"Oh get up!" Jane shouted with a twisted grin on her face. She cracked the whip in her hands with a delighted smile, seeing the smaller and younger vampire quiver even more.

Alice winced and sobbed dryly against the dirty dungeon floor. She could feel the skin on her back repairing itself and leaving most likely horrid scars in the place. She had lost track of the time she had been down in here but she was pretty sure it has been about a day. Jane would come and go and every time asked her if she would drink from the human and Alice would give the same response.

"Now. Are you going to drink from the human?" She cracked the whip right next to Alice's head.

Alice cried out. "Yes! Yes just please stop." She sobbed as she curled into herself, trying to protect her damaged body.

Jane pouted a little she had been expecting the girl to give up so quickly. "Good girl. I'll be back." She turned and walked out of the room.

Alice looked up from her arms and saw the door had been left open. She checked the future and saw that she actually had a chance. She stood up and wobbled a little to the door before she started to run like a blur through the dungeon. She found her way out of the dungeons and knew where she was now. She smirked a little to herself as she continued to run, she knew the door was so close she could almost feel the fresh air hitting her face. She screamed out in pain as she slammed down to the ground by a larger vampire.

"Where the fuck do you think you are going, little one?" Demetri smirked as he held her hands above her head.

"Get off of me!" Alice shouted as she struggled to get from him.

Demetri smirked and leaned down to run his nose against her neck "Hmm now that we are in this position I'm not sure if I want to get up."

Alice snarled and snapped her jaw at him. "Get off of me!" she screamed as she struggled.

"That is enough. Bring her to the throne room." Jane stated as she looked down at Alice. She snapped her fingers at Demetri. "Now!"

Demetri growled as he stood up and grabbed her by the neck and basically dragged her to the throne room. He tossed her to the ground in front of Aro and the rest of the guard.

"Were you trying to run from us, little Alice?" Aro asked with a frown growing on his face.

Alice was shaking with anger and all she could do was nod her head. "Yes. You can't force me to stay here. I want to go home and be with my family, with my Jasper."

Aro tsked and leaned back on his throne and crossed his legs. "Well this isn't good.."

"What?" Alice asked confused.

"It's not good because I truly wish for you to be happy here, my dear, and I would be willing to give you whatever you wanted." Aro stated.

"Expect a plane ticket home." Alice whispered.

"Yes expect that. I've told you plenty of times, Alice. We need you here. I need you here and now that I have you I'm not going to give you up that easily." Aro reached down to place his fingers under her chin and tilt her head up to look into her black eyes. "Now look at you. All dirty and you need to feed." He frowned as he waved at some members of the guard. "First you shall drink and then you shall go back to your chambers and I'll send someone to tend to your back." He said after he looked at her back.

"If I have to drink human blood could it at least be from a cup?" Alice whispered softly.

Before Aro could answer there was a loud bang and the doors to the chambers opened with a loud clank. Everyone turned and gasped softly at the scene before them.

Alice tilted her head when she smelled a familiar scent. "Jazzy." She breathed as she turned around to look at him and Carlisle. "Oh Jasper!" she cried as she stood and rushed to him. She gasped as she grabbed by the nap of her neck and slammed against another body.

"Where do you think you're going, little one?" Demetri snarled against her ear as he held her tightly in his arms.

Jasper snarled and moved to attack but stopped when Carlisle grabbed him. "Let go of her now." He drawled out as he stood to his full height, the side of him resurfacing that hasn't seen the light of day in decades.

"Ahh look brothers, it's Carlisle." Aro said with an excited gleam in his red eyes. He looked towards Jasper and smirked a little. "And this must be Jasper. I must say her mind didn't give you justice. You look much more frightening face to face."

Jasper just gave a slight shrug. "I suppose so. Now. I would like to know why my wife is being held captive here."

Aro didn't reply at first as he just stood and made his way towards Jasper. "Well because she has something that I won't. I don't wish to let her slip through my fingers like last time."

"Last time?" Alice choked out.

Aro shook his head. "You don't remember so it doesn't matter, little pet."

Jasper glared at him. "Aro. Please tell him to let go of my wife so we can leave."

Alice struggled against Demetri and she winced in pain as he dug his other hand into the healing scars on her back.

Jasper felt her pain and he growled as his eyes raked over her body. "What did you do to her?"

Aro didn't reply to his question and simply started to walk around in a circle around both Carlisle and Jasper. "Now. Why should I give her back. You guys are promising me anything and even if you were it wouldn't be as wonderful as this little sight seer." He was by Alice in a blink of an eye giving a loving stroke to her face.

Alice flinched away and watched as he moved his hand away.

"Because my old friend, I highly wish you want to die." Carlisle replied simply.

"Is that a threat, Carlisle?" Marcus asked as he sat up in his chair.

"Oh no just a promise, my friend. You see the rest of my family ran into a little army filled with a bunch of strong and powerful vampires just waiting to take you down. If we don't have Alice with us by sunrise they are going to be led into the city and your tyranny shall be ending." Carlisle said as he looked to Aro.

Alice gasped as she was pulled into a vision and a small smirk on her face as she looked towards Aro. "Care to see?" she held out her hand. "It's the same army I told you about."

Aro took her hand and watched the vision for himself. He glared as he dropped her hand. "Let her go."

Demetri gasped and looked at his master. "But sir! You promised me this one."

Aro glared at Demetri. "I said let her go." His red eyes flickered to Jane and shook his head. "Don't."

Demetri let go of Alice and watched as she flew into the arms of her husband.

Jasper lifted Alice into his arms and held her close. He gave a nod to Aro and the others. "Thank you for seeing things our way."

"I don't worry. We will be seeing each other once more." Aro promised.

"Yes and we shall be waiting." Carlisle stated as he and Jasper backed out of the room. "We'll be waiting."

~*~ Hours later, a summer home in Spain~*~

Jasper and Carlisle didn't stop running until they were in Spain. Even then they only slowed down to make sure Esme, Emmett and Rosalie where safe at the summer home waiting for them. Jasper was growing worried because Alice hadn't spoken a word to them. She would just clench at his shirt and bury her face in his chest whenever he tried to speak to her.

"Here we are." Carlisle stated as they got to a large Spanish villa tucked into the trees and away from civilization. He opened the gate for them and they all walked to the large doors and walked inside. They were quickly greeted by Esme.

"Alice." Esme breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her youngest adopted daughter. "Oh sweet Alice."

Alice tilted her head and gave a smile to Esme. "Hey, mom."

Esme particularly snatched Alice from Jasper's grasp and hugged her tightly. She gasped and loosened her grip when Alice yelped in pain. "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong?" Jasper asked at the same time.

"My back. Jane did something to my back." Alice whispered breathlessly.

Jasper and Esme carried her over to the couch and placed her down on it. "Can I?" Jasper asked his wife as he touched her shirt.

"Of course." Alice replied softly as she closed her eyes.

Jasper lifted her shirt up and frowned deeply at what he saw. Her beautiful back was now covered in scars that were still healing. "What did they do to you?" he breathed out as pure rage course through him.

Alice grabbed his hand blindly, though she knew where it was, and she whispered. "I refused to drink from a human and Jane punished me with her little toy."

Emmett and Rosalie growled. "That little bitch." The two were coming into the room carrying a large pitcher filled with animal blood for Alice. "We got this for you just in case you weren't up to hunting."

Alice gave them both loving smiles as her eyes filled with tears she would never shed. "I thought I was going to never see you guys again." She whispered as she started to sob.

Jasper wrapped his arms around her carefully. "Darlin, I will always be here for you. I will always save you. You can't get rid of me that easily, love." He kissed her head gently.

Alice tilted her head up to kiss him on the lips. "I love you. I love all of you." She whispered as she turned to give each member of her family a loving smile.

"And we love you." Esme whispered for them as she hugged Alice once more. "We love you so very much."

The End

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