"I didn't even want you! YOU CAME OUT OF NOWHERE! KOTI, I HATE YOU! YOU'RE A FREAK!" My mother was screaming again. This happened almost every night. I grabbed my black hoodie and, shoes off; I went outside, making sure to slam the door. My mom hated me, because I was different. I wasn't normal. And It wasn't just little things. I had one huge honking problem. And I was a freak. I could turn my body into some shadow. Sometimes solid, touchable even. Other times, not so much. I was just a shadow. I could levitate too. It was the best feeling ever.

As I walked, cold and alone, I wondered what the Umbrella Academy was up too. They were like me. I was one of them. But they didn't know it. I was one of them, born at the same time, and had mysterious powers aswell, but Sir Reginald Hargreeves hadn't found me. I wished he had. Every night.\, I wished to be one of them. Instead of Koti, I'd be Jupiter, off fighting crime. I never got why, but I knew I'd be Jupiter. The name just did it for me.

Every second, as I walked, It seemed as if it were getting colder. I looked around for someone, anyone to talk too. No one. Times like this, I wish someone would've taught me to control my powers. I wanted to be anywhere but here.

I fished in my pockets for a lighter. I knew better than to use it to light a cigarette or anything, mom would kill me. She was probably already looking for me. She'd kill me. Or try. But the lighter was for any warmth I could muster. At least until I found somewhere to stay. Not for the night. Just until midnight. My mom wouldn't look past then.

I stumbled around in the cold of night, until I found a coffee shop. It was my regular hang-out. I stumbled into a booth. It was my usual booth, but tonight someone was in it. He looked familiar but I didn't know where I'd seen him from. He was drinking. I didn't know what, but it wasn't 100% coffee.

"Hi. I'm Koti. Sorry for the random intrusion. I usually sit here on Thursday nights"

"Klaus, and It's Friday. Not Thursday." I smiled as he spoke.

"Ya see that girl over there, been workin' here about 3 weeks. Hates me, I hate her. Now watch" He raised an eyebrow as I prepared myself. Soon a long black, solid, shadow replaced my arm. It stretched over right in front of her foot. And almost as if I had planned it, she fell to the floor and hot coffee spilled everywhere. Everyone was stifling their laughter. I quickly retracted my arm and took off my hoodie.

"How'd you do that?" Klaus asked as I looked around making sure nobody knew I did it.

"Well…." I paused as I felt my phone vibrate. I quickly ignored the call, and looked up at Klaus. I knew I had seen the face somewhere, knew I'd seen those hazel eyes before. "Well Séance." I smirked as I added emphasis on his codename from the Academy. "Ya know that freak thing where Babies were born to mothers with no signs of pregnancy. Of course you do. That's when you were born. Duh. I must sound like an idiot. Anyway that's when I was born. Except. My mom kept me. She hates me. But she kept me. And I run away from her every other night. Weird huh?" He just stared at me after I finished talking. Then outta nowhere he grabbed my hand and led me out of my life. And into someone else's