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~Nora's POV~


I stood by one of the palace glass stained windows, looking out at the training field. It was early morning, the sun had barely risen high enough to tower the pine and oak trees. I wasn't here to enjoy the scenery though. I was watching over someone . . . Elliot.

It's been a couple of days since he was forced to kill that Shadow Dragon. I was well aware that for those who kill the one who did not train them, they begin to lose all sanity and eventually lose all control. We refer to them as Berserkers. The only way to stop a Berserker is to turn them to stone and leave them as such for all eternity. I've seen it happen before. That is why it's so difficult to find Guardians. It's either they die while trying to kill their Dragon or they become Berserkers because they decide to kill a much weaker Dragon, thinking it would work just fine as a replacement.

Luciana has already told me that I might need to face the fact that he might be like one of them. I refused to believe it. But as much as I deny it, I can't help but notice the sudden changes in him. His bright red hair that reminded me of flickering embers has become a darker shade. His eyes, that were as bright as the sun, have become dim. His pale skin seemed to darken . . . almost like ash. I noticed he hasn't been getting much sleep considering there were dark shadows under his eyes. I didn't want to think it . . . to think that he could become a Berserker.

"Ah, Nora-sama!" I looked over my shoulder and noticed a couple of palace guards standing behind me. The looks on their faces were normal, but I knew their real expressions.

"Morning, is something wrong?" I asked, trying to pretend I didn't notice the slight apprehension in them when they heard the tone in my voice. They exchanged a wary glance with each other and the other guard spoke.

"Well, Emrick has returned from his mission and has been running frantic trying to find you. He seemed worried."

"Alright, thank you for telling me."

The guards nodded and left. They know full well that I wasn't in the best of moods these days. Ever since the incident with Elliot, the palace guards and other Guardians seemed more careful around me. Like saying the slightest thing pertaining to Elliot could set me off. They were wrong. Yes, it would upset me, but I would understand. They only worry about what might happen with Elliot.

Luciana left me in charge of deciding Elliot's fate. In the end, I decided to wait and see if he may remain the same. Though there was some hesitation on her part, she had let me go on with my decision. No one was to interfere unless absolutely necessary. Of course, there has been talk around the palace about 'dealing with him.' I've made sure to make my authority in this situation known. Any talk of 'dealing with him' had immediately stopped.

"Nora!" I turned and noticed Emrick running toward me.

"Oh hey, I was about to go look for you. What's wrong-" he didn't let me finish. he wrapped his arms around me as he breathed a heavy sigh. "Emrick?"

"I heard what happened," he stated. "I'm so sorry. Fallon-sama had sent me on an urgent mission. I know you told me to keep an eye on Elliot, but I wasn't able to. Had I stayed, then Mallum wouldn't have gotten the chance to-"

"Stop apologizing, Emrick. I'm not angry with you," I interrupted him before he could continue. "Luciana-sama sent me to help Elliot's dragon escape from here. In doing that, we hoped that he wouldn't have to become monsters like us . . . we didn't think Mallum would stoop so low by pitting him against a different dragon." Emrick gently pushed me away with his hands still on my shoulders. The look in his eyes made my heart hurt. I smiled the pain away as I placed my hand on his cheek. "I don't blame you, so please don't give me that look." The look in his eyes never changed as one of his hands let go of my shoulder and placed it gently over my hand.

"Nora, I-"

"I knew Mallum was going to do something drastic, but I thought that was just me being paranoid . . . I should've known . . ." I felt tears slip down my face as my voice began to sound unsteady.

"Nora . . ."

I looked away and out the window to watch Elliot.

"It's already been three day and he's still himself. Maybe . . ."

"Nora," Emrick had called my name, but I ignored him.

"Maybe Elliot's different? Maybe he wont turn out like the others, right?" I sobbed as I turned to look back at him. His expression remained the same and he didn't say a word. He turned his head and let his hair cover his eyes in shadow.

"Right?" I asked again.

"Look." That one word managed to strike fear in me as I turned to follow his gaze. I felt my eyes widen as I let what I was witnessing sink in.

Elliot was pointing at one of the trees and suddenly, all of the leaves burst into flames, but that wasn't what scared me. The flames surrounding the tree were completely black. I didn't need to look back at Emrick to know his reaction. He was probably as wide-eyed as me.

I noticed some of the guards running towards the tree with buckets filled with water. It's then that Elliot turned and looked straight at us. He knew we had been watching. A wide grin spread across his face and it's then I felt true fear. I felt Emrick's arms envelop me once more and that's when I realized that Elliot wasn't looking at us. He was looking at me. Elliot burning that tree was a message . . . a message directed towards me.

"Nora?" I heard Emrick's voice, but it felt far away from me right now. I'm sure that if it weren't for him supporting me, I'd be on the ground. I realized something just now, something I hated to admit.

"I'm scared . . ." I murmured. Emrick didn't need to ask me what I was afraid of. It was obvious.

I was afraid of my own little brother.

~End Flashback~


Someone was calling my name, but I was too tired to respond.

"Oi, Nora?"

Whoever it was, he had his hand on my shoulder, trying to shake me awake. It's then that I bolted up from the spot where I had fallen asleep. It took me a while to realize where I was, but I remembered. After giving Levy her tray of food, I had started climbing up the stairs that lead to the surface when I suddenly felt tired and I had to sit down. Next thing I knew, I was out.
Sighing, I looked at the person who woke me.


"You know you talk in your sleep?" he asked, making it seem more like a statement rather than a question. Instead of answering, I leaned forward with a hand to my head. It was pounding. I've been having too many flashbacks lately. "Was it about Elliot?" he asked. This time, I looked him in the eye and then looked away, letting my hair cover my true expression. With only some hesitation, I nodded and then stood up.

"Where you going?" he asked.

"I still have to look after Lucy," I stated as I made my way up the stairs and back to Magnolia. Lucy doesn't have much longer which means it wont be much longer. Just wait a little while Elliot, I'll bring definitely bring you back!

~General POV~

~Back in Magnolia~


The fight between the Fairy Tail mages and the Lightning Dragon Slayer continued to drag on. Erza had switched to her Lightning Empress armor and was attempting to fend off Virgil while Wendy attempted to heal Loki's injuries.

"Why protect her? Can you not see the girl's a lost cause?" questioned Virgil as he dodged an attack from Erza's weapon and then jumped away from an attack from Gray.

"Why you ask? Because she is a precious friend!" stated Gray.

"That's right, she's a part of Fairy Tail . . . she's part of our family!" shouted Erza as she dashed forward with her spear. Virgil merely sighed and held up his hand. Before the spear could pierce his flesh, he grabbed it then swung it over his head, taking Erza with it. Erza had no choice but to let go of the spear as she jumped back to a safe distance. Virgil tossed the spear to the side and raised an arm in the air.

"Iron Fist-"

"Too slow!" interrupted Gray as he dashed forward with his attack. "Ice Make: Lance!" Gray extended his arms forward, creating long, curved ice lances directed towards Virgil. For a moment, Gray assumed he managed to make contact with his attack once the ice impacted, causing dirt to rise up and cover the area around Virgil. Gray was wrong. He sensed him too late as he looked over his shoulder and noticed Virgil standing only inches away from him.

"I'm sorry, but it is you who is slow," he stated calmly as he extended his arm forward, electricity bouncing around his arm and converging in one spot. "Iron Fist of the Lightning Dragon." Virgil then brought back his arm as it was now completely consumed in electricity and then shot it forward. This all happened in mere seconds, so Gray was unable to dodge. Just when he thinks he's a goner, Erza appeared before him with the spear held out in front of her. The magic was immediately absorbed by the spear. "That's some interesting armor you have there, Erza."

Erza didn't respond to his comment. Instead she adjusted her hold on her weapon and pointed it at Virgil.

"Lightning Beam!" she then thrust the spear forward as a blue beam was shot from the point of the spear and directly at Virgil. He only stood there and smirked.

"Honestly, who do you think I am?" he chuckled as he lifted his arm. The palm of his hand began to glow a bright yellow and the blue lightning was directed to the yellow glow and suddenly, it made a U-turn and was re-directed back at Erza. She didn't have a chance to get out of the way as the lightning struck her. She screamed out in pain as she levitated off the ground for a few seconds and then fell to her knees.

"Erza!" shouted Gray as he regained his balance.

"Foolish girl. Did you really think that you would have a chance against me? I've have more experience in battle than you," he stated as Erza squinted at the pain while Gray stood protectively beside her. "Not only are you foolish, but to use a lightning based attack? What else would you expect?"

"What now, Erza?" Gray questioned quietly. She seemed to think it over carefully. Erza scanned the area carefully and balanced out all the possibilities in her mind. She replayed the short battle in her mind and that's when she spotted it . . . this man's one weakness. It was small, but at some point during his attacks, he seems to have a slight opening. "Gray, I have a plan. Follow my lead," Erza ordered. Gray nodded in agreement. Virgil wasn't able to hear their silent conversation, but he could only assume that they were planning something. Probably to attack him at once? He didn't care. They were no match for him either way.

"What could you two be planning?" he questioned, but no one could answer. Right at that moment, a strong gust of wind came at Virgil without any warning. He was caught off guard and wasn't able to block, so he had no choice but to endure it. He brought up his arms to cover his face as the wind managed to cause him to slide across the ground. Once the wind subsided, he realized who the attack had come from. Virgil smirked and quickly sped over and stood behind the tiny Dragon Slayer. No one was able to see him move at such a speed.

"Wendy!" Shouted the other two mages. Virgil then took notice that Loki was gone. Must have returned to his world once he was healed.

"My, my, what a powerful dragon's roar for such a tiny thing," he taunted as he reached down and grabbed Wendy by her arm and lifted her up off the ground. "And yet, it's not strong enough," he stated in a cold tone. He tightened his grip on her arm as she winced at the pain. Erza was quick to react as she changed to her Flight Armor. Virgil was again, astonished upon the abilities of these mages. He didn't even see when exactly she managed to get near him and attack with one of her blades. This caused him to back away, dropping Wendy in the process. He continued to back away to a safe distance as he watched Erza and the young Dragon Slayer. He smiled at her protective nature towards her friends. That's when something caught his eye which caused him to glance over his shoulder. That's when he saw a dark blur and there appeared Gray.

"Ice-Make: Geyser!" Virgil noticed the ground under him glowing a pale blue and sensed the danger of this attack. He didn't have much time and quickly jumped up. Gray's attack managed to freeze the ground and then shoot up like a tower with spikes. Although it was minimal, some of the spikes managed to scratch Virgil's forearm. Virgil winced slightly and quickly retreated to a safer distance. Using his good arm, he punched the ground, causing sparks of electricity to shoot down from his arm and to the ground, causing waves of lightning to spread out in circles around Virgil and towards the mages. He thought that maybe this would give him a slight advantage until he noticed something was wrong. He noticed the two older mages standing there, unharmed.

"Wait, where is?" he looked up above him and saw Wendy. She was floating in the air and it took him seconds to figure out how. A tiny white cat with wings was holding her up.

"Sky Dragon's Roar!" A burst of a much stronger wind hit him. He was unable to escape, much less block this attack. Why is this one so much stronger than the one from before?!

As Wendy completed her attack, they all gathered and noticed Virgil on the ground; cuts and bruises covering his skin. Gray quickly put up a cage of ice to contain him in case he attempted to escape, though in his weakened state, it seemed unlikely.

"Would you answer some questions?" Erza asked in a stern tone. Virgil no longer saw a point in fighting it. These three mages managed to prove something to him. The strong bond that they have, especially in battle. He shouldn't have gone easy on them in the beginning, but there was no helping it. This wasn't their battle to begin with, but they still meddled. Their intentions interested him.

"Go on," he managed to say.

"What makes you different from Nora? Weren't you comrades?" she asked. Virgil crossed his legs in the cage of ice and made himself comfortable.

"It's a rather long story, but not enough time to tell it from the beginning," he sighed. "We were all fellow Guardians to Luciana and Malum," he started. "Nora was the Guardian of the Earth and so, protected Luciana while I protected Malum. There was also one other Guardian that wasn't of a normal element. He worked along side Fallon, the very first Dragon Slayer. I assume you already know of this?"

"Yes, Nora had told us about the story The Dragons of Trinity," commented Wendy.

"Right, well after the tragedy that befell Trinity, the bond among us Guardians fell apart. Some continued to be loyal to their rightful element. For example, the Guardians of water and ice never left Malum's side. I, along with the Guardian of darkness decided to leave and we joined Emrick. Luciana's Guardians, on the other hand, they fell apart completely. After what happened to Nora's younger brother, her trust in Luciana faltered and when it came time for her to make a decision upon where her loyalty should lie, she chose Malum."

"Why would she join him?" asked Gray.

"Because he promised her the return of her brother," Virgil explained. He took noticed to the wide-eyed expression upon the faces of the mages. "Her brother had failed to become a fully awakened Dragon Slayer which later led him to become, what we call, a Berserker. The only way to stop one is to turn them to stone and leave them as such for all eternity. Nora had tried to find ways to save him, but nothing helped." Virgil took a deep breath and then sighed. "When Malum promised her that he'd bring him back, her resolve was made clear and she betrayed us. Eliza and Griffin were a different story. Of course, they could have tried to chose a different path, but Griffin being the loyal friend that he is, did not want to leave Nora alone so he followed and joined Malum. Eliza is afraid of being alone and joined them as well."

"Is there a way that her brother can be saved?" asked Erza. Virgil gave her a solemn stare. He remembered that horrible day almost as if it happened just yesterday. The way that boy lost control of his magic and the painful screams that came from him remained raw in his memory. Virgil shook his head.

"Once you become a Berserker, it's either you're turned to stone or killed." Erza and Gray shared a glance and asked one other question.

"Who are Elizabeth and Theo? We encountered them when all of this began and Nora never really made it clear who they were."

"They're not Dragon Slayers, if that's what you're asking. They merely help Emrick with simple recon missions. They're strong mages."

"I have one question. I remember Gajeel mention is and I never had a chance to ask Nora," started Charla. "Your scent, it's different from normal Dragon Slayers. As Gajeel had put 'you smell like death,' what did he mean by that?" she questioned. Virgil gave them a guilty expression as he sighed and looked down at his feet.

"The reason behind that is . . ." Virgil wasn't able to answer for at that very moment, an explosion was heard from the city. The mages exchanged a quick look and they quickly dashed to the end of the hill where they can have a full look at the city.

"That explosion, it came from Lucy's apartment!" Gray said, worry in his tone.

"Looks like my mission has failed," murmured Virgil.

"What was that?" asked Erza.

"My mission was to dispose of the girl before Luciana can take over her body, but from the looks of it, it's too late." He looked up at the Fairy Tail mages with a serious look. "You can release me now, I am no longer a threat to your friend. Trying to kill her now would be pointless . . . it might kill me." Gray and Erza exchanged another look, wondering if he was really telling the truth.

"He isn't lying," confirmed Charla as she jumped down from Wendy's arms.

~At Lucy's Apartment~

What was once Lucy's apartment was now a pile of rubble. Smoke from the explosion had consumed the area, but was now slowly vanishing, revealing Lucy who was standing at the center of it all. Her eyes were glazed over as she looked at the destruction around her. She wasn't sure of what had happened or where she was. She wasn't even sure of who she was.

She started walking towards the crumbling doorway, wanting nothing more but to leave the area. It's when something caught her eye that she stopped in her tracks. A young man with pink hair was unconscious under a pile of debree. Under one of his arms was a tiny blue cat. Dirt covered them, but it was the boy who seemed to be injured. From what Lucy could see in her daze, there were multiple cuts up and down his arm and face.

'He was protecting that cat from getting injured by something,' thought Lucy. That's when another thought hit her. 'Protect it from what?'

"What happened here?" she asked aloud, her voice hoarse. It's at that moment that her head started hurting. She winced and placed a hand to her forehead. Lucy looked back down at the young man and noticed a small, red tattoo of something on his arm. It appeared to be some kind of wing? Or a heart? Maybe both? It didn't seem familiar to her, but at that moment, images started flashing in her mind. She saw herself walking into a building and then a girl with long white hair stamped something pink onto her hand. It was the same tattoo. The words Fairy tail suddenly crossed her mind as another headache started to form.

"Fairy Tail, what is that?" asked herself silently as she winced from the pain in her head. She looked back down at the boy and for some reason, her heart started to hurt, almost like it was breaking . . . or maybe it was already broken? Either way, she was sure of one thing. "I . . . I need . . . to get away," she muttered. Lucy then turned and walked through the crumbling doorway, leaving behind the boy and his cat. She walked into the unscathed hallway and for some reason, she couldn't get the image of that mark our of her mind. Little did she know that her own mark was slowly disappearing from her hand.

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