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Once they got home Lauren wished the babysitter a good night, went upstairs into their son's room and left it to Sam to pay the girl and walk her to the door. She quietly entered the nursery, finding her baby boy fast asleep in his crib. As always, seeing her son put immediately a smile on her face. Lauren bent down and carefully kissed his forehead. Seth let out a tiny little sigh and she felt her heart clench in her chest; the pure love she had for him overwhelmed her once again.

When she straightened up, Sam wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, nuzzling her neck. She chuckled, surprised at his sudden appearance, and leaned against him to feel his strong body against hers.

"Is he alright?" Sam whispered, looking down at his son.

"Yeah. Sleeping peacefully." Lauren saw how a broad smile stretched his face as he ran a gentle hand over Seth's head and through his soft, fluffy hair. Then he turned his head and kissed her lips, one hand wandering to her back and unzipping the dress.

"Sam... " She gasped against his lips, feeling a surge of lust shoot through her at his forwardness.

"Now what about that private party you wanted?" He reminded her, his hand continuing to slowly pull the zipper down. "We have to take the opportunity before Seth wakes up."

Lauren quickly grabbed his arm, trying to make him halt his actions.

"Stop undressing me in our son's nursery." She pleaded quietly and had to suppress a yelp when Sam picked her up without warning and headed for the door.

"Then I suggest we better get to our own room." He whispered in her ear and kissed up her neck before crashing his lips to hers. Lauren didn't know how he managed to concentrate on carrying her to the bedroom; he didn't break their kiss once as he walked down the hallway with her in his arms.

Sam opened the door to their bedroom with his elbow and kicked it closed behind him again, setting Lauren down and reaching around her to find the zipper on her back, pulling it all the way down. Lauren was already dizzy and breathless from his quick and sudden movements, but she didn't mind. She loved it when he was so fast and eager to get her out of her clothes.

She snaked her arms around his neck and pressed against him, making him groan. "I feared you wouldn't be in the mood to sleep with me because of how I behaved tonight."

"Oh please, it takes a lot more than that to keep me from having sex with you, darling. I could never reject you, no matter how much you annoy me." He added jokingly and smiled at her, slipping his hand into her now opened dress to run his fingers teasingly along the smooth skin of her back. Lauren closed her eyes, letting out a sigh. "Besides, they're adults and need to figure it out themselves."

"Yeah, and I tell you, they'll end up together. I can feel it."

"Do you feel this?" Sam asked, moving his hips against her to let her feel his growing erection. "Can we stop talking about my brother and your friend now? You wanted to show me how much you love me."

He backed her towards the bed, pushing the straps down her shoulders and tugging her dress down and over her hips until it pooled around her feet, leaving her in her strapless bra and panties. Lauren kicked the piece of clothing aside and grabbed a fistful of Sam's shirt, pulling him closer to press her mouth on his. Sam kissed her hungrily, his tongue licking over her bottom lip impatiently and then shoving into her mouth when she parted her lips with a moan, his sneaky hands already unclasping her bra and tossing it onto the floor.

Lauren let out a soft sigh as suddenly cool air swept over her bare chest, causing goosebumps to form on her skin and her nipples to hardened instantly.

"Cold?" Sam asked huskily and made her let out a laugh that turned into a moan when he cupped her breasts and started to circle her nipples with his thumbs.

"A little." Lauren breathed out and lifted her hands to caress his still covered, strong chest, feeling all the muscle beneath her palms.

"That'll change in a second." Sam promised and stroked down her sides rough and determined, squeezing and kneading her ass. Groaning, he rubbed up against her and pressed her lower body against his, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her ass. His grip was so tight, it would leave bruises for sure. But she didn't care.

Lauren tried to suppress the choked noise that escaped her feeling Sam's erection against her stomach, but failed. With shaky hands she hurried to unbutton his dress shirt, needing him naked. She pulled it off, the material slipped away and with a sigh she leaned into him, his hot skin finally up against hers.

Sam licked down her neck and nibbled at the soft curve of her shoulder, making her whimper. His lips and hot wet tongue expertly teased her sensitive skin, licking over that spot under her ear that always drove her wild. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth, causing an unexpected wave of lust wash through her, making her mewl and breathe heavily.

In the next moment, Sam had stopped the delicious teasing and pushed her down, not too hard, but still very firm and Lauren realized they had somehow reached the bed when her back hit the mattress.

He smiled down at her and she buried a hand in her hair, taking deep breaths and trying to get her heart to stop beating so rapidly as she watched Sam strip out of his pants and boxer-briefs. It was no use; her heart rate picked up even more when he had gotten rid of the disturbing pieces of clothing and was standing naked before her, his eyes dark with lust, wandering hungrily down her body, taking in every inch of her.

Sam moved closer to the bed, running his hands up her thighs and taking hold of her thin lace panties, dragging the material abrasively down as he never broke eye contact with her, watching Lauren's reaction intently. She gasped at Sam's rough treatment, revelling in the way how in one swift movement her hips were lifted off the bed and then she felt her body slide forward with the force of his grip until her ass was at the edge of the bed.

Sam was visibly impatient now; he was rock hard, desire slowly thrumming through him. The thought of taking his wife, driving into her balls deep and feeling her hot wet walls wrap around him and squeeze him so fucking tight, feeling her hot body against his, was enough to make him nearly lose his mind.

"Sam." She breathed his name, sending another jolt of lust through his abdomen, and reached her hand out to pull him down to join her on the bed.

Sam changed his mind about the position though. Taking her hand, he yanked her onto her feet, cupped her ass with one hand and wrapped the other around her waist, lifting her briskly up. Lauren gripped his shoulders and quickly locked her legs around him to keep her balance. He laughed at the shocked expression on her face, sitting down on the bed with Lauren straddling his lap.

"You on top, babe." He explained, brushing a strand of hair out of her face and locking his lips with hers, cutting her off as she tried to speak. She lifted herself up onto her knees, her thighs on either side of his hips, her wet dripping center only a few inches above his hard throbbing length and wound her arms around his neck, pressing her soft full breasts to his muscular chest as she deepened the kiss, trying to taste as much as possible of him.

She grabbed a fistful of his hair, tugging at the strands and making Sam groan, as she leaned with her whole weight into him, knowing his big strong body wouldn't even budge under her own tiny frame and she could give it to him, as hard and rough as she wanted. The thought sent a delicious shiver down her spine. Just knowing how strong he was, how easily he could overwhelm her, was enough of a turn on for her.

Without breaking the kiss, she slipped one hand down his chest and gave his hard length a squeeze, stroking it a few times before positioning it at her opening. Sam moaned into her mouth and gripped her hips hard, stopping her from sinking down on him.

"Wait." He choked out before she could ask why and caressed down her back, running his hand over her ass and dipping lower until he found her sweet hot center.

"I'm so ready, more than ready for you, baby." Lauren said quietly with a smile when it dawned on her that Sam was worried she wasn't aroused enough due to the lack of foreplay.

"Just need to make sure." Sam whispered as his fingers parted her folds, slipping through the wetness and Lauren closed her eyes with a moan, placing her forehead against his.

"Sam...please, Sam. I need you, I'm always aching for you, baby. Only you." She knew how much he loved to hear her say those dirty things, loved it when she told him how she was always longing for him and wanted to be owned by him. He needed her to confirm that she was his, only his, and no other man would ever have her again.

She tightened her hold in his hair and slowly began to take him in, biting her bottom lip and letting out little mewling sounds as his big hard length eased into her until he was completely buried inside her. Sam moaned, dropping his head onto her shoulder when she closed around him, gripping him forcefully. They remained still, both panting heavily.

When Lauren was able to catch her breath, she started to kiss along his shoulder, teeth grazing his skin, and licked and sucked at his neck, feeling his arms around her press her even closer to him in response. She squeezed her inner muscles around him, eliciting a wonderful dark growl from Sam and grabbed his shoulders tight, fingers digging deep into the skin and slowly pushed up onto her knees, causing his length to almost slip all the way out and drive back into her when she just as slowly sank down onto him again.

She moved slowly, steadily at first, moaning softly and rocking against Sam, feeling his breath on her neck and hearing his noises of pleasure in her ear as he let her take control. But then she put one arm around Sam's neck for more leverage and began to move faster and slam down onto him with more force, feeling every hard inch inside her.

"Shit. Just like that, babe." Sam gritted his teeth, sucking in a sharp breath and gripped her hips again as she continued to move frantically in his lap.

He bit down onto her shoulder, hearing her cry out as he panted against her skin, her hot, wet and so fucking tight walls around his aching hardness, forcing the first few drops of his release out of him. It was all Sam could do to keep himself from coming right then.

Lauren gave him a shove and he willingly let himself fall back against the mattress, allowing her to do whatever she wanted. Another low moan escaped her at the movement and she ran her nails down his chest, making Sam hiss. The new position allowed her to move even faster and she picked up pace, taking Sam even deeper in than before.

"Fuck, Lauren... " Sam's hands left her hips and reached down, kneading her ass roughly and she bit her bottom lip to hold back a cry.

His big strong hands were everywhere, roaming over her body and up her stomach, his fingertips brushing teasingly the sensitive skin under her breasts before he attacked her nipples, pinching and twisting them.

"Sam... " Lauren moaned, continuing to bounce on top of him and pressing her soft full mounds into his hands with each move.

Sam could easily take control at any minute, roll on top of her, pin her with his body down and fuck her into the mattress, and not knowing when or if it was going to happen sent a pleasant shudder in anticipation down her spine and made Lauren almost lose control.

She slumped forward, bracing herself with her hands on his chest, her nails breaking the skin when Sam lightly pressed his thumb down onto her clit, drawing a few circles.

"Sam!... Oh God... " She sobbed, squeezing her eyes shut. He stopped the torment and she whimpered, her legs shaking.

Sam let out another groan and took hold of her hips, not able to stay passive any longer. He rammed into her with a forceful thrust and Lauren cried out, letting him take over as he fucked up into her and pulled her body down onto his length at the same time over and over again; their bodies slamming together, skin slapping on skin.

Lauren's body tensed as she felt a spark of orgasm and she leaned against his chest, not having the strength to hold herself up any longer. She trembled and moaned incoherently, letting Sam fuck her.

Sam panted heavily, thrusting as deep and hard into her as their position with Lauren on top of him allowed, a hot wave washing through him as he felt her give herself over to him completely. Lauren let out another whimper, her walls clenching around him and his abdomen tightened. He was so fucking close.

Lauren cried out his name and scratched her nails down his chest, leaving red marks as Sam slammed into her one more time and triggered her orgasm. She pulsed around him and he couldn't hold back any longer; his bruising grip on her tightened and he let go, spilling inside of her with a low animalistic groan.

Ten minutes later they had regained their strength so far that they could breathe again. Sam wasn't in a hurry to leave Lauren's body though and he lifted one hand to run his fingers gently through her dark curls. Lauren sighed, snuggling closer and refusing to roll off of him.

"That was... that was one hell of a ride, Mr Winchester." She mumbled into his chest and Sam smiled, kissing her head. "Good."

"But I don't think I can move anytime soon."

"You don't have to." He whispered into her hair, his hand rubbing soothingly up and down her back. He was still inside her and Lauren could feel the moisture between her thighs; evidence of their orgasms. It felt so good and she wasn't ready for him to pull out just yet and leave her body empty. Lauren turned her head to kiss the red scratches on Sam's chest, making him smile. They laid there a few more minutes, savoring the feel of their hot, sweat-slick and tangled bodies.

Then Sam gently moved her onto her back and braced himself on his arms, carefully pulling out of her. Lauren closed her eyes in pleasure, letting out a soft moan. She looked down his body as he straightened up, raising an eyebrow with a devilish glint in her eyes at the sight of his impressive length.

"Mhm, I knew I hit the jackpot the minute I'd laid eyes on you."

Sam laughed breathlessly at her remark and leaned down to give her a quick kiss.

"And now you're all mine." She whispered against his lips and wanted to pull him down again, but he made her stop.

"Just going to get us a drink, it won't take long." He promised when he saw the disappointed look on her face.

"Actually, a little break sounds good. We don't have time for another round anyway." Lauren said, knowing that their son would probably demand attention soon. "I better go check on our baby boy. Do you think we were too loud?" She asked and reached for her morning robe.

"Maybe a little." Sam said with a smile. "I'll be right back, and if our son lets us, I'll make you scream a few more times tonight."

Lauren winked at him and watched him head downstairs, admiring his perfect naked body. She sighed contentedly, feeling her body still tingle after their coupling and then walked into her son's nursery.

Sam entered the kitchen, grabbed two bottles of beer and rushed back upstairs. Lauren stepped into the hallway and closed the door to Seth's room, giving him a smile.

"Is he still asleep?" Sam asked quietly and she nodded. "Yep, still fast asleep."

They walked back into their bedroom and Sam handed her the beer bottle. "I figured you'd want a nice cold beer."

"You are the perfect man. Will you marry me?" She asked hopefully.

Sam chuckled and clinked bottles with her. "To you, my love."

"Oh, I'll definitely drink to that." She said playfully, bringing the bottle to her lips.

Sam set his beer down after taking a sip and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her to his body. "I saw how all the men were eyeing you up and fantasizing about doing all those things that only I get to do with you."

"Really?" Lauren breathed out, running a hand through his hair. "Then tonight was indeed a success."

"Yes, it was." Sam's hand moved slowly under the material of her robe to caress her breast. "Now let's celebrate some more, shall we?"

Dean and Beverly walked in silence to the hotel she was staying at. Dean kept watching her out of the corner of his eye intently, never leaving her out of sight as he waited for the right moment to speak up.

"I'm sorry about this." He said after a few minutes had passed and Bev's head shot in his direction when his gruff low voice sounded through the darkness of the night. Dean noticed the faint flicker of fear in her eyes before it turned to surprise. He had to suppress the amused smile that threatened to stretch his face at her reaction.

"I mean, I'm a stranger to you and Lauren left you here alone with me." He said quietly, his tone warm and friendly.

Bev hesitated. She licked her bottom lip and quickly averted her gaze before looking back at Dean. "Well, you're Sam's brother, so technically you're not a stranger. I don't know you, but... uh we had the chance to talk a little at the party."

Dean gave her a little smile and then quickly scratched the back of his head as if he was nervous about saying the next words.

"Listen, Beverly... " He started and quickly trailed off when they reached the entrance of the hotel. Putting his hands in his coat pockets, he looked down onto the ground as he thought about the best way to approach this topic. Bev stopped and looked at him expectantly, watching him take a deep breath.

"This may seem very sudden, but... I'd like to see you again." Dean said, deciding to be direct after the show he had just put on and took a confident step towards her.

Bev looked at him, a curious smile playing on her lips. "I thought you were seeing Jane."

"What?" Dean exclaimed, but quickly regained his composure. He cursed inwardly. He could feel that Bev was about to agree on a date with him and he wasn't going to let the fact that Jane had acted like a jealous wife earlier get in the way of seducing Beverly.

"Beverly, I'm so sorry. It's not like that... I swear." He hurried to explain, lying bluntly and not feeling guilty about it for even a second.

"No, I'm sorry, Dean. It's none of my business, I shouldn't have asked." Bev quickly replied, feeling bad about her comment. It was rude.

Another minute passed as they stood there, looking silently at each other. Dean waited patiently and then lifted one hand, lightly brushing a strand of hair out of her face without even touching her. But it was enough to confuse the poor girl some more. Dean smiled, revelling in the way she reacted to his unpredictable behaviour.

"I enjoyed talking to you tonight." He said huskily and made sure not to touch her again. He knew he was stretching the boundaries already.

"Me too." Bev heard herself answer, not sure why she had said that though. She looked at him suspiciously, not able to figure him out.

He looked at her with an indescribable intensity in his eyes. His smile made her weak. She couldn't believe it, but she honestly wanted to see him again. The realization shocked her a little. She still feared him a little and wanted to stay away from him, but the temptation was just too strong.

He was Sam's brother, so he had to be a decent guy... right?

She cleared her throat. "Do you... do you really want to see me again?"

"Yes." Dean said and watched in surprise as she opened her purse and took a pen out.

"Don't mock, it comes in handy." She said when she saw the expression on his face.

"I'd never dare to make fun of you." Dean laughed at her tone and Bev blushed.

She carried a pen in her purse... he found it kind of adorable. His smile grew bigger when she took his hand and neatly wrote her phone number on his palm. Then she took a step back, put the pen back into her purse and looked at him again. "If you don't call, that's okay, just don't tell me later you washed your hands and couldn't make out the numbers after that, okay?"

Dean raised an eyebrow and chuckled, impressed by her unexpected and bold words. Maybe she wasn't as shy as he had thought at first. "I'll definitely call."

"Good." Bev nodded and looked over her shoulder at the hotel. "It's late, I should... you know. Thank you for the walk."

"The pleasure was all mine." Dean wanted to give her a friendly and innocent kiss on the cheek, but quickly decided against it. It was too soon for that. She wasn't like Jane, he couldn't attack her like that.

Bev gave him a little insecure smile and disappeared into the lobby of the hotel. Dean looked at his hand, at the blue ink on his skin and felt the delicious shiver in anticipation of the new challenge ahead of him.