Public Relations

Part Four of Three?

By Gabi-hime


Spoilers: The end of Angelic Layer TV.

Pairing: Misaki/Oujirou, implied Shuuko/Icchan

Rating: PG-13 for implied silliness XD

Synopsis: A humor/romance piece in three parts. Misaki thought that she knew Oujirou pretty well, until she found out about his doujinshi habit, that is. A little something extra for those of us who just have to have an after the credits shot :D


"What exactly am I supposed to think? I come home and find my dear little brother with the champion....and her in a dead faint! Might I mention in his bedroom?"

"I really don't know what got into her. She went into my room accidentally. She was just trying to find the bathroom."

"Humph, I'm sure accidentally. I'll bet you used the same 'I meant my left' line that you used on Shuuko."

Oujirou pointedly ignored him, "She just fainted cleanly away. We were just talking about doujinshi when . . . "

"No wonder she fainted! You were accosting her with all sorts of dirty things!"

"Nii-chan, I suggest you drop it or Misaki might just stumble onto the well thumbed collection of Athena and Shuu doujinshi you keep under your bed."

"KYAAAA! You wouldn't dare!"

"You think not?"

Misaki opened one eye and glanced up at the two gentlemen who were having such a heated argument about her innocence. They were both so embroiled that they didn't even notice her and she felt the absurd urge to giggle.

Well, it had certainly been an adventure. Whether or not it was to be Super Fun Fun had yet to be determined.



Whoo! All done! And now you hopefully won't come after me with pitchforks any more ^_^. My next planned multi-part Angelic Layer story is "Something You'll Never Forget" which is considerably more serious than Public Relations (I really hope you all get the double entendre in the name XD I'm such a goober because I was horribly impressed with myself for coming up with that one XD