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Charlie's POV…

"WILLA, DUCK!" I screamed, helplessly watching my friend run away, and disappear around the corner. I struggled away from the pirate holding me hostage, grabbing his sword as I tore free. I drove the sword through him, he screamed in his robotic voice, crumpling to the ground.

I darted under the sorcerer's hat in the Studios, turning the corner where Willa had disappeared around.

"WILLA! WILLA, WHERE ARE YOU!" I screamed desperately. I squinted at a figure running at me in the distance.

"CHARLIE! RUN! RUN AWAY! THEY'RE COMING!" Willa screamed back at me. Another figure appeared behind her, accompanied by another voice.

"CHARLIE, PLEASE! RUN AWAY! WE'LL CATCH UP!" The second one was Jess.

What's got them so scared….oh crud.

As they got closer, another group rounded the corner. Of pirates, ghouls, and basically the worst the OT's had to offer.

Willa and Jess caught up, and only then did I begin running. I noticed one of them breathing really heavy- having trouble. I looked up, to realize Jess' hand was covering her ribs protectively, like she had gotten hurt. I got worried.

Looking ahead of me, I saw four people- the rest of the keepers- coming our way.

"GO THAT WAY! TURN AROUND!" we began screaming.

"NO! NO, THEYRE BEHIND US! YOU TURN AROUND!" Finn and Maybeck screamed back. Suddenly, they seemed to stop as the army of villains came into focus behind us.

And the army following them came into our focus.

"CRAP!" I screamed.

"FOLLOW ME!" Philby yelled, and ran towards the buildings. We did as told, and our two groups had merged as we ducked inside the Great Movie Ride.

We were halfway through the waiting line, when we heard the doors click behind us.


We began jumping over and going under the ropes, trying desperately to get to the doors. We smashed through the doors, standing on the waiting platform for a second, as Maybeck barricaded them behind us.

"W-We can't go in there… Think of all the OT's on the ride! There are villains in every one of those movies!" Willa said, a bit frantically.

"Calm down a little." I walked up next to her, putting an arm around her shoulder.

"N-no I c-cant calm down!" she nearly screamed. Everyone gave her an odd look, before I realized the girl was visibly shaking.


"We have to keep going. Through the ride. We'll walk, it's safer." Finn muttered, but still skeptically looking at Willa.

"Willa? Are you hurt? Or… oh, you're a little shaken up, huh?"

Willa closed her eyes, shrugged, and nodded.

"That reminds me." I muttered, turning to Jess. "Are you okay? Can you, like, breathe?"

"I got hit in the ribs, with like, a bat… it hurts, but I'll be fine."

"Good… now let's get going…" Maybeck muttered. He was glancing out the window warily. "They're coming…"

We jumped down form the platform onto the place where the ride vehicles normally are, but none were there. So we walked right through, Willa clinging to me. You could see the fear in all of our eyes, I'm sure, as we got to the part with the mobsters… or the door that leads to it, at least. We looked at each other, and gulped.

"There- right there, look! A cast member door!" Philby said excitedly.

"Come on, we could get out of here!" Maybeck said, pushing through it.

We pushed through something- soft and fluffy. It was weird, like pushing past… animal fur, or something.

But as we all got to the room on the other side, we gasped. We had just walked outside- but not into the Studios.

We had stepped out into a pine forest. Covered in beautiful snow, crunching underfoot as we walked, the forest seemed to go on endlessly. The air smelled frigid, but thin and pure. The sky, if you looked up, was a beautiful solid grey color, as snow fell light as feathers in beautiful, big chunks. Willa laughed and caught some on her tongue, jumping around like a five year old. Soon Jess had joined her. Snow was rare in Florida (otherwise nonexistent) and though most families travel and see it, I was positive neither Willa, Amanda, nor Jess had seen any.

"Charlie…" Amanda muttered from beside me.

I looked back at her, her cheeks already red from the cold, the tips of her ears the color of tomatoes.

"Yeah, Manda?"

"Charlie…. We…" a smile spread across her face, joy filling her eyes

"What?" I smirked.

"Guys!" She nearly screamed, lurching forward into a jog, coming upon a clearing.

"Manda!" I said, catching up to her. "What are you-"

I stopped short, looking up at a peculiar lamp post with a flame weakly flickering and fogging the glass.

The others stopped behind me, obviously noticing the light, too.

Willa turned to us, a giant smile gracing her features.

"We're in Narnia!"

My jaw dropped.

I freaked. A little.

Okay, a lot.

I ran back towards the door, the 'wardrobe', or whatever. It wasn't there.

"We… We're stuck… we can't get home!"

"No, we… I got it!" Philby screamed suddenly.

"I think I know what you're thinking." Willa smirked, suddenly no-fear.

"We keep going." Philby smiled.

Willa nodded.

"We find the bad guy and beat 'em, like they do in the movies!" Maybeck said.

"Next stop, the White Queen's castle!" Amanda muttered, looking off above the trees. We followed her gaze, looking at the tips of pointed roofs on towers of a castle, in the distance.

Willa nodded, and we started in that direction.

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