Have you ever loved someone so much you'd give an arm for them, not the expression, you'd literally give an arm for them?


Bodies soaked in mud and gloom was strewn everywhere lying in puddles of blood. Men yelled and ran as shots from their guns rang out.
One casualty, two casualties, three casualties and then too many to count. Still, Italy stood faithfully next to Germany even in the horrors of the battlefield.
"Doitsu…" Italy gazed up at his comrade, hands stained with blood, both physically and spiritual. A crimson gash was painted across his brow, soaking with blood and sweat. His blue eyes were glazed over.
"Come on. Keep going Italy," Germany said. Italy followed him as he barked out orders.
The little auburn man stumbled forward, vision blurred. He faltered over a dead body and looked down. An empty appearance glared up at him through an unrecognizable face smeared with dirt and blood. The body was soaked with the ominous rain, making the flesh clammy, cold and putrid.
"A…ah..AAAAAAAAHH!" Italy sobbed, tripping as he got up. He staggered over the gruesome bodies, past the concentration camps and through the barbed wire fences.
"Italy! ITALY, GET BACK HERE!" Germany ran after him. He grabbed Italy roughly, pinning him to the ground. "What do you think you're doing?" Italy screamed and thrashed around violently.
"I…I can't…do this…." he moaned, giving up. Germany's face for a minute changed back to what it used to be before the war.
"Italy…Italy…I…I'm sorry…I'm so, so, sorry…Entschuldigen Sie…" Germany picked him up and held him close, rocking him back and forth like one would to a small child. "Mein Gott…what have I done…?"
Italy's head suddenly perked up. He tackled Germany and pushed him to the ground as several shots rang out just over their heads. He got up, Germany reaching out for him.
Bang, bang, bang.
Germany was speechless as he witnessed the event. Two bullets penetrated through his beloved ally's chest, spewing dark red everywhere. Italy landed back on the ground next to him with a thud, the life quickly fading from his normally vibrant eyes.
"D…Doitsu…" he sputtered.
"No…no…no…Italy!" Germany screamed as his friend died away right before his eyes.
"Doitsu…when I'm gone…" Italy reached out to touch Germany's face. "Please…don't fight…"
"Italy…" Germany pulled the Italian close to his body and held him as he lost life.
"Just know that I'm looking down on you smiling, and I didn't feel a thing, so baby don't feel no pain – just smile back."