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Chapter 7

"I believe this is yours"

Jenny placed the badge and weapon on the desk, filling the awkward silence that had filled the room.

They were still far from being a happy family that the three of them wanted to be. The boy barely knew her, other than she was the director at NCIS, but that was just her job and not her personally. And she highly doubted he knew much about Gibbs, other than he was grumpy and liked to build boats in his basement. They all were going to try though, so they were definitely on the right track to being where they wanted to be.

"You… you're letting me keep my job?" Tim's eyebrows furrowed.

"Yes, you've got so much potential, you could be a great agent one day Tim. And you are a whizz with computers, the best we have in the whole of the agency, we need you on the team" She replied.

"But.. I'm only nineteen. I lied to get the job. I should be…"

"Should be what?" Gibbs cut him off, annoyance clear in his voice "Fired? Arrested for lying to a federal agency? You were just a kid. You are just a kid still, and you let us send you into the field day after day!"

"I'm sorry… I mean… I'm not… I'm…" Tim stuttered awkwardly, not sure what to say.

"Ignore him Tim, we understand why you did it, and it doesn't matter." Jenny glared at Gibbs.

"The hell it doesn't! Things are going to change big time around here. You think you're having a weapon, think again!" Gibbs growled.

The silver haired man snatched up the weapon on the table. He didn't feel to comfortable with him carrying a gun, he didn't even want to think about sending him into dangerous situations. The boy was his son, and the only living child he had, he could not lose another child. Tim didn't bother to argue with him, he was just glad that he was getting his job back.

"How is he going to work without a gun Jethro? I'm pretty sure that Dinozzo and Ziva will be suspicious if all of a sudden Tim isn't allowed a gun" Jenny challenged him, thinking her ex-lover was being a tad over-protective.

"Let them be suspicious." Was Gibbs answer.

"Uh…" Tim said awkwardly "I.. I think that may be a problem"


"I sort of … maybe… kind of…"

"Spit it out Tim!" Gibbs, although he was his father now, was still the most impatient person he had ever met.

"I left the DNA test results running on Abby's computer. And she already knows how old I am" He bit his lip in a manner that reminded Gibbs of Jenny. She had always done that when she was a young agent and had done something she knew to be stupid.

"What? How long has Abby known?" Gibbs glared at him all of a sudden, more concerned with the fact Abby knew and he hadn't.

It was so obvious when he looked at the young man now that he was still only nineteen, and he felt ridiculously annoyed with him self for not knowing sooner. Sure Tim looked a bit older for his age, but not that old. He had his round chubby baby face, void of any facial hair. He was tall, just a bit short than Gibbs himself, but he still suspected he would grow an inch or two more. He had those childlike pouty lips and large puppy dog eyes when he got into trouble. He still read comic books for Christ's sake!

"Um.. not long… just … just a few months" Tim mentally groaned, realising he shouldn't have given up so much information.

"How long is a few months?" Gibbs narrowed his eyes at him. He could tell when someone was trying to downplay something.

"About… say … two years." He said the last bit so low that Gibbs wouldn't have known what he said if he didn't lip read.

"Two years! TWO YEARS!" The elder man roared, head slapping the younger man hard. He didn't know who he was angriest at; Tim for not telling him sooner, Abby for keeping it from him for so long; or himself for not being able to see that he was an adult when he put him on the team.

"I told her when we were dating. That's why she finished with me." He said that part a bit sadly before he carried on "And she didn't say anything because she thought I was going back to Norfolk, then when I got the job, I kind of made her promise not to tell"

"Didn't you think about what it could mean for her career if she was found not to have reported that information on? And I'm not even going to touch the fact you were dating a thirty year old woman! You could have gotten her in a lot of trouble for that!" Gibbs nostrils were flaring.

Tim knew the man would be mad the day he found out, but he had no idea he would be this angry. Then again he supposed he deserved it, he could have gotten Abby into a lot of trouble, not only for the fact he was underage, but also because she was keeping this a secret from the bosses, and it was one of those ones were she had to do her duty and tell. If Jenny wasn't his mother, he was sure he could have easily dragged Abby down with him without even meaning to.

"Jethro, lets just leave it okay? Tim knows he shouldn't have done it, and it is not like he is going to do it again. We need to deal with the matter of Abby knowing his parentage now." Jenny sounded like a mother protecting her son from his father's punishment.

"I'm sure she could keep it a secret, she has kept his age one for the past two years" Gibbs said sarcastically. Tim was wondering if he would ever drop the fact that Abby and him had kept a big secret from him for so long.

"I don't doubt that. What I mean is, are we ready for everyone to know? You know she will run to Tony and Ziva straight away, and Tony is known to be a blabbermouth." Jenny shot daggers over at Gibbs, wanting him to give their son a break.

"Tony can keep quiet when it matters" He defended his senior agent, insulted the director thought so lowly of him.

"I know. We need to get this underhand though, we do not want the wrong people finding out."

She was a bit elusive when she said 'I know', which made the team leader extremely suspicious of her. Tim hadn't really noticed, he didn't know her nearly near as well as Gibbs did. She was up to something, but Gibbs knew that matter would have to wait until he dealt with the drama that was currently going on in his life first.

"The wrong people won't find out, just my team."

Tim wasn't a hundred percent sure that he wanted them to know just yet. He hadn't even had enough time to digest it yet, he couldn't be doing with jokes from Tony about it. But he knew that somewhere he must have wanted them to know straight away, otherwise he would have gotten rid of the results on the screen.

"Good." Jenny replied coolly "That means that we can use your team to find out exactly how Tim ended up a McGee, without ever having been adopted."

"Oh my Gosh!" Abby's eyes were wide and she dropped her café pow on the floor when she saw the pictures on the screen in front of her.

No way in a million years could Timothy McGee, be Gibbs' and Jenny's child. Abby had suspected that the latter two had had a relationship at one point in their lives, but that didn't mean that they had a child, or Tim was said child.

"Did you see who did this Bert?" She looked at the hippo, but he never replied, so she had to find out if this was an odd joke or if it was true.

She checked, double checked and even triple checked the results, and each time she came up with the same answer. She was too gobsmacked to even think about it, and what it meant for the three involved, she picked up her phone and dialled a number.

"Tony, I need you and Ziva in my lab, like right now!" She told him urgently.

"Abby! I've only just got into work, give me a chance to eat my breakfast" She heard him holding back a groan.

"Now Tony! This is important!" She snapped at him, still unable to take her eyes off the screen in front of her.

"Right, on our way."

"Or Tim could just ask them." Gibbs replied. "I suspect you never went to see your father this weekend did you?"

"I phoned up my grandmother, she said I wasn't adopted" Tim told them.

The young man honestly would have preferred that the team investigated it. They all would know his personal life; something he tried hard to keep private, but that way meant he wouldn't have to face Shaun McGee.

"The agent I assigned to the job hasn't been all that productive either. And I can't get in touch with the detective I hired to track you down in the first place." Jenny admitted.

"You assigned an agent?" Gibbs glare was back on his face, aiming it at her.

"Yes" Jenny snapped back "We all know something is dodgy with the way he ended up with the McGees. And since he is my son, I have a right to know!"

"Call off the agent. This is Tim's choice if he wants to know or not, not yours! And if he wants to know, he can go and ask his parents!"

"I don't mind if she finds out for me" Tim said quietly, unsure if he really wanted to get between them both when they were arguing.

"No! You want to know Tim, you go ask and speak to your parents. They have been your mom and dad all you life, that fact doesn't change over night, they has a right to tell you their side of the story" Gibbs was adamant on that fact.

Although he would have preferred it if it was him the one Tim was calling dad, and the McGees were nothing to do with anything, that wasn't true. The fact was that they had raised his son as their own, and that couldn't be taken away so Gibbs just had to deal with it.

"If Tim doesn't want to go there, he doesn't have to!" Jenny was shooting daggers at Gibbs.

"Yes he does. You said you haven't talked to them in a while, well now is the time you need to."

"W.. w… will you come with me Gibbs?" He asked nervously. He didn't think he could face his dad, sister and grandmother after so long alone, and Gibbs seemed liked the perfect person to take, considering who he was.

"Of course I will" He nodded, secretly pleased that his son wanted him to go with him.

Jenny was only slightly upset that Tim hadn't asked her to go with him. But he didn't know her, so she really couldn't blame him. Anyway, she had a matter here she had to sort out.

"They live in Ohio don't they? Take two days off, get a hotel up there and put it on the business expenses. I'll talk to your team."

"Come on Abs, McGee the stuttering probie, being the son of the mighty Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Jenny Shepard?" Tony snorted disbelieving.

"He looks nothing like them" Ziva agreed.

"You don't think I know that?" Abby scowled "I came into my lab and found this already up, and the security videos show that it was McGee who did it. I even triple checked the results; there is no possible way that this isn't true"

"But, it's McDork."

Tony meant it lovingly, even it sounded harsh. But he was having a hard time coming to terms with this. Why did McGee always get everything? He had a lovingly family growing up, while Tony's mother had died when he was eight and his dad had never cared much after that. Tony would do anything for Gibbs to be his father, and now Tim gets that too. He was jealous, big time, even if he would never admit to it.

"It does make sense why he has been acting so strange. And why he said that they are both the reason why he was upset" Ziva pointed out.

The senior field agent nodded, that bit made sense, but something else wasn't adding up.

"Probie is twenty-five right? Gibbs met Jenny when they worked in NCIS, I'm pretty sure McGee would have already been born by then" His eyes zeroed in on Abby when he saw her twiddling her pigtails nervously.

"That's the thing, he's not that old."