Yu Yu Hakusho © Funimation.

AN: Just something that came to my mind while I was watching the Sensui arc. Short reflection piece.

On the Wrong Side

"Yeah, like a human fighting for the wrong side."

Those words are wrong. This is a battle of people with different ideals fighting for their perfect future. There isn't really a wrong side. For the demons, it would be perfect if the tunnel was completely opened. It would end badly for the humans, but not all of them. Some would survive, because that is what humans do. Yusuke would probably be a survivor. So would Kuwabara and Shizuru. I can't say anything for Keiko. The human psychics stand a fair chance as well.

Demons respect power.

A human fighting on the wrong side.

It's odd, to be sure, but isn't a demon fighting for the human world odd as well? I may be in a human body, but I have more in common with Hiei than either of us care to admit. I am a demon. Am I in the wrong, simply for being a demon?

When I heard it from Kaito and the others I brushed it off. They are, after all, new to this whole thing, and I don't think Kaito quite believes me when I say I am not human. But Yusuke?

I thought Yusuke understood.

I just stand there while Mitari breaks down. I say something to Yusuke about leaving the boy alone, and he nods in agreement. I have to get away from him. The human who fights for demon causes. The one who fights for the wrong side.

The wrong side.

I wonder if Yusuke realizes that Hiei has been shadowing us from the start – that if Yusuke had been unable to deal with the Doctor, then he would have done it himself. I wonder if he knows that Hiei will always fight for his side, simply because Hiei respects him too much and the fire apparition knows that I have a personal interest in keeping the human world running.

Mother would not survive such an invasion.

I glance behind me one last time at Mitari.

The wrong side.

He's wrong because he fights for the demons. Does that make me wrong as well, simply for being a demon? Does that mean my only redemption in Yusuke's eyes is that I am, indeed, fighting for my mother?

Am I on the wrong side?