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Life as a Snape: Chapter 1

Evening approaches, as the sunset begins to fall over the rolling hills, it's just too bad you can't see it over the modernized landscape scattered with comfortable looking houses and apartments. But one certain apartment, looking utterly ordinary, lays a secret society. And lounging inside, rests the fate of the wizarding world. Relaxing in the living room of the Order of the Phoenix, two best friends sit together, the two competing against each other in a battle against the wit, although the third friend unseen anywhere. The competition drawing near a close as one makes the final move. 'Checkmate!' I exclaim triumphantly, as I finally move my rook into its final position, pinning the king in its final resting spot, marking the end of my match against Ron.

'Ah, I went easy on you Hermione,' Ron muttered, trying to hide his obvious embarrassment by hiding his pale, freckled face inside the nearest pillow, keen on not resurfacing until later.

'Yeah, sure you did Ron.' I mock him teasingly, getting up off the comfortable armchair, picking up the nearest book and started to read it. It's a good thing I always have my favorite book close at hand, "Hogwarts, a History" at close hand.

But before I get the chance to get into my book, loud, clobbering, rushing footsteps echoing from the fragile wooden staircase stopped me in my tracks, attracting my attention. 'Hermione!' a voice screams out, the voice reverberating on the walls of the hallway.

My eyes venture upward, confused, as I see a panting, disheveled looking Harry bolt into the room. 'Yeah Harry?' I asked him, while standing up and walking towards him, giving him support he needed as he reached towards the corner he stopped at.

'Snape... wants... to talk with you... about something... important.' Harry panted in between uneven breaths, trying everything in his power to get his breathing back under his control.

Ron looks up from his pouting session to observe the scene unraveling before him. 'Harry, you're out of breath just by running down here? Wow mate, you're more out of shape than I thought!' Ron joked, obviously not trying hard to contain his laughter at the obvious stress of his best friend by letting out roars of joy at the sight of Harry.

'Hey, you would be panting too if Kreacher chased you down twelve flights of stairs with a metal pan of death inches away from your stomach.' Harry spat, trying desperately to get his breathing back under his control as he has been trying to for the past several minutes.

'So where's Snape?' I ask, interrupting Ron's joking session, remembering why Harry was speeding down here in the first place, although I too found it hard to contain my laughter at Harry's distress.

'He's in the kitchen; he said it was really urgent that you come quickly. He said something about having important matters to discuss with you. Probably your flawless record in potions.' Harry answered; turning is back on me to go sit down.

'Ok. Thanks Harry, I guess I'll see you guys later.' I say walking towards the kitchen, when a thought comes to mind, a devious one at that. I stop, turn my head over my shoulder slightly, and smirk at Harry. 'Oh, and Harry?' I ask quickly, catching his attention. He looks up, his curious expression waiting for me to continue. 'I'm not supposed to say this, but Kreacher's hiding in that closet.' I say mysteriously, smirking while pointing to the nearest closest to Harry.

Harry's curious expression quickly morphs into one of sheer terror, as he jumps up onto the armchair with his legs beneath him, ready to spring at a moment's notice. 'OH MY G-D WHERE?! DOES HE HAVE THAT FRYING PAN WITH HIM?!' he screeches, cowering in the direction of the closet, as if he's waiting for Kreacher to fly out of it and hurt him.

His reaction is too much, my gut hurts from lack of air, and I double over laughing, the feeling of containment unable to be contained any longer. My arm finds a wall to support my falling weight, as my head rests on my arm. Harry's reaction had such an impact on me that tears start to pool around the rims of my eyes. Ron too must hold himself up against the wall to prevent himself from falling over, his laughter echoing mine. Unfortunate for Harry, that he stopped hyperventilating to figure out what I just said. 'That was SO not cool Hermione! You nearly gave me a bloody heart attack!'

I smirked again, feeling yet another moment to be a smart. 'Yeah, I would hope it would be a bloody heart attack, due to the fact that your heart controls the blood flow of your body.' I say arrogantly, showing off my knowledge. Ron snickered behind Harry.

'Just go see what Snape wanted.' Harry muttered angrily, trying to recover from his second shock of the day by waving me out of the room, turning away from me.

'Ok, see you guys later.' I laughing, waving goodbye to my best friends as I depart the living room.

'Bye Mione.' they both chorused simultaneously as I walked out and head towards the kitchen, where my potions master awaits me.

Walking down the hallway, I am soon met with a sight, Snape who looks like he has been pacing back and forth in the kitchen like a caged animal, stressed and impatient. From the pace he was going at and the anxious look that masked over his normally nonchalant guise, I'm surprised there wasn't a giant circle on the floor. He notices my arrival. 'Miss Granger!' He barks. 'About time, let's go.' Snape barks again, grabbing my wrist, ushering me out the door.

'Um, Sir, if you don't mind by me asking, but, where are we going?' I ask as I dig my heels in the ground to prevent myself from moving any further, hoping my confusion shows through my voice, not to mention my overwhelming curiosity on why he was pushing me out the door. But something in the back of my mind told me this was not some school field trip or that he was going to praise me on my potions record, especially since school is not going to start till another two week or so.

'We're going to your parents' house. That's the best place to deliver the news.' Snape snaps quickly, but there is a sense of uneasiness hidden in his normally malevolent voice.

Wait, what? My parent's house? What is this about? Am I getting kicked out of Hogwarts?! What have I done wrong? I thought… I don't understand! My thoughts are running wildly in my mind, my thoughts immediately going to the worst possible case scenario. 'Why?' I asked, still confused, this time, hearing a sense of urgency in my own voice.

He does not stop to answer my question. He just continues to shove me out the door until we are a good twenty meters in front of the entrance to the Order of the Phoenix. 'You'll find out soon enough. Take my hand.' He answered, finally coming to a halt, holding his hand out as if he's expecting me to take it without question.

Yeah, right, I was repulsed just by the mere thought of taking his hand, let alone actually taking that thing. Who knows? It could be covered in year old potion ingredients. 'Why Professor?' I ask, hoping my obvious repulsion was not evident in my voice. The last thing I needed was my least favorite professor ticked at me.

His eyebrow rises to his already sunken hairline, his expression slightly amused, but it was hard to see his amusement over his anxiousness. 'Do you know how to apparate?' he asks me, as it was the most obvious question in the world, but to both him and I, the answer was the most obvious thing in the world.

I could the embarrassment flood to my checks as I lower my head so I didn't have to meet his gaze. 'No.' I grumble, reluctantly taking his cool stone hand. And an instant later, I feel the unfamiliar sense of apparating whip me into a difference location.

And not a moment later, I feel reality hit me again. My professor landed gracefully on his feet due to his experience, but I on the other hand landed in a crumpled heap on the ground next to his feet. 'Having trouble standing on your own two feet?' I hear him mock jokingly. Wait, did THE Professor Snape, the one that never smiled or did anything NICE for that matter just JOKE at me?! Oh mighty Merlin... what's going on here?

'Come Hermione.' Snape calls, stepping over me. Oh now what, he's calling me Hermione?! Oh something must be terribly wrong with him. Too bad Madam Pomfrey isn't here to help…

'Coming Professor!' I yell, running to catch up with him, but I keep a safe distance away. He stepping up onto the familiar welcoming front deck and strode towards the grand double doors that lead into my house. He rang the doorbell, hearing a faint echo of the doorbell from inside. The outline of a figure shows up and opens the door for us, and we are greeted by my mother. 'Oh! Hello Professor, Hermione. Come in, I have tea set up over there.'

'Thank you Mrs. Granger.' Snape says, walking in and taking a seat on the chair next to the fireplace as if he's been here before, and has already made himself welcome. He grabs a cup of tea and sits down on one of the armchair and waits for the rest of the family to join him.

I catch onto this in an instant. 'Mother? Were you expecting him?' I ask, skeptical of what was going on, noticing how welcomed my professor was acting in my own house. I mean, it wasn't helping the already awkward situation, no need to make it worse, right?

'Yes sweetheart, he said he had some important matters to discuss with you. Just go take a seat over there. I will go get your father' She said, sounding kind of nervous, which only adds to my uneasiness.

'Alright Mother.' I hopelessly agree. I take a seat on the couch, with two empty seats on either side of me, one for my mother, and the other for my father. As I walk towards the couch, I could have sworn I heard her say that will be the last time I ever hear that. What does she mean by that? I thought to myself. I just tell myself that I was hearing things as I too took a seat on the couch. Before I take a sip of my tea, I hear my father walk in with my mother.

'Hello Professor.' My father greeted Snape, 'Pleasure as always.' Always? I thought to myself. Does that mean my parents and Snape have talked before? Guess I'm about to find out. My father took the seat next to me, and my mother begins to speak.

'Hermione, dear, Professor Snape is about to tell you something, and promise not to overreact ok? None of it may seem real, but I seriously want you to take it seriously. You're father and I didn't like the way it sounded either' she tells me, sending my nervousness to an all-time high. Every single adult in the room was acting way too out of character for my taste.

'I guess so.' I answer, my voice wavering uncontrollably in my throat, me having no power over what my body does from this moment on forward.

'Good,' my father speaks up, adding to the tension building in the room. 'This news is going to change our lives forever.' I would have taken that as a joke, it's just too bad that his guise was completely serious, unwavering, and his voice remaining completely steady.

They were really starting to scare me now. 'Just get on with the news.' I snap, my patience running thin, mainly due to my growing uneasiness. My head turns to look at Snape, who hadn't said a word since we got here, nor has he moved position, and his gaze remained fixed on the fireplace.

'Hermione,' he started, not looking up from the fire, his voice remaining completely steady. 'You are my daughter.'

Silence. Echoing silence everywhere. Not a thought running through my mind, not a sound coming out of anything. Time is at a standstill, as if it were waiting for me to say something, anything, but my mouth remains closed. Closed, and invalid, it just hangs open like a fish dangling limply on a hook, awaiting its death to come. Only the faint sound of crackling fire filled the tense room. What? What? WHAT? Was the only word running through my mind, it unable to form any other thought.

I sat there, with my mouth wide open, and my eyes unblinking, unbelieving that he could just come out and say it like that. 'W-what did you just say?' I stammered out, still trying to get this new information to sink in. This is where osmosis would come in real use, too bad it only works with water.

'Hermione, I know this may seem like a shock to you,' I snorted at that. 'But I've done all the research, confirmed with your birth certificate and my missing daughter's birth certificate, and you in fact my youngest daughter.' Snape said calmly, as if he were talking about the weather outside.

A conscious thought finally is able to form. They've got to be joking with me! SoI decided it was time to determine whether or not they were joshing. 'I don't mean to sound rude Professor, but I really want some proof to prove that I'm your, daughter. I mean, I look nothing like you!' I tried to reason, as I also tried my best to keep the snide out of my voice, actually thinking for a moment that I had a valid point. But obviously the professor came prepared.

'Correct Hermione, because you are under a very powerful concealer charm. It was placed on you when you were four months old, and only someone that shares your blood can take it off.' He states, knowing that I was going to ask for some evidence. I guess being his student for so long helped him learn my personality.

Four months? I thought that must have been when they gave me up. Ouch, that kind of hurts, being given away at four months. And to think that same guy comes waltzing into my parents or adoptive parent's house and declaring he wants me back? Funny. 'Ok, well can you take it off?' I asked as politely as I could manage.

'Certainly. Go stand in front of that mirror over there.' Snape says, pointing to a full sized mirror on the other side of the living room. The mirror calls me over, as if it's waiting for me to find out the truth.

Walking slowly, I face the mirror and wait to see what I really look like; taking in my appearance as if it's the last time I will ever see it. And for all I know, it might be the last time I see this Hermione, the Hermione with untamable wavy brown hair, chocolate browns eyes that seem to radiate knowledge, and my signature buck teeth. Who knows? Maybe the Hermione that will soon stand before you will have midnight black hair, and a nose the size of Jupiter. But my fantasizing halts, as Snape waves his wand over me, and mumbled something I couldn't pick up, and immediately saw the transformation begin.

For starters, my normal, bushy, untamed hair magically changed into silky, flowing ink black hair that flowed down my back. So I was right about the hair… I think amusedly to myself. My height of 5'4 was raised to 5'6, I slimmed down, (if that was even possible, I was already underweight as it was) and my legs got a little longer, but that wasn't the major change I saw. That would be my eye color. They went from a warm, chocolate color I was so familiar with became a striking deep purple color, almost a deep violent color. At least I don't have the nose… I try and comfort myself, but I know it's useless, for all I could do, was stand there, thinking what the bloody hell going to happen from here, now that the truth has been released.

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