Family Portrait


Madam Director Jennifer Sheppard could not believe her eyes as she looked through the brown folder in front of her. Even though she had read what was on it for what must have been hundredth time by now, she still could not believe what she was reading.

The folder contained lab results, which she had got tripled checked by their lab expert, Abby Scuito. She had made sure of the forensic scientists complete confidentially; she could not have information like this becoming the new scuttlebutt.

She also had another folder given to her by a private investigator, lying on the desk in front of her. This one was containing birth certificates and a lot of photos.

But she still could not believe it was him. She took out the baby blue photo frame she kept hidden from view in her drawer, gently stoking the picture inside it as she thought carefully about what her next move would be.

She had been diagnosed with cancer, with over a year left to live. She knew if she didn't tell them the secret would be buried with her and their life would go on as normal, them being none the wiser.

She didn't have any idea what to expect if she did tell, there was no possible way to guess anyone's reaction in this situation. There was no handbook on it; she guessed it wasn't that much of a common occurrence.

She could risk loosing one of the brightest and smartest agents she had, or possible gain a long lost son and the knowledge she had done something good in this world.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs barged into the room at that moment, aggravating her to no end but also giving her the courage to tell him the secret that was playing on her mind.

"You wanted to see me Madam Director" He drawled out her title, using it in mockery because he was annoyed she had summoned him when he was near to solving a case.

"Sit down Agent Gibbs" She replied coolly.

The Silver-haired man glared at her even harder, not budging an inch to the chair in front of the desk.

"Fine, your choice" She shrugged, handing him the folder full of pictures to look at.

Gibbs took it off her, finally accepting the seat while he looked through the pictures. She watched as his frown got bigger and bigger with every picture he looked at.

"Why are you showing me pictures of McGee?"

"Becauseā€¦." Jenny swallowed "He's your son"

Well heres my attempt at a Gibbs is really Tim's dad story. Hope you enjoy. All reviews are welcome, but if your being horrible, please try to be constructive when you are. :)