Hi! I've decided I really like this Disney show, Jessie. It's really cute, about a girl who moves to NYC looking to make her dreams come true. Instead, she's found by the Ross kids, and they hire her to be their new nanny. It's kind of like The Nanny, on NickNite.
So anyways, there are four kids, Emma, Luke, Ravi and Zuri. All adopted, allhave great personalities. Their dad is a director and their mom is an actress/supermodel. It sounds weird, but it;s really cute and funny! Give it a shot!
I've made a desicion- Luke is my favorite character besides Zuri. So I've decided to show him falling in love with a new girl. Like Jessie, she's not interested in his flirtatious ways...At first. And then... Well, you'll see! It's about their friendship growing into something more than just a friendship- a classic "I'm-In-Love-With-My-Guy-BFF" sitch. Hope you like!

The new girl was the type of girl who could be compared to the sky.
Her passion and love was unending. She was bright and fiery like the sun. When she was angry, her eyes flashed like lightning, and her throat rumbled like thunder. The girl's personality was hyper, curious and funny, and she was like a refreshing gust of wind to the dull acivity at the school.
Luke Ross thought about this as he watched her reading during SSR*. His book on motorcycles lay open on a random page on his desk and he ogled at the way the girl could read for so long without losing her place or getting all squirmy like Luke. He smiled a bit when she'd wrinkle her nose at a word she didn't understand, and look it up at once in a dictionary.
His twelve-year-old heart fell often for girls- but this said, it had never beat that fast when Jessie swept her bangs behind her ear. So why should it for this girl?
The recess bell rang, and the students scrambled to get out of the door and to their lockers.** Luke decided to make his move.
But he felt this odd pang in his stomach that made his eyebrow twitch and his hands sweat.
He was nervous.
Luke Ross is never nervous!
He scolded himself. But he couldn't help the butterflies that swarmed around his... lower intestines?- no, his stomach!- whenever he looked at her.
So he decided to become friends. Just friends, first. So he invited her over after school, praying all the while that Jessie wouldn't embarrass him this time.

She knew he was watching her. She thought it was kind of sweet, but also a little creepy. She'd never experienced that sort of intense staring, but she didn't let it distract her from the History textbook she was reading. She just looked up what the word trepidation meant, and pushed a stray strand of honey blonde hair from her eyes, and tried to concentrate on the Persian Wars.
She was quite startled when she shut her locker and he stood there, thumbs in his pockets, rocking back on his heels. He watched her for a moment with his intense deep green eyes, ran a hand through his brown hair. Then he asked her over after school, and she obliged. But, she told him, she had geometry homework.
But, he'd countered, it was a Friday.
And she shot back how Mr. Georgetown would settle for nothing but the best, and how he was the spawn of Satan.
So the two had gotten into a conversation about all of the evil teachers at the school, and she thought maybe she'd get to know Luke Ross better.

*= Silent Selective Reading, or something. Basically a quiet time where kids read. They had it at my school a few years ago, just wanted to clarify the term that we identified as Sit down, Shut up, and Read through elem. school. XD
**= In the show, I think of Luke as about twelve, but I've decided, for any intents or porpoises of my own, to make him thirteen.
Okay, that's a wrap. I'm gonna keep writing it whether ya'll like it or not. Leave a comment and name my OC! She has honey blonde hair, big brown eyes, tannish skin, she's shortish and pretty. If I choose your name, you get a shout-out in my next chappie!

Love you all!