Beau and Bonnie lived out the rest of their lives in England, returning to the United States for visits occasionally. Several of their children, including Melanie, married members of British aristocracy, and the rest all married English commoners and had children and grandchildren of their own.

Rhett Ashley Wilkes and his wife, Annabelle, were on the Titanic when it sunk. Annabelle was saved by a lifeboat, and Rhett floated to safety on a piece of furniture. They were later reunited in Massachusetts, where they had a daughter, Jewel, and other children.

Bertrand and Scarlett Thibodeaux had a long, happy marriage, remaining in New Orleans for the rest of their lives.

Antoine and Felicia Dubois also remained in New Orleans, where they took over the restaurant from their parents. They eventually had a total of eight children, including several World War II veterans.