Chapter 8

"Well, she was for sure captured by more than one immortal as said by a muse who saw 2 gold flashes take Artemis and go." Chiron said as the camp leaders, me, Zoe, and Mr. D moved closer to hear him around a ping pong table.

I stood "I'll go and locate her by tracking her godly presence."

Immediately Zoe and Thalia? Protested. "No, this must be Kronos's plan, divide and conquer."

I headed out to the door "I don't care, me and blackjack can save her - ahhhh!"

I pounding headache hit me as a tried to remember something that happened in the river. I fell to my knees, griping my head as I desperately tried to break the headache as I tried to break the barrier to the memory. I gave up as I felt my mind going numb and I fell facedown. Zoe helped me up as I stumbled out the door, towards the boundary. Every camper stared at me as I climbed up the hill and sat down by the tree, trying to gain my vision back. Someone splashed water in my face and instantly I began to feel better.

I whistled for blackjack and gripped his mane as we exploded into the sunset, everyone telling me to land. I ignored them and kept going until I noticed blackjack was getting tired.

We were about to land, but then a massive bolt of lightning struck the building directly in front of us and a flying piece of debris hit me. After that, I knew no more.


When I saw the bolt of lightning illuminate the sky, and I felt even worse, after 4 years of not seeing Percy, thinking he was dead, he returned and after not even a full day, I let him go alone. That reminded me of when we found him.


I was running with Artemis, going on a mission to save a friend of hers. The hunt were following and hawks screeching. We all put on a burst of speed when we heard the roar of a monster, the minotaur. When we got there, the minotaur was choking the woman and her son staring in horror. Her last words were directed to Artemis, but we were all affected by them "Please save him, his name is Percsus Jackson!"

I remembered the faint smile on the woman's mouth, Percy's smile, even at death, her first priority was still her son. Although I hated men and disliked woman that gave into men, I respected this woman a lot for smiling at death. After Artemis destroyed the pitiful monster, she gave the woman named sally a funeral only made for the finest heroes back in her time and she knew that this was a great honor.

I saw Artemis mumble a few words before announcing that there will be a male in the hunt now, normally everyone would've argued, but she had a murderous look in her eyes and a protective glint that only I caught.

After 5 years

"Where is Percy?"

"I don't know, he was right by me my lady."

"Well until someone can track him, no food or sleep for anyone, so get to it.a"

"Yes my lady."

After Phoebe, our best hunter couldn't track him, we decided that he must've climbed a tree and started swinging around like a monkey, again. Ever since he turned 5, he was impossible to keep track of, hiding in sleeping bags, wandering off to the woods, getting tangled up in vines, he was so hyper that I had lost more than just a few meals and hours on finding him.

But when tucking him in and watching him sleep for a little made up for everything. He was the sibling I never really had, someone who would only see the best in me, someone who annoyed me a lot. That was Percy Jackson and now I had lost him again.

End of flashback (That was my first one, hope it didn't suck to much.)

"I'm going after him, Thalia, come as well."

"No! Chiron looked panicked "we cannot separate, we must stay together or we'll be falling right into a trap!"

"No, my mistress and brother are unknown, it is my duty to go after them!"

Then a image came in my head, three immensely old ladies were on a golden platform, sitting on chairs. The first one was knitting, the second one cutting the string from the yarn, the third had golden shears, picked up a longer piece of yarn and snapped it, looking straight at her "It is your time."

The voice was ancient and seemed to be coming from everywhere, but one thing was clear, I was going to die and with that thought in mind, me and Thalia headed off to the unknown.


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