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I had this story up a while ago, and it seemed to be my most popular story. However, I reread it and ugh, it was just so bad. I desperately needed to re-write it. Not many things are changed, per-say, but I fixed grammar and punctuation mistakes, made it a bit longer, and did change a few little things.

Warnings: Yaoi, possible NCS, lots of angst, character death, abuse

Pairings: SasuNaru, others

This is a very short prologue. The rest of the chapters will not be this short.

This story is inspired by the song 'You're Cute When You Scream' by 'Senses Fail'

"Dead. They're all dead Naruto! And you don't even care! How can you not even care?" Sasuke screamed as Naruto sniffed. There were tears running down his whiskered cheeks. They were his family too...Of course he cared! What did Sasuke think? Did he really think he didn't care about his family? He loved them, and he hated that this happened. It hurt him so much, as much as it hurt Sasuke. Why else would he be crying?

"You're not a part of this family, and you never were! You weren't born an Uchiha, you were adopted . You were lucky to be adopted by my parents. No one else wanted a monster like you. And now they're gone Naruto! It's all your fault that they're dead! If my parents didn't adopt you, aniki wouldn't have killed anyone! It's you! It's all your fault!" Sasuke said as he grabbed the young boys' wrists tightly, twisting it painfully, purposely trying to cause pain on the Naruto.

"Sasuke, stop, please. You're hurting me." Naruto whimpered, trying his best to get his wrist out of Sasuke's grasp. The raven was holding on too tight, and the more he pulled, the more his wrist hurt. Sasuke was never like this before! How could Sasuke blame him so easily? They were so close! Inseparable! And now...now Sasuke hated him. And Naruto wasn't even the one to blame! It was Itachi! Itachi was the one who killed everyone. Naruto had nothing to do with it!

"Shut up!" Sasuke yelled as he backhanded Naruto, who wasn't expecting this, and fell to the floor. He reached a hand to his cheek in shock. Sasuke never hit him...Well, unless they were sparring, but that was a completely different story!

"From now on, you listen to me and only me!"

"But Sasuke-"

A loud slap echoed throughout the room and Naruto slowly brought his hand to his right cheek, unable to believe that Sasuke had actually slapped him.

"Shut up! Don't speak! Don't whimper, don't do anything!" Sasuke yelled, and Naruto tried his best to hold back his tears. The two of them were so close. And now look what had happened. Their relationship would never be the same again. Naruto loved Sasuke so much. Sasuke was his older brother!

"I'll get revenge on him. I'll kill him, torture him for doing this," Sasuke said as he looked over to Naruto, his eyes held such hatred and anger. Something Naruto had never seen in Sasuke's eyes before.

"And you're going to help me."