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Dib's P.O.V.

Have you ever felt your life flash before your eyes? Something happens that you just can't accept, so you tell yourself it's just a dream, no, a nightmare, and soon you'll wake up and it'll all be over, but deep down you know it's no dream? Well, I can tell you now that I've experienced that feeling firsthand. I've never been so terrified in my life as I am now, running for my life from a jet-black wolf the size of a bear. A creature like something out of a nightmare. A creature that used to be my rival, my enemy, forever my opponent in this sadistic little game we played, each of us fighting for a race that cared nothing for us. Zim. I could almost laugh at the pointlessness of it all if my situation wasn't so terrifying.

I risk a quick glance behind me, and instantly regret it. The sight of a pair of cold, unfeeling blue eyes, glistening, six-inch ivory fangs, and three-hundred pounds of sweat, power, and raw muscle a mere thirty feet behind you is not the most uplifting sight, to say the least.

I don't even know how long I've been running. All these trees look the same. I must be several miles away from the city, regardless of which direction I've been going. Miles away from the nearest human. No one will hear me if I scream, so why bother? Even if someone could hear me, no one would give a damn. My whole existence basically revolves around being everyone's punching bag. Hell, I can't even stand up to my little sister…


Tripped over a root! Without even pausing, I scramble up, despite every muscle screaming out in protest.

I got up quickly, but not quickly enough. Subtract five feet from the distance between me and the werewolf. Just my luck. I keep running, ignoring the burning sensation in my legs, and the fact that it feels like I'm running through molasses. If I even slow down, it could mean death.

I'm too young to die. Finally I understand just what those words mean. Finally it hits me. If some miracle doesn't magically show up and save me, I'm going to die.


This can't be happening. I don't want to die. This can't be real…..

There is a small ledge up ahead. I frantically scramble down, and that costs me a few seconds. I throw another quick glance behind me, just in time to see the beast clear the ledge in one powerful leap. Take another ten feet off my lead. What an irony that would be. A paranormal investigator, killed by an alien werewolf. Why am I even still running? What do I have to live for? It would be so simple, so easy, to just give up….

Wait... Up ahead… Perfect! Brambles! I may survive this yet….

I duck into the brambles, and hope the wolf follows…. Yes! It follows me! It's so big it gets stuck, just as I'd hoped. It buys me some time, but still I can't slow down.

As I burst out of the last of the brambles, I see something else up ahead… Another ledge? But this one is different… There's… Water? I can use this!

As I jump over the ledge and into the water, I notice something. Behind the little waterfall there's a small opening. A cave? Maybe I can rest here… The water will keep the beast from sniffing me out… As I scramble into the cave, an enraged roar and some loud cracking sounds inform me that the beast has gotten out of the brambles.

Well, I should wait it out here. I try to breathe shallowly; I don't think the beast can fit through the opening, but better safe than sorry. My ankle hurts. I probably twisted it when I tripped over that root, and just not noticed it until now.

How did I get myself into this? Where did I go wrong? I made so many mistakes… Well, It's probably still out there, so I've got time… How did this all start? I think back… Now I remember… The day it all began…

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