Hello people of earth..I know I suck...I'm taking forever to update a story and then I go and start a new one...what can I say I'm difficult XD well anywho this a new story that has been in my head for like ever (it's really been since I saw Breaking Dawn XD) Ooh I know I totally switched up the encounter in New Moon but it's my time to play with them, lol.

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"No! You can not be serious. Alice don't!" Edward shouted at his adopted sister after he read her thoughts.

Alice didn't take her eyes away from Aro's. "Edward. Be quite." She stepped closer to him and extended her hand towards him. Her golden eyes noticing a female member of his guard tense slightly, that must be Renata. She thought to herself as she finally reached Aro. "I can promise you that Bella will be one of us."she said with a smile as she looked into his eyes.

Aro placed his powdery white hands on top of hers and smiled as he saw the scene before his very eyes."Mmhmm Ms. Cullen your ability never ceases to amaze me." he said with a delighted smile on his face. He continued to hold her hand, looking into her past. "Hmm very, very interesting." he murmured with sparkling eyes as he gently placed her hand back down.

Alice nods with a pleasant smile. "See, I told you she would be. And if Edward doesn't do it, you have my word that I shall."

Aro nods, he was deep in thought about this.

Edward suddenly let out a growl and he whispered."No, leave her alone."

Alice looked over at Edward slightly confused. She checked the future and shook her head at what she saw. "No. Sorry, Aro but I have to decline." she shook her head trying to get the image of herself with red eyes out of her head.

Aro looked up at her with a sly smile. "And why would you decline, Ms. Cullen?"'

"Because I am perfectly happy with my life at home, with my family." Alice said carefully, making sure to keep a smile on her face, even though she was scared out of her mind.

"Friends." Aro said addressing Marcus and Cauis. "Don't you think Ms. Cullen would have a fabulous time with us? She could be quite useful."

"She has a binding relationship with another vampire.." Marcus said expressionlessly from his chair.

"Ahh yes. Major Jasper Whitlock." Aro recalled with a smile on his face. "He could be quite useful as well." he muttered

Edward let out a growl."Aro, it won't look good." he said after he read his mind.

"My young friend, don't worry so much." Aro replied as he looked over at him, his smiling eyes were unsettling as he looked towards one of the members of his guard, Chelsea, and gave her a nod.

Alice frowned slightly as she watched this. She knew of Chelsea and her ability and twist relationships. She took a step back as Chelsea stepped closer to them. Her future changing and twisting until it settled on her with red eyes and in a black cloak. She shook her head at that and said. "May we leave now?"she noticed as he gave another look towards members of his guard and she took a step back towards her brother and Bella.

Aro watched her with kind, yet ruthless eyes. "I've been waiting for some one like you, Ms. Cullen and I won't let you go that easily."

Alice shook her head quickly and winced as she ran into Felix. "No, I don't want to stay. You can't force me to stay here."

Aro laughed and said. "Actually I can...that's what so grand about being who I am." he clapped his hands and watched as Felix wrapped his arms arms around small body and held her firm.

"No! Please just let us go!" Bella shouted as she watched with wide terror feared eyes.

"Oh no worries, Bella. You guys will go..well you two will. Now, Edward take your singer and follow Demetri back to street. There you shall take the closest plane and head home." Aro said.

"No! We aren't leaving without Alice." Edward growled.

Jane smirked as she looked at him."Pain." she muttered in an utterly sweet voice.

Edward clenches his teeth as he fell to the ground twitching in pain.

Bella and Alice both screamed out. "Stop!" Alice started to struggle against Felix and as she tried to get to her brother. "Please! Stop! I'll stay, I'll stay!" she screamed.

Aro smiled and placed a hand on Jane's shoulder."Good job, my dear."

At her master's touch, Jane stopped her mental assault on Edward and she looked up at Aro with adoring eyes.

Edward quickly stood up and shook his head at Alice. "No, Ali, he will kill me for letting them keep you."

Alice held in a wince as she replied. "You don't have a chose, Edward. You and Bella must leave now...I'll try to contact you."

Aro watched their interaction with studying eyes. "You my say goodbye..but do not try anything..or will will be forced to act." he's eyes wondered to Jane and Alec.

As soon as Felix released his hold on Alice, she was hugging Bella and Edward tightly. "Don't fear..I'm going to be fine." she whispered as she kept her visions to herself,not even thinking about them.

Bella was crying as she said. "Oh Alice!" she hugged her.

Edward had his arms around both of them as he looked at her. "Don't worry Alice, We are going to fix this."

Alice nods as she said in her mind Please keep Jasper in control, don't let him freak out. Please Edward, I'm begging you to not him lose himself.

Edward nods and replies. "Okay, Alice. I won't.." he hugged her once more and gently got Bella.

"No! Edward we just can't leave her here!" Bella stated as she looked around at the vampires in the room. She couldn't picture tiny bubbly Alice in this place.

"You have no chose...now leave." Aro said, his normal glee filled tone gone. He looked towards Alec and Jane again and smiled as Edward got her hand again. "Good choice my young friends. Now get going."

Edward pulled Bella close to him and glared at them. "We will be back."

"Oh I would expect less of you if you didn't come back." Aro replied with a smile.

Edward locked eyes with Alice and he followed Demetri back above grounds.

Alice watched Bella and Edward leave and it felt like hope walked out the door with them. She slowly turned to look at Aro and the other members of Volturi.

"Welcome home, Alice, Welcome home." Aro said with a bright smile on his face. He turned to Chelsea and Corin. "Please show her to an room and get her settled. We have a meeting in an hour."

Chelsea and Corin moved over to Alice and a blink of an eye and placed their hands on her arms and guides her to the doors.

Alice walked numbly with them as she addressed her future. It did not look good for her, not at all.