Protector. Ch 6

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It always seemed as though traffic was horrible whenever one was in a hurry and there was no traffic when one was not in a hurry. Ludwig honked the horn angrily to a car that wasn't paying attention to the green light. He gripped the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles were turning white.

"Ludwig-san, relax. Being tense isn't going to make anything better." Kiku, sitting in the passenger seat, murmured soothingly. His soothing voice only put Ludwig more on edge. He needed to get to Antonio quickly. He didn't want to imagine what might have happened or what could happen to Feliciano if he wasn't quick enough to stop them.

Ludwig honked the horn again, cursing loudly until the car in front of him slowly rolled forward. Ludwig trailed right on the cars bumper, waiting to reach the speed limit. He could practically hear Feliciano's agony filled screams reverberating in his head and see his bloody body writhing in pain. He couldn't let that happen. He couldn't allow his small, fragile Italian to be in any pain.

It seemed like a thousand lifetimes before Ludwig finally arrived at the apartment complex. He threw himself from the car and charged up to the apartment. The door was still wide open so Ludwig just stormed in. The place that used to be home to him felt completely alien. The rooms had been trashed; picture frames holding years of precious memories were shattered on the floor and worst of all, the bodies of the guards were lying on the floor.

Sitting on the floor was the Spaniard, looking crushed. Ludwig quickly hurried over and hoisted him to his feet. "Where's the note and stuff?" he demanded. The Spaniard pointed a shaky finger towards the now-cluttered table. Ludwig rushed and quickly read them.

'Come to the warehouse by Midnight or your ex and his brother will be slaughtered. Do not get the police involved or they will be killed.' the note read, followed by an address. The other note card read, '41224114' Ludwig realized with dread that the fours matched and that without the first and last numbers the other numbers wrote out the days date. One day before Christmas and Feliciano's favorite holiday.

Ludwig's eyes narrowed dangerously into demon-like slits. He stormed over and shoved Antonio into the wall.

"Why the h*ll does some person want you and why did Feliciano get involved?" Ludwig demanded harshly. Kiki hurried over and tugged on Ludwig's arms seeing Antonio struggling for air. Ludwig reluctantly let him go but glared at him, waiting for the answer.

"I-I don't know!" Antonio coughed out desperately "I don't know why any of this happened! Please, find my Lovi and bring him home!"

Ludwig growled and took a deep breath to calm himself. Kiku stepped in, holding his hands up in truce.

"Ok. Well we have until midnight so let's formulate a plan." Kiku said.

Antonio and Ludwig stayed silent but nodded.

"Ok so Feli-chan and Roma-kun are in a warehouse. We'll surround the entrance and exit and put a wire on you. We'll hear what is being said so if anything goes wrong we can get in and put a stop to it." Kiku explained.

"If they've thought this far in advance, don't you think that they'll have people guarding the perimeter?" Ludwig asked. Kiku frowned in thought and nodded slowly.

"Hai. You have a point. We'll give him a wire and hide by a nearby warehouse or cover point." Kiku suggested. Ludwig nodded in agreement. Antonio looked skeptically.

"What if they hurt one of them?" he asked quietly.

"If they hurt one of them, we'll hear it and we'll go in." Ludwig answered before Kiku could respond. He didn't want to think about Feliciano getting hurt but he had to think ahead if he wanted to save him.

Antonio nodded silently. "What do you think he wants me for? What if he asks for something I don't have?" He asked.

"If you have whatever they want on you, give it to them. Once you and Romano and Feliciano are safe we'll go in and arrest them." Ludwig told him.

"And what if I don't have it?" Antonio asked fearfully.

"Then tell them so. We'll be listening so we'll come in if you get any trouble." Kiku answered for Ludwig. Kiku looked between the German and the Spaniard. "We'll get Feli-chan and Roma-kun home safe and sound." he assured them.

(Time Skip)

Kiku and Ludwig took Antonio along with them to the station and got the necessary permission, help and equipment. They put the listening device onto Antonio and quickly briefed the plan again to make sure everyone had their stories straight. Antonio got into his car and Kiku and Ludwig as well as some other officers got into their cars and drive towards the building.

Kiku and Ludwig parked behind a neighboring building out of sight from any guards that might be close. The digital clock read 10:37. Roughly an hour and a half until midnight. They had plenty of time.

The moon shone brightly above their heads, casting down silvery rays of light to the earth below. Buildings and light poles shadows were warped and distorted by the moon climbing higher into the sky. The city sky choked any stars from being visible with a veil of pollution.

Kiki and Ludwig turned on the monitor to listen to the listening device on Antonio. At first they only heard shuffling and a mix of noises. They assumed he was walking and listened carefully, not wanting to miss anything. Ludwig was just barely able to contain his desire to run straight into the building and retrieve Feliciano. He would make sure that the person who hurt him would pay, whether it be by means of a bullet or lifetime in jail.

Ludwig's thoughts silenced hearing an unfamiliar man's voice, "He's here." it simply declared. There was more shuffling and then the creek of a door opening and closing. The footsteps reverberated through the empty warehouse ominously. Ludwig listened closing, listening for any signs of Feliciano.

"I see you finally came. Isn't it a little close to the time window I gave you?" a new voice said. The person was unfamiliar to Ludwig but a gasp from Antonio told the German that he knew the man.

"Sadiq! What do you want?" Antonio demanded angrily.

Keep your cool. You don't want to upset this man, Ludwig thought. He tightly gripped the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles turned white. Feliciano was so close! All he had to do was run in and he could grab him! His heart yelled at him to go rescue him right then but his brain spoke louder, reminding him that someone, like Feliciano, could get hurt.

"I want you to feel the same way I did when you took Romano away from me!" The man yelled. Ludwig's mind spun, trying to figure out who the man was. He had an accent, one that Ludwig wasn't familiar with, and was with Romano at some point.

"I didn't take him from you! You drove him away from you with your...your abuse!" Antonio shouted angrily. The other man laughed coldly, filling the car with an icy feeling. Both Kiku and Ludwig shivered. It suddenly all connected! It was Romano's boyfriend prior to Antonio; the Turkish man who beat him up. Everything suddenly made sense, or almost everything.

"The little brat deserved it! I bet you know what I mean now! After all you did for him, he ditches you for some dumb b*tch!" Sadiq calmly spoke though there was venom laced with his voice. Ludwig couldn't practically see the man quietly stewing.

"So you killed her?" Antonio asked. "You killed an innocent girl because of that?"

"I didn't kill her because of that. My plan was to have you framed and it worked no doubt. I bet the police think you did it." the Turkish man taunted.

"Then why did you kill her and the first man? I didn't know him; he had nothing to do with this!" Antonio asked, sounding tired and dejected.

"That was just a practice round to get out some steam." Sadiq nonchalantly told him. It was as if murdering people in such a violent way was a common, every day thing.

"I still don't get why you had to do it! How are you getting revenge on me for taking him away from you?" Antonio asked.

"Let's just say we're going to play a little game!" Sadiq exclaimed joyfully. Ludwig and Kiku glanced at each other then looked back to the device intently.

There was a pause before the Turkish man spoke again, "Aren't you curious of what the game is?" he asked.

Antonio sighed, "What is your game?" he asked. His voice was laced with dread.

"I'm going to take you back to where I have those two brats and I'm going to give you a gun. If you try to do anything, you and your precious little Italians will be killed. You are to shoot the smaller Italian and then turn over the gun to your precious Romano when I bring him in, but the object of the game is to make it look like you hate him and want to kill him as well. He will shoot you and you'll die." Sadiq sweetly explained. "But with death comes life and the life shall be that Romano gets to live free knowing that he is the cause of his dear 'fratello's' death as well as three others, not counting those guards that were slaughtered."

Ludwig froze. His hand darted for the door knob but was quickly seized by Kiku's hand who pioned him.

"Just wait a few minutes. You cannot think straight like this." he calmly directed him. Ludwig glared at him and tried to escape his iron grip but couldn't. He focused his attention back to the monitor.

Antonio's voice was thick with emotion as he cried out, "I-I can't kill Feliciano! H-he didn't do anything! Please don't make me do it!"

"You don't have to do it but in that case, I will personally go back there and kill the both of them and then you'll have to live with the guilt!" Sadiq mercilessly teased.

A sob slipped past Antonio's defenses. "N-no! Please don't!" he cried, "I...I'll do if."

It was with that second that Kiku released Ludwig's wrist. Ludwig had been waiting to feel the pressure slackened and took the chance to get out the first opportunity he got. Kiku was out just a few minutes after Ludwig but both had their guns drawn in a heartbeat.

Ludwig and Kiku peaked from their hiding spot. Seeing the guards looking around uncaringly they leapt from behind their cover, aiming their guns.

"Drop any weapons and put your hands up where we can see them!" Ludwig hollered. Never before had his voice been so demanding or harsh. Adrenaline coursed through his blood stream making him feel like he could climb the world's tallest building. The guards fired a few shots but Kiku and Ludwig leapt out of dodge. With the speed of a jaguar, they reaimed their guns and fired at the guards. They too jumped out of dodge but a bullet managed to puncture through one of the men's legs.

More shots were fired towards Ludwig and Kiku, forcing them to take cover. "We're never going to get in now!" Ludwig hissed quietly to Kiku who was panting.

"I have an idea." Kiki declared. "I'll hold them off. You loop around and go through the back door. Keep low and towards the wall and they shouldn't see you!"

Ludwig nodded, crouching down. "Go now!" Kiku whispered. He peeked over their cover and fired shots towards the men. Ludwig quickly crawled away until he was behind the corner of the building. Checking to make sure there were no extra guards, he stood up and started sprinting around the outside of the neighboring warehouse, making his way towards the back entrance. With all the gunshots near the front, any other guards would have gone to where Kiku was, leaving the back completely vulnerable.

Ludwig stealthily crept to the back door. Without the monitor, he was completely in the dark of what was happening inside. He told Antonio he would come in if there was any trouble but maybe Ludwig wouldn't be quick enough and, in order to save Romano, killed Feliciano. The image of Feliciano lying dead or dying on the hard, cold, concrete floor all alone haunted Ludwig's vision.

Adrenaline pumped through his veins more effective than any drugs. Ludwig was to the back door in a flash but to him it felt like it took forever. It was as though Feliciano was on one side of the Grand Canyon and Ludwig on the other side when in reality they were very close.

Ludwig, pulling the gun close, quietly opened the back door. He peered into the dimly lit room. At first he thought it was just an empty room until he saw a door on the other end, slightly ajar. Ludwig quickly checked the room and didn't see anyone or thing. He dashed into the room and sprinted to the door. Flattening his back to the wall to the side of the door, he paused to calm down. He knew he wouldn't be able to think straight or react fast enough if he went into the next room all worked up.

After the slight pause he pointed the tip of his gun into the door and peered inside. Near the center bathed by a pillar of silvery moonlight shining from some large windows stood a strange looking man and Antonio. In front of the man that Ludwig assumed was Sadiq, on his knees and blind folded was Feliciano. Ludwig's vision was sharper than a hawk and could see the dirt staining his face and the tears streaking his face. Standing in front of the small Italian was Antonio holding a gun in shaky hands. His face was also streaked with tears.

"Shoot him!" Sadiq hollered. "Do it now or your precious Romano will die!"

Antonio lifted the gun pressing it to Feliciano's temple, "Feli, I'm so sorry. You won't feel a thing, I promise." Antonio whispered, his voice trembling and thick in emotions. Feliciano was visibly trembling but was kneeling a little straighter, trying to die with as much dignity as he could muster.

"I-I understand." Feliciano told him. Antonio switched the safety off, swallowing. Ludwig leapt from behind the wall. Feliciano was blocking a clean shot to Sadiq and Ludwig didn't want to risk hitting him.

"Hey!" he yelled, effectively catching their attention. In his peripheral vision, he noticed Feliciano smile brightly in relief. Sadiq quickly pulled a gun from his pocket and fired a few rounds at Ludwig. Ludwig dove towards the floor, only feeling the bullets whiz by his clothing. Being blind folded, Feliciano knew Sadiq was shooting but he didn't know if Ludwig was hurt.

"L-Ludwig?" he cried out desperately.

"Feliciano, get on the ground! Antonio, go get Romano!" he yelled. Feliciano quickly dropped to the ground awkwardly. While Ludwig fired shots at Sadiq, Antonio ran off to retrieve Romano. One of Ludwig's bullets pierced through Sadiq's arms. Ludwig heard his hiss of pain with triumph. He made a quick dash to Feliciano, forcing Sadiq back with more rounds of fire. He was acutely aware that he was going to run out of bullets soon.

Ludwig hastily wrapped an arm under Feliciano's waist, pulling him up and behind him so that his body would shield the smaller Italian's from any bullets. Feliciano, being tied up, just leaned close, pressing his wet, tear streaked face to Ludwig's back. It felt good to have Feliciano back though they definitely weren't safe yet.

Ludwig's gun clicked and with dread, Ludwig realized he was out of bullets. With the speed that few could ever claim to possess, picked up Feliciano's smaller form and held him close to his chest so that he wouldn't jostle around and hurt himself while he sprinted to the door. Sadiq fired more shots. Ludwig could feel the bullets whizzing past him and just barely nicking his skin with raising alarm. He knew Feliciano must have felt it too with not all parts of his body covered for he would very slightly whimper in pain, sparking Ludwig's anger and propelling him faster.

The door was nearing closer and closer. Freedom and a chance to switch guns was nearing so close that he could taste it. He pushed himself to run even faster, panting heavily. He held Feliciano's smaller body closer to his. "W-we're almost there!" he whispered between pants to Feliciano.

Suddenly, red hot pain seared through his calf, quickly spreading through his entire leg and effectively immobilizing him. Ludwig stumbled to the ground, dropping Feliciano who cried out in alarm and panic. Ludwig tried to push himself to his feet but would fall as soon as he put pressure on his calf. The pain wasn't too intense yet since the adrenaline was still pumping fast through his body.

Ludwig's heartbeat accelerated. He wouldn't be able to carry Feliciano or even run. He could hear Sadiq's footsteps nearing but didn't dare look back. He drug himself so he was close enough to Feliciano to pull down his blind fold. Feliciano's chocolate eyes, red with tears, widened in surprise. Fresh tears filled his brown pools seeing the blood quickly coming from Ludwig's leg.

"Feliciano, get up and run! Quick go run now!" Ludwig yelled hurriedly. Feliciano pulled himself closer to Ludwig, wanting to find some way to help.

"N-No! I can't leave you! He'll kill you!" Feliciano cried out, tears over flowing and burning down his cheek. Ludwig reached out and tenderly stroked his cheek.

"If you stay here we'll both die. If you run, you can get back up to come help Antonio and Romano. You can still save them! Please just go!" Ludwig begged, placing a quick yet tender kiss of Feliciano's chapped lips. A sob managed its way out of Feliciano's throat.

"O-Ok. I love you Ludwig." Feliciano whispered, his voice thick with emotion. Ludwig knew that he would most likely die but as long as Feliciano lived, he would be happy. He looked into the eyes of the one person who had always stuck by him and encouraged him and felt his heart swell with love.

"I love you too, Feliciano. Now go!" Ludwig exclaimed, helping to push him to his feet. "Hurry!" he exclaimed. Feliciano took one last look at him, his eyes full of adoration and grief. He forced himself to look away and sprinted as fast as he could. He was always faster than Ludwig if he wanted to be.

Sadiq's footsteps finally stopped. The Turkish man was huffing and puffing for breath. He glared down at Ludwig with an irate look.

"You…you cost me my plan! You ruined everything!" he roared. Ludwig looked up at him defiantly, looking into the eyes of the man who was to kill him and steal his life with Feliciano from him. He sent a final prayer to lead Feliciano to safety and to look after Antonio and Romano. He spat on Sadiq's shoes. The Turkish man thrust his foot into Ludwig's stomach. Ludwig's body folded in, trying to protect his chest and stomach. Ludwig coughed dryly.

"You disgusting filth! How dare you?" Sadiq bellowed. He kicked Ludwig again and again, his speed and power increasing. Ludwig squeezes his eyes shut to keep from crying out. He would not give this man the satisfaction. Sadiq growled. "Too stubborn, huh? You won't be for long! I'll make sure you scream just like my other victims!"

Ludwig spat some blood out and glared up at Sadiq's towering figure. "You won't get away. There is more police outside waiting for you to come out. By now, all your little guards are dead and my men are surrounding the area as we speak." Ludwig hissed. "I may die along with all of your other victims but Feliciano and Romano and Antonio will live on and that's good enough for me!"

Before Ludwig could blink, a knife stabbed through his thigh and Sadiq was crouching by his face, glaring in disgust. Ludwig nearly howled in pain but kept his mouth clamped. "Don't act so high and mighty, worthless swine. You don't know if Romano's still alive and I might have more men hiding; ready to intercept your precious Feliciano and sling him up and skin him alive. Wouldn't that be a beautiful sight?" Sadiq growled triumphantly. His eyes flashed with a sadistic joy. Ludwig nearly boiled over with anger. He wrapped his hands around Sadiq's throat tightly. Sadiq looked cool and calm even though his face was turning red without sufficient air. He reached back and grabbed the handle of the knife in Ludwig's leg. He yanked it out, sending pain through Ludwig's leg. He stabbed the blade through Ludwig stomach.

Ludwig gagged, Feeling the alien object in his body and scraping against vital organs. His grip weakened and fell away from Sadiq's neck. Shaky hands fell to tenderly touch his wound. Sadiq ripped the knife out. This time Ludwig couldn't hold back his weak cry of pain. Blood started steadily seeping from the wound in his stomach faster than he could stop it. He coughed harshly, sending more pain through his body.

Sadiq laughed coldly, watching his pain with hungry eyes. Ludwig gagged on blood stuck in his throat. His vision was becoming faded, choked behind a black veil.

Here it comes! Ludwig thought with dread. Dear God, please watch out for Feliciano and Romano and Antonio!

Just before the blackness swallows him up he heard a loud bang followed by the thud of Sadiq's body hitting the concrete.

(Time skip)

Ludwig had heard stories of people seeing a light when they died or people they loved but he didn't see anything. He wasn't even aware of anything. He was just floating in a black space unaware of anything. He didn't hear any voices or feel any movement. He was alone, entirely unseeing and unfeeling.

Or at least for a while.

He eventually started to hear faint, far off voices. The voices picked at little parts of his brain. He knew they sounded familiar but he couldn't think of who they were. He realized in growing panic that he didn't know his name and couldn't remember what had happened. The voices grew louder and more desperate.

"Hold on!" they shouted, "Ludwig, hold on!" "Don't leave me, please!" "Ludwig, can you hear me?"

Ludwig tried to speak but the words died on his lips. He was too weak to say anything anyway. The only thing he could manage was a groan. Tender hands cupped his cheeks, stroking his skin with a warm thumb. A soft voice spoke gently near his ear, "Ludwig, can you hear me?" the voice sounded so familiar. He knew he knew the voice was familiar to him but he couldn't figure out who the person was but something deep within him was drawn to the voice.

Another groan escaped Ludwig's cracked lips. A relieved laugh escaped the person's mouth. Gentle hands caressed his face, encouraging Ludwig to open his eyes.

"L-Ludwig, it's me; it's Feliciano. You're going to be ok now. Sadiq's dead and the police are outside arresting the other men involved." Feliciano whispered. Ludwig gasped as the previous memories slammed into his mind. He forced himself to crack his eyes open. The first sight he saw when he opened his eyes was Feliciano's big, brown, concerned eyes watching him concerned. He smiled softly, his eyes glowing with warmth when he realized Ludwig woke up.

"Hey!" he whispered, his voice getting thick with emotion. "Don't scare me like that ever again!"

Ludwig smiled weakly. He didn't pay attention to the others working around him, trying to patch the hole in his stomach; he only saw Feliciano crouching in front of him. He quickly scanned over Feliciano's body. Feliciano's clothes were worn and dirty. There were some small holes with a small amount of blood surrounding it from where the bullets nicked his skin. It didn't appear as if he was in any pain or had any other wounds but it was still more than Ludwig would have wanted for him.

"Feli…" he whispered, lifting his hand up to cup Feliciano's cheek with a pale hand. Feliciano blushed and gently covered Ludwig's hand with his own.

"I love you, Ludwig." Feliciano whispered tenderly, "Thank you."

"Feli, I was so scared," Ludwig spoke slowly, still weak from the blood loss, "I-I thought I lost you."

"It's ok now. I'm safe; we're all safe." Feliciano turned his head to kiss Ludwig's hand before returning his hand to his cheek.

"W-what happened?" Ludwig asked. "I blacked out but I thought I saw Sadiq get shot."

Feliciano nodded, "Si, Antonio had saved Romano and they both rushed out to help you. They said they saw you strangling him and then he stabbed you. They quickly rushed over and Antonio shot Sadiq while Romano called an ambulance." Feliciano's voice grew very serious then, "They were almost too late to save you; you had lost that much blood."

"Are they ok?" Ludwig asked quietly.

Feliciano chuckled, surprised by Ludwig's concern for Antonio and Romano when he himself had almost died, "Si, they're both ok. Romano just had some small scrapes and bruises but that's it."

Ludwig blinked in response, feeling exhaustion wash over his body in a wave. Feliciano smiled warmly.

"It's ok. You can rest now." Feliciano smiled softly. He leaned down and placed a sweet kiss on Ludwig's lips gently. Ludwig gently kissed back, his heart thumping against his chest. For the first time since the beginning of the first murdered, everything felt right and safe again. The two kissed shared their short yet passionate kiss, both closing their eyes to enjoy it to the fullest.

When they parted, they both looked into each other's eyes as if they were the only thing in the world. Feliciano looked at Ludwig with pure adoration and Ludwig mirrored the look.

"I love you, Luddy." Feliciano whispered tenderly.

"I love you too, Feli. Forever." Ludwig whispered back, leaning into him. Feliciano stroked his face, watching affectionately. The paramedics loaded Ludwig into the ambulance to take him to the hospital and fix him up. Feliciano rode in the ambulance with him, never once letting go of his hand.

"Merry Christmas, Feliciano." Ludwig whispered.


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