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Sally Jackson was running with her year-old in her arms, trying to get to the hunters before the minions of the Titan Lord caught and killed them. As they went through the woods, arrows came flying past in the wind, silver blurs, raining on the monsters. They were all dead except for their leader, the Minotaur. He had arrows sticking out everywhere, but kept chugging along. When they were only 50 feet away, one of his muscular, beefy arms grabbed sally.

As she through her son to the camp, her last words were "Please save him, his name is Peruses Jackson!"

A 12 year old girl stepped forward angrily, and sent a gold blast of energy towards the monster, just as Sally Jackson fell from his arms with a faint smile and closed her lifeless eyes. The 12 year old girl mumbled some words and a grave appeared and she was buried gently.

With her auburn hair flying with her as she did a fast spin, she picked up the boy and said "Today is the day the hunt will have a male in the hunt, as the goddess of children, he will be my son, for I knew his mother fairly well and this was her last wish."

She looked rather resigned, as she ordered her sisters in arms to take care of the boy and set camp for the night. As she picked him up, she felt godly power in him, and instantly knew he was the son of a powerful god and for her to feel his power at his age, meant he was very powerful, even for a son of the big three. Her eyes softened as she looked into those innocent sea green eyes, knowing that he would be the son she never had. She didn't know wither that be good or bad, time would show that.


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