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Bella Donna Boudreaux was sharping her knife when her brother Julien came in.

"What do yo' want Julien?" she asked her words like venom.

"Yo' won't believe what I just 'eard" Julien said panting.

"What?" Bella Donna asked now interested.

"It's about Remy" he said making her learn in closer to hear more, "He Told the Guilds to screw it, and dat he wouldn't marry yo' den he left N'w O'leans."

"He did what?" she shrieked.

"Do yo' want me to 'ill 'im?" Julien asked his sister looking like he really wanted her to say yes.

"Non! He's supposed to marry me and I'll make sure dat's just what he does" Bella Donna answered with an evil look in her eye.

"What 're yo' planin'?" Julien asked backing away.

"I bet he went back to 'er and de X-Men" she said rubbing her hands together before she started getting some stuff ready.

"Dat's where he said he was goin'"

"Good. Remy LeBeau yo' better watch out because yo're gonna be mine."

"Cody Ah not gonna do it" Rogue said glaring at her boyfriend.

"But why not? If ya do then ya'll be able ta touch" Cody tried to reason with her.

"If Ah so it then Ah won't be a mutant anymore" Rogue said as if talking to a little kid.

"That's the whole point of the cure" Cody said in a no duh kind of voice.

"Being a mutant is part of me Ah don't want to lose that. Plus there's nothing ta cure. And Ah almost got control of my powers, Ah don't see why the cure is necessary" Rogue snapped at him.

"So ya want ta be a freak?" Cody asked sarcastically.

"Ah'm not a freak. No mutant is a freak" Rogue said venom in her voice. "Ah'm beginnin' ta wonder why Ah left the mansion in the first place" She sneered.

"Ah don't know because ya wanted ta be normal?" Cody growled out.

"Ya know he would've never tried ta change meh. Wanna know why? Because he loves meh fer who Ah am" Rogue said turning to leave.

When she reached the door Cody called out. "Oh ya? If he loved ya so much then why did he leave ya?"

Rogue stopped at the door and griped the handle. She squeezed her eyes shut, letting one little tear slip out, before running out, jumping in her pick up and driving away.

She cried not knowing where to go when her phone rang.

"Rogue Ah" Cody started, but she never let him finish.

"No Cody we're done. Ya hear meh? We're through!" and with that she hung up.

Two seconds later her phone rang again. "What!" she asked venomously.

"Rogue what happened to you?" Kitty's voice said full of concern catching on to her best friend's sadness right away.

"Ah just broke up with Cody" she said.

"About time. He is so not your type" Kitty said trying to cheer her up.

"Ah have no idea what Ah'm supposed ta do now" Rogue said distressed.

Suddenly Kitty got an idea, Remy had just called the institute saying he was coming back. She knew just what would cheer her friend up.

"Why don't you come back here?" Kitty suggested. "You know you're always welcome here and everyone misses you."

Rogue thought about it for a while. "Okay" she finally said.

Truth be told she missed them to. "Ah'll be there as soon as possible."

Remy grinned as he rode on his motorcycle. He was finally heading back to his Cherie.

It took him long enough but he was finally going back to where he felt he belonged. With the X-Men and with Rogue.

And he couldn't wait to get back.

Cody sighed in frustration as Rogue hung up on him.

He hadn't meant to say those things. But it was so frustrating.

Not being able to touch her. He did know that she was working on her powers but it was taking so long.

And he didn't really think mutants were freaks. He just hated how people always talked bad about him because of Rogue.

And as for what he had said about Remy. Well he was mad that she was talking about him still when he had left her, for who knows what reason.

Rogue had refused to tell him, but whatever it was it had to be stupid.

Then and there Cody knew what he had to do.

He knew she was probably going back to New York. He would wait for her to cool off then he would go after her.

Bella Donna knew that convincing Remy to come back to her would be very hard and nearly impossible.

But it had to be done.

She would take and few days packing then drive up. That way she would arrive a few days after Remy.

That would give him time to, see the mistake that he had made, on his own. Hopefully she wouldn't have to show him.

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