, but grateful to him, because without Sora Roxas wouldn't be born, or with Axel. Other times he was just confused and missed his Somebody with a passion.

"Yeah. Why?"

"I was thinking-"

"You think?"

"Haha, very funny Roxas. But I'm serious: what if you send Sora thoughts and images of us making out?"

Roxas blinked. That was his big idea? He pouted a little. "Why would you want to do that? I thought this was our time."

"Oh, babe, it is!" Axel assured him quickly, giving him a nice, long kiss. When he pulled away, he continued,

"But this will be so much fun! Can you imagine the look on Sora's face when he thinks about kissing me? Especially if he's with that girl of his."

"Kairi, you mean."

"Yeah, whatever." Roxas couldn't help but tease his boyfriend a little. "'Whatever'? You're the one who kidnapped her."

"On Xemnas' orders! Besides, she's not my type."

"Oh? You have a type? What is it?" Axel leaned in, and breathed his words on Roxas' waiting mouth,

"Yeah: blonds." Just when Roxas was about to kiss him, Axel jumped back, and Roxas was sure his signature grin was on his face.

"So what do you say?" Axel asked. Roxas sighed. He thought about it: he supposed it could be fun, and he would be making out with Axel...

"Alright." No sooner had the words left the Keyblade-wielder's mouth was it covered by Axel's fiery one. As their tongues moved in syncronization, Roxas reached deep inside himself, finding the spot where his heart, if he had one, would be. He searched until he recognized the warmth that came from a connection with Sora and, forming his emotions into the images that formed them, sent them full-force into his Somebody's mind.

Destiny Islands...

"Damn!" Sora cussed, jumping up. The pictures that assaulted his mind and the emotions that assailed his heart were horrible: Roxas and Axel, sucking face in a dark closet, Organization 13 coats on the floor. Sora suddenly felt lust, tenderness, pleasure, and satisifaction, all wrapped up in a whirlwind of passion. While the boy didn't want to know what his Nobody felt about his best friend any time, now was especially bad, because he had just been about to kiss Kairi.

"What's wrong, Sora?" his girlfriend asked, concerned. Sora shook his head as another wave of images and emotions hit him. His back suddenly ached, and he saw Axel slam Roxas against the door, the latter's legs hooked around the fire-master's waist. As more and more entered his brain, Sora realized that Roxas was doing this on purpose, and he felt angry.

"It's nothing. Just Roxas messing with me." Sora gulped as he looked at Kairi, because now all he really wanted to do was what Roxas was doing: a complete and total make-out session with the girl. He wanted to feel what Roxas was feeling, for real. Sora knew Kairi's lips would taste much better than Axel's.

Alright, Roxas, you wanna play that game? Count me in. And then he hugged Kairi to him and kissed her with a fervor neither had ever experienced. Kairi responded hungrily, and he managed to break away just to ask,

"Kairi, are you all right if I send Roxas my emotions? A little pay-back?" The girl shrugged. "Why not?"

So the next time they tangled tongues, Sora sent everything he had, back at his Nobdoy.

Closet, The World That Never Was

"Woah!" Roxas cried, flinging his head back. He hadn't expected Sora to send his own experiences. Axel's spicy tang was soon replaced by something much sweeter, cherries and vanilla, and somehow he knew that this was what Kairi tasted like.

"What's wrong? Did he get them?" Axel asked, eyes wide and panting. Roxas nodded.

"Yeah. Yeah...dang, I never thought Kairi would taste so...so good."

"Better than me? Wait, don't answer that. Instead...does kissing Kairi after me make you more or less horny?"

The question startled Roxas. "Uh...more, I guess? 'Cause she's a girl?"

"Ah, baby, you're not going straight on me, are you?"

"Never," Roxas swore, kissing his lover. "Not when I have you with me." The Nobody could feel the grin on Axel's face when he said,

"Well, good. Because my bed has been kind of cold lately..."

Sora's room/Roxas' room, Destiny Islands/The World That Never Was...

Later, when Roxas had long left Axel's room, Sora and Kairi had gone home for the night, and all three were in their own bed, Roxas tried talking to Sora through the same connection.

Hey, Sora.

It took a while before Roxas heard anything back: Hey.

I'm kinda sorry about today. It was Axel's idea.

Yeah, I sort of figured.

Both boys were quiet for a while. Then Roxas, with a evil smile on his face, asked,

Hey Sora, do you think you can send me Kairi's taste again? I want to kiss her.


Aw, why not?

'Cause she's my girlfriend! I don't want her kissing anyone else, even if it just a memory through me.

Well hey, Axel's my boyfriend and he wouldn't mind.

Well that's him. Besides, I don't think Kairi likes you.

Hmph. Once again silence filled their minds, and Sora was ready to go to sleep when Roxas' voice slipped back into his head, a questioning tone to it,

Hey Sora?


Well, if I'm gay-or, more appropiately, bisexual, and I came from your heart, what does that say about you?

'What does that...' Shut up!