Bonnie opened her eyes and looked around. She was lying on the ground, and the pony was prancing around in confusion. She didn't remember exactly what had happened, only that a moment ago she had been sitting on the pony's back, and the next moment she wasn't anymore. Frightened and in pain, she began to cry. Both her parents were there instantly, her mother gathering Bonnie into her arms.

"Oh, my baby!" Scarlett cried, hugging Bonnie tightly.

"Mommy, my back hurts!" Bonnie wailed.

"I know, sweetheart." Scarlett carried Bonnie to the chair she had been sitting in and sat down with her.

"Can you move your arms and legs, Bonnie?" asked Rhett.

"I think so, Daddy." Bonnie flexed first an arm, then a leg.

"I think she's more frightened than hurt," Rhett said. "No more high jumps, young lady, until you've had a lot more practice. I'm going to move that bar right now." He immediately did so, while Scarlett continued to console Bonnie.

"Don't take my pony away...please don't take my pony away..." Bonnie begged.

"Of course we won't take her away, dear. We just don't want you to do any more high jumps until you've had a lot more practice, that's all. You could have been hurt very badly just then, Bonnie."

By the time Rhett returned, Bonnie's sobs had dwindled to sniffles.

"Feel better now, darling?" Rhett rumpled Bonnie's hair playfully.

"Yes, Daddy." Bonnie smiled and held her arms out to him, and he gently lifted her into his arms.

"Well, I think we've had quite enough pony riding for one day. How about if I take you out for ice cream? Your mommy can come along too, if she likes."

"I think I'd like that, Rhett," Scarlett said softly.

"Well, then, it's all settled, isn't it?"

"Hurray!" Bonnie cried.