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Summary: What if Kagome did not fall down the well, but her twin cousin Mizuki. Now four years has passed and Mizuki is stuck in the Sengoku Jidai. Naraku was defeated, but at a price. Instead of Miroku's wind tunnel vanishing, it spread and consumed both him and Kikyou. A grieving Sango and Inuyasha share a heated moment together, gradually falling in love. Mizuki, heartbroken, leaves with Shippou and encounters two youkai who claim her as their own. Is this her second chance at love or will she be subjected to pain and misery once more?

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Second Chance

Kuronue stepped out of his slave's chamber and made his way back down the long hallway. He grabbed a nearby servant by the arm, telling her to inform Youko that he needed to speak with him in the library immediately.

The servant bowed, her hair sliding away from her neck to reveal a red tipped rose marking tattooed on her flesh. "Right away, Kuronue-sama."

He swung his arm out and caught her by the hair. "What is your name, Onna?"

"My name is Maki, my Lord."

Kuronue nodded. "You are a tori youkai, correct?" he took it the brilliant blue color of her hair, the small green feathers that made up her lashes, and her slit like green irises.

"Hai, Kuronue-sama."

"You will tend to our latest captive and teach her the ways of a youkai slave." His indigo eyes pierced her jade green orbs as he stared the female down. "She's ningen, so don't be rough with her. She is higher than you for her wears mine and your master's mark. Understood?"

The tori youkai nodded and sighed silently under her breath when the koumori finally released her hair and walked down the hall to the library. " I don't know who frightens me the most. Kuronue-sama or my master." Maki turned on her heel and rushed down the hallway to Youko's room. Raising a taloned hand, she knocked on the white door. "Master?" A bright red blush spread over her cheeks when a lusty moan echoed from inside.

"Enter." Youko's deep voice flowed.

Maki hesitantly turned the golden door knob and entered the room to the sight of Youko rutting with an usagi youkai. "Reiko?!"

The usagi lifted her head and looked at the tori youkai, her deep brown eyes glazed over with lust as she panted out Youko's name before she screamed when he picked up speed, pounding in and out of her. "Ah! Youko-sama, I'm going to..."

Youko smirked evilly and fisted his hand in her cream colored hair, yanking it back to force more of him inside her. "Maki! What is it that you wanted?"

The blue haired tori jerked her head up, face burning hot, before dropping into a bow. "My deepest apologies for disrupting you, Youko-sama, but Kuronue-sama has informed me that he needs to speak with you in the library immediately."

The kitsune 'tsked' before shoving the moaning usagi youkai off of him. "What could Kuronue possibly want now?" he stepped off the futon and bent to grab his white pants and slipped them on. He looked down at the usagi slumped over the bedding. "You are dismissed, Reiko."

Reiko made a noise at the back of her throat before pushing herself up and rolling off the futon. She then proceeded to yank her red kimono on to cover her body. As she moved to exit the room, the usagi stopped and pointed a finger at Maki. "It's your fault that I didn't get my orgasm. If you had waited just a few more minutes I would have been screaming for the Kamis. " she then stomped out of the room.

Maki turned her bright green eyes back to her master and saw that he was fully dressed, but the dark red blush had yet to fade. Youko narrowed his golden eyes at the tori, moving over to wrap his arm around her small waist and nipped at her slave mark. Maki hissed in pain as fire spread down her body when the kitsune buried his fangs in the puncture wounds on her shoulder.

"Itai." she cried when he sucked in a mouthful of her blood. "Youko-sama, itai."

Youko pulled away and gave the wound a gentle lick. "I will call for you later on tonight."

Maki shook her head. "Gomenasai, Youko-sama, but Kuronue-sama has asked of me to tend to the new slave and teach her the ways of a youkai slave." she cringed when her master snarled.

The kitsune pushed the tori youkai away from him and left the room, slamming the door behind him. He stalked down the long corridor, shoving any one out of his way as he rushed to the library. Shoving open the large oak doors, Youko growled, "Kuronue! What the hell do you want?"

Kuronue stood from his lounging position on one of the many pillows that covered the beds of vines. He walked over to Youko and drug him inside the room and shut the door behind them. "I called you here to discuss about Mizuki."

"What about her? She is content where she is." Youko said through gritted teeth. The koumori interrupted him for this? His release was just a few minutes away when the tori youkai knocked on his door. "Why can't you decide what to do with the miko? I don't think she is too fond of my harsh sexual nature."

The koumori sighed. "Youko, she may be afraid of you, but she is just as much your slave as she is mine. You have the authority to tell her to do anything, but we need to discuss what will be appropriate for a ningen. Then there's the fact of her miko powers. She is very strong and can put a large dent in our clan.

Youko rubbed his chin before shifting his bangs with his hand. "Perhaps you can go and speak with that youkai witch, Haineko, to create something that will bound her powers."

"That sounds like a good idea." Kuronue grinned and moved to walk away when Youko's arm lashed out and gripped his wrist.

"Did I say we were done, fruit bat?"

Kuronue snarled, baring his long fangs at the kitsune as he lunged, and pinned Youko to the pillow covered bed of vines, straddling the taller male. "Do I look like a goddamn fruit bat?"

Youko flipped them over so that he was in the dominate position and nipped Kuronue's throat. "As a matter of fact, you do."

The koumori snapped his sharp teeth at the silver haired man above him. "Are you looking for a fight, Youko?"

Pressing his hardened length against the dark youkai's stomach, Youko leaned down and whispered. "No, I'm looking for something else. You see..." he pressed a kiss to the koumori's lips. "I was in the middle of relieving some sexual tension from almost having to punish Mizuki." grounding his hips into Kuronue's, the kitsune bit his partner's shoulder. "Her skin was so soft; her blood was so sweet..."

"I see. Shall I help you with your problem." the koumori nipped at the silver haired male's lips, lapping up the blood that oozed from the small wound before it healed almost instantly. He hissed when the flesh of his chest was sliced open when Youko raked his claws down to shred his vest. "Hard and bloody, I see."

"Mhm." Youki purred. "You will go see Haineko at noon tomorrow." he then sunk his fangs into his partner's collarbone as he cupped his hardening member.

Mizuki relaxed her tensed muscles when the door of her new chambers closed shut tightly. She wrapped her arms around her as the tears that she was holding in spilled forth, running down her pale cheeks and neck before falling on her black hamakas. She cried long and hard for what seemed like forever, before the miko sniffled and wiped her face with the back of her hand.

Slowly, the dark haired woman slid off the futon and surveyed the room. All four walls were constructed of some sort of dark stone, granite or marble maybe. She looked up and saw the on the ceiling was a mural of both Youko and Kuronue surrounded by twenty other youkai and enormous amounts of treasure. Mizuki turned her head to the right and finally noticed that the bed she was placed on rose off the ground and was supported by four posters. Looking to her left, and she spotted a chest and a mirror that was lined with a gold frame, which was the only thing she appreciated.

The miko looked down at her shredded clothing and shivered at the reason why they were in that condition. She walked over to the chest and opened it, a small gasp escaping her throat at the clothing inside. There were at least thirty kimonos, ten yukatas, and five furisodes all varying in color and designs. Mizuki reached out and grabbed a simple black sleeping yukata and slipped off her torn hamakas, kicking them into some random corner, and slid the yukata on over her body and tied the obi shut. She closed the chest and went back over to the bed, noting that the furs were a deep black and a startling silver. Scoffing silently, she pulled the silken sheets back and climbed onto the futon.

Mizuki laid there for a few minutes just waiting for the sweet darkness of slumber to claim her, but it seemed like sleep was avoiding her. She tossed and turned and yet she could not get comfortable, knowing that she was just walking distance from her new 'Masters' and was almost completely surrounded by youkai. She closed her eyes and sighed.

"I need to find a way out of here." she whispered to herself. She has been taught herself that the enemy's territory walls have ears. "From what Kuronue has told me, they can force their slaves to do practically anything they desire. Kami and Youko almost..." a sob broke her train of speak and she buried her face in the soft furs. "I want to go home! I wish I never fallen down that damned well!"

A soft pink glow shined from under her yukata and Mizuki pushed the silken furs from her body and untied the obi, letting her sleeping robe fall open. She gasped, the scar that she gotten from mistress centipede was glowing and was getting brighter and brighter. The miko felt warm as the glow left her body and materialized into transparent figure.

Violet eyes widened. "Midoriko-sama!"

The ghostly body of the great warrior miko and creator of the Shikon no Tama smiled gently down at the younger woman. "Higurashi Mizuki, I know that you do not like the fate you have been placed in, but you must bear with it. This is the will of the Kamis." her soft brown eyes were warm and caring.

"Midoriko-sama, but these youkai have forced me to become their slaves! Why have the kamis forsaken me?" Mizuki stood up on her knees, clasping her hands together. "Youko almost forced me to give him my innocence to him!" tears stung at the corner of her eyes. "Onegai, Midoriko-sama, tell the kamis to send me home."

Midoriko felt her soul cry out of the young girl and she was sorely tempted to tell her that everything was going to get better, but she could not. The kitsune and koumori both needed her. The kitsune to learn to stay loyal to others, strong or weak, that he should value the lesser things in life. The koumori needed her the most, he had to learn that love and happiness do exist. It is fine to fall in love with someone. That ningen are not all evil and hateful creatures as he was raised to believe. She closed her eyes and bowed her head.

"I apologize, Higurashi Mizuki, I cannot do that." at the girl's saddened cry the warrior miko cringed. Cupping her hands together a ball of white light filled her palms. "Take this and place it in the mirror." she placed the sphere in the girl's hands.

Mizuki looked up at the ghostly figure then down at the glowing orb in her palms. "What will it do?"

The warrior miko smiled gently down at the new carrier of the Shikon no Tama. "Place that orb inside the mirror and you can see how your family is faring, both present day and the one residing in this time."

The young woman's face lit up. "Arigatou! Hontou ni arigatou, Midoriko-sama!" she rushed off the bed, carrying the glowing white orb in her hands over to the gold inlaid mirror. Mizuki then pressed the sphere to the cool glass and watched as it melted into it. "Sugoi..."

"Just call out the names of the ones you wish to see and it will show them to you." the ghostly figure of the ancient miko began to fade.

"Arigatou Midoriko-sama." Mizuki sighed when the warrior miko faded back into the soft pink glow and back inside the puckered pink scar on her hip. The Shikon no Miko suddenly felt drained and climbed back into the bed, pulling the black and silver furs up to her chin. The instant her head touched the pillow she was fast asleep.

Kuronue groaned and stretched his arms above his head, hissing when the act pulled at the new skin that covered the various cuts that littered his chest. He touched a particularly scar and frowned when the skin over it dipped in under the weight of his finger, signalling that it was deep and still healing. He tried to stand from the bed, but failed when a vertebrae in his back shifted and a searing pain erupted from his backside. "Damn that kitsune." he muttered as he turned his eyes to the still slumbering male next to him and yanked on one of his large silver ears.

Youko jolted up with a yelp, the white furs pooling at his waist, and gripped his abused ear tenderly between his fingers. "What the hell Kuronue!"

The koumori frowned and simply pointed to the long gash across his chest. "You cut me too deeply last night."

A silver brow rose until it was hidden behind a waterfall of bangs. "Your point is? I told you that I wanted it hard and bloody."

"My point is that there will be no more violent sex. Ever." Kuronue's indigo eyes were hard as they pierced into the golden ones of his partners. "My body is not a blood fountain and my back can't take it anymore."

Youko chuckled and cupped the dark youkai's chin with his forefinger and thumb. "You say that every time we fuck, Kuronue." he swiftly moved out of the way when the koumori swiped at his face with his claws.

"You cocky bastard!" Kuronue slid out of the bed of vines, bending over to reach for his black pants when something warm dripped down his leg. "Damn it Youko! I thought we agreed that you wouldn't come inside me! You know how I hate feeling it sliding down my legs when I stand!" he used the white cloth that he normally wore around his waist to wipe off the sticky white substance that clung to his skin of his left leg.

The kitsune merely laughed even harder, falling back on the bed, but yelped when the dark youkai cut the vines that held the bed up and he hit the hard unforgiving ground. "Okay, I deserved that." Youko rubbed the back of his head, wincing at the swollen lump he found at the crown of his skull.

Kuronue bared his fangs at the kitsune as he finished pulled his pants on and reached for the tattered remains of his vest, frowning when it fell to pieces when he picked it up. "Keep ripping up my clothes and I'll have to go around naked."

"I wouldn't mind that." Youko purred and crooked a finger at the koumori, beckoning him to come closer.

The dark youkai shook his head. "I have to go visit Haineko. I don't have time to play with you Youko. Call on one of your slaves to satisfy you."

The silver haired male frown, his lips pushed out in a near pout. "Fine." he waved Kuronue away. "Go get the damned bind for the miko."

As Kuronue began to walk out of the library, he paused at the doorway. "I will make it up to you, Youko. I swear it." with those words said the koumori exited the room.

The second Kuronue stepped out of the cave, he spread out his leathery wings and took to the skies. He loved the feel of the cool wind against his warm flesh and through his hair. The koumori flapped his wings once more to gain more altitude and speed as he shot through a fluffy white cloud. He shook his head to rid it of the excess dew that collected in the dark locks.

Soon the clouds turned black as the sky darkened and the koumori spread his wings out so he would slow down, tipping them downward and flying closer to the forest below. His indigo eyes scanned the forest floor until he found the one he sought after. Kuronue folded his wings against his back and floated out of the air and landed gracefully on his feet in front of a neko youkai.

"Haineko, I require your services." he said in a monotone voice.

The youkai witch turned her wild yellow-green eyes to the male in front of her she jumped back, the fur of her long tail bristling and a bright blush spread over her cheeks. "Kuronue!"

Kuronue raised a brow at the red stain on the neko's pale face, the crimson color almost matching her fiery hair. Once before in his younger years, the koumori was tempted to place his slave mark on the female for she was a rare find indeed, but he decided against it when she saved his life. "Haineko, I have a request for you."

Haineko smoothed her long blood red hair down as her ears perked up on her head. "Hai? What do you require of me?"

"Youko and myself have captured the Shikon no Miko and made her our slave. As we all know, she is a very powerful miko. So I am in need of a way of binding her powers." Kuronue explained.

The neko youkai pressed a slender finger to her temple as the dark youkai's words sunk in. "I believe I have the perfect thing!" she moved past Kuronue to enter her cave and just as quickly as she went inside, she emerged from the dark opening, a small silver glint in her cupped hands.

"This necklace and bracelet are the only things that are capable of suppressing a miko of her status reiki." Haineko began. "You will need to place these on her the moment she begins to lash out with her powers." the pieces of metal started to glow a soft green as the neko closed her eyes, whispering an incantation.

Kuronue felt the fine hairs at the base of his neck and arms raise when his large pointed ears picked up on the strange words the witch was uttering. Opening his wings, he covered his body when a flash of green light engulfed Haineko's body and seeped into the bits of silver in her hands. Slowly, when the blinding light faded, the koumori moved his wings and folded them tightly against his back to see Haineko down on her knees with her hands raised high above her bowed head.

"It is ready, Kuronue." she felt the blood rush up to her face when the dark youkai took the binding jewelry from her hands, his fingers brushing oh so lightly against her palms. Only Kami knew how much she truly desired to be with the koumori, but she knew that he would never love her the way she loved him. They were part of two very different races and from what she heard, Kuronue did not believe in such trivial feelings.

The dark haired youkai picked up the scent of the witch's longing and smiled inwardly. "Arigato Haineko-chan..." he purred out the red headed woman's name as his voice dropped in octave. "As your payment; how about I mark you this time."

Haineko lifted her head so quickly that her neck cracked painfully and a dull ache settled at the base of her skull. "Eh! Kuronue, you want to mark me?"

Kneeling down, Kuronue stroked his hand through her thick fiery hair before cupping her chin. "Yes. I want you to become mine." he offered her a smile.

The neko youkai returned his smile with a radiant one of her own, her pearly white fangs glistening even in the darkness. "I will gladly become yours!" she closed her eyes in anticipation, wanting nothing more than to feel the dark youkai's lips on her in a loving manner.

Kuronue grinned evilly. "You are mine, Haineko. My slave!" before the woman could react, he sunk his long fangs into the joint of her neck and shoulder, relishing in the pain filled howl the neko gave.

Youko gave one last thrust of his hips before letting out a satisfied groan. He then proceeded to push the female tora youkai off and away from him. With a wave of his hand, the kitsune dismissed the woman as he reached to pull on his white pants.

The tora youkai bowed, her orange and black hair falling over her shoulders, before she picked up her green kimono and dressed herself in it. "You may call on me again if you require my services, Youko-sama." her soft voice said.

"Rina, I believe I dismissed you. Why are you still here?" Youko's cold gold eyes pierced the tiger's black orbs. He flexed his claws once and that was all he needed to do to have the frightened female running out of his chambers.

The kitsune sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair before he stood and walked over to his chest, pulling out a fresh outfit. Youko exited his room and walked in the direction of the springs. As he drew closer and closer, the scent of the sulfuric waters grew stronger until he reached the room housing the hot springs. He closed the shoji door behind him as he began to remove his pants, then he grabbed the jar filled with a sweet smelling liquid and stepped in the scalding waters.

He purred as he sunk further into the spring, sitting on one of the stone benches. He then dipped his finger in jar, scooping out some of the sticky liquid and rubbed his palms together. Soon the liquid turned into thick, frothy suds and Youko smoothed them over his arms and chest. He reached for the jar a tipped it forward in order to pour the concoction in his hair before moving his hands up to work up a good lather.

Pale eyelids fluttered open as bright and warm sunlight shone through the nearby window. The young woman resting on the large four poster bed stretched her boy in a lazy cat-like motion, sighing when the bones of her spine gave a satisfying pop. She felt relaxed and comfortable. Her violet eyes opened, expecting to see the soft yellow ceiling of her room, but screamed when she saw that she was not in her room in Tokyo, but still in the Sengoku Jidai, trapped in a tree-house full of youkai!

The young woman jumped out of the bed and rushed over to the mirror and yanked down the collar of her yukata to reveal her shoulder...and the two marks and the bites below them. She fell to her knees.

"It wasn't a dream. I really am the slave of two horrible youkai." Mizuki whispered brokenly. She drew her knees to her chest and began to rock back and forth. 'What are they going to do with me?'Tears began to collect in her eyes until she remember the gift Midoriko had gave her the night before. Pressing her hands to the mirror, Mizuki whispered out the name of the person she wanted to see the most. Shippou.

No sooner than when she spoke her kit's name, the mirror flashed brightly and Shippou appeared in the glass, running across the field with a litter of kitsune, all varying in breeds. Mizuki touched the cool glass, over the place where her surrogated son's cheek was and smiled softly. She was glad that he was doing well in his training to be a great kitsune. A small chuckle left her throat when she saw Shippou transform into a very convincing replica of the Western Lord and scaring the living daylights out of his teacher.

"I miss my little troublemaker." the miko sighed. She moved away from the mirror and the image faded until it showed her own reflection. Mizuki walked over to the chest, opening it and scanned the clothes inside. There was one particular piece that caught her eye. It was an elegant black furisode with large pink, white, and violet roses decorating the long hem and sleeves. She folded the pretty robe over her arm, grabbing a light pink obi, and opened the small compartment below the chest to find some new under wrappings.

She slowly opened the door of her room and looked left then right before tiptoeing out. She took the turned down towards the lighter side of mansion, the side where she smelled the sulfuric water of a hot springs. Mizuki walked for what seemed like ages before the scent of the springs got stronger and she was in front of a shoji door and she could feel the heat of the waters. The miko slid her hand into the crack between the door and the doorframe, sliding the shoji door open. Mizuki smiled when the steam from the hot springs dampened her face as she stepped inside and slid the door back into its proper place.

Mizuki walked over to the stone shelves and picked up one of the jar, taking a delicate smell of the liquid inside and frowned at the rose scent. "No! Youko smells like that!" she quickly dropped the jar back into its place and picked up another one that smelt like sakura blossoms. Deciding that it will have to do, the miko grabbed one of the white fluffy towels. She hummed a small tune as she approached the springs, after making sure it unoccupied. When she didn't detect anyone there, Mizuki untied the obi and let the black yukata fall off her shoulders. She pulled the black silken cloth off and placed it in a neat pile.

The miko walked over to the hot springs and dipped her toe into the water, sighing at the feeling of warmth that spread up her body. She submerged the rest of her body into the pool and smiled. The temperature of the water was perfect, not too hot and just the right amount of steam to not suffocate her.

"This feels amazing." she purred.

"So glad that you like the hot springs, Little Miko."

Mizuki gasped, covering her breasts with her hands as she turned around and was face to face with a dripping wet silver haired kitsune. "Youko-sama!" she swam back a few feet, wanting to put some distance between them. "What are you doing here?"

Youko raised an elegant silver brow at her question. "This is my side of the manner, which makes this my springs, Miko." his golden eyes trailed over her naked body, secretly cursing that her hands covered her breasts from his view. "Did you plan on joining me, Mizuki."

The miko shifted away from the fair haired youkai, sinking down deeper into the warm waters. "As if! I didn't know you was in here! And it's considered rude to stare!" her eyes went wide when the kitsune emitted a low growl from deep in his chest.

"Never raise your voice at me." the kitsune hissed as he grabbed a handful of her dark hair and pulled her to his chest. "Unless you want me to punish you."

Mizuki whimpered against Youko's chest, holding back the tears that threatened to spill. "Please don't hurt me." she did not know why she felt so paralyzed around this youkai; she felt as if she could not call forth her powers. 'Why can't I use my reiki against him?'

Youko pressed his nose into the crown of her head, inhaling her scent and cringing at the fear that was laced in it. "Why are you afraid? I merely warned you to not raise your voice at me. I am not going to punish you." her slight nod and the smell of fear in her scent reducing comforted him. "I bet you are wondering why you can't use your reiki against me?"

The miko gasped. How did the kitsune know?

A deep chuckle rumbled in the silver youkai's chest. "Dear miko, the reason why is that even though you don't want to believe it, but your body naturally knows that I am of greater power than you and refuses to waste energy on trying to purify me." he released her and showed her his back. "Since you are here, you can help me bathe."

" bathe?" Mizuki repeated as she stared at the muscled back before her.

"Yes. Help me bathe. I need you to scrub my back." he turned his head to gaze at her over his shoulder. "And that's an order. Do not disobey me."

Mizuki slowly reached for the small wash towel that she had brought for herself and dipped it into the scalding hot water before picking up the jar of sweet smelling liquid and pouring it in the palm of her hand. She pressed the hand that contained the sticky liquid to the wash cloth and rubbed them together, producing a frothy lather. The miko reached out and scrubbed the kitsune's back in small circles, washing every inch of the tanned flesh. She tried to ignore the hard muscles underneath her fingertips as they rippled from her touch. 'He's the enemy!'

Youko let out a soft purr like sound as his tipped his head forward. Kami, her touch was soothing and gentle. Almost as if she's never touched a man before. "I may have to call on you to bathe me for now on, Little one." he turned around and captured her hand with his larger one and pulled her close to him. The kitsune frowned when her fear seeped into her clean sweet scent. "Do not be afraid. I simply want to wash you. I will do nothing more that what you allow."

"Do you swear?" she whispered. "You swear not to do anything except wash me?"

"I give you my word." an almost there smile touched his lips when the fear faded from her scent and she nodded and showed him her back. Youko took the small wash cloth from her hands, dipping it into the hot waters to rid it of the residual suds, and reached for the jar of sakura smelling liquid. He then poured the pink-clear substance into the towel and rubbed it into a lather. Pressing the soapy cloth to the miko's back, the kitsune drew lazy circles on her skin, silently marveling at how soft it felt. Youko glided the towel over her shoulders and smirked at the small tremble Mizuki gave as he slid the cloth down her arm.

He leaned forward, but kept his body away from hers, and whispered in her ear. "Want me to wash your front as well?" his voice was low and seductive.

Mizuki shivered at the sound of his voice. She was very tempted to turn around and bare her breasts to his gentle touch, to feel his hands on her skin, but the rational part of her mind was telling her not to. 'It's just his kitsune seduction! Don't submit!'The dark haired miko shook her head, spraying a light mist of water on the kitsune, "No. I can do it myself." she turned, keeping one arm over her chest, and reached for the towel in Youko's hand.

The kitsune moved the cloth just out of her reach, his much greater height aiding him. He lowered his eyes lids to gaze at her lazily. "Are you sure?" his ears twitched as they picked up the sound of her racing heart and a slow smirk was spreading over his lips when he picked up the change in her scent. Going from clean and sweet to musky and addictive. "I do not mind."

Her heart was pounding in her chest and she was sure that her face was bright red, but Mizuki held her ground. "No." Kami her body felt like it was going to melt. The water of the springs became too hot, the steam too thick, Youko too close. She felt hypersensitive. 'I need to get away from him.'She tried to swim back, but Youko grabbed hold of her arm and yanked her to him.

"I did not dismiss you, Mizuki." he said her name in deep low voice that sent trembles down her spine.

"Youko-sama." she whispered as she gazed into his molten gold eyes, her own eyes half lidded as the kitsune lowered his head to hers. " swore you wouldn't do any more than I would allow."

Youko stopped, his lips just an inch away from hers.

"You gave your word." she continued, pressing her hand against his water slick chest in effort to push him away. "You gave me your word that you wouldn't do anything but wash me."

The kitsune gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. Turning away from the miko, he said, "I am leaving." he looked at her over his shoulder. "Enjoy the rest of your bath." With those words spoken, the kitsune quickly exited the pool of hot water, dried off his body, and pulled his clothes on. He stopped at the shoji door. "I will call on you later." and then he was gone.

Mizuki sank down in the water until only her eyes were above the surface, bubbles popping as she let out the breath she had been holding. When the tell-tale burning in her lungs could no longer be ignored, the dark haired girl lifted her mouth and nose from the sulfuric water, taking in deep gulps of air. "That was close."

The miko quickly finished her bath and stepped out of the springs, patting her body dry with a large towel. She dressed in the pretty black furiode and skillfully tied the obi shut in a little bow. Mizuki used her fingers to comb through her thick wavy raven hair and braided it in a single plait down her back. She gathered her discarded clothes from their little pile and shoved them inside the chute-like tunnel that was labeled, 'WASH.' and exited the room.

"Ano..." a soft bird-like voice called. "Mizuki-sama?"

Youko opened the white door to his room and was immediately greeted with the sharp scent of neko. Raising his eyes, he found Kuronue smiling like a child who was given a piece of candy and the kitsune lifted a single elegant brow. "What's with the cheesy grin?" he asked in a calm voice.

Kuronue stepped to the side to reveal the beautiful red haired woman who was sitting on the floor behind him, silent tears trailing down her reddened cheeks. "I brought you something like I promised." he turned to look at the woman at his feet. "Stand."

The crimson haired woman stood up.

"Youko, this is Haineko." he gestured to the female. "She is the newest addition to my slaves, but you may use her as you please."

The kitsune held up his hand. "I have no use for her. She may be dismissed." he gave Haineko a cold, stern look, smiling when her yellow-green eyes widened in fear. "I need to speak with you, Kuronue."

The koumori nodded. "Haineko, leave us. Now."

Haineko bristled at the harsh tone the dark youkai used with her and she opened her mouth to snap at him, but the mark on her shoulder began to throb and burn painfully. She gasped before nodded hurriedly and exited the room.

Kuronue walked over and sat down on one of the many white pillows and crossed his legs. "So, what do you need to speak with me about?"

"You have the bindings?"

The dark youkai nodded and reached for the bag that was tied at his waist and poured the contents out in the palm of his right hand. He showed Youko the glittering silver bits of metal, each one hand a small green gem encrusted in the center. "Hai. They must be placed on her the moment her powers flare up and lashes out."

Youko rubbed his chin with his thumb. "But how will we get her to lash out at us? Her body knows that we are of greater power than her and refuses to waste energy on trying to purify us."

"What about Yomi?" Kuronue suggested. "He's our third in command, but he is young and still developing his youki."

"That is a great idea. Yomi will be able to get some training in and we'll be able to bind the miko's powers. I like it." Youko moved over to his door, opening it and called out for a slave. "Maki-chan." he purred. "I require your assistance."

Soon the blue haired tori youkai peaked her head inside of Youko's room, her eyes kept low in respect to her master. "Hai, Youko-sama?" she asked in a soft timid voice.

Youko gracefully and elegantly made his way over to the female, running his claws through her hair and whispering in her ear. "I need for you to collect the miko for us. Once she is here go and get Yomi." he wrapped his arm around her small waist and lightly ran his sharp nails down the red tipped silver rose on her bared shoulder. "Understand?"

"H-hai." the tori breathed out in a soft sigh as her bright green eyes slid shut from Youko's soft touch. It always felt so good when the marking was touched gently and soothingly. Her head almost lolled back, but she knew that this wasn't the time to be basking in her master's kindness. After the kitsune released her, Maki bowed and exited the room.

Kuronue walked over and took hold of Youko's chin with his forefinger and thumb. "I do not like it when you flaunt your seduction towards others." he whispered hotly. "Especially in front of me."

Youko smiled down at the koumori. "Jealous?"

"No, why would I be jealous?"

"Liar." Youko chuckled under his breath.

Mizuki turned around at the sound of the voice and spotted a young woman who looked to be slightly older than her, maybe around Sango's age, with long shoulder length baby blue hair. She wore a pink kimono that was flourished with green hummingbirds and honeysuckles. When she rose out of her bow, Mizuki saw that her eyes were bright emerald colored slits. "Ano...can I help you?"

The blue haired woman lifted her hand and took hold of Mizuki's arm and proceeded to drag her down the hall. "Gomen ne, Mizuki-sama, but my master wishes for your presence."

"Master...?" the miko's mauve eyes found their way to the girl's left shoulder where the glittering marking was perched above two puncture wounds. 'That's Youko's slave mark!'She began to struggle. "No! Let me go!" she felt her reiki rise up inside of her, ready to attack anything and anyone.

The green eyed girl hissed in pain when the flesh of the palm of her hand was seared off. "Mizuki-sama, please. Don't make this any harder than it already is."

Mizuki was starting to hyperventilate and her eyes began to glow silver with her powers. "Stay away! I'm not going near him." 'I don't trust myself to not fall for his seduction.'Her hands were aflame with raw purification power as she took a step back away from the strange youkai. "I am not going to him!"

"Mizuki-sama. Please. Calm down." the other woman tried to calm the miko down. "Youko-sama isn't going to harm you!"

"Iie! He's done nothing but hurt me! He and Kuronue! They took me from my family!" the Shikon no miko sobbed. "I hate them! I hate them! I won't go to them!"

The female youkai slowly moved closer to the hyperventilating girl, her hand outstretched. "Mizuki-sama. It's okay. I know exactly how you feel."

"You know nothing!" Mizuki yelled, her aura flaring up around her in silver and violet flames. "You don't know the pain of being forced to fight for your freedom only to be beaten and taken from your family!"

"Yes I do! The same happened to me!" the youkai admitted. "Youko-sama trapped me and made me fight for my freedom!" her green eyes slid shut as she balled her fists up, clutching them to her chest. "I was forced away from my mate and child to become his slave! Don't you ever say I don't know the pain of being taken!"

Mizuki opened her silver eyes and they slowly darkened back into their original violet color as her reiki receded. "R-really?" The miko fell to her knees as hot trails of fluid travelled down her cheeks when the blue haired youkai nodded. "Gomenasai! I had no idea!"

The female youkai timidly made her way over to the fallen miko, slowly wrapping her arms around her and stroking her raven hair. "Mizuki-sama, it's okay."

The miko sniffled, sobbing into the woman's kimono. "It's not okay! I said some horrible things to you."

"Shush." the taller woman whispered. "It's like you said: you had no idea." she stroked the miko's hair soothingly before removing the crying girl from her shoulder. Wiping at the tears that still leaked from the miko's purple eyes, she continued, "You're too pretty for tears, Mizuki-sama."


Emerald green eyes widened. "I'm sorry?"

"Please. Don't use an honorific after my name. It's simply Mizuki. Higurashi Mizuki." the violet eyed priestess murmured as she pulled herself out of the youkai's arms.

The older woman smiled."Okay. Mizuki. My name is Maki and I am a tori youkai."

Mizuki returned Maki's smile with one of her own. "Nice to meet you Maki." she rose to her feet and held out her hand for the woman, her smile brightening when she accepted it with gratitude.

"Come. I have to bring you to Youko-sama now. I will be punished if I don't." Maki lowered her head, folding her hands over her lap.

"Ahh!" the miko's eyes widened when she saw the blackened, bleeding burns on the tori's hands. "Your hands!" she lifted her hands to her lips. "I did that, didn't I?"

Maki raised her hands to her lips, licking the burn marks gently. "Its fine." she cringed slightly when a tiny aftershock of purification zapped her.

Mizuki grasped the blue haired woman's hands in hers, "It's not fine. Let me make it up to you." she felt her eyes slide shut as she concentrated her reiki and soon her hands were glowing a soft healing pink instead of the silver of purification. Maki watched in awe as the open, bleeding wounds on her hands began close, the blackened skin faded until the pale skin underneath emerged.

"Sugoi, Mizuki." the blue haired girl whispered. "Arigatou."

"It's nothing. We're friends now, right?"

Maki gasped, but quickly recovered. "Hai!"

The two young women soon became close friends as they talked about their family and friends. Mizuki learned that Maki was from prestigious clan of tori youkai and was the mate of the heir to the southern lands. She had a little girl named Makoto and was hoping to have a son before Youko set his sights on her. The raven haired miko told the tori youkai all about her family - both of them, omitting them parts about her being from five hundred years in the future. She talked about Sango, who was like a sister to her, Inuyasha, her former love, and most of all she told Maki all about Shippou, her surrogated son.

"He's a red kitsune with just a hint of yellow in him, but he keeps telling me that once he gets his adult ears his blonde tail will start to turn red like his hair.. He's got the largest turquoise eyes ever and the most adorable smile." Mizuki gushed about the little redhead she adopted as her son. "I love him like he's my own."

Maki gave her a kind smile. "Sounds like you do. He's lucky to have someone like you as his mother." her green eyes lost their normal glow. "I just wish I could have watched my Makoto grow into a big strong youkai. I was forced to leave her when she was still a hatchling." the blue haired female sighed, pain evident in the tone of her voice.

Mizuki paused in her steps. "Maki...if I told you that I have a way that you could see your daughter again, what would you say?"

"Eto...I'd probably think that you're just saying that to make me happy." she replied as she grasped the miko's hand again, pulling her down the hall.

"Maki, come to my room once I finish talking to Youko-sama please?"

Maki blinked in confusion before she smiled down at the miko. "Sure, Mizuki. I will." she stopped in front of a solid white door with traces of silver painted on the wood. "Well, I guess this is where we part ways."

Mizuki grasped the tori youkai's hands in hers. "Walk me inside." her violet eyes sought out the bright green ones of the blue haired girl's, pleading with her. "Please?"

The green eyed woman sighed. "Of course." slowly her hand reached out for the golden doorknob, but before her fingers even brushed against the object, the white wooden door swung open.

"That took far too long Maki." Youko's said, his eyes narrowed down at the tori youkai. "Do I need to punish you for your tardiness?" his hand shot out and grabbed her long blue hair, yanking her closer to him. He pushed her kimono further off her shoulder, baring her mark to him, and lowered his head. Before he could even run his fangs over the rose imprinted on her flesh, a shrill cry echoed through his ears.

"Let go of Maki!" it was Mizuki's voice.

The kitsune lifted his eyes and saw that her eyes were slowly flashing silver. 'Why is her aura flaring up?'Wanting to test the theory he came up with, Youko ran a single sharp claw down Maki's mark, causing the tori to scream in pain as blood welled up in the wound. He hid a grin when her eyes flashed silver once more before holding the metallic coloring and her aura became fiercer and angrier.

Mizuki felt her reiki beginning to lick at her skin, "I said to let her go!"

"Who are you to be making orders of me? Your master?" Youko drawled before running his tongue up the line of blood that dripped down Maki's shoulder.

Anger exploded within Mizuki and she felt full of power as she raised her fist. "I give you one last warning. Let go of Maki you sick bastard."

"And if I don't? What are you going to do, Little Miko." he taunted as his hand inched closer to his pocket as his golden eyes were no longer on the dark haired girl, but the figure stalking behind the miko.

"I'm going to fucking purify you. Screw what you said about my body knowing that I can't purify you! That time in the hot springs was a fluke because you was using your seduction on me!" she charged, her fist glowing silver with her purification powers.

Youko pushed Maki aside and reached inside his pocket, pulling out a small silver circle, while his other have caught Mizuki's punch. The kitsune winced slightly at the sting of purification, but quickly slipped on the circlet onto her wrist. "Kuronue! Now while her reiki is still high!"

Mizuki faltered in her steps when Youko encaptured her hand that was ablaze with her reiki without so much as batting an eye. She tried in vain to pull her hand away, but the kitsune merely tightened his grip on her small hand. "Itai!"

Kuronue rushed up behind the miko, his hand glinting from the silver bit of metal. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he slid the necklace around her throat, the ends opening when they touched her flesh and closed once it completely encompassed her slender neck. The two pieces of jewelry began to glow green as they forced the priestess's reiki back inside her body.

The Shikon no miko opened her mouth and let out a bloodcurdling scream as her powers were beaten into submission inside her body, the more she tried to force it out the more her body ached and burned. Mizuki clawed at the two pieces of meal that clung to her wrist and neck. "What the hell is this? " she used both hands to tug at the silver circlet around her throat, biting her lip to hide her yelp of pain when a green light shocked her.

"Try as you might Koneko-chan, but only the one who put it on you can remove it. " Kuronue whispered in her ear as he nuzzled the silver choker and pulled her closer to his body.

Youko walked over to the fallen tori youkai, grasping her hand and pulling her to her feet. "Sorry for being so rough with you, Maki-chan, but I had to put the bindings on Mizuki." he pulled her closer and ran his tongue over the bleeding cut, his saliva healing it. His tongue lingered on the red tipped silver rose, tracing small circles over it and a soft moan escaped the female's lips. Youko raised his head and pressed a kiss to Maki's forehead. "Go get some rest after you told Yomi that he is no longer needed. Kuronue and I have to speak with Mizuki."

Maki could only nod dumbly as she removed herself from the kitsune's arms. She paused and gave the miko a apologitic smile before she slipped out the door.

"Let go of me." Mizuki said weakly, trying to pry off the koumori's hands.

"Iie." he stated simply as he sat down on the large white pillow, forcing the girl to sit on his lap. "You are weakened from the binding. "

Youko moved over and took hold of Mizuki's chin with his fingers. "We have decided that it is time for you to provide your services to us as a slave should. "

Violet eyes widened as she remembered what happened in the hot springs. "It will be a cold day in limbo before I do anything like that again. "

Kuronue sighed and flicked his claw over the black scythe tattooed on her left side of her neck, causing the young miko to hiss in pain. "You are not to argue with your masters or you will be punished. "But..." he trailed off as he lowered his face to her neck to kiss the shimmering mark lightly. "Do as you are told and you will be rewarded."

Mizuki shivered delicately when the koumori's warm lips brushed against the black tattoo before moaning softly as his tongue traced light circles over her flesh. When Kuronue nipped at her shoulder, just a small brush of his fangs, the miko shook violently as a quivering mewl left the confines of her throat and she pressed her hips down to grind against Kuronue. She blinked once, twice, three times before she realized what she was doing. "Shimatta!" she placed her hands on the dark youkai's head and pushed him away from the slave mark. "Please don't do that as my reward."

Youko raised a silver eyebrow. "If you don't want pleasure as your reward then what?"

"I want Maki to be able to see her family as my reward." she replied.

"Maki? You would trade in your pleasure for the tori to see her family?" Kuronue asked, taking her face in his hands and stroking her cheeks with his thumbs. When she nodded, he continued, "Why?"

Mizuki cut her eyes over to Youko briefly before speaking. "I have my reasons. She has become my first friend here."

The kitsune pulled her off of the koumori's lap, holding her loosely around the waist. "Very well, but as for now your duties are: to help me bathe whenever I call for your services, assist Maki with cleaning out the rooms in the manor, and helping Kuronue's new slave Haineko get situated into her new position; after that you will be assigned kitchen duty at least four times in one moon cycle." he grasped her chin in his fingers. "Understood?"

"Hai, Youko-sama."

"While Maki is over your training, I want you to meet with Reiko to retrieve your work kimono." his golden eyes traveled down the pretty black furisode and reached out for the long sleeves, raising his to his lips. "You don't want to get this fine silk to get soiled while you're working."

Mizuki slowly moved away from the kitsune, gently tugging the sleeve of her robe out of his reach. "Hai. Who is Reiko?"

Kuronue chuckled. "She's an usagi youkai. Cream colored hair, floppy brown ears." he smirked when the miko merely stared at him blankly. "Oh you'll know her when you see her."

The miko nodded slowly. "May I go now?"

Youko suppressed a smile at how obedient Mizuki was acting, but he knew that she was merely biding her time and he would relish in punishing her. He has missed the sweet, powerful taste of her blood. It excited him like no other. "You may be dismissed, Mizuki." he breathed out her name in a low whisper, knowing that it would cause her cheeks to burn.

True enough, a scarlet blush spread over the miko's cheeks and across the bridge of her nose as she bowed and scurried out the room, closing the door behind her. Mizuki leaned against the frame of the white painted oak door and let out a shaky breath. "Damn that kitsune and his freakin' seduction!" with those words said, the dark haired priestess pushed herself off the door and began her search of the usagi youkai, Reiko.

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