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Summary: What if Kagome did not fall down the well, but her twin cousin Mizuki. Now four years has passed and Mizuki is stuck in the Sengoku Jidai. Naraku was defeated, but at a price. Instead of Miroku's wind tunnel vanishing, it spread and consumed both him and Kikyou. A grieving Sango and Inuyasha share a heated moment together, gradually falling in love. Mizuki, heartbroken, leaves with Shippo and encounters two youkai who claim her as their own. Is this her second chance at love or will she be subjected to pain and misery once more?

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Second Chance


Two beings walked through the forest grounds, a male and a female, the soft thumping of their feet was the only sounds that could be heard.

The young male, clad in a bright red haori and hamakas, had long silvery white hair that haloed a charmingly boyish face. Bright molten amber eyes perched above his thin nose and his lips were pulled into a thin line. If the hair and strangely colored eyes was not a dead giveaway the male not human, the fuzzy white dog ears that sat atop his head were. He was a hanyou.

Walking slowly behind him was a young woman, dressed in the grabs of a miko, though her hamakas were black instead of the traditional red, her long flowing raven hair framed her angelic face. Deep, bright violet eyes framed by long, thick, sooty eyelashes sat above her petite nose and full pink lips.

"Ne, where are we going?" her soft melodious voice called out.

"Keh, be patient wench. We're almost there."

The woman sighed. Even though she has been by his side for nearly four years, she still wished that he wouldn't be a gruff with her. She didn't mind, of course, since she was in love with him.

As they passed by a few more trees and bushes, a giant tree came into view, small white flowers decorating the branches of it. The wind blew, taking a few of the blossoms with it and one of the fell in the woman's hair, causing her to let out a small giggle.

"The Goshinboku is in bloom again."

The hanyou turned and a brief smile tilted at his lips before it vanished. What he was about to do was no smiling matter. He knew that he was going to regret doing this, but it must be done. Parting his lips, the young woman's name slipped passed out his throat in an uncharacteristically soft voice,


She hummed her attention as she brought one of the buds to her nose, taking a delicate whiff of its scent.

Reaching out with a clawed hand, the hanyou took hold of her hand gently, surprising the woman, now known as Mizuki.


"Gomenasai, I can't lead you on anymore."

Mizuki blinked. She didn't understand what the hanyou was trying to say to her. How could he lead her on when the one woman who stopped her feelings from reaching him was gone? Though she would never say it aloud, the raven haired girl knew deep in her heart that she was glad that Inuyasha's first love, Kikyou, was gone.

"What are you talking about? How can you lead me on?" her amethyst eyes searched with own golden orbs for answers.

Inuyasha looked away from her eyes, unable to look at them any longer if he was going to tell her. Tell her that he loved another. "Because, I'm in love with Sango…"

The miko felt her heart shatter into tiny pieces. The one man she truly loved with all her heart didn't return her feelings? That can't be true! Inuyasha was supposed to love her once the final battle was over, not fall in love with Sango! The moment those thoughts crossed her mind, Mizuki's eyes misted over.

The final battle where they lost two very important people…well to Sango and Inuyasha at least. It was a long and gruesome fight, but the Inu tachi finally manage to destroy Naraku. But, then something happened.

Miroku had gripped his right arm as violent winds surged around him and an anguished scream fell from his lips. Inuyasha held Sango back as Kikyou rushed to his side, her reiki already flowing from her hands. But, it wasn't enough. The wind tunnel ripped open and swallowed the both of them.

"I…is this really true, Inuyasha?"

Slivery white dog ears pressed flat against his skull as he nodded slowly before speaking, "Gomen ne. I love her and she loves me. I asked her to be my mate last night when we found out that she was pregnant."

Mizuki clenched the white fabric of her haori between her fingers as she struggled to hold in her tears. She should have known that Inuyasha would never see her as a lover, no matter how much she wished. I shouldn't be crying…I…I should be happy for them. They deserve this more than I do.

"Inuyasha, please don't feel bad. You and Sango-chan deserve happiness. If you really love each other, there is nothing I can do."

"Mizuki…" Inuyasha sighed as he released her hand. "Arigato."

She wiped away the one stray tear that managed to fall as she gave him a sad smile. "I'm taking Shippou and leave, though. I need some time to clear my thoughts."

Confused amber eyes clashed with misty violets. "Leaving…? I understand."

Mizuki gave him another smile before her tone turned teasing. "Now, we shouldn't keep your pregnant mate-to-be waiting, now should we?"

His ears perked up and a ghost of his old cocky smile twitched at his lips. "Yeah, let's head back." with those words spoken, Inuyasha wrapped his arm around her in a friendly manner as they made their way back to Edo.


Sango paced back and forth in the small hut, she was very nervous. She knew that Mizuki loved the hanyou dearly, but she couldn't help herself. When Miroku was swallowed by the wind tunnel, she was thrown into a world of pain and depression and Inuyasha was the only one who could comfort her since he too shared her pain.

He had been so kind and understanding towards her, which was so unlike his normal attitude. Losing Kikyou had hit him hard, almost as hard as her losing Miroku. One day, when their grieving emotions hit a high point, they soon found themselves seeking comfort in one other, thus resulting in the situation they were in now.

Sango snapped her head up when she heard the rice paper door being pushed a side and she immediately began to apologize until Inuyasha took her into his arms, shushing her and stroking her hair gently.

"Sango, it's okay. Mizuki is not angry with you." His voice was soft, almost soothing as he spoke to the taijiya.

Amethyst eyes locked with chocolate ones as the young miko began to speak. "Sango-chan, I cannot be angry at you when you deserve someone to love. Shippou and I will be leaving the village for a while, though."

Sango sputtered on her words as she gaped at the woman she saw as her younger sister. "Mizuki-chan, doshite?"

"She wants time to clear her thoughts." her hanyou lover said in that same soothingly gentle tone.

The taijiya looked at the hanyou before shifting her eyes back to the miko and nodded. "I see. Mizuki-chan, please take Kirara with you."

"Sango-chan…I can't take Kirara with me."

The brown haired woman shook her head. "I insist. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if allowed the woman I see as my own kin to leave unprotected."

Mizuki gasped. Sango saw her as her own flesh and blood? Sure, Mizuki would admit that she also saw the older woman as a sister figure, but she didn't think Sango saw her in the same way. Tears filled her eyes once more as she rushed to embrace the older woman and allowed herself to be comforted by her.

"Nee-san, I am going to miss you."

Sango stroked her hair soothingly as she nodded. "And I you, my imouto."

Mizuki pulled away from the taijiya, in favor of facing the hanyou she had come to love. "Inuyasha, know that I will always love you, but I will try to transform it into the love for an onii-san."

Inuyasha pulled her into a quick embrace, inhaling her scent one last time. "Yeah, me too."

The raven haired miko reached for the black beads around his neck. "I'll remove the rosary."

"No, leave them." the hanyou caught her hand before her fingers brushed against the necklace.

She looked at him skeptically. "You sure?"



The rosary glowed pale violet before it forced the Inu hanyou to the ground, dust coloring his silvery white hair a dingy brown. "Nani ittai, wench!"

"You said you wanted to keep them." she laughed lightly, her hand moving to cover her mouth. "Nee-san, please come here."

When the taijiya came within her reaching distance, Mizuki took hold of her hands. "Nee-san, I'm going to give you the power to subdue Inuyasha."

The hanyou snarled in outrage, telling the young miko to remove those damned beads. He scowled when she giggled out a no.

Mizuki looked back at her closest friend and gave her a smile. She told her to clear her heart and think of only happy thoughts as she began to pray. The bright silver and purple swirls of her miko ki surrounded the two women and the hanyou whined. He knew he should've just told her to take them off when he had the chance.

"Nee-san, the word please." the amethyst eyed woman spoke when her reiki dissipated back into her body.

Sango pressed her finger to her chin, scanning her mind for a suitable word for her future mate's subjugation. "Oh, I know." she turned a smile at the hanyou. She has wanted to do this since he had aggravated her on that night he refused to listen to her and Miroku about Mizuki's feelings. "Down boy."

The beads glowed a pretty shade of dark pink when they forced the silver Inu hanyou down to the ground, a nice sized crater forming around his body.

The dark haired taijiya sighed. "You do not know how long I've wanted to do that."


Mizuki grabbed her pack and gave her makeshift family one last loving look before announcing her departure. Sango turned to the fire nekomata, nodding to her, and Kirara mewed before hopping on the miko's shoulder.

"Ja ne, I'll come to visit sometimes."

Upon exiting the hut the violet eyed woman released a low exhale She was happy for Sango, but that didn't stop the resentment she felt in her heart. But, hey, the taijiya deserved love and she just happened to find in the man that the miko loved as well. The sound of laughter shook her from her musings and a smile crossed her face.

She looked around as saw Shippou and several of the village children playing a game that she had showed them, Tag. Apparently her kit was 'it' Mizuki almost didn't want to interrupt the kids, but she knew she had to. The miko couldn't leave her son behind.

"Shippou, come here please."

The auburn haired child stopped running, his small elfin ears twitching as the picked up the soft sound of his mother's voice. Turning on his fox paw like feet, he saw her waving at him. "Kaa-chan!"

Mizuki laughed when he ran over to her and jumped into her embrace. "How's my little boy?" she nuzzled her cheek to his.

"Kaa-chan." he whined, though he adored having her love and attention. "I'm not a little kit anymore!"

The raven haired woman laughed as she set him back down on his feet. "Hai. Hai. Your my big strong fire kitsune."

Shippou puffed his chest out proudly. "Don't forget, master trickster."

"Oh, how could I forget that? Okay, then Master Trickster Shippou, you and me are leaving the village for a while."


His adopted mother gave him a small sad smile. "Sango-chan and Inuyasha are about to be mates and I don't want to be a burden on them."

"Oh, Kaa-chan. Are you going to be okay?"

"Yeah, I'll manage. As long as they are happy, then I'm glad!" she said. "Now, let's go."

Shippou took hold of her hand as Kirara jumped off her perch on the miko. Red and orange flames surged around the fire nekomata as she shifted into her true form. Mizuki helped her kit onto her before she climbed up on the neko's back as well.

"Okay, Kirara. Let's go."

The large feline gave a low roar as flames surrounded her paws and she took off into the sky.


Mizuki set the fish she and Shippou had caught at the nearby river up on sticks and placed them by the fire. Once she stood she looked around for her kit only to find him and Kirara gone. The miko sighed. Shippou always enjoyed playing near the river with the nekomata. Moving over to the fallen log, the feline had drug over, the dark haired woman sat down and basked in the sun's warm glow.

Soon her thought drifted back to the small family she left behind in Edo. Nii-chan must be showing by now. Nii-san has to be elated. Just as the miko predicted the resentment she felt for losing Inuyasha to Sango faded over time. The school-girl crush was long forgotten and was replaced with a type of family love.

And to think, a mere month ago, my feelings were shot down. she scoffed mentally at herself.

A shrill cry rang throughout the forest, breaking the woman from her musings. Mizuki furrowed her brow and her eyes widened when the cry was heard again.


It was Shippou!

Mizuki grabbed her katana as she ran into the thick forest, pushing her way passed branches. Her son sounded like he was in trouble and she'd be damned if anything happened to him! As she neared the place where his youki was the strongest, the miko felt the presence of another youkai. When her kit called out for her again, she winced at the pain laced in his tone.

"Shippou, hang on! I'm coming!" Mizuki brushed passed the low hanging branches that blocked the river from her view and was hit full on by the foul youki of her kit's foe.

The was a fish youkai with green-blue skin. It's body was humanoid, but the large ugly head had rows of sharp yellow teeth Large horned spikes jutted out of its clammy blue face. It's beady red eyes were locked on the frightened body of Shippou.

Mizuki's amethyst eyes flashed silver with her reiki when she saw the youkai take a step towards her son. "Step away from my kit!"

The fish turned on its heel, a throaty growl emitting from his mouth. The pure ki of the woman invaded his nose and licked at his skin in a burning sensation. "Miko… This is my territory. I shall devour you and the kit."

She unsheathed her katana, a blade that ol' man Toutousai forged for her to channel her reiki into. Her tone deathly. "I will say it only once more. Step away from my kit!"

The youkai snapped its jaw in a warning. He eyed the woman carefully and saw that even though she was human, she was very lovely and her pure reiki added a certain addictive scent. "Onna, I'll make a deal with you. Become my mate and I'll let you and the brat live."

Mizuki faltered slightly. Did she hear this youkai correctly? He wanted her as his mate? No way in hell! "Thanks, but no thanks!"

"Stupid wench! I would've made you my queen! Now I'll devour you alive!" the fish charged, his mouth open and showed his yellowed fangs.

Mizuki sprung up on the balls of her feet and swung her blade in a graceful arc, lopping off the fish's right hand. The youkai clutched the stump that was left as it bled profusely, howling in pain. The miko wasn't down yet.

Weaving her hands through the air in intricate designs she call out. "Shi." the single word she spoke manifested in a brilliant light before her blade absorbed it and a white glow surround the katana. "Now, you will die for threatening my son."

"No! I'm sorry!"

"Too late for apologizes!" Mizuki dashed to the side and plunged the glowing blade into the youkai's side, it's thick red blood splattering out on her pale face.

The fish youkai glared at her out the corner of its beady red eyes, cursing lowly. "D…damn…you…m…mi…ko." the light faded from its eyes as its body turned into dust and the wind blew it away.

The raven haired woman felt no remorse for the fish since it was trying to harm Shippou. "Burn in hell."


She wiped the blood off of her face with her sleeve, staining the pristine material, and opened her arms as the little jumped into them.

"Kaa-chan, I was scared! The youkai just came out of nowhere. Kirara tried to protect me, but he was too strong." his large jade eyes widened. "Oh, no Kirara! Kaa-chan, Kirara got hurt!"

Mizuki placed her finger over his mouth gently, shushing him. "Shippou, calm down and tell me where I can find Kirara."

After the kit calmed down, his tiny claws pointed to a nearby bush and Mizuki set him back down of his feet. Walking in the general direction that he pointed, she kneeled down and parted the shrubs, finding the nekomata in her kitten form. The miko assessed the wounds on the feline's body. She had many small cut on her forehead, but there was nothing to major. She should heal within a week.

"Shippou, Kirara's going to be just fine."

He wiped his face with the sleeve of his green haori. "H…hai, Kaa-chan."


Kirara purred when she felt Mizuki remove the bandages off of her. the miko gave her a smile and the neko licked her face gratefully. She felt something latched on the fur of her mane and nuzzled the ball of orange fur.

"Kirara! I'm so glad that you are alright!" Shippou chirped happily through misted eyes. He wouldn't forgive himself if he was the cause of the nekomata's death. He grinned when Kirara rewarded him with a lick and a happy growl.

Mizuki smiled at the display of affection the feline was showering the kit with. She knew that they had always been friends since the day the met. Always watching over one another. An idea.

"Ne, Shippou, Kirara, how would you two like to pay Sango and Inuyasha a visit?"

Shippou reacted excitedly, hopping from one foot to the other! He has missed Sango and the hanyou was always fun to practice his new tricks on. Mizuki smiled at the kit's enthusiasm and ruffled his hair.

"Kaa-chan, don't do that!" he complained.

"Ah, sumimasen, Master Trickster Shippou. Now why don't you go and pack up camp for me, while I clean up here."

"Hai!" the auburn haired kitsune turned on his heel and soon disappeared in the brush with Kirara following after him.

Mizuki watched her kit and nekomata move further and further away from her location before cutting her violet eyes to a nearby tree. "Okay pal. I know you have been watching me. Come on out."

A deep voice, definitely male, echoed through the tree tops as a silk like voice taunted her, "You are a lot sharper than what I gave you credit for, miko."

Amethyst eyes narrowed warily at the immense youki she felt coming from the obvious youkai. Her voice was shaky as she ordered for him to show himself once more. When she heard a shuffling in the trees a solid 'thud' brought her attention to the tall being looming over her.

She gaped.


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