I fell really sick, so I think I might hurt someone. :D Like Ikki maybe...


It was a dark, rainy day. Ikki was challenged on the roof of a three-story building. I was there as well. Medabee was dusty; he had just come back out after five years. Brass was still in my basement. We had given up on medabots back then. I had left to become a reporter in America. I came to visit Ikki and Zuru, since I was on a break. I laughed right away. Ikki was dating Karin? When did that happen? This town had changed a lot. I got lost on my first day.

When Ikki got challenged, it was my last day. It had started to rain several hours before and hadn't let up. I had spent the night at Ikki's. When he got the letter, he had gone to a shed he had in his backyard. I watched him from the porch as he got Medabee out of the shed. I sighed as he put the metal in the robot. He sighed and said something. Medabee nodded and the two were smiling at each other. Then they left the house. I followed.

I found the two at the top of a three-story building. I glared at the guy who was robattling Ikki. It was Kam. It had been a while since we had seen him. By now the robattle had started. Zuru joined me.

"What's happening up there?" He asked. I sighed.

"I don't really know." Then it happened. Ikki was on the edge of the roof. Kam was laughing. Zuru stepped forward.

"Ikki!" Then Ikki was falling. He didn't scream, just fell. Then I found myself screaming his name.

Searches latest a month, but he was nowhere to be found.

So I went back to America.


Dreams are the only things I can hold on to. That and memories. I dream of Ikki and Medabee and then of Henry. My dreams were confusing at first, but I think that I just miss the past. I would wake up crying about Ikki and how he died. I decided that I would go back to Japan again. This time I might stay.

I arrived to find Rintaro and Kantaroth waiting for me. I frowned. I miss Ikki. Kantaroth reminded me of Medabee. I sighed and smiled, then waved at him. He turned and smiled, then waved back. I walked to him and smiled.

"How's it been Rintaro?" I asked.

"Fine, but Ikki's still… You know… Missing." I didn't say anything.

"Lets go." I muttered. Rintaro nodded. We left the airport and made our way back into town.

This time I stayed at Zuru's. He seemed upset. I was looking though some old pictures when I heard someone slam a door. I sat up. In the room I stayed in, I could always hear the TV running. They left it running all day. They had to have a huge power bill.

'Kilobots have been discontinued for years now, but they have came back as new, less powerful beings. They were used for evil purposes, but for some reason that part didn't change. Buildings have been destroyed. People have lost their lives. All bodies have been found other than one boy named Ikki Sukiyaki Tenryou.'

My eyes filled with tears.

'All we can do is hope that they don't destroy everything. This is Rile Summers reporting to you from the Kilobot story down town.'

I started to cry at that. I didn't really want to remember about Ikki. I decided I would go on a walk. A long walk.

When I got out of the room, no one was around. I wondered if Zuru was ok. I left the house.

My walk brought me to a shed in my old back yard. My house had been abandoned after a while, so I think Brass is still in that shed. I remembered the combination and opened it. Then I opened it. I coughed. It was dusty. I walked into the shed and smiled.

"Been a while Brass." I said as I saw her in the back. I took out my medawatch and placed Brass's metal back in.

The door slammed shut. Zuru wasn't in a good mood when he found out that Kilobots were back. He sighed. He heard Erika leave. Where was she going? He decided to follow her, not as his self.

I felt like I was being watched. Why anyone would want to watch me take Brass back out was something I couldn't explain. We talked for a while and decided to go find Medabee.

After all, only Ikki was said to be dead. Maybe Medabee was still out there!

He had never seen this much blood. He felt faint. Was it the blood lost or lack of food and water? He didn't know. He had lost track of time. He wanted to find someone, but he didn't know how much longer he could last. How he had lost blood wasn't a mystery. He remembered falling and instead of falling all the way down, He hit something pointy and sharp that made him start bleeding. He found his self in the forest before fainting. He didn't know how he got there so fast with his side like it was. He sighed and closed his eyes.

We started at the forest. I found a red trail. I was a little scared, but I kept walking. When I got to the end I gasped. There he was.